The Tale of the Scale: BlackBerry Storm 9550 Weighs In Against Siblings and Competition

BlackBerry Storm 9550.
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Sep 2009 04:27 pm EDT

BlackBerry Storm 9530.
BlackBerry Storm 9550 Weighs in Same (or slightly more??) than 9530

One of the topics of interest that has popped up more than a few times in the Storm II forum and which I came across again today is in regards to the weight of RIM's next-generation touchscreen BlackBerry. One of these days RIM will acknowledge the existence of the next-generation BlackBerry Storm and when they do we'll get to see its official features and specifications sheet, but since we're all tired of waiting for that to happen I figured it was time to bust out the good 'ole crack(berry) scale and see how the new Storm weighs in against its BlackBerry siblings and the competition (iPhone 3GS).

The original BlackBerry Storm 9530/9500 is a hefty device, so many have been hoping that the Storm 9550/9520 would weigh (a lot) less. The scale doesn't lie though, and by the looks of things the new Storm is just as heavy -- maybe even heavier by a gram or two, at least according to the 9550 in the photo above (very new hardware, unit has WiFi) -- tipping in at just over 6 ounces, or ~170 grams. This shouldn't come as a total surprise though. As we've seen already, the components under the screen are more heavy duty in the 9550 compared to the 9530, and the 9550 does contain WiFi (which I'm assuming may add some heft). Ahh well, RIM can always market the new Storm as good for weight loss. Between pressing in on the SurePress screen and carrying around the extra mass, you can burn more calories in a day using the Storm than another smartphone. I can already see the late-night infomercial. I'll take two please! Joking aside, despite the 9550's weight it feels better than the 9530 in hand.  

There are more images of other devices below, which you can click on to zoom in and read the weight measurement. All devices contain their OEM battery as well as a 16GB microSD card. Keep in mind the scale may not be 100% precise down to the nanogram, but should be more than accurate in comparing the devices in sequence as done here for the purpose of this post.

BlackBerry Tour 9630. BlackBerry Bold 9000.

BlackBerry Curve 8900. BlackBerry Curve 8520.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.
The Scale Doesn't Lie. RIM's Touchscreens In Need of a Diet?

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The Tale of the Scale: BlackBerry Storm 9550 Weighs In Against Siblings and Competition


Is a couple of ounces really going to make a difference in your hand? I don't think so, at least not for me.

Thats cool that you weighed them all out but of course the storm is the heaviest. And if your complaining about a gram or 2..... get a gym membership. I only thought the 9000 Bold might match it because of the size but it doesnt have as much hardware (clickable full screen)

The Storm feels like a quality device in the hand. If the Storm 2 feels just as heavy as Storm 1, that's fine with me. I just want it to work the way it should, and I'm a happy camper. It is at least it is said to be a little thinner.

I like the comparison, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but Kevin, can you invest in an electronic scale? The weight would be much easier to read and I think they are fairly inexpensive.

As for me, I always thought the Storm was heavy and would love if the new one were lighter, but will probably get it either way.

analog scales are wayyy cooler. just like mechanical watches are cooler than digital. 

but consider it done. will buy one tonight and redo this up just for you. 

just saying I kinda like have a little heft to a device my tour has a little which i like it feels solid. My pearl flip however i feel like its going to shatter in my hands sometimes weight equals durability

Not hold that much sinicism but...really? So it's got heft, which simply put means it will create/cause more damage when I throw it at something or someone becuase it doesn't function properly. How about a real comparison to it's competition (Blackberry, Palm, iPhone; other) as to how it performs or out perfomrs (according to RIM) it's competition...

PS> For those that follow RIM...they should have spent less money on U2 and tried investing in their own developement.

Cool comparison and done at an appropriate time, to be sure. Personally, as most have expressed here already, I'd rather the phone (beit S1 or S2) have some weight to it - last thing I want is a device that feels cheap and somewhat flimsy. Losta thin, light devices out on the market as it is - glad S2 isn't following suit.

Actually, I went back to my Blackberry Pearl for about a week just because I was feeling nostalgic and I have to admit the Pearl felt like a toy. I kept forgetting where I put it and finally switched back for fear that I would lose it.

The weight is the least of the issue. I enjoy the size.

Yes I see it now!! It's nice of you to give the little flip a time to shine! I figured it would be storm, storm 2, bold, tour, curve 8900 that's it. Lol. Who cares about the flip, curve 83XX and pearl!?! Ok people care but sometimes it feels like noone gives a hoot about us!

Enough talking about the "weight".... I wanna know how long is the "wait". (if you know what I mean... ;)

I wish they would have made it a little larger too. I have a Pearl now and I am tired of holding a little "toy." I want a LARGE screen and I hate having to talk when the bottom of the phone is in the middle of my check...I like my mouth down by the "hole." I guess that's why I always liked the feel of a flip phone. If this thing is coming out in a couple weeks for Businesses, WHEN is Verizon and RIM going to announce it as official!!!

I never felt the Storm was heavy to begin with. It's only slightly heavier than our iPhone...only way I knew it was heavier was I actually weighed them. Anyway, a little more weight won't bother me as I tend to fumble more with lighter things.

CDMA units are always heavier. Weigh a 9520 Storm 2. I bet its way lighter. COnsider the BOLD vs. TOUR. the TOur is way heavier.

CDMA sux.

what an awesome post! that totally made my day! but me personally I like a heavier phone so im gonna stick with my storm!

The weight of the phone will not be a deal breaker for me. However, in this day and time, a phone over 6 ounces is considered heavy. It might be a 1.5 ounce heavier, but that is enough to make it noticeable.

Storm 2.....over 6 ounces