How One BlackBerry Survived A Dunk In The Water!

The Story Of How One BlackBerry Survived A Dip In The Water!
By Bla1ze on 22 May 2009 08:54 am EDT

Acck! Every BlackBerry owner has had bad thoughts of this happening or maybe you even had it happen! Dropping your BlackBerry in the toilet is never a good thing to do. Actually forget the toilet, just simply liquid period is never a good thing but over at CNET writer Ina Fried tells us her tale of the brave little BlackBerry that just would not quit, even after a a dip in the proverbial pool.

I saw signs of life, but it was clearly not working properly. Sometimes the power light would go on and nothing else. Other times it would show the rotating hourglass, but the screen was not back-lit.

The time without my BlackBerry was unsettling. To be away from the computer is one thing, but to not check my e-mail every few minutes was unnatural.

On the bus ride home, I occupied myself with Yahtzee Adventure on my iPod Touch. As soon as I got home, I quickly logged into Outlook Web Access to see what vital messages I had missed on that 30-minute commute home.

I tried to pretend it was no big deal.

To get the full story you'll have to head on over to CNET and read it all, it's a touching story and shows that just when you think your BlackBerry is down and out, there's still hope it can come back kicking and screaming!

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How One BlackBerry Survived A Dunk In The Water!


Something like this happened to me once. My Curve was in the bottom pocket of my bookbag during a rain storm once. I thought it would be okay but when I pulled it out it was soaked! Mine had the exact same symptoms she mentioned. "Sometimes the power light would go on and nothing else. Other times it would show the rotating hourglass, but the screen was not back-lit."

Mine was out of commission for about a day (my fiance & I held a vigil over it....he's a Berry addict Then just like that it was back on...haven't had a problem since. That was 6 mths ago.

Just gave me more reason to love my blackberry :-D

Thankfully it works, because I guarantee that water dunk in teh toilet set off the Warranty Protection tab(s) in her phone. No dealer will covers the warranty on it now because they will take one look at it and say that it's malfunctioning because it was dropped in a puddle or something. I dropped my old phone on the table and the scroll wheel broke. Took it in, and that's what I was told, and I had never had my phone drop into water. The closest it ever came was the steam in my bathroom when I took a shower! They'll get you any way they can!

I work for Verizon Wireless as a phone technician. You can always tell if someone's phone has been dropped in the toilet. Because these are the customers push their phone towards you at lightning speeds. Then they will tell you after the phone is in your hand that it has been in the toilet. Yuck. I know it's something that happens but that is still the one part of my job that makes me gag. So I think the article made some great points if your phone does get wet. Even if it isn't the dreaded toilet. Pull the battery first. The drying agent packets are a great idea but if you don't have those laying around the house. You can use a bag of rice. The rice does the same thing it pulls the moisture away from the components. Something else you can try before you bring it in is rinse it in rubbing alcohol. This will rinse away the damaging water and the rubbing alcohol will dry without damaging the components of the phone. Last but not least be kind to your Technician if you do bring it in. They are there to help but not to be crucified for your mistake. We don't loose your information but if the phone doesn't turn on know that your information (contacts, calendar, pictures, etc.) is gone. Which brings me to my last point. Back up your information. If your phone has a memory card slot get a memory card and back up your precious pictures and videos. Since we are on the Crackberry site learn how to back up your info to your computer. That is one of the Major benefits of having a blackberry. You can back up your information and it doesn't take that long. Here's the Crackberry link to the sync your blackberry to outlook.

Been down this road twice. First was when my daughter dropped her Pearl in the toilet. It was clean; in fact, she had just cleaned it. And the phone fell out of her pocket in and the water. It was dead. We pulled the battery, opened it up for a couple of days, and let it dry. After turning it back on, it would ring at random, and the screen was dead. But, on a whim, she connected it to her computer, and lo and behold, ALL of her info was still there, and she was able to download it. I was impressed. The second time was when I got out of my truck and had my Curve stripped out of the holster. Landed in a water puddle, and was submerged up to the screen. I picked it up and pulled the battery right away. I also noticed that while there was water on the screen, the inside was totaly DRY!! I couldn't figure that out, since the speaker openings were under water. Wiped off the outside, waited a few minutes, prayed to the BB Gods, put the battery back in, and was back in business. I was REALLY impressed by that one.

Mine took a dunk into water the other day and it was really weird when it first came back up. Mute button wasn't working and it would randomly mute the phone and lock/unlock. I let it air out and it seems to have clear up.

The up button for the volume seems to be broken though. It still works but it's incredibly hard to press. Not sure what to do about it.

This is a tear inducing part of the story:
"But, I was clearly out of sorts. My partner kept asking me if something was wrong.
I tried my best to demur.
"You just seem off," AJ said.
"I'm fine," I insisted.
How do you say, "It's not you honey. I just miss my BlackBerry?" "
That's true BlackBerry love! Kevin give this lady a new Curve!

I did the same thing with my curve. As soon as I saw it going in i flushed the toilet to get all the water away from it. Unbelievably, it worked. there was no damage to the phone at all. I couldn't believe how lucky I was.

My Bold took a dive into a pool with me while I was vacationing in Playa del Carmen. I forgot that I had stupidly put it in my swim trunks pocket, along with my wallet. I was walking close to the pool and my sunglasses fell in the water. Since it was nice and warm and I had not gone into the pool yet (freshly off the plane) I thought, perfect! I'll just jump in, grab them and swim a little.

I jumped in and started walking around enjoying the water, and headed towards the area where my friends were hanging out to join them with a drink. As I was reaching the area, it suddenly clicked in my head that I had things in my pockets. The first thing I did was put my hand into my left pocket and pull out my blackberry, dead of course, and I pulled the battery off and continued walking to my friends where I grabbed a drink and decided to relax.

When I got to the room I dried the Bold, shook it to get all the water out, used the hair dryer on it and left it on a table. Once I was sure there was no water coming out, I tried to put the battery in, but nothing happened. I dried and tried the battery every day after that with no luck. I tried connecting it to the charger with the battery in, and no lights would come up at all.

I spent the weekend without access to any e-mail, SMS or phone calls. Not that I was too excited about paying for roaming on SMS and calls, but I have International BB Data on my plan! I was IM less, e-mail less and isolated from the world. It was great.

I put the Bold in my pocket (without the battery) for the flight back and kept it there for the duration of the trip, which actually had an unexpected 6 hour delay that left us "stranded" in Cancun. By the end of the day, when we arrived back home, I put the battery in and got nothing. I plugged the charger in and got a red light!! A few seconds later, the Bold was booting up with no problems.

I tested everything on it and every single key works, the speaker, microphone, headset, screen, trackball, everything is as it has always been. Well, except for a very tiny whitish dot on the screen that will help me remember to never take my Blackberry with me to the pool.

I understand the angst all too well. We were in British Columbia last month on holiday and were down on the beach digging clams. I carry my Curve in a Seidio Innocase and holster clipped to my belt. Somehow during the digging and shoveling in the sand my case must have worked itself loose on my belt. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see a large wave making its way towards me and jumped up to get out of the way. Just as the wave broke the holster popped off my belt and fell in to, not tap water, not even toilet water but SALT WATER!!! We all know that salt and live circuitry don't mix...

I immediately snatched it from beneath the swirling water crying to myself OHHH NOOOOO!!!! You all would have been impressed with the world record speed of the ensuing case removal and battery pull.

I took my BB home and gently blotted it with towels and set it aside to dry all the while resisting the great temptation to put the battery in to see if it lived until it was thoroughly dry. A day later I powered it up and... nothing: dark, black, nothing, from my precious BB. Pulled the battery and let it sit again.

I let it dry for another day and then put the battery in and powered her up. Again nothing. Absolutely sign of life. Not even a flicker. Drat! At this point desperation is beginning to set in, so I take a hair dryer on low setting and carefully dry the circuit board, screen and keyboard. Try it again all to no avail. Nada.

A couple of days later I decide to try it again and... Whoa! The red power light comes on, the keyboard lights up for a few seconds but the screen stays black. Yes!!! Now there's a glimmer of hope.

Long story short, after about a week of "drying and trying", my Berry came back to life! Even a month later now it's still not working perfectly and it's a little glitchy at times. Also I've got to be the only BB in the world with crystallized sea salt and sand in my LCD screen that produces an interesting kaleidoscope effect in my images, but it works nonetheless! The Sedio full case may have saved my neck as I suspect it delayed the entrance of ocean water just enough for me to get the battery pulled.

Sure my BB freezes from time to time after its "dive" and my screen looks a little bizzare but my Berry works nonetheless! Hopefully it will limp along until: Please VZW hurry up with the Tour.

The same thing happened to me. I dropped it in the toilet at church. I was so hurt, but I quickly pulled it out of the toilet and I started to disassemble it. I took out everything, the battery, sim card and the memory card. I immediately started to shake the water out of it. I couldn't use the hand dryer because, there wasnt one. So I started to blow. I had my husband to blow and my son started to blow. My son did it because he didn't want to give up his phone, so he wanted to make sure my phone was working again. Oh I forgot to mention that my insurance had canceled because I had two previous phones before this one. Well to make a longggg story short, my blackberry is working just fine. I love it!!!

but what the hell is perverviable? Don't you mean proverbial?

Stick to posting updates on Twitter and FB. Shameful use of the language.

You're pedantic. :)

Next time I write at 4am, I'll be sure misspell a few more things just for you :)

I just dropped my blackberry into my lake the other day - fully submerged it in water. It was not working properly for a little bit, but i took it completely apart, put it in my sauna for a while, then it started to work perfectly, until a few days later, it started doing weird things, but for the most part, it worked perfectly.

It happened to me as well. My old bb pearl fell in the toilet LOL. I was worried it wouldnt work, but i took out the battery , dried it up that night. The following day it was working. I found wet spots under the screen but it eventually dried up and it all went away. I still have the bb pearl to this day! I use it as a backup lol.

Last summer I went to Vegas to do some partying.. and boy did I party!

If you haven't heard of the Rehab pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel, well check out this video:

ANYWAYS, me being the smart guy that I am, I brought my phone with me to the pool to take some pictures and BBM them to my buddies. Long story short, I was wrestling with some random drunk girls with my phone in my hand and I fell into the "STD infested" (as my friends would call it) water. I probably "dunked" my phone at least 3 times before I realized what had just happened.

My gameplan was just to dry it out for a couple of days (probably 2 or 3) and see what would happen.

And here we are today, my Curve 8300 is still alive and kickin.

BlackBerry. I <3 you.

This is never a good idea but my bold was completley submerged for 2-3 sec. before i could get it out of the bathtub. Took a little time and research on crackberry but I am tethering with it now and have not had any problems since I took it apart and cleaned it out after waiting for it to dry. I think I was just extremly lucky.

My pearl went thru the complete wash cycle in the washer.. needless to say I thought it was dead. I got a new phone. Six months later a friend needed a phone so i threw it at her and said, if you can make it work, you can use it! Well, she's been using it for about 6 months now with no problems! That's one crazy pearl.

My friend had a pearl that she dropped into a glass of milk... She was crushed, but after a few days of air drying it worked fine except that her speaker didn't play as loud... She told me about it and I was like "smooth 'moo'-ve"

yea my BB 8830 WE has been in water twice and patron drop on it but has come back to live every time and im still using it till this day

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I was at my favorite watering hole this past friday, when i took a pic at the bar and it slipped out of my hands, bounced off the bar and into the sink they washes the glasses in ! I freak ! luckly dave the cook rush to get a container of rice to start the dry out period.
Sunday afternoon now and i still have it in rice.
my problem is i have alot of water under the screen, will the rice get this out 2 ? took to ATT and the guy didnt want to open it, but gave me directions for taking it apart, i was like ya like im goin do that ! hoping rice wrks

Today was so frightening. The toilet drop.

After what I thought was a good but likely not perfect dry, I had to try it, leaving tomorrow for a hospital stay and had to know if I'd need to buy a new one.

I was dismayed to see the white screen of death with an error number I found somewhere here and good thing I checked -- I hadn't even thought of seeing if the desktop software would still talk to it. Reloaded the OS, installed the 3rd party app and data backups made yesterday, everything is perfect except some white streaks and splotches on the screen, don't know if it's water or from the bleach in the toilet; hoping the former ad that gives me more hope. But it's usable.

I do get a random exception error upon booting but I sometimes got them before, too. Thank goodness I have my "life" back ;)

I <3 my BB.