Talk about a Dream BlackBerry... Introducing the Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept!

Now THAT's a BlackBerry SuperPhone
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2012 10:17 am EST

I know what you're thinking... WOW. Just WOW. We've received a lot of great feedback and reader submissions following our Tell Us/Show Us What Your Dream BlackBerry Looks Like post this week, and while I was planning on waiting until next week to start posting some of the sketches and renders up on the blogs, I just had to get this one up asap.

Submitted by BlackBerry fan (and Industrial Designer w/ an MBA) John Anastasiadis, John's BlackBerry Concept is absolutely stunning. Here are the key specs/aspects of the phone as John sees them:

  • Wrap around screen. This allows you to incorporate soft-keys on the underside for gaming, navigation, etc.
  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to know the orientation of the phone (while holding) without having to look at it.
  • There is one hard button that serves multiple functions (screen lock, picture taking, etc.)
  • The phone has some artificial intelligence that can predict if you intended a command. For example, sometimes while using an iPhone it will slip out of my hand, causing me to grab for it any which way I can, thus hitting all sorts of buttons on the screen.
  • The front and back cameras are behind the screen. The screen will illuminate to act as the flash.

What's really kind of crazy and as John pointed out to us, is that this isn't truly a DreamBerry... the technology to build a phone with these sort of features already exists. I'm not sure about you guys, but I wantz one NAO!!

So what do you think CrackBerry Nation? Hot or HAWWWTTT?! Stay tuned for more DreamBerry renders and be sure to sound off in the comments with your reactions. And to see more of John's creations, you can jump over to his portfolio here. Thanks for the submission John... awesome stuff!

Reader comments

Talk about a Dream BlackBerry... Introducing the Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept!



Only thing is, it looks like it's running a form of Android OS. The look of the device aside, That alone is an insult to BlackBerry users everywhere! How dare the artist insinuate that BlackBerry should be running Android, and not BlackBerry OS!

Looks like a fancy futuristic phone. Where would the physical keyboard be? Reminds me of my old Nokia e70 and e75 which was a nice look that opened like a book which revealed a qwerty keyboard.. Blackberry should ask for the patents on those designs

This looks very nice. Its 2015 now and i dont see any new mobiles of that type. waiting for the slider to arrive. it looks very nice

Fantastic design John Very nice indeed, now if the middle band could have the tool belt, and a drop down physical keyboard, that slides out of the bottom of the phone, I think you will really have captured everything, !!
I have just counted the orders on here alone and i think you already have around 3 mill confirmed sales, so gotta be worth making ! keep up the good work John.