Tale of the Scale, Part II: Gone Digital - BlackBerry Storm 9550 Is Not Fat, It's Just Big Boned

BlackBerry Storm 9550.
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2009 04:17 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm 9530.
BlackBerry Storm 9550 Weighs in a Little Heavier Than Its Predecessor

Yesterday's The Tale of the Scale post got some really interesting comments, from bored much Kevin? to I like my phone with a little extra heft - more to love and my personal favorite, if you're complaining about a gram or 2..... get a gym membership! I even got a tweet saying I was on crack to think the 9550 weighed in heavier than the Storm 9530. I think the best comment came from member NDonline though, who noted it's nearly 2010 and I should really invest in a digital scale as it would likely be more accurate and easier to read the numbers. Touché. Consider it done, and I'm back with a new crack(berry) scale and a second set of more refined results. The table below sums up the findings and you can click the images (more below) to zoom in on the scale to see the weights (in grams) for yourself:

 Device Model  Weight in Grams
Weight in Ounces
 BlackBerry Storm 9550
 165  5.9
 BlackBerry Storm 9530
 158  5.6
 BlackBerry Tour 9630
 132  4.7
 BlackBerry Bold 9000
 138  4.9
 BlackBerry Curve 8900
 111  3.9
 BlackBerry Curve 8520
 104  3.7
 BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
 104  3.7
 BlackBerry 8700r
 140  4.9
 BlackBerry 7290
 144  5.1
 Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB  135  4.8

So there you have it. The Storm 9550 is a bit of a porker. Personally, I'm of the same nature as many others out there who prefer a device to be on the heavier side. It gives off that feeling of durability, quality and makes it feel more tool-like vs. some cheap gadget manufacturered using parts supplied by the lowest bidder. The point of this exercise wasn't too harp on the Storm 9550's heft (though it is kind of fun to do so), but simply to answer with some actual evidence the question that has popped up several times in the Storm II forum asking whether the device weighs more or less than the first Storm. So while the answer is that the 9550 does weigh more than the 9530, in my opinion it feels a lot better in the hand despite the few extra grams, which I'm certain you'll agree with once you get your hands on one.

Done. That's it for the discussion of weight. Unfortunately, that means now it's back to the WAIT. Come on RIM / Verizon / Vodafone... let's get this phone announced and released!!

BlackBerry Tour 9630. BlackBerry Bold 9000.

BlackBerry Curve 8900. BlackBerry Curve 8520.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. BlackBerry 8700.

BlackBerry 7290. Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.
So How's that for a Crack(Berry) Scale??

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Did you put the center of mass of each phone in the exact same spot on that scale? Are you sure? Judging by the phone's relationships to that crackberry sticker, I see user error in the weigh off.....lol...

Kevin Michaluk

jeeeeezus... yes. I zeroed the scale each time, and weighed each device a couple times to make sure the readings were accurate.

So put it this way... it's as accurate as a $19.97 Food Scale from Wal-Mart is going to get! :) 


lol....I was just giving you are hard time. I hate my phones light anyway. One reason I dislike the 8900. It feels like a toy IMO. Kind of like one of the mock up phones at Best Buy with no guts in it. A little weight is a good thing.


Kevin, just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished. ;)


I couldn't help it. With all the people that complain on here, I figured I'd beat them all to the punch with a little humor. All in good fun.


Wow, I thought you were giving me a hard time when you said you would go out and buy a digital scale and do the whole process over again! Very impressed and love the clarity of the new scale. Thanks!


Who knew Wal-Mart had CrackBerry scales??



im totally not trying to be rude but are we really weighing cell phones here...i mean what is the big deal over a few OUNCES!!! i mean if we are talking lbs that is different, but come on guys this is a bit ridiculous

Kevin Michaluk

Agreed. It is ridiculous. But the question in the forums that's popped up a couple times is if the Storm II weighs more/less than the first Storm.  Figured if you're going to answer a question, you might as well put in the effort and answer it right :)


ok well this makes more sense I guess, I never visit the storm forums bc i rep the tour!


Wow, the storm1 and storm2 weigh more than my big beast of a machine 8700g. (I am assuming all of the 8700 line weigh about the same)But I agree, it gives it a feeling of durability and being well built. See investigative articles like this you can get no where else than at Crackberry.com. Oh, and yes I think Kevin was bored. :)


Not to be a total a**hat but the image of the Odin says 165g but your chart says 167g - I'm just sayin'..... :) Thanks Kevin!

Kevin Michaluk

typo error. fixed. merci.


Ounces do matter. I love the feel of the Curve at less than 4 ounces. The first Storm was too heavy and sagged in my shirt pocket. Sad to hear the Storm 2 would sag even more. Even my current Tour is a bit too heavy. Heft has nothing to do with quality. The most expensive, highest quality parts are both light and durable. Heft is cheap to manufacture. Please, people.


Man I wish the 9520 ran on AT&T's 3G... :(


how about without the battery.


you guys actually read these comments?

Well, im sorry for that thing i said about you a while back... lol jk


Nuttin' wrong with a little extra BB in da trunk!


Weight was one of my biggest gripes with the Storm 1. It felt like I was carrying a brick around in my front pocket and it amazes me the the storm 2 is even heavier. It's over 1/3 of a pound that's how I like my cheeseburgers not my phones.
Kevin, it would've been nice to see the Bold 9700 on there.


Im suprised there is no 83XX on there, or 9520s.


As usual, there is no love for us 83XX users. :(


I remember the conference from Rim as of last year. They said that there was no place for the Wifi chip...

So now there is enough place and the phone is heavier. C'mon Rim make that phone lighter. Most of us are men and we do not carry purses.


We're supposed to be stronger...


So what does an 8830 weigh? Where's the love?


I'm liking the weight of my 9530 vs. my 9630. The heavier feel just makes it feel more solid. Not to say I don't like how light my Tour is, I like them both. But the heavier feel gives it that superior build quality feel.


I'm liking the weight of my 9530 vs. my 9630. The heavier feel just makes it feel more solid. Not to say I don't like how light my Tour is, I like them both. But the heavier feel gives it that superior build quality feel.


I have the desktop docking station at my office and another one at my home and am curious if the new Storm 2 will fit in the same dock? Kevin, have you tried it yet?



Since the design of the Storm2 is not the same, the Storm2 will NOT fit in Storm docks.


I have a storm now and dont know if i am going to risk the storm 2. the storm 1 was awful when it first came out. might have to wait for crackberry reviews before I decide.