Talk Mobile 2013: Launch Party in NYC - The Video!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jun 2013 11:25 pm EDT

As I type this post, it was literally one week ago to the hour that our Talk Mobile Launch Party in New York City was kicking into overdrive. When we first announced the event, the RSVPs were snatched up in literally minutes, and *everybody* turned out for the Thursday evening event.

The lineup began at 5:30pm and was lined up well down the block by the time the doors opened ninety minutes later. 600 fans of CrackBerry, Android Central, iMore and Windows Phone Central flooded into the venue as we cut proverbial ribbon and officially opened Talk Mobile 2013.

The event was a *massive* success. Seriously. I've probably been to 100+ tech/mobile launch parties in the past six years, and I have never seen one as EPIC as this. The place was packed instantly, and by the end of the night we had a full out dance party on our hands with The Dolls pumping out the beats. The next time we hold an event like this we're going to have to run it until the wee hours of the morning - we could have kept this party going all night long.

As the premiere sponsor of Talk Mobile 2013, BlackBerry had a solid presence at the event. The BlackBerry 10 van was out front, and we had a BlackBerry Experience room upstairs that was packed all night as guests could check out the Z10 and Q10. In honor of the first Talk Mobile subject being Mobile Gaming, we even had a Z10 gaming room going, and the BlackBerry / Talk Mobile step and repeat was put to use with tons of photos being taken in front of it. Be sure to check out our Talk Mobile Facebook page for more photos from the event (be sure to like the page while you're there!).

Huge props and thanks to everybody who attended. I LOVE events like this, as I get to meet sooo many of you (we really need to take these kind of events on the road around the globe!). One thing I realized at the party was just how BIG CrackBerry's reach is. BlackBerry has been in the mobile game longer than guys like Android and Apple, so while the room was a mix of users of all platforms, it pretty much felt like EVERYBODY in the room was a CrackBerry fan. And I was tickled pink when more than a few of you came up to me and said after playing with the BB10 phones at the event you were going to switch back to BlackBerry. Now that's music to my ears!

The night wound down with a draw for some kick ass prizes, and there were Talk Mobile goody bags on the way out the door. We went all out on this one. And it was worth it. Be sure to hit up the video above to take it all in. No jokes, it was a great event.

It was a proper offline welcome to our online Talk Mobile event, which is still ramping up. If you missed Mobile Gaming, be sure to hit up the recap and check out for the full list of topics to come.

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Talk Mobile 2013: Launch Party in NYC - The Video!!!!


Lol, I was wondering what you were talking about till I remembered the app avatar and webpage avs are different.

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

Watched most of the video and didn't see Kevin. Inevitably thought to myself, "how could this be a TM video without Kevin making an appearance??"

Then I thought to myself sarcastically, "how could this be a TM video WITHOUT Kevin making an appearance?" just as he appeared at the end.


I don't think there was that much heavy drinking.
Good time, YES! This was an event where it was very easy to meet new folk who have similar interest to talk about the latest phone technology.
That being said, there were lot's of Droid and iPhone fans who attended and will consider BB for their next phone.

This is such a positive direction for the conversation on mobile and mobile platforms. There are so many great phones out there that all do so many amazing things and they all offer solutions for the consumer. Getting away from the fanboy fanatics of one platform being the best and just embracing all that the technology has to offer is such a positive spin! I love my Z10, I love the Q10, I think the HTC One is a very cool looking phone and I still think the iphone has its merits ( I recommended it to my Mom!).

Also that looked to be a pretty sweet party!

It would be great to see this hit the Canadian West Coast. You know like somewhere in Vancouver BC

I was there and had such a blast! I took some pics and posted it to my channel So please be sure to add me channel and check it out! Channel pin: C000C9B23 mm I even got a pic of @crackberrykevin and I

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Me to I haven't missed any event I was invited to until this one... & it seems like this might have been the one to be at!!! I went to a few BlackBerry mobile innovations meet ups, ugly sweater contest last year(which was pretty damn cool) , the NYC Jam Session, BlackBerry launch event in NYC,which was great cuz I won a Z10 even tho I had to use it pre paid since I'm on Verizon, CrackBerry's launch event which was one of the best, and even got to go see Alicia Keys @ the Rock (prudential) center in Newark,Nj... & all tho they were all well worth it & I was soo happy for the opportunity, I can't believe I missed this #TM13 event!!!!! well I hope whoever took my place had a blast!! Wish I could atleast get a swag bag but it's all good... long live BlackBerry, CrackBerry!!!!!!

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Hey kevin,if 10.2 is available someday,then will almost all android apps be available to be sideloaded?sorry bad english:)

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This sounds like a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about Talk Mobile by clicking the link at the bottom of the article!

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Wow ! interesting with all the different platforms and also not to mention the awesome looking party...sweet...

Kevin, this reflects the good work Crackberry has done to help change the public perception of BlackBerry. Of course, BlackBerry has brought the goods that can turn heads, and folks are beginning to respond. Slowly but surely, the naysayers are beginning to change their tune and acknowledge that BlackBerry perhaps does have a future and a solid product to compete against the big guys. Even Wall Street is taking a second look and admitting that perhaps they were wrong about the computer's short and long term forecasts. The future is bright :)

I did not get the bag too.
They ran out quick: I think the Droid and iPhone attendees rushed to leave early and the BB folk stayed to have one more drink.

Wow, I love to be in the party like this so that I can chain my BlackBerry Z10 to my neck while walking naked to get all the attentions! Hahaha...

The DJ Dolls ROCKED!
The booze was flowing.
The dance floor was bouncing.
Regret, Eleven O'clock came and Cinderella returned to a house maid.
Good job BackBerry and CrackBerry ... thanks for the good time.

(I'm on the Mezz directly in back of the Dolls. But, your photo-editor cut off my head.)

Kick ass party! Champagne all night and good food, if you hung out in the corner where the servers came out! Next one should go all night!

Hey Kevin, nice tweet visualizer. Who's behind that awesome social media animations on the screen in the video?

The gift bag was an awesome touch, glad I attended and was able to get one. Even included a 25 dollar gift card to be used at Shop Crackberry!