Taking BlackBerry Maps for a test drive

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2013 10:30 am EDT

BlackBerry Maps has been available on BlackBerry for years, however it never quite did the trick for most users. While it did work - it wasn't loaded with features worthy enough of making it a "must have" app. Over the years it has evolved and thanks to the new BlackBerry 10 platform it's finally and app we can be proud of. Keep in mind here that I did most of my testing on a BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 both running OS 10.1, so some features may not be available to you if you're still running OS 10. 

The new BlackBerry Maps is simply awesome. It works extremely well and, while it doesn't have a ton of features, has just enough to get things done and that's fine by me. 

BlackBerry Maps not only gives you great mapping (obviously) but also provides voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation that rivals many stand-alone GPS units. 

When you fire up the app it first shows you a map of your current location (providing you have location services enabled). From here you can either search for an address or view your favorites. Favorites consists of addresses you've saved in the app, recent searches and contact addresses that are pulled from your contact list.

When searching for an address, simply start typing and you'll be shown a list of locations that match your search. When you find what you're looking for, tap it and it will be shown as a pin point on the map. You can pan around and zoom to your hearts content here, or tap the arrow to start navigation.

There are a few options within the navigation including route options, night mode and navigation audio. Again, not too many options but still enough to get the job done. 

So here's the breakdown: Search for an address, start navigating, get where you're going. 

Not only does BlackBerry Maps make for a great mapping tool, but the navigation features are also top notch for BlackBerry 10 as well.

Check out the video above as I give BlackBerry Maps a good test drive then hit the comments with your thoughts. 

BlackBerry Maps comes pre-installed on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, but you can find more info at the link below.

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps

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Taking BlackBerry Maps for a test drive


I go between BB Maps and Waze. Both work great, but I do like the fact that Waze works in landscape whereas BB Maps only in portrait. They need to address that issue. But overall, the BB Maps is great for DRIVING

Is there a feature to add a "bookmark" or any kind of marker on your map that isn't directly on a road? Like if you're off-road hiking or something like that?

Honestly don't know, I set my address into BB maps and I drive, and turn it off when i arrive. And I haven't played around with it much to know that.

I think you can just add it as a favourite when you are at the location. There were certain places that i have been to & it's not on the map & I just added it as my favourite.

So on the map it will look like I have marked something as my favourite in the middle of the open field.

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For being first you sure talk a lot while 99% of the peeps would just shout out "First!"


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I agree, it's actually pretty awesome. Not having any issues like ppl are complaining of in the forums!


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OMG, a complaint from someone who normally complains about someone who complains about a non complaint from someone who normally complains...

I use it daily and love it. I'm thankful for the improvements. I tend to pick it over my side loaded Google maps

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BlackBerry Map fully offline and the sound quality of voice guidance is better when compare to Google Map. However, when searching for addresses while both are Online Google does much better job (in my experienced) . Should BlackBerry improve their Map search engine? I also experienced BlackBerry Map loading time sometime ways too long (perhaps kind of factors behind that). Is there anyone out there experiencing the same issues?

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Works great for me here in US. Took a few trips around NY/NJ. Area and upto Washington DC. No issues so far

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I've used it a bit and it has worked quite well, although I wish there was an option to get simpler audio prompts. I really don't need to know to continue on the current road just because the name changes as I cross a town line.

You can change the audio prompts to do tones rather than voice. Works out pretty well and that's how I use mine for navigation.

You should test it out in more rural less populous areas. NYC has to be the most-mapped place in the world - so much data for driving in that area so perhaps less chance of failure?

I live in a rural area of Toronto, about an hour and a half away, and back roads and such come out very nicely with BB Maps.

Hey QuIcKsIlV3r, "rural area of Toronto" sounds quaint - kidding. Good to hear that BB Maps is working well everywhere.

lol I live in Orangeville, about 120km North West of TO. sounds like you are up around Thunder Bay. That would be rural lol

By car or plane? ;)

Sounds like it's way beyond Thunder Bay and closer to Nunavut =)

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I use it to drive very close to Orangveville, Caledon, and the road navigation is great. I just wish it would give you more results when searching for stores...

Try searching for Toys R Us anywhere outside of Toronto. It found some for me in Toronto or Buffalo and nowhere in between.

Has anyone had an issue with BlackBerry Maps not always taking the most efficient route? A couple of times it has taken on on the shortest route distance wise but not time wise.

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I've had that issue a couple of times. Luckily the relative I was visiting informed me of the correct route, which was consistent with route BB maps used to get
me there. The app gave a completely different and less direct route for a 118 mile stretch of my trip.

Google Maps does the same. A lot of mapping services in general pick inefficient routes. Personally I only use mapping on my phone if I don't have a knowledgable person I can ask, because you can pretty much guarantee a person who knows an area will pick a bette route than any smartphone or GPS.

I have & I thought all maps has the problem. However sometimes the route picked by BlackBerry maps is more efficient than my favourite route but sometimes it's not.

Perhaps BlackBerry maps can learn from user contribution then it would be a great tool in due time.

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I'm not sure if it does put traffic into consideration. I haven't used it enough to tell. Would be nice to have that option.

Agree 100% maps is decent, but BBtraffic was amazing. I miss the traffic routing and accurate ETA's, construction and accident alerts etc. so although the eye candy in maps is nice...if I had a choice, I'd be running BBtraffic still :)

I've really never given it a try. Right now I'm using Waze and when there's no reception, OsMand. And I will say Waze works perfectly even with turn by turn.

yeah, compared to the legacy maps app, the BB10 maps app works just fine. i don't know what people out there are complaining about, for me, this maps app works very well. yeah it doesn't have that much features like 3D building views or PoI but at least, it works fine to direct me to my destinations.

It's location database needs to be improved. I don't remember proper addresses very well. Also, I am rarely looking for a restaurant or hotel, since I play rec sports I usually gotta find my way to some school on the other side of the city...searching by school name simply does not turn up results. Google's location database is much more comprehensive and wish BlackBerry would use them as their maps provider.

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This work fine for me here in Kuala Lumpur. I can be at a location & just type in say "Thai Restaurant " & it will suggest the nearest Thai Restaurants to me so I just need to tap on the one I want & it will navigate me there.

Love that features.

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I honestly didn't even try blackberry maps, didn't even know it had turn by turn. I naturally dowloaded some third party apps. Right now I'm useing Navigator. Buy next time I need it ill give blackberry maps a try because it looks great

Navigation works well but search function needs improvement bad. I miss BlackBerry traffic as well

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Took my girlfriend on a little winery tour, found them all easily. She got 6 bottles and I got to use BB maps in the country. Win win

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It's not as bad as people seem to make it to be. I really hope they update the search function though

Apologies if I missed this, but can the maps be downloaded so you're not using the cellular connection while driving? Or if I had drive into the US (from Canada) I don't want to pay for the data fees.

Adam - what holster is that in the picture? Does it allow you to put the device in landscape if BlackBerry maps ever ends up supporting it?

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Warning: Don't try BB Maps outside Canada, US or UK.. it's completely useless

Sincerely, a loyal Z10 user who lives outside Canada, US and UK

Works fine in Cagliari, Sardegna (Italy). Only problem I've had is that the voice guidance stopped during one drive.

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Works great for directions and finding locations but the traffic feature isn't as good as Waze

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I'm not thrilled about sideloading apps onto my future Q10 but google maps is one of my most used apps on my 9930 and I'm very concerned about not having it on BB10. I may just learn to sideload this app.

Use the map frequently, works great for me. Don't know why some reviewers bash it.
But i'm still running on os 10.0, does anyone know whats new in 10.1?

I've always liked BlackBerry Maps and Traffic. I don't need any of the fancy tricks other systems us, BB Maps gets me to where I want to go with as little fuss and drama as possible. While driving I don't need a 3D Seagull's view, I need simple and concise information that I can eyeball and interprete immediately if I need to but generally all I need are the voice prompts.

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Obviously you're from north america. Mapping is quite good in central Europe, but the rest of the world is almost non existant - just white areas.
Also, voice navigation does not work in Europe which makes turn by turn navigation quite useless.

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Killer feature would be the ability to set up a trip plan then have the device cache the maps from the internet along the route (with, say, 15 KM of padding at highest level of detail) so you don't have to rely on foreign data roaming. I travel from Toronto to the Detroit area quite a bit and once I leave Canada, I'll be data-roaming (they should actually call it "reaming" because that's what the carriers do to you) so the ability to set out what your route is going to be then have all the various map segments at all resolutions cached locally would be excellent... make the app for the end user, not to drive carrier fees.

To be honnest, I haven't had to use BB Maps but I looked for BB Traffic which I loved on my Torch and could bo. Does the BB Maps have the same traffic features as BB Traffic and is it as immediate and accurate?

Works well for me, a huge upgrade from the old Maps app. The search database/engine and traffic conditions are a bit lacking compared to Google maps though.

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Turn by turn navigation hasn't worked for me in the Philippines other than the lady voice saying "Calculating Route".

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Adam, is there word that they'll be combining features of BB Traffic into BB10 Maps more completely? Loved using BB Traffic on my 9810 in my car over Google Maps. Seems they've put some efforts in, like the turn list and traffic data (though probably pulled more from TomTom itself) but would be nice to see the two more fully combined. The option in BB Traffic to send out ETA notifications was also very useful.

Seconded on Blackberry Traffic. I just don't see the value in forcing people to load a very high resourced-consuming app like maps in an attempt to replicated Blackberry Traffic functionality, when in fact it is missing many of the key features of Blackberry Traffic that were so handy:

- Easy to read continuously updated color-coded graph of upcoming traffic conditions
- Special clickable icons denoting special situations ahead (road work, crashes, other slowdowns)
- Large continuously-updated "ETA" estimate for your destination
- Click to send ETA to destination party via email/SMS/PIN, along with short message of user's choosing
- Dedicated list of destination points for quick startup, including contact details for "ETA notices"
- Dedicated screens including traffic conditions with live ETA/remaining distance display, turn-by-turn navigation list allowing preview of each turn in route until final destination, travel statistics display with current speed, distance, elapsed/stopped time, average and maximum speeds, single-task "next turn" display (similiar to current maps product).
- "Level of assistance" choice of low/medium/high for complexity of voice instructions

Clearly OS10 maps, while useful for many things, is NOT a real replacement for Blackberry Traffic.

Perfectly said!

A driver knows the route, or can simply figure it out 99%of the time. The traffic feature is what it's all about. I used BB Traffic multiple times a day. And it was a hit with my non-blackberry friends. I bought the Z10 on release day and was disappointed to see that BB Traffic wasn't available. I've been hoping that it's coming, just as BB Travel wasn't available at launch.

But I'm starting to get the impression it isn't.......

Has an issue with the address, so hard to find addresses in Indonesia. Hope there is a maps update or exporting from google maps or something

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I've been alternating between BlackBerry maps and Waze. Both are great for turn by turn where I am. BlackBerry maps is better for contact integration, but I enjoy Waze for the interaction.
It's fun to push 2 buttons (easy hands free) and let other Wazers know there's a speed trap, not to mention being warned of one by someone ahead of you.

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The navigation on Blackberrry Maps is awesome. I used it to guide me around Baltimore, Maryland last weekend. Excellent!

Had to watch it 3 times. I kept admiring the green grass and leaves on the trees.
We're still brown in Alberta. :(

Posted from the CB App on my White Zed 10

I have used it quite a few times and it is awesome!!
Don't need a GPS now :)

BB 10 is awesome, can't wait for the 10.1 upgrade for my Z10

Nice review! I'm very happy with BB Maps on my Z10. It works extremely well here in the States. On a recent trip to France, it worked reasonably well but was slow in the cities, although that might have been the carriers' fault, not BlackBerry's. (Madame BB Maps speaks beautiful French, BTW, as does Madame Waze.)

BlackBerry Maps = data hog

Watch your data plan get raped by this app. They need to make it available offline.

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I very much 2nd this. If this was an offline app then I would use it 100% of the time instead of the 5% now, and that's a stretch

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I love the new BlackBerry 10 maps. The only issue I have is how much data it ate when using it. It is wasn't such a data hog then I would use it instead of my Garmin.

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I use it daily and I'm running the leaked OS but landscape mode is still not available.

Plus the contact search is useless.

The workaround is to go to contacts first and select the address and it will open BlackBerry Maps.

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No eastern Europe (cz,sk,pl)... sad that so expensive device do not have maps and you need to use not so comfortable maps from 3rd party...

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Yeah :( Welcome to the Czech club ;) Its a shame that we Dont have our country covered ať all. This is huge step Back since Os7 maps.

Shame on you RIM!

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BlackBerry Maps need to incorporate some things to make it flawless.

Firstly if I was looking for say... a Walmart.. i type in Walmart it should pull up the closest Walmart to my location. Rather than finding me a Walmart in Florida when in located in Houston Texas...

Navigation sometimes drops resulting in me missing a exit and having to make a loop around..

Minor things BB...you can do it!!!

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I live in rural northern Alberta and can safely say, BlackBerry maps has the exact same wrong addresses as every other GPS mapping program I've ever used. Definitely on par with the competition. LOL.

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App works great. Yes, very simple and bare to the bone, but thats exactly what i want. Gets me from point A to point B. My tomtom been sitting in the glove compartment ever since :)

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During my recent trip to Madrid, searching for a relatively new (1 year old) trending restaurant

Blackberry Maps

Open app
Search for 'lakasa restaurant' – NO results
Search for variations of the name – NO results
Search for street name, after looking for it via the browser – Success, route planned
Route planned only by car, no option for planning the route by foot or by public transport

Nokia Maps

To begin with, you can store maps offline beforehand to save some data. I did this.
Open app
Seach for 'lakasa restaurant' – Found
A new screen opens showing information about the restaurant, address, phone number, reviews, photos, etc... Click 'plan route' – Success, route planned
Options are given to plan the route by car, by foot or by public transport

There definitely could be some improvements made so that we don't have to rely on third party apps. I thought the partnership with TomTom would have made better strides, but alas.

Someone had a question on here if you could add a point of interest if your off road.

I have tried this and it looks like it works

:My places
: choose the 3 vertical dots
: Add to favorites
: choose my current position
: if the gps finds you it should give you a close location to a road

Give it a name and save it

This worked for me in The Narrows.
2 hours north of Winnipeg

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The new BB Maps got me from Atlanta to a lowly super unpopulated remote address in Forest Gump land in Alabama without a hitch. I'm talkin dirt roads anad 4 wheel drive type roads... I love the new maps

I wonder what these CB10 authors are smoking. It's "Awesome"? I don't agree.

It's okay. But, my experience with BlackBerry Maps in my Z10 has been underwhelming. (It cannot even support use in landscape view mode.)

Fortunately there are better mapping bb10 apps available. Best of all, Google Maps works great thru the awesome bb10 browser. (And adding the link to the home screen makes it look and feel like an app.)

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So it IS powered by TomTom? I thought there was a press release saying it was using something else?

I hope that it keeps improving its point of interest. Sometimes I have to manually enter in addresses whereas google can find them by name. However, the navigation itself it great.

There are 2 companies involved in the design and service that is Blackberry Maps:

1) TCS/TeleCommunication Systems Inc is the actual app developer
2) The maps and live traffic info are provided by TomTom

There is no eastern europe map on my Z10. And no working GPS software ín hungary for my phone... :(

BlackBerry Z10

I've given it a good workout driving a route I knew and ignored the BB maps chosen route several times. The program very quickly re analyzed the new path and provided its next option. As far as I'm concerned it performed admirably without a lot of fanfare and unnecessary information.

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here in Germany the BlackBerry Map is too slow to work with.
Since 10.1 it's something better but no way compared to Google Maps.
Do some zoom-in and zoom-out and have to wait up to 40 seconds,
also tried following my position from a train comparing Google Map, Apple Map, and BB Map - BB was able to follow my GPS location but not to render the map. (with LTE) Google and Apple with 3G had no problems.
so I really hope that it will become better, because I'm developing some Cascades Apps with BlackBerry Map ;-)

Works very well for me... from Northern Ireland and travel all over England Wales and Scotland and never fails to get me where I need to go!!!

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The problem is most people expect blackberry to do everything perfect from the start. These guys are working on a brand new os and producing free services for its users. Everything takes time. They are working hard and if you have 10.1 they have updated a lot of the software.

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Oh man, I am definitely supportive of BB, but let's not overdo it! BlackBerry maps is really feature poor compared to other options. Particularly that you have to use your current location! Articles like these strain the site's credibility somewhat.

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I like to know : what happens when u receive a call while using maps? This would have been interesting to watch and hear in the video. Experiences?

I tried that, the maps just continues & I can still get the voice directions at the same time.

Posted via CB10

One thing that is missing is for the ability to have directions come through my BlueTooth enabled car because BlueTooth has to be disabled for the audio to work. It'd be nice to have my BlueTooth on for phone calls, have the map's voice directions muted while in a phone call, but have the map still visible as I drive.

I use bluetooth with maps on even OS 10.0.9, the voice directions come through fine.

The bluetooth device needs to be A2DP capable. You may want to check with your bluetooth vendor. There are lots of variations with how each BT device implements the standard, as many aspects of it are "optional".

I use a Blue tooth head set when I drive & the voice navigation come through just fine

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I live in Ecuador, South America, and BBMaps never works here.I keep receiving the message that map data isn't available. If they are selling BBs world wide they should have someone develop the app fully.

Does anyone know if it works on the AT&T network? (In the past, AT&T has blocked BB Maps in favor of its $10 a month AT&T Navigator). Thanks.

Unless it's broken with 10.1, the voice guidance does work with Bluetooth. I use it regularly. During a phone call, it still runs and beeps to let you know it's time for a turn or whatever instead of attempting to talk to you.

Posted via CB10

Why isn't BlackBerry maps globally use able. Like any other map/navi app? I don't see the purpose of pushing to millions of users who will never be able to use it.

Posted via CB10

I miss Telenav, but BB Maps is functional and well integrated with the calendar and with apps like Foursquare. I actually prefer the BB Maps display than Waze, which is smaller and almost cartoon-like to my eyes. I've also tried Mireo Don't Panic.

I hope that BB can upgrade their map experience soon.

IMO maps, battery life, calender, the browser, and the camera are all the very basic things that BB needs perfect to be at the top of the class!

Just get an agreement with Google Maps and people will be happy.

I always use BlackBerry maps over my side loaded Google maps. I don't even have to look at the phone while driving. It just tells me where to go. Amazing!

I'm still running BB10.0.something on my Z10, waiting for 10.1 to officially launch... I'm huge fan of Maps, while its not the 'polished' turd that is Apple's maps (who actually uses 3D maps to get by anyway), it's accurate, and hasn't let me down yet. I rely on accurate directions for the purpose of my employment, and after using (without being critical of Apple, who seems to be used as the benchmark of anything techy) Apple's mapping solution, I have nothing but praise for our friends in Canada for what they've produced. Google however, are excellent in their offering for mapping; although lacking in some features that Google are synonymous with, RIM really deliver in what's important for those who want to 'keep moving'. (before anyone picks up on the 'RIM' reference, it's force of habbit!)

It also worked good as a substitute for Poynt for looking up phone numbers and such. But as we all know, that problem has been fixed!

I actually just used it on a 9 hour round trip to Louisiana/Texas. My friend was running his iPhone maps app to compare, and BB maps smoked it from almost every angle. I really feel like it even does better than Google maps. Then again, I haven't spent much time with Google maps aside from the OS5-7 versions.

Overall, I'm very impressed and satisfied with it!

Posted via CB10

the navigation features are top notch? it doesn't do landscape, it doesn't preload maps, so if your data cuts off, your'e screwed, no option for offline maps. it's the single most bare bones navigation that exists on any platform. i can't really take a review like this seriously when it's summed up with "it's simply awesome"

I miss some of the features of BB Traffic: the simple turn-by-turn directions, the speed/distance data (max. speed, current speed, time stopped, travel time, ETA of arrival [not simply the estimated duration of trip] which was amazingly accurate). Also, I liked the fact that you could choose two different routes (most direct and one with less traffic) at the start without having to dig into and out of settings. BB Traffic did a better job of real time traffic information. The current map app is supposed to take into consideration real time traffic data, but it seems not to do so....at least not in my use thus far. I was recently in the midst of a 70 mile commute in which the navigation feature gave not even a hint of the freeway closure ahead of me due to an accident. It didn't provide an alternate route around it, as BB Traffic has done for me in the past. It just showed the remaining directions and estimated travel time as if there were no accident involving a freeway closure. And it doesn't/can't give you road conditions in advance, e.g. BB Traffic could indicate the relative speed of traffic along the route in two different modes. And you could look up the traffic data for stops due to construction or accidents before you reached them. Personally, I'd prefer BB Traffic over what I've experienced thus far with Maps and its navigation function. I'm not wowed by a map shown on my BB's screen showing the upcoming turns, neighboring streets, etc. I would simply wish that BB Traffic or something close to it would also include optional directions for public transportation, and for pedestrian/bicycle travel. Yes, I'm underwhelmed by the current Map/Navigation feature. It works...but not to my satisfaction. Just my opinon - I know others will differ.

I have also found that not only is the "Traffic" aspect of maps (on OS 10.0) almost impossible to see on the map, the ETAs given don't seem to take any account of traffic conditions either.

Blackberry Traffic was way ahead in that regard, and had/has all sorts of functionality that Maps does not have.

I tried BB Maps, but commuting from one end of the GTA to get other gave me wildly inaccurate arrival times, and not being able to send quick updates was also a pain. I've ended up tethering my old Bold to the Z10 and use BB Traffic on there. Still can't text without a SIM but at least I have better, more accurate traffic and arrival times with more optimal routes. It would be nice to know if BB Traffic will come out for Z/Q10 or if they've abandoned that app altogether. BB Travel got my hopes up.

Posted via CB10

Ouch. I use Blackberry Traffic daily in the GTA. DAILY. I use it so much, that I actually set my convenience key to BB traffic because it works so damn well 95% of the time. And that future traffic option? PRICELESS - I now have confidence to know how/when I can avoid traffic altogether. To hear the lack of a BB traffic equivalent, means I will probably delay a BB10 upgrade. I'll stick with what works, thanks.

I really like the maps. Works well every time. Takes to the address where I want to go with voice guidance. I guess offline download and POI would be good addition to this solid app.

Posted from my lovely Z10

I've had success with BlackBerry maps, but I found Waze to be a truly awesome app. Very polished, easy and fun to use

Posted via CB10

I like the BlackBerry Maps BUT:
BlackBerry said that Germany is a key market,than why is it possible to release a Navigation wich such a bad translation? I've never ever heard such a bad translated system never!
Some roads are still English some are german
In turnaround the number two (second) has been translated as time (second) but in Germany these two words are completely different. We I drive with somebody together they laugh most of the time!
I like my phone but sorry: epic fail!

I used my bb10 map and Google map on the S3 and bb map kicked butt. It took me directly to my destination with no issues. I don't need bells and whistles on a map please, just get me to and from places.

Posted via CB10

I use BB Maps on my Z10 here in the far south-west of the UK, which is very rural, and it works fine. Simple but effective. It recently guided me 400 miles from Penzance to Essex on the other side of London and back again, and never put a foot wrong. However I also use Latitude (Google maps I think), an Android app sideloaded onto my PlayBook , which I also use in my car using Bridge to my Z10. I prefer the bigger screen and more detailed maps of Latitude. So there I was, with two sat nav programmes running in my car, both being fed data by the Z10, and it all worked flawlessly (although occasionally Latitude would lose the GPS signal for a while).

For short journeys which don't justify setting up the PB in my car, the handy size of the Z10 plus the simplicity and reliability of BB Maps makes for a very useful device. I also use Magellan Compass on the Z10, this also works quite well.

Just used it on long Island, New York. Worked flawless! Didn't even know you could do this with the new BlackBerry maps. Did just as good as my garmin does. No, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles like my Garmin, but, IT'S FREE!! If you don't like it, buy a more advanced app. I see this as a good start! Maybe down the road BlackBerry will add more capabilities. Kudos BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I've used it a few times and have not had any issues. The voice navigation works well!

Posted via CB10

This is a brilliant satnav/maps app, shat all over the satnav on wife's iphone...she was gutted too haha

Posted via CB10

Still think it's awful, but again its down to what you feel comfortable with I much prefer Google maps which I side loaded

Posted via CB10

I like Maps, but wish for offline mapping so when traveling out of country - data would not be an issue. Probably will buy Mireo for out of country trips.

Hmm. This doesn't jive with my experience at all. BB Maps, while functional still has a lot of issues (at least where I am in the Bay Area). It doesn't have an up-to-date business listing, and, I've had times in which it doesn't function at all. It, (and text selection) are my two biggest beefs with the Z10.

I just went to London and came back using it, and it was very easy and simple to use. Also it works very smoothly.

Posted via CB10

Download Mireo Don't Panic and lay the 20$ for the North America offline map. Works nicely (looses gps connection from time to time but just restart the app)

Posted via CB10

Sadly, BB maps are no use in Europe, west of Germany to be exact. I will have to sideload Google Maps when I get my Z10 in the Czech Republic next week :(

Searching with maps sucks. I'll just say it. It's great if you know the address. And another thing that sucks is that if I start typing 10 main it doesn't think to check the 10 main closest to my GPS location. It just starts picking any address in the entire united states.

So I'm not sure if others have mentioned this, but on the maps version out for OS 10.1, it updates traffic conditions in real time while in navigation mode. I drove about 15 miles earlier today, purposely took a different route, and it immediately updated the on-screen directions to match my bearing in addition to updating the route with a reported car accident that had happened about 2 hours before. I don't think I ever noticed this before but this was the first time I used navigation after installing the leaked 10.1 OS.

Adam, did you experience any traffic during your use and if so, maybe mention this in your article to notify 10.1 users (and basically anyone that picks up the Q10?)

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Works great in london, uk whilst driving. Takes allot of battery but never fails.

Posted via CB10

Bluetooth voice navigation doesn't work on a factory Q10. Bluetooth calling does but that's not the issue. I hope they are able to resolve that as I'd prefer to hear the voice guided nav over my car's speakers.

Thanks for the review. It has generated lots of interest and provided a platform for comment.

I really want to stay positive and suggest some other things that would have made it not just a good review but a great review.

1. provide a real blow by blow comparison it to a competitive product the obvious choices are clearly google, apple and nokia/microsoft. It is clear that some of the other products are more mature but your readers will respect that. to simply review this in isolation is strange.

2. provide a real world working review, ie get some music playing in the background via your car stereo and then take an incoming call mid navigation! ... what still works when all of this is going on, does the music lower the volume when navigation instructions are given. what happens when we are still in a call.

3. what happened to battery life during navigation?

4. clearly the maps does not work in landscape? can you drive in nav mode without a destination as with others?

5. how does the maps app integrate with other os software? when in nav mode can the text/email be read out? this phone sells itself on email/cal integration! can other notifications be turned off while driving?

Anyway, thanks again.

I am in Nairobi, Kenya. Any reason I'm getting the message that "map data is not available for this country"???
It worked fine on my bold 2. Very disappointing. I'm having to rely on wise pilot and Google maps at present.

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I really don't understand why this app does not support some areas. I'm in Nairobi, Kenya and it doesn't even open and just shows a message saying that "map data for this country is unavailable". What kind of b******t is that???
I'm on stl100-1 device on 10.1.1609 os and currently having to rely on wise pilot or Google maps.

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Used Maps again yesterday in a situation where I knew the route to a given destination, but Maps was trying to tell to make a left turn off a freeway that didn't exist. The app must have gotten confused and somehow suddenly thought I was a street paralleling the freeway. I miss some of the features of BlackBerry Traffic. (sigh)

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One thing that it doesn't do is when you input an address and use the navigation, it doesn't give your the address at the end. especially when you forget the number of the home. It should show the destination address when you arrive at your destination.

There is nothing wrong with it, just the colors. They are horrid. TAT deserves to be burned at the stake for this.

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It has no map of Croatia, therefore it's unusable.

Nokia maps has every street in Croatia, so I can't find a reason why don't they just rent Here maps for BlackBerry maps.

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Just got my Z10 and tried out the map yesterday . I had to smile as it pronounced route as rude. :-)

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Bb maps crashed on me several time. What am i doing wrong? I am using z10.... Please help!!!

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I'm a bit irritated with the app. While in Orlando for BlackBerry Live in May, BB Maps had the wrong address for Hilton Bonnet Creek. My Garmin with old maps had it right. What's up with that? The difference was 15 miles!

Posted from my Z10 on CB10.

Why are there no public transit points such as subway stations on the maps. I guess Google still is the only choice available.

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Location search is subpar. Doesn't give you ETA accurately. It's ok at best. Places the turn at the e D of the intersection rather then start its off by 50 feet compared to google.

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I bought the car dock after watching this video and I have to say its amazing! Holds the Z-10 really well and the charging option is also handy. Frees up my charger I have in my truck for other devices.

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These negative comments are very surprising to me. I just spent a few weeks in Amsterdam and Turkey. BB Maps worked perfectly in both places. For walking around Amsterdam, I just zoomed to whatever level I wanted. There's wifi almost everywhere in central Amsterdam. Agree it would be good to be able to store map data for offline use.

In Turkey, I bought a local simcard and used the voice guidance for turn-by-turn directions all around rural Turkey. It worked very well and timely, with voice directions on time as I was moving thru traffic circles. Plus it worked well in both H+ & 3G.

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Just used it last weekend on a test run to a Scout camp in rural Wisconsin (I mean, I know how to get there, but I wanted to see if it could get me there). Perfect! Have also used it in Chicago and DC. So far the best satnav system I've got. Good job BB!

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Portrait only sucks. But i do like it even though i downloaded Mireo which works great and landscape too.

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Adam, thank you for the review.

There are times when I need to hear the directions again during long gaps on a drive. I was wondering if anyone has figured a way to repeat directions or if that is offered at all?

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Absolute disgrace that country in which TomTom develops work, Serbia, in the heart of Europe, is one big blank spot in BBM maps - native and these new ones. BBRY sort it out!

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Hi everyone, I am located here in qatar but when I I get into the blackberry map, it says " no map available" by the way iam using Z10.

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Blackberry should really do something about BlackBerry Maps for India... They have given Mapmyindia free of cost as an alternate solution.. Thanks for that.. but, it doesn't work on my Q10 as it was not purchased from India... Need some help here!!

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I don't mind using it as a gps but I'm waiting for BlackBerry to improve these things:
1. The type of route options (fastest/ simplest /shortest) are hidden under the setting and they are not available when you choose Plan Route. I want to be able to find shortest/simplest/fastest routes when I choose Plan Route after searching for an address. Displaying alternative routes like iOS and Android would be awesome too but it's not available yet.
2. Viewing modes (satellite...) aren't available at all. I would love to have different viewing modes as Google maps at least! I don't even wanna mention the cool apple 3D maps here.
3. The ability to rotate the maps is very important but still missing here. Two fingers for rotating the map view would be nice.
4. Landscape navigation mode would be nice but not a MUST.

I'm hoping 10.2 would give us much better experience with BB10 Maps

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It's useless. I thought for a short period it was ok until I needed to go to Heathrow terminal 3. No way
All sorts of silly nearby places. I'm now I'm Juba, South Sudan and it can't find it. Google maps found it instantly and showed which street I was in. Funny how it recognises Juba but has lost, apparently, the Scottish island of Jura! Nothing is simple anymore.

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I used the BlackBerry Maps app on my Z10 this past holiday weekend. From NYC to Allentown, Pa was a great guide to my ride. Gave me the fastest route I've ever taken, also the voice directive was always on point with turns, merges and even reported accidents en route to my destinations.

Because I'm from NYC, however, I would like BB Maps to be more interactive with the public transportation system in and around the city. Throughout the country would be best. I mean beyond giving locations to bus stops and subway stations. I'm requesting times of arrivals and the options of utilizing their services through the BB Maps direction search.

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How hard can it be to add Speed Camera locations to an update?

Also, why can't they partner with someone for live traffic data? That would make it a truly awesome app...

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Don't like the voice and will route to toll roads in orange county, ca, F#@k orange county and toll roads, any way to change voice to a younger/hotter female voice?