Take snoozing to another level with Get set - Get up!

By DJ Reyes on 4 May 2012 09:49 am EDT

Whenever I have an early start I have to set an alarm to wake me up, as I’m sure quite a lot of you do. I am also one for snoozing in the morning once I hear the alarm go off. Usually, I’ll snooze for about half an hour before I know I really should wiggle my toes, shake my legs and get up before I end up being late. Normally I’ll just use my BlackBerry alarm to do this but now I use Get set, Get up! for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Join me after the break to see how I rise and shine in the morning to this app.

Setting the alarm and snooze time

This one was quite weird for me at first. Normally, alarm clocks work by setting the time you want to wake up, then you’d snooze a bit after that time. What I found with this app was that the time you set was actually the time you would get up after snoozing. So, if I wanted to wake up and 7am and snooze for half an hour I would actually set up the time for 7:30 am then choose the snooze time of 30 minutes so that the alarm would start at 7am. This didn’t occur to me the first time I set it up, so I actually woke up earlier. I actually had to run an afternoon alarm to clarify this. It seemed a little odd but I’m used to it now and I wake up at the same time each morning so I don’t have to set the alarm every time. 

You can snooze for a maximum of 90 minutes which is perhaps for the weekends or days you can lie in a bit but on those days on which I don’t tend to use an alarm anyway. As for snooze intervals you can’t change this, instead the length of snooze time gets shorter every time, preparing you to get up. For a 30 minute snooze, it will go off again 13 minutes after the first alarm, then 10 minutes after that, then 5 minutes and the final one two minutes after that, giving you your 30 minute snooze. If you still tapped snooze at 30 minutes, about 30 seconds later you will get a nagging beeping sound warning you that if you tapped OK, no more alerts will sound after the beeps. It is quite an annoying sound so I find it does make me get up.  

You can set the sound it plays from your music collection but I keep it to the default Winter Empire. The option is there for those who may require something different. I also like how you can touch anywhere on the screen to silence the alarm, however this does not stop the alarm or go into snooze mode, it merely gives you time to figure out what you want to do. To turn off the alarm all together just swipe down from the top bezel and tap on alarm off.

Write yourself a message or reminder

I like the idea of being able to write a small note to yourself, sort of a little reminder of what you need to be done during the day, or even before you leave the house. You can write quite a bit and you can also separate each message on each line. It scrolls along the top when the alarm goes off and continues to scroll while you are snooze mode.

Voice Notes

Another option you have is to play yourself a voice note while you’re snoozing. Maybe you’d rather hear the messages in the morning as opposed to reading them. Or perhaps you want to hear something motivational to get you out of bed. In order to use voice notes you actually have to record them using the PlayBook’s built-in Voice Notes app, then browse for them within the Get set - Get up! app. I’ve tried this one but  the scrolling messages is fine for me, unless I can get someone really motivational to record a message that would really get me up in the morning.

App options and other features

The app has an Options section that allows you to set the the alarm volume, separate from the PlayBook volume. You can also choose whether you prefer a 12 or 24 hour clock. There are also a couple of language selections too.

You also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen while in the app. To dim the screen just swipe downwards (not from the bezel) and swiping upwards will brighten the screen. There is also a nifty light feature which turns the screen a bright beige like color to help you see in the dark if you needed.

Overall, I am loving this app. It is now the alarm clock I use instead of the my BlackBerry device. Since I charge my PlayBook overnight it makes for a a great beside clock, if I don’t fall asleep with it that is. I do recommend having it on charge if you were to leave it on as you wouldn’t want it draining your battery overnight, you do have the option though to turn off the back-lightning when unplugged. You do have to have the app running for the alarm to work but it doesn’t necessarily have to the app running in the foreground, as long as the app is running the alarm will sound. Though it can be a bit of a struggle in the morning when you’re trying to find the app half asleep in order to snooze it. I did make the mistake one night of forgetting to open the app, needless to say I didn’t wake up on time that morning.

I certainly recommend the app if you’re looking for something different. The developer also suggests that it could be used during the day, during office hours to run you through your day or as a countdown to home time even.

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Reader comments

Take snoozing to another level with Get set - Get up!


Why even bother with a Snooze option? Set the alarm FOR the time you want to get up and when the alarm sounds, GET UP!

I admit it is a radical concept, but it does work and hasn't caused me any grief in almost sixty years.

I am using Todays Alarm Clock of Turner TeKnologies. Gives you weather, traffic, radio clock and multiple alarms options for during the week. You can have dime light so not big shining light in your bedroom.

I use Today's Alarm Clock as well and love it, but it could take a few notes from this app.

The touch anywhere would seem to be much easier than trying to hit a small box on the screen to shut it off.

The dim/bright by swipe is also much easier than TAC (Today's Alarm Clock) tiny bar that takes a few swipe attempts to engage.

Lastly, I like the idea of having personalized messages.

Having said all that, I won't stop using TAC as it has many more features I use daily. Multiple alarms, spoken date/weather, sports scores (for those late West coast games), and more.

Halifax Guy, haven't you always wanted to get another 30 min after your alarm goes off? Sneak it in? Well, just set your clock a little earlier, and hit snooze for another 20, 30 min.

It's like an appetizer. The first alarm gives you a taste, but it's a nice feeling knowing you can get another half hour before you actually have to get up.

I recommend trying it one day.

I set my alarm so that I have just the correct amount of time it takes me to check my e-mail (check Crackberry, too), make and eat breakfast, shower and head out to work. There aren't any extra minutes to snooze, they've already been utilized to the full extent that they could be when my alarm sounds.

Thanks for the thought though.

When the playbook first came out I read a post saying you wouldn't want to use your playbook as an alarm because it would lead to burn in because its a different type of screen than your phone. Can someone set me straight.

Can't give any technical explanations just my personal experience. I have been using Today's Alarm Clock for 6 months; it displays on my PlayBook 14 hours a day (I dock it overnight as an alarm clock and at work all day as a regular clock - with my music playing).

I have never seen any ghosting, burn-in, or anything of the sort.

I highly rcommend it!

I stopped using my Bold's alarm ever since I got BED BUZZ on my PB...it's that AWESOME. With a BIG Snooze button, customizable snooze times, speaks out loud whatever you want it to say, nice sounds and graphics. No need to switch.

Bed Buzz actually prompted me to write my own alarm clock - after sleeping in a couple of times because at some point during the day I had muted a sound in some other application, and the next morning the alarm went off silently too! (or conversely, when I had cranked up the volume for listening to some bad recording and forgot to turn it down again, I'd be rudely awakened the next day by the alarm blaring out really loud. So I made the volume setting in Get set - Get Up to be completely independent of whatever settings you apply in other apps or the device settings.

Halifax Guy has my full admiration with his old school approach to getting up - alas, the flesh is weak, so this app is my best effort to allow for a bit of decadent snoozing and still be disciplined about getting up in time :-)

Hope some of you enjoy it!

That's a huge selling point.. A lot of other alarm clock apps on the PlayBook aren't independent volume.. Which is REALLY STUPID.. I mean you have to make sure you're at max volume before you go to bed, etc.. Extremely annoying.

Love this app, just really hope it turns into a multiple-alarm app in the near future.. As a college student, the time I need to wake up varies and with this I have to remember when I need to wake up the next day and change it, I didn't have to with BedBuzz which was nice, but I had to make sure the volume was at max when going to bed, etc.

I really hope there is multiple alarm functionality :)

The thought behind not providing multiple alarms was that by setting my alarm every evening, and giving a few moments thought to when and why I want to get up in the morning, I'm also 'programming' my inner body clock to some extent, so I'm more likely to wake up naturally or at least being somehow mentally ready for the alarm, rather than it ripping into my dreams totally unexpected.

If this self-programming works, I think a little bit of conscious planning in the evening is better than the apparent convenience of having your alarms pre-programmed for the week. But that might just be my home-spun psychology :-) So, if a number of people request it, I might add multiple alarms.


Does anyone know if there is an alarm app for the bbos that actually listens to your movements and tries to wake you in your lightest phase of sleep?

I bought this based on the review as I had previously used my 9780 as the alarm.
Set it to some of my mp3s and left the Playbook on standby and it worked like a charm.
Love it!

I wake up with a SONY DASH the first c10 version with netflix etc etc . streaming radio etc .

better than ANYTHING else on the planet as an alarm or bed side internet viewer. Im self employed and I can see my email too , read news , the onion, etc all before getting out of bed!

Make the playbook able to do that !

Nice work, Anna. I already have Today's Alarm Clock, but rarely use it. Instead I use my. Bold 9930. Just bought yours though because of the thought you put into it. Your instincts are good for features that will actually be used. I don't want a Swiss army knife program just because. Elegance in utility, that's what I see here and so am willing to pay for.
Please write more BB and PB apps!

I hope there is going to be an update for the App World on the playbook because Ive been waiting for this update for a very long time and really looking forward for the new games. I am excepting to see: *Temple Run*, *Ninja Jump*, *Call of mini games like last stand*double shot* and hopefully there free because the are on the Apple App Store and Android Market.