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Talk about CrackBerry Heaven... I got a PlayBook OS 2.0 Update and a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry in the same week!

CrackBerry Heaven!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2012 03:49 pm EST

Talk about a wicked week of awesomeness for this BlackBerry Addict. First we get BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. Then I get the Google + App for BlackBerry I've been waiting for (Add Me to Your Circles!) and then the good 'ole DHL man dropped off the phone my heart has been desiring for a while now... the Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone by BlackBerry. Talk about CrackBerry Heaven!

It's been a crazy busy week for me, so now I'm off to play with these new gadgets so I can hit ya back up here next week with some CrackBerry Kevin styled in-depth reviews. Stay tuned!

PS. If you happen to own a P'9981 and want to be CrackBerry famous, send us in a photo of you and your P'9981 to!



damn that is a sexy phone!


Congrats Kevin! Compliments of RIM?


okay... i'm the biggest fanboys of blackberry i know. but...

boy is that interface of the Porsche design BB ugly. looks like it was built by NES. bright green and pale purple? it looks like a nike shoe from 1983, not from Porsche...

That said... giveaway!?!?!?!?!?!


Judging by looks is quite ignorant from my viewpoint. I have two NES's and I think the retro look is nice! (I might get a pentium 1 case and put my next computer into it, or better yet, 80386 case. Nice and roomey!)


Holy shi*t nice!! Sooo lucky eh


9981 Review: A fugly 9900 /end


It's too bad its basically the same phone as the 9900 and they didn't upgrade it really. For 2 grand they should have up'd the processor, ram, camera. Have fun kevin enjoy, im glad im not your bank account lol


Congrats man! Same killer combo I have ;)

Kevin Michaluk

Send in a photo of you with your P'9981!


You deserve it, I think, from all the hard work you do for RIM!


You are lucky. I have been wanting one of those also. Enjoy it! =0)

Ruslan Botsyurko

Wow, BlackBerry awesomeness overload :) Grats and enjoy your new gadgets Kevin ;)


Now you officially own all the Blackberry Devices!


There is NO WAY that phone has an EDOF camera....
...Or does it?

Does Google maps fully work on it and can it use a quick deposit banking app?


Sweet Kevin so jealous :-p oh yeah you also got Zach Gilbert this week...... Big week big week


Very Nice. So who gets the bold you have been using?


Send me that BlackBerry and I will be sure to take a picture with it :)


Everyone in my office has an ipad i would love to have the rapid charger/ stand to give all my drooling coworkers even more reason to envy my Playbook.


Good one Kevin. Is there any data on how many of those phone were/are being made? Are we to expect in 6 months we could buy one from Staples for 249.00?


Can I have your previous phone?


It must be NICE to be you....:) congrats


I want my porsche theme back...stupid 7.1


WOW!!! Kevin way to throw salt in our eyes ......-_-. Grats.


Wow, I guess the wink and nudge does work! I have been a long time lurker, but decided to register to say congrats and imply that one of your 9900's should be sent to an iPhone user with a Playbook looking for a bridge partner. Now is your opportunity to convert me. Heck, I even registered to Crackberry before imore. ;-)


does your $499 clock app looks beastly on the porsche bold?


Wow Great to have friends in high places!
I guess you deserve it Kevin !


Kevin, make sure you dedicate some time to Mrs Crackberry in-between playing with all these new toys....

also, how about an unboxing video of the P 9981?


You lucky...... Dude


Its so beautiful !! Tomorrow am gonna buy a 9900!! Kevin.. Are u touching heaven?? ;-)


OK .... Thats fine Kevin.

I double dog dare you to GIVE your 9981 to ME. I know you never turn down double dog fact, I'll TRIPLE dog dare you to give your 9981 to ME.

Waiting on your video review.


awh kev, you have like the best job ever. i talk about blackberry's all day every day, no one understands my addiction!!!!!! i wouldn't even be able to breath with all the new bb gagdets you have to play with!

El Platanero

Ha, I think the box it came in is more valuable. Don't like the style, sorry.


I HATE YOU.... j/k really its a joke..... No really I hate you... :-)


You son of a gun, Kevin. You son of a bloody gun. I wish I was you in too many ways -_-


awesome that you got one CBK. but i thought they only work in Euro??


Kevin, I can only hope that this blackberry was given to you by rim. You deserve it


Wow. Lucky you Kevin. I'm envious.

Dave Hong

Looking forward to your reviews!

Though that Porsche BlackBerry is hideous as sin... jeebus.


Can I have your white 9900 Kevin?


My Blackberry Heaven will be when I WIN one of the Playbooks.


I don't need that blackberry, I need my 9900 with the porsche theme. 7.1 doesn't support it. I can't wait till they release it.


Kevin, I already have you circled.


So does this mean there will be another contest for the sexy white 9900 you Kevin? You know you want to have a contest to give it away...



My PlayBook needs new toys to play with a charger or and HDMI would be greath!!!!!!


Somehow things just feel right now. Like the planets have aligned. Enjoy Kevin, you deserve it for all you do.


SWEET!!! from far the P'9981looks like a pimped out gameboy!!!


sexy combination. i like that bb but the price is just insane.


My B-Day is coming up in a couple weeks, can you send me one as present... pretty please!!!! =p


sent from my olskool os5 im sorry but barf!! lol


Kevin, you really have the best job ever!
Enjoy it! ;)