Talk Clock App - The app for event and conference organizers

By DJ Reyes on 29 May 2012 02:49 pm EDT

When it comes to buying clock apps for your BlackBerry smartphone, no-one does it better than our very own CrackBerry Kevin. But this app is more than just a clock app -- in fact it doesn't even tell you the time. It is more of a countdown clock and a timer (though not just any timer). It goes far beyond that and it's also made for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Talk Clock App has been developed for use by conference and events organizers. It has three functions that will aid in organizing the smooth running or events and conferences.

  • Timer - great for keeping track of talks, making sure they don't go over time. The developer also uses it as a countdown timer for hackathon events he runs.
  • Messages - Flash messages to speakers telling them how much time is left, or any general announcements you would like to make during events. This would work well with the PlayBook hooked up to a large screen.
  • Raffle - of course at some events, people like to run raffles. I know a handful of events I attend always have this and this takes it to another level, instead of the old school pick a number out of a hat.

All in all the app looks very useful and the UI is pretty cool too. A nice touch is the fact that you can make the messages and countdown blink red. You can check out the video above to get a quick run through on how it works. Talk Clock is available for the BlackBerry PlayBook for $1.99 in App World.

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Reader comments

Talk Clock App - The app for event and conference organizers


Check out Ding-A-Noying if anyone is looking for a free alternative. - Sweet apps for the fans

I think the name is a bit misleading. It doesn't actually talk. Plus there is an app called Talk Clock. How about Lecture Clock?

I downloaded this app when it dropped. Totally worth the small price of just $1.99. Met the developer at two hackathons actually. Dude is a sharp shooter.

Don't know what the previous comments are talking about. Great job! Oh yeah, support developers like this who have always believed in RIM.

Nice. One feature I would like would be for it to keep time when minimized. I have it set in PB options so videos do NOT keep playing when minimized so I can go to another app when tethered HDMI and the audience does not miss any of it. It would be nice to be able to put it in presentation mode and be able to check time and notes while the audience only sees the video or whatever. I realize this is designed for the organizer rather than speaker, but it would be helpful that way, too.