drkapprenticeDESIGNS takes customization to the next level with Rayzr

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Oct 2012 03:54 pm EDT

When it comes to selecting my next theme I prefer the completely skinned look. I gravitate towards the ones that offer a customized experienced from a redesigned home screen all the way down to new icons in the notification bar. If you feel the same then you will not doubt be amazed by the latest offering from drkapprenticeDESIGNS.

Rayzr homescreen

Rayzr is a fully customizable design that is not only beautiful in appearance but showcases quite a few hidden tricks, docks, and options to completely overhaul your display. When it comes to complex OS 7 themes I must say drkappretniceDESIGNS surprises us with each new one they code. While it may be a replica theme, this is one you do not want to pass up.

Rayzr applications

When you first install it looks like a simple theme with a small top banner for those who love their wallpapers. Appearances can be deceiving though. At the bottom is the same shortcut panel as JellyBerry where the bottom dock is the sliding bar for six icons (icons 2-7 in application order) and the widget control screen.

Rayzr goes one step further and not only gives you the versatility by including the clock widget but grants you the ability to change the color and opacity of the bubbles and the rings. Users can select from 10 different vibrant colors to personalize their homescreen. Not only can the rings and bubbles be modified but you can mix and match the colors for a completely different look each and every time.

Rayzr controls

When you go into the options screen, all of the widget and color controls are at your fingertips. Once activated, you have your choice of two different large clocks and the ability to scroll or tap on each individual option to select their color and opacity.

You will need to repeat for each of the bubble placements and hit the control panel button again to save and return to the homescreen. As for the bubbles themselves, the first defaults to the clock while the other two are based on whichever applications you have in icon slots 1 and 8.

I must say this is an incredible theme that just makes you scratch your head and say "how did they do that?" Especially when this is a hand coded BlackBerry OS 7 theme with so many intricate details to account for. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Rayzr is easy to navigate and certainly not one I'm taking off my device anytime soon. Available for the BlackBerry 99XX, be sure to click on the link below and grab it for only $1.99. Please note that folders will be blank because of all the customization.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Rayzr for 99xx

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drkapprenticeDESIGNS takes customization to the next level with Rayzr


If you look at the forums and latest news releases on Theme Builder 7, you'll gain a resolution to your problem very quickly...

Still can't believe no more themes. Smh take away one of my favorite things about BlackBerry...not good.

If this was on appworld I would have already bought it. I like to just bill things to my Telus account. Looks great, let me know if it hits appworld!

its a shame that there arent going to be themes beyond bb7, hopefully there will be another solution so that talent such as this doesn't get wasted and forgotten. this is the level that all blackberry developers should be reaching for, if they even try bb10 will be amazing.

9850! Please? Maybe I should just get a new phone so I don't have to see all of these awesome themes that I can't get.

So cool! I looked high and low to find this wallpaper for my android tablet, now I can have it on my 'berry . . O what's this? I have a 9650 . . Looks like I'll have to upgrade to 9930 to get this =)

Now I am aware it was said in the post the folders would be blank. However...that now means I cannot get applications, IMs, media or games. Unless I am missing something? Anyone have a suggestion?

This also means I now cannot access my options or setup either. I am now effectively stuck w/this theme and rainbow background I cannot change because I have a blank media folder.

CAlm down you are not stuck. Do you change themes from your media folder? No...Options /display/screen display. #BOomDone although your icons are blank they should still launch.

You should be able to press "o" as a short cut to get to options. You will have to go back to the default theme, empty out your folders to the home screen (if you want to see the icons) and then switch back to this theme.

Adios themes BB10 is supposed to be so "Awesome" you will never feel the desire to have it ever again *chuckles*

Why is it the homepage looks like an Android tablet running HoneyComb? And the bottom looks like IceCream Sandwich and JellyBean with the home/back/search looking "buttons" (also from HC)...if folks have decided to suck it up with RIM, folks should be true to themselves...IMHO.
these ARE the droids you're looking for