Take a tour with the BlackBerry Bold 9900

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2012 09:47 am EST

RIM has posted up some more videos on their YouTube channel, this time some "tours" with the BlackBerry Bold 9900. In each of the videos, your guide takes you around the sites of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines. During the tour the Bold 9900 is shown off as well as apps Wikitude, BlackBerry Maps and Facebook. The videos are pretty sweet in that we get a cool look at the respective countries, although I'm not quite sure just what RIM will use them for (if anything). So take a watch at all the videos (more after the break) and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Take a tour with the BlackBerry Bold 9900


Good videos, but like you said, what are they going to be used for? Not tv commercials due to length of course. But, good real world stuff non the less.
Boldly sent from my 9930

I visited Manila and Bali last year... Indeed you must go. Its so nice over there and people are so nice as well.

screw the US! i don't think doing these types of videos will work in the US. these types of videos work for Asia because BBM is very popular there, so showing all this other stuff is a plus...

they really check the weather to see how it will be for the rest of the day (not at the moment). weather can change throughout the day you know

Here in SEA especially near the equator, the climate gets wacky and you can never be sure when a perfectly hot and sunny afternoon would turn into a complete washout.

These could be great nightly infomercials....or TV info kiosks in carrier stores (consumer presses button and video plays showing phone in action)

or BlackBerry info kiosks in malls

I watched only the phillipnes one, that was very dumb so I didn't bother to waste my time on others
Seriously ?

Was not aware that places that showed up in Wikitude could be instantly looked up in wikipedia... so the videos served for that at least...

Agree not good at all as commercials... maybe a possibility for sales stores, as suggested above...

The Bold 9700 is better than the new one! I wonder how many batteries these guys go through in a day of hard core use? Thanks RIM, but I'll stick with my Bold 9700 until you people get your act together. One more thing bring back auto focus on the camera function.

Ummm, the word pointless comes to mind. And for that matter why now? The Bold has been out for months and this should have been done before the device was released to help make people aware of it. I guess better late than never though.

"been out for months". In the US maybe but im pretty sure these new OS7 devices have only been out for a couple of weeks at best in the Philippines.

Very nice tour helpful letting people know about how to do things with wiki augmented reality browser great for tourism!

These all look to be results of a "How do you use your BB w/OS7 in your life?" campaign. In that case, well done. I think we all know there are plenty of people that have a smartphone and have no idea how to do anything but play games and chat on them. Hopefully, these will open peoples eyes to more possibilities. We have the SuperBowl in Indy this weekend. I can see how using your BB around town would help find your way around so much easier.

i agree that videos like this should have been put out before the device dropped....i liked the ones i watched none the less

Guys, the United States is not the center of the Universe, even though we think that way.
i like the ads, especially the one done in the Philippines.. where i learned about that augmented reality app.
i strongly believe that RIM is playing for the base at the moment, and that is overseas or anywhere that's not North America.

What they could do is take the one highlight or 2 from all the videos and mash them all up together to create a commercial of world connectedness or something like that.

+1. I agree!
When I first clicked on the CB page, that is exactly what I was expecting. I thought the guy in the first video was going to pass his discoveries to the guy in Thailand, and so on...

I wish the videos were connected like that.

I think these shorts are really nice! Awesome!

these are great. simple, educative, but still appealing for any marketing purposes. of course, broadcasting them through TV will cost lotsa money BUT look.. how many people are now on the web? go web advertising, go RIM!!! HIT IT!

Would have loved some Wikitude when I was in Indonesia. There were a few sites which I stumbled upon which I wanted to learn more about. These are all beautiful places, I want to visit them all.

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