Talk about a Dream BlackBerry... Introducing the Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept!

Now THAT's a BlackBerry SuperPhone
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2012 10:17 am EST

I know what you're thinking... WOW. Just WOW. We've received a lot of great feedback and reader submissions following our Tell Us/Show Us What Your Dream BlackBerry Looks Like post this week, and while I was planning on waiting until next week to start posting some of the sketches and renders up on the blogs, I just had to get this one up asap.

Submitted by BlackBerry fan (and Industrial Designer w/ an MBA) John Anastasiadis, John's BlackBerry Concept is absolutely stunning. Here are the key specs/aspects of the phone as John sees them:

  • Wrap around screen. This allows you to incorporate soft-keys on the underside for gaming, navigation, etc.
  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to know the orientation of the phone (while holding) without having to look at it.
  • There is one hard button that serves multiple functions (screen lock, picture taking, etc.)
  • The phone has some artificial intelligence that can predict if you intended a command. For example, sometimes while using an iPhone it will slip out of my hand, causing me to grab for it any which way I can, thus hitting all sorts of buttons on the screen.
  • The front and back cameras are behind the screen. The screen will illuminate to act as the flash.

What's really kind of crazy and as John pointed out to us, is that this isn't truly a DreamBerry... the technology to build a phone with these sort of features already exists. I'm not sure about you guys, but I wantz one NAO!!

So what do you think CrackBerry Nation? Hot or HAWWWTTT?! Stay tuned for more DreamBerry renders and be sure to sound off in the comments with your reactions. And to see more of John's creations, you can jump over to his portfolio here. Thanks for the submission John... awesome stuff!

Reader comments

Talk about a Dream BlackBerry... Introducing the Anastasiadis BlackBerry Concept!



So the screen goes around the back... interesting but not too sure it makes any sense - what for?

RIM, just give us a phone as thin as possible with the glass all the way up to the edges, full bezel features and soft but with good grip back with front and back cams and a GREAT battery! and no, it's not an iPhone, It's my dream BB Phone!!

Think of it like the PS Vita controls on the back of the device. touch somewhere on the back of the device to have something happen on the front.

My concern is with the asymmetrical design would mean that left swipe gestures of BB 10 would be impossible.

I agree. It is absolutely gorgeous but completely impractical.

A screen like this, other than being the ultimate scratch attractor, is almost the most fragile thing on Earth. Control would be the most difficult and abstract system ever and you are bound to accidentally hit certain soft keys/icons/etc.

I agree with you.

This is one of those things that looks great as a concept/prototype, but if it ever came to production, it would get so much negative press.

First of all, how are you supposed to hold it without pressing stuff on the back.
Second, a screen that large would use up too much battery
Third, if it opened up to have one big display, that would make much more sense.

There are more I can't think of right now. And I'm not trying to put down the creator of this. I just think this phone wouldn't be practical. It's different. Which is nice. But not practical.

yes, battery would certainly be a's not like it's not already one with modern smartphones but with this battery killer keyboard, chip required for the "artificial intelligence" UI, and the completely unnecessary full screen camera flash, this is really just sci-fi.

Not to mention, it's kind of stupid that the flash would end up blinding the person taking the photo too.

Again, praises for the aesthetic, but Hell no for practicality...unless this was meant to be a prop of a BlackBerry in the future in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who


I've seen a lot of people post better designs than anyone company has ever produces and this is one of them.

Yeah, because they don't have to take into account the functionality of the device, or the production costs.

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

The wrap around design would be nice if the phone opened up in landscape mode,like a book. So closed, it looks like a standard touchscreen, then open, one side is the keyboard and the opposite side is the screen.

Way to still have best of both worlds. Would be a mite thick though...

wraparound screen....hmmm
Now if that can somehow translate to 'flip open' concept, you can change your 3.5" to a 7"wide screen! Then improve multitasking by running 2 apps side-by-side! I think I'm getting carried away... :)

Yes, and it is the general styling that counts. We all know that it's easy to produce concepts and changes must be made due to having the product actually work, but what is important in this is the styling.

Say the screen doesn't really wrap around. Fine but you can likely make it look like a wrap around especially when the screen is black.

I also like it, in that it is like a book wrapped on one side more squarelike on the other, Not sure if the designer wa sthinking about the playbook when doing this but it could represent a nice design for all BB product. A larger version of this would mimic a book, nice for the playbook.

If the new phone really was this, and there was a similarly styled slider, reports of the death or RIM would cease immediately... Design IS that important in the smartphone business.

Sweet Lord in heaven; rarely do I want a concept to come to market quite so desperately. This is brilliant design, even if it would be murder to produce commercially. But imagine the lust-worthiness factor of this phone.

Agreed on "lust-worthiness".

If a phone like this does hit the market, it'll make all standard front facing single pane touchscreen phones feel old and ancient.

Quote "The front and back cameras are behind the screen. The screen will illuminate to act as the flash."

Nope, it has them.

This is what I'm talking about!! Take this market from being revolutionized by open source software... Sort of (Android) to open source hardware. If RIM actually was holding this contest and actually came through with it, it would be a game changer.

Great job engineer dude!

Beautiful design! We know RIM looks at crackberry. They will see the designs posted here. John's designs are pretty sweet. Looking at his portfolio, some of the iPad stands are great. I'd love to see stands like that for the Playbook!

RIM should get some talents like John on their team! This design is superb! Kevin, you gotta send this to RIM for them to take a look.

this is awesome, RIM needs to bring thing kind of products in the market, apple products will be thing of past!!!!

HAWT! brilliant looking phone! definitely a unique phone that would make blackberry stands out among the crowd. i can imagine a lot of use for the back touch screen. 2 examples would be that when using a browser, the back screen could be for scrolling. no more hit links unintentionally. when other people are taking photos for you, you can turn both screens on so that you can see how the photographer is framing the shot.

additional comments:

actually if it has a wrap around screen, is there a need for 2 cameras? Why not just 1 solid camera and if you want to video conference you can just hit a button on the screen that switches the screen to the back. Same for self portraits.

While Im not sure how I feel about the wrap around design - I love everything else about it. Awesome!

This would be incredible. It is attractive, distinctive and would scream to the world that the BB platform is nowhere near dead. I know absolutely nothing about how realistic making such a phone would be, but if it is doable in an affordable manner, RIM would be foolish not to consider it. This REALLY makes a statement.

People would drop the iphone for this in a heart beat. This phone is what RIM need to change the game completely. Add QNX to this and oh boy, this is the future.

Kevin, I humbly asking you to send this design to RIM co-CEOs, RIM Research & Development, and for the designer, I ask that you patent this design immediately and approach RIM to make a deal for use of this design.

I am so excited about this, because this is where RIM need to go from a consumer front.

pratically bad design..
colour combination and overall looks are awesome.
keep thinking out of box...

Wow. I mean oh wow! I might even part with the 9900 for this... (I'll miss you perfect keyboard). RIM... Pay this guy/ girl some money like now and run to the patent office like now (don't walk) before some android company does. This is original ( I thought everything had been done). Even without those space age features this design is a mind blower.

P.S. Please put in a good battery and keep giving us a holster.

truly amazing. but i see what he did there... he tried to sneak in chrome and gmail onto the bb... hahaha nice try though... keep dreaming =P

The London? This concept? I just want to see some glimmer of hope that RIMM will produce some great BB10 phones. I think its awesome that he put the effort into designing this, but I wouldn't buy it.

With a couple of other commenters, it looks awesome, but I'm failing to see how it would ever be practical to have a wrap-around screen. I imagine that's the reason why nobody else has ever made one like this. I do love the sleek look of the form factor and the colours, though.

I would consider leaving the physical keyboard for something like this. It is very sexy and would make everyone around ask what phone I was rocking.

I think it looks crazy and imagine with QNX and the swiping feature with the wrap around screen it would look sick moving through apps. I also agree with this being a great contest for RIM and really put them in the news. Don't worry about price you see how Apple does it they never have a sale and rarely adjust pricing. It is really a eye-opening design. If not send it to RIM get one of the RIM boys to critique and discuss if it is even feasible. i have a Iphone 4 sitting on my dresser. I haven't touched it since I got it. I have nobody really on BBM anymore and my friends and my son constantly joke my berry. HAHAHAHA they call me 2000 and late. I still hold on pressing away at my keyboard, still a hardcore berry fan. I don't know how much longer though. This is a refreshing post and Wish RIM luck. These next several months will be game changers for consumer and the company. Will crackberry or blackberry as we know it be the same or a memory just another product that people once used. Long Live The Rimpire^^^^^^

Is it just Me, or does the phone look absolutely REAL??!??

This Genius should be the Head of Design at RIM!

I was gonna submit mine concept soon.... but after seeing this... I can't compete with an industrial designer... this is too sick

I'm liking it.

It is a bit iPhone-esque if you ask me, but it is still very nice.

The wraparound concept is very cool, but I do believe that curve on the side edge of the phone would be a weak spot... or at least prone to cracking due to its exposure to likely frequent impact.

Oh, and I want buttons. I want the volume keys and a soft key. While I want my phone to look sexy, if I have to take it away from my ear to adjust the volume with an onscreen slider, well, then it's inconvenient in its main function.

looks awesome as the next generation of torch and would definitely give iphones a run for their money...

but, i don't think i can ever leave the buttons behind. show us a anasiadias version of bold plz!

I like buttons too. Maybe it could open, like a wallet, so you would have full touchscreen - tablet size on the outside, and a qwerty keyboard on the inside with a screen. Opens kinda like the old calculators.

It almost looks like a book.... a little black book..

You can then have a Playbook and BlackBook!

Think of the marketing possibilities!!

Wish this came to fruition. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G

Well it makes sense why the job market is so tough with brilliant minds like this creating designs in their spare time, very impressive.

Well it makes sense why the job market is so tough with brilliant minds like this creating designs in their spare time, very impressive.

Even though I'm not a full-touchscreen device lover, I would DEFINITELY buy this! What an amazing concept. That is by far one of the coolest looking phones I have ever seen!

Well it makes sense why the job market is so tough with brilliant minds like this creating designs in their spare time, very impressive.

I like that wrap around screen but if the (metal) at the top continues that 1/2 pipe book binder edge and places a smaller metal border at the bottom I think it's just as awesome and a good foundation for a firm chassis. The raised book hardcover elements have got to stay too and will do a decent job protecting for drop's. That's one piece of metal! That's great for manufacuring costs. But I agree there has got to be more than one button (like the 9900 setup) while maintaining the fresh simplicity of this design.

Look really slick! The base model is obviously an iphone cause of the earphone jack and the ear speaker placement. If it didn't have the BlackBerry logo I'd say it was an iphone concept model.

This man is a design genius.
BB10 of this design would fly off the shelves.
RIM hire this guy! Stat, Pronto!

Well it makes sense why the job market is so tough with brilliant minds like this creating designs in their spare time, very impressive.

I'm a bit confused about how I'm supposed to hold it. Wouldn't my left thumb (which would run along the curved part of the display) keep activating things? Maybe better to just put a curved non-active strip along the left edge, with a flat panel on either side?

Love the red convenience key on the side. Not a huge fan of a wrap around screen....can you imagine all the finger prints on the back side screen from holding it?? The design is sick and should be explored by RIM. Still need a LED flash, screen won't provide enough flash light and the camera should still be in the upper area and not under the screen. And where is the notification LED?!?!? It's not a BlackBerry without it!! Especially with all the apps we now have to customize that sweet little flashing light :)

Overall its a great amazing concept!! A few tweaks and personal preferrences needed to make my actually buy one though like volume buttons and the classic 4 buttons and touch pad oh and its gotta have a keyboard too lol. Blackberry has a destinct form factor and features that make us love and stick with a BlackBerry. The audio out the top looks too much like a ithing and is a turn off to me. I want a BlackBerry.....not something that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that and stretches too far from what makes a BlackBerry the device we all love.

Great Design John and thanks for sharing Kevin!!!!
RIM has to come out with a killer battery to match up to this .....otherwise it won't be a hit!

I love my BB 9900 best phone I've ever had... but I think I would sacrifice the Keyboard for this phone.... simply amazing... Should be under production NOW!!!

Simply Beautiful.

Why RIM does not run a contest for the design of one of the next BB phones? This would be the "WE" over the "I" RIM is looking for (collaborative over individualistic). Imagine YOUR design becoming one of the next BB phones. Nobody has done this before, and RIM has room for different models. It would be the contest of the year and a great marketing strategy.

Im loving it. This would be a hit!!! Like it was mentioned before it looks like a small blackbook it would complete my playbook. Although i do see the wrap around screen a bit too much and weird to use but what if it was just the front screen and keep the design as it is i think it would look great just like the image where the phone is flat on its face. that could just be the battery door :)

I really never chime in on stuff, but this knocked me off my chair.
If something even close to this were to come out and by RIM, this could but us back on the map.

Holly cell phones Batman....that is a nice phone.......
TEAM CRACKBERRY, can someone make shure Blarckberry sees this and give them this message...."MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I'm not ready to give up the awesome BlackBerry physical keyboard, but for those who like totally touchscreen-based phones, it would be incredible. The design is distinctive, functional - and absolutely gorgeous! RIM needs to license this design and build it ASAP. Even if it turns out to be too expensive for a mass market device, it would be the perfect flagship for the touchscreen only version of the BlackBerry.

For a full touch this is super cool. Still couldn't live without a physical qwerty though.

Thumbs up to the designer.

If this hasn't already got a patent, other manufacturers have already thought got a patent pending or more or less made this for the future.

Hope not though.....let's wait until Monday for some physical keyboard concepts.

not a fan of that wrap around screen...where are the keys....its straight but i wouldn't buy looks cool though


Love the design, but what makes it a Blackberry, other than the logo? I mean don't get me wrong, I would probably buy one at full price because it looks so damned cool, but it looks more like it should be running iOS or Android.

This is so far outside RIM's paradigm, I can't imagine them doing something this cool. Sorry :)

I left blackberry after years being a patient fan for an iphone after being being drip fed useless "updates" that over the space of six years changed nothing major apart from the colour of the icons!? and finally being disappointed with the battery life of 9900. But this would bring me back in a heart beat! if RIM doesn't build this (or at very least move in this direction) it deserves to fail in the market place! this concept is exactly what Blackberry customers want not that Porsche rubbish that looks like something the 1980s vomited up! But on that note RIM would need to pioneer more Blackberry specific apps rather than holding on Blackberry Messenger like the last SOS flare of a sinking ship. How many more people will leave on the "Android lifeboat" when that gets BBM??? We know RIM pays a lot of attention to and so it should because every now and then this site acts as a lighthouse showing RIM exactly where it needs to steer to avoid hitting the rocks. Lets just hope RIM follow the requests of its adoring fans this time.

(sorry about the nautically themed rant there..)

Take a bow, John. A simple and sleek design that RIM should be paying attention.

Seriously, pay attention RIM.

That is Smokin'! I would happily stand in line several days and pay a premium for this phone. As one poster already has said, RIM needs to hire the designer of this phone yesterday.

I love it. The indicator at the top which displays who called,... If that was scrollable showing all names that called,... that would be an awesome feature. This would be my new phone if it was available! It is a work of ART! This guy is the new Jobs...

truly amazin design, im all about the my 9900 keyboard but if that came out i would not have a problem departing from my keyboard...

Holy F-ing sh*t! That is truly the best design I have ever seen! Get that sh*t made presto! You'll run out of stock faster than newly launched Apple products, guaranteed!

I think the lighting portion of the graphic inspires me to think of a new unlock method for BlackBerry which work very well with the Bezel to Bezel wake up for BlackBerry PlayBook OS. Since Android and iOS lock screens are probably patented.

The half screen on the image looks like a screen protector. Imagine to unlock the screen you peel the screen protector from side to side and it displays as such graphically. When the phone is locked and the screen shows, touching anything won't impact due to the "screen protector". When you pull from one side to another, the screen protector follows your fingers and become available for touch as you pull it aside.

Great DreamBerry!

Stand up and take a bow sir. This design is great. I've never lusted over a phone before until now. I almost wish he had not shown it to the public so the competition doesn't copy it, unless of course he all ready has a copyright.

Cool in concept - Useless in reality.

You can't put a case on it that would protect it and still be able to use it (Otterbox)

You drop it ONE time on its corner or side and the screen is absolutely destroyed.

The "Curved" screen serves zero purpose other then esthetics, which translate into additional cost for OLED screens that bend.

Design Win
Concept Fail

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN...I had to get off twitter just to comment on this. I'd activate new lines on my acct JUST to have 5 copies of this phn...and not even at the contract price. This is an absolutely remarakable design. I hope the designer has a copyright for this pic or his idea or trademarked cuz I could see this being stolen by icreeps. Igarbage would be non existent. Hats off to the brilliant mind that conceived this

As others have posted, I love the design, but how do you not activate the wrap around screen? How do you protect it from damage? Concept is great if the sides of the screen are not touch sensitive. That still leaves how to protect it from damage. Answer those two questions, and you have a winner!!

This is definitely a beautiful design which could bring back many people looking for the next phone. 2 sided screen could be amazing.

Great work and RIM please not only hire this person but make this phone I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

Bold 9900
Playbook 2.0 beta


I like the concept of wrap around screen but I personally would take-out the top part, the silver strip, and extend the screen to the very top - all screen baby - put the speaker and front facing camera in the screen

It would be like holding a little parallel universe, your other reality etc...

If the phone was all screen and wrap-around you could call it the chameleon and one neat feature would be it could blend into the environment Ex. take a picture of the table the phone sits on and put that on the screen

I would also work with Bose to give this phone 'room filling' sound

John Anastasiadis is a genius, fantastic. Rim couldn't build enough of these, function, fashion I don't have enough words to describe how great this is.

THIS is the embodiment of RIM. Form AND Function executed. Where, once again, the media would like to hypnotize the masses with focus on hardware - just like they were being paid to convince us that 3D televisions were the future...see where that went - it is in the design of an object, that will always garner attention.

This is RIM at its beginning: raw, focused, and futuristic

This says "we didn't start this company doing what's popular, or to fit in; we started this company with an idea...and then we executed"

Instead of praising this perfectly designed concept HERE. We should all be email-bombing RIM headquarters, to get this thing out...NOW!

Just when I think there's nothing left to do with a phone, something like this really blows me away.

This is amazing. I love the asymmetrical design. The wrap-around screen would be game changing, but from a design perspective, even if it was just a front facing screen and the cover glass extended around the back for aesthetics, it's visually striking. I can imagine it would feel really comfortable in the hand with the rounded left edge.

I personally really like the top aluminum looking band. It accents really well, is instantly recognizable, and sets it apart from Android pieces. I could see the bar being offered in different anodized know, for the kids.

Obviously the design talent is out there, so RIM should really open themselves up to some fan-sourced ideas like this. A design like this could put BB back in the game from a consumer "gadget-lust" perspective.

I could really see this carried over to a PlayBook design concept as well.

This is sooo sexiii!!!! This person should play with the Playbook design just ta see wat he comes up with...I take my hat off!

I don't think this is a wrap around screen as it's fold-able. Fold=able makes sense because with flexible screens you can do this. both the top and bottom are what look like jacks but could very well be pivot points.

This is a friggin awesome phone. I got the 9900 in November and would gladly trade it in for this. Easily the most impressive phone every built.

Looks great (design cue from the Windows 7 box anyone?), but totally impractical. Wrap around screen technology might be around; but the cost would be astronomical none the less and as someone mentioned; would get scratched right away. Also, how are you supposed to hold this thing and use the touchscreen without accidentally always hitting something on the back. Again, love the styling; but screen is not practical.

You can make a design dummy proof, but they will always build a better dummy!

I saw the title but I still kept thinking that this was a glimpse of BB10...i think its more that its easily something that i would cause me to forget about my "dont like touch phones" bit... This design is next level thinking outside the box, forget what you heard seen and know type stuff. WOW !!!!!

This right there is what I would call a game changer !! This should be copywritten.... F@ck that thing looks hott !!

Kevin are you able to send this to RIM?? And put there thoughts into this?? This would definetly put blackberry back in the market. If not ill send it to RIM. Haha this is a must!

This design looks really cool. I like the wrap around screen idea a lot.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

This is sooo sexiii!!!! This person should play with the Playbook design just ta see wat he comes up with...I take my hat off!

Um, it wouldn't really work to have the camera behind the screen and have the screen light up as the flash; it'd have to go either/or. to have the same piece of glass over the lens that the light of the flash travels through would leave you with a seriously washed-out image.
That said, you could hide either the camera lens or a LED flash in the slit for the speaker.

You can tell this was not designed by anyone associated with RIM in that this does not look old, antiquated, obsolete, ancient, paleolythic and well, you get the idea.

To bad RIM, on their best days, can't bring anything even remotely cool like this out.

In my opinion, the form of this phone is nothing special. The only interesting thing is the wrap-around concept.

This design needs more work and some tweeking with physical models.

This is the coolest thing since sliced bread!! All you people nit picking at the design....keep in mind this is a CONCEPT!

I for one think it's an absolutely Brilliant Design. Cudos to the Designer!!!

If RIM isn't looking at this...someone should point them to it!!!

Mike L. and Jim B. here's how you can redeem yourselves! and prove once again you are not followers but leaders!!!! Jump on this ASAP!!!

This is a nice looking phone. No doubt. Those that criticize various aspects (i.e. no keyboard, etc) are missing the point. This guy has shown that he can think outside the box and that is exactly what RIM needs to do if they ever hope to come back to #1 (or even survive). If they just release more BB devices with a QNX, no one will care. RIM needs to take the world by the collar and slap it in the face a few times to get everyone talking about the brand again. Right now BB brand is rubbish in NA and a 'bold' move is required. So go on RIM, Be Bold (sorry I couldnt resist). Its your only hope.

It looks like an iPhone 4. Do we all subconsciously just want an iPhone?

I'll stick with my beautiful 9900.

Just like the crazy car concepts. Snazzy looking, not too practical. I don't need to design my dream BB device, the Bold 9900 already exists, lol.

My only wish is they bring back the convenience key on the left side. But I guess for now the extra keys app will have to do. There are also some behaviors I don't really like, but all of those things can be fixed via software updates, so as per the device itself I love the way the Bold 9900 is. Nice screen, great keyboard, great battery life. Etc...

This thing is SICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! This is the BB10 phone we've been waiting for!!!!!!! Screw practicality. There were thousands of people who thought an all touch device wasn't practical... They were wrong. RIM should give this guy a blank check and tell him to bring it to market with a $599US retail price point within 12 months.

yeah it's great hardware but keep in mind rim has poor software. i'd almost wanna see Mango or Tango on this over qnx. sorry.

Wouldn't the playbook bevel gestures and a touch pad behind the device be more user friendly, faster for quick viewing and app switching. Just my two cents.

This concept is sleek and sexy! If it was produced tomorrow I would go out and buy it on launch day! I need this in my life!

It goes to show that there is a huge potential for new futuristic designs that can be both practical and out of this world. This phone however is more like the concept car that never gets built, because in the real world it would fail due to many issues with the screen and battery life and other unknown elements.

Well done John, now go out there and teach the likes of RIM, HTC, LG, Samsung even Apple how to design a phone and they will bring in the practical element :-)

Great design. Some might say impractical, but I think its right on with the direction mobile devices will take in the near future. I would buy now.
As for the left side swipe gesture, I'm sure it could be done. Maybe vertical gestures could be introduced along that side as well.

Phones like this can and will be made, but never ....ever by RIM

You guys should be excited about the fire sale...some scraps here and there from RIM will be used lol

Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The iPhone 5! LOL! j/k

But, seriously, this totally takes me back to the first time my orbs feasted on the sight of the very first iPhone. I'm sure everyone remembered what that felt like.

And I think it's very cool to have something like this to wow people. You take it out of your pocket and people's first reaction would be, "Is that an iPhone?" Then they see the BlackBerry logo, and, "Holy Sh*tb*lls! That's a BlackBerry?!" *minds exploded*

As for protecting the screen, I don't see it as being a problem. Screen protector all around the phone, and a case that opens up and allows access to the front and back. Done and done.

Great job, John! And thanks for the premature sharing, Kevin! xD

Beautiful concept design. i love how the curve edge compliments the headphone jack

i think the changes that it would need to make it practical and to actually see it advance past just being a concept would be

1. implement Blackberrys iconic led notificator, hdmi port, volume controls and convience key
2. loose the wrap around screen and make the back a battery door cover with the logo on it instead of the silver area
3. implement camera and flash on the back silver area

This is awesome!!! I'd love RIM if they actually release this beauty.

PS: Gotta love how many people didn't bother to read the "specs" of the concept xD

This is so incredibly sexy looking, that I could see myself forgetting to check how it works, and if the functionality meets my requirements.
This baby would seduce me right out of my pants. If it were to be put in front of me, gleaming, Blackberry branded, beckoning with a $1000 price tag on it, and nothing to show me but the exterior and a functioning display, I would most likely not be able to contain myself. I would have to buy. Just like that. HAVE... TO... BUY...!!!

Keep in mind that I don't even normally like full-touch on anything other than a tablet (loving my Playbook)....

Seriously, if this sweetheart could cook, she'd rip my marriage apart....

Great, simply great... why not have a new design for BB? I personally like the BB keyboard but could be convinced to try a new concept if it were practical and it functioned properly...

Sprint BB Bold 9930 and happy with BB, phone and Sprint(Since 1999)

Wow, awesome design.... For those jonesing for a bb keyboard, just make the back side 2/3 screen and 1/3 qwerty keyboard. Solved!

that way you can run full apps and on VK on front side and flip it over to hammer out those long emails etc.

I personally don't care about have the thinnest phone in the world, I Would take a great design like this incorporate all the best features and include a battery big enough to power the screen.

love it and keep it up. RIM grab this design...

I am with you on the size but not on keyboard placement. Why not have half this wrap-around be a flip up translucent screen that reveals the keyboard. A snitch thicker and you can place your card (under sliding keyboard?) buttons or what ever else may be needed. Durability shouldnt be an issue because Scotty gave the formula for 'Transparent Aluminum' to that guy in CA to save the whales back in the '90's.

Nice looking design but horribly impractical. Since you wouldn't be able to fit this into a case, dropping it would be a nightmare. It's a scratch magnet and if it were to even drizzle outsize you risk dropping and breaking it. It also would make more sense if an LED flash was behind the screen as well. Its a good idea, but it needs work

Very nice styling. I'd like to offer you a designer position at RIM......that's what I'd say if I had that power. Like I said I love the design but it's nothing unless there's a near flawless OS. I can see people getting pissed when the phone slows down like my 9650 has recently or the flash stops working....all expensive fixes.

Having used Blackberry for so many years, this is the ONLY design that give me the feeling like "WOW, this is the phone that I wanted to have".

RIM, stop building 20 shitty different models, focus all your resources to build this one, you will be rolling the world again.

One more enhancement I would like to add to the design.

1. Make the back of the phone solar panel.
2. Added a button/switch to turn the phone into Driving mode (Voice controlled like those Bluetooth Speakers)
3. Design a Car Windshield mount, that allows the phone to be nicely mounted to the windshield like the way we mount a Bluetooth speaker or Standalone GPS.

Which allows solar charging meanwhile, and also allows you to get rid of the ugly standalone GPS Navigator and Bluetooth Speakers from your windshield.

The straight up original Blackberry look is what I like! Change is good, but its just not a berry if it don't look like one lol!

i'm not too big of a fan. but i like the creatism. i'm sure there would be tons that would go for somethin like this.