Like taking selfies? Check out SelfieCam

Like taking selfies? Check out SelfieCam
By DJ Reyes on 3 May 2014 12:03 pm EDT

Selfies are all the rage these. I have to admit, I take a few myself, even if not all of them end up in the public eye. If you want to add a bit more to your selfies, a developer has created a simple app that adds a BlackBerry 10 logo to your shots, as well as a Selfie Cam stamp. From there you can quickly share it on to others or on social media sites.

Selfie Cam only makes use of the front facing camera, since it's all about taking selfies. Your snaps are saved to the camera folder of your device, available to share in the future. But as I said, you're given the option to share straight after taking your selfie.

If you're into taking selfies you might want to check the app out. It's a simple app with no other features but it lets you quickly take a selfie complete with logo ready to share immediately. I would perhaps like to see other options like the ability to choose from a selection of logos to add to the selfie before snapping the picture. It could also do with a little sound or some sort of indication that your photo was taken. After you tap the screen it takes a second or two before you're presented with your selfie and you're not really sure whether or not it was successful, so a sound or onscreen notification would be a nice addition.

Selfie Cam is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is completely free, so there's no excuse for not checking it out.

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Like taking selfies? Check out SelfieCam


That is such a good fit for BlackBerry market. Clearly we can all see those wall street traders doing a duck face for Pinterest.


rdgroulx..... but as the editor said "this app is completely free, so there is no excuse not to check it out".

Well tbh it looks really useless, you can just use the standard camera app to take a picture, albeit without the BlackBerry stamp on it. Useful apps are great, but stuff like this always seems pointless to me (kinda like windows file-copy programs)

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Not to hijack the thread but TeraCopy beats native Windows file copy any day and is very much worth the download.

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Yes, I can confirm this.

Also try Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier, if there are bad sectors on your drive or "funky" files that make the copy process crash.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Err? "Freely and "must-try" are unrelated concepts. I could kill myself for free but that doesn't make it an interesting proposal.


You do realize Wall Street traders are people too, right? You're kidding yourself if you think there aren't many that take selfies - including on the trading floor! Also if you're not aware, "tool, not toys" died ages ago. Let it RIP.

If an app does literally nothing but overlay a logo and that makes you happy then yeah, we probably don't have much in common.


Aah? Last I checked Chen abandoned the US consumer market and is refocusing the entire company on enterprise. I don't have anything against those who want to download this app but I wonder why this one gets an article.


Check again - and then check to see if your source also stated all US consumers immediately abandoned their BlackBerrys, thereby rendering all things BlackBerry irrelevant to the consumer market. If it does, those two "facts" are equally shakey - and irrelevant to this article.

Does the POTUS count as a consumer? Just asking.... Well, he has a private life, too, but can't have an iPhone. :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

perhaps the most useless app for bb yet? what functionality does this provide over and beyond taking a photo with the front facing camera, and then sending it?? the fact that it has a banner? now we ask for more banners and logos? but why? unbelievable. and only on a bb forum would the first remark be "Sweet!" from a guy who's signature is "phone of the gods". talk about desperate for apps. since this article wasted a few minutes of my life, i decided to go all-in and waste a few more by expressing my disgust at this dribble app and worse yet, actual posting/review on crackberry. i love my bb, but this junk stuff is just .... junk.

I try to take an optimistic approach to the efforts put forth by the crew at CB.
Regardless if what they are doling out is crap or not.
After trying it, I can't see myself actually using it.
In a world full of opportunity and venture,
If you don't at least try, you're not going to fly.

Alot of people thought a bird game was stupid.

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I agree! Everyone has different tastes and while I don't want the app's logo on my pic, I would like the option of different banners. I think it's a good start and I support BlackBerry devs. I think with banner choice (eg seasonal, regional, lifestyle) this will be a fun and cool app to have.

There was a post not long ago where they offered to fix the cb10 app and as appreciation they will advertise their apps this app is probably from an applicant who is fixing the app

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Don't you think Android and iTunes aren't full of useless apps?

A developer has to start some where.

We can't fly into flying, first you have to stand and walk.

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Guys / girls. If you don't like it that's OK. But some people will like it. Stop dissing them. Yhe developer made an effort to do something. Maybe the developers just learning to code and this is one of their first apps. We don't know. But this negatively could scare them away from future apps.

If you don't like it just don't say anything and move on to the next article

All this b****ing just makes CB look bad. Not sure why a member has to stand up like this. Isn't this what mods are for?????

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^this above is a good point. May be the developer is learning to code (like me).. it's a humble attempt.. if it's not for you, just move on.. if you can't praise it, don't criticise it too..

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Just because I want to throw in my two cents, I too belive this is a waste of storage space.

That being said:
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He is a great dev ;-) Just look in the BBWorld for his apps! Anyway,to me that app is useless! :-P

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If some Dev made an App that saves an entire 'Time Shift' sequence as a .gif image, I'd pay for it.

[I]Posted via CB[/I] want a mod to step in just because somebody was expressing their opinion about an app they considered useless? That's the reason they many times step over their boundaries in the forums. That person had just as much right to express why they felt the app was useless as those expressing why they felt it was useful. Attitudes like yours, asking the mods to censor opinions is what makes CrackBerry look bad. Not someone expressing an opinion. Months ago, when someone made a request in the forums for people to stop shoving the "load a leak to your device and you'll be okay" theory down the throats of people who needed help, and actually give them real help, attitudes like yours gave the mods in said thread a free ticket to power trip without even thoroughly looking at the conversation. That, or they were morons. Either way, members should be allowed to express themselves either way as long as it's tasteful. Just like the articles, nobody is forcing you to read certain posts. Stop crying for the mods to do something when nothing is needed to be done.

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It kinda says it all if CB can only do articles on apps like this where a Dev is 'learning to code', and not articles on high profile apps. is it just me, or has all BlackBerry App development slowed to a crawl?

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Don't like selfies. People look weird taking them.

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I like this app, if some f***in' people don't like it they can change post. Nobody needs your stupid comments then shut up!

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Wow. We really need a new device coming out. When Crackberry starts making reviews like that. "Selfie". Wow. Yay. How cool.

Please bring also another "Candy Crush" or "Snapchat" Review.

Jesus Christ

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Well, at least you can take a picture of something else with the front cam and that would have the blackberry 10 stamp on it....

Z30 Pooooooooower!!!

Not if you're always having a bit of a fight with the camera app to switch to front mode, for me this takes too long.

This app might prove useful in that case, even though I'm not a fan of selfies.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Imo I wish the front camera was little better on the the z10 for selfies :(, but overall still a great phone :D

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A little confused on the added banners. Seems like a step back when you can just take a 'selfie' with the normal camera app and not have banners covering the photo.

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How's this app any different from just using the front facing camera besides the fact it watermarks the hell outta your pics?

Usually you have some interesting apps for me to try, but I don't know about this one. I think I might be embarrassed to send/post a photo of myself with stamps like that on it.

If you read the first line in the title of the article, and feel your time was wasted, blame yourself. And since the first line of the article is accurate, those with a negative attitude towards selfies should be advised their sentiment is not universal.

Wow, the whole new area opened up for this app now :D Self-diagnose, check how often you take selfies and if you post them on Facebook/Instagram/etc. Then compare against limits in provided article - done! Thanks a lot for link, never thought it's a real disorder now (even if I never take selfies myself)

Really! How long did you search BlackBerry world to find such a unless app just to give your blackberry bashing friends a chance to dish the platform?

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I don't really take selfies, but I like how the app starts the front facing camera and is ready to go to take the selfie. Spares some manual camera settings like switch camera. Good idea and beautiful banner!

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Garbage. Does not give you any options. Takes photo (I guess). Then disappears. No options at all. And not in photo gallery on blackberry. Don't download

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of course it's garbage. why the review on this app? nothing better to do? or trying to meet a quota on articles posted.

DJ, your expression is priceless.

The developer of Selfie Cam should take it to the next level and allow for stickers (Asian photobooth style) on the final photos. Now that'd be worth it - there are a few apps on other platforms I've seen that do this well. :)

At least it saves me opening the stock camera, going to settings, switch cameras and then tapping to shoot. Open the app, tap and I'm done!

ZZwiped up on my Z10!

Download Camera Plus, problem solved.

If something is missing on a $600 phone, there is usually an app for it at the price of an extra dollar, or so we hope, this is how the whole app thing started in the first place.... :))

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Camera+??? For the same price you can get "Advanced camera" app, which is way better and more functional than apps of that specific developer. The developer of Camera+ made 10 apps each of which contains a single additional function compared to stock camera, and of course all of them cost 1$ :)

What I like about this app is that it supports BlackBerry in a subtle way.

BlackBerry owners, trending, having fun... every selfie that has the BlackBerry logo embedded in it is a positive marketing move. The collective power of thousands of BlackBerry users sharing with ios and android users is incredible.

For all you cynical folks out there, please find the silver lining...

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Next time I see anyone take a "selfie" I'll shove a lightsaber up their bunghole!

And can we all please band together and make sure the word "selfie" is expunged forever from the English language and never used or heard about again! Punishment for disobeying that rule : a wedgie or a nipple twist!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

And you make issued a word in the first sentence. In a hurry to review a useless app?

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"Selfies are all the rage"??? Just like blackberry crowd to join the party late. Selfies were the rage 4 years ago. Now it's mainstream and annoying

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This app is NOT newsworthy or noteworthy. I've stopped using the CB forums because they have become mired in mediocrity... soon I will have to stop visiting altogether if this is the best you can come up with... :(


Hard pressed to find a reason you would need this app on a cell with a forward facing camera unless it had some cute features such as frames or something BUT. I tested it and will probably delete it. Prefer not to have the "selfie cam" ad on my picture. Added with the fact it makes nothing easier. I have an incredibly difficult time on the z10 taking a selfie with front (or back) camera... just canNOT reach the button to press and snap a pic... my hand is just a smidge too small :/

Lol.. I find it funny coz I was really waiting for an article that has something to do with pictures or camera taking from a BlackBerry phone and I told myself if it happens, I would make a comment or suggest if it's possible to add a BlackBerry logo everytime they take a picture. And voila! Here it is. Kudos to the developer of this app. Keep up the good work.

But yeah, I agree with you Dj, they should've add more features or options for the app, but this is a good start. :)

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