Quick Tip: Take a screenshot before you reload or upgrade your OS - Just in case!

Bold 9930 Home Screen
By Adam Zeis on 7 Sep 2012 11:50 am EDT

Here's a fun tip from the Adam arsenal. One thing that I always do before upgrading or reloading my BlackBerry OS is take a screencap of all my screens and folders. Why? Just in case something happens and I have to start over again. I have OCD when it comes to my home screen and icon setup, so I always want things just the way I like them. Having a screencap saved to your memory card (don't save it to your device or it may go missing when you upgrade) will help you not only see how your icons were arranged, but also know if you need to download any apps again after an update. All in all it's a great way to do things - it only takes a few seconds to snap the screen and it can be a real life saver should something get screwed up. If you don't have a good screenshot app for your phone, you can grab our old favorite Capture It from the link below. On your BlackBerry PlayBook just hit both volume buttons at the same time to grab the screen. 

More information/Download Capture It 

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Quick Tip: Take a screenshot before you reload or upgrade your OS - Just in case!


I have been doing this for at least 3 years. I as well have OCD! In fact, I haven't used BBM in a few months (no more contacts....) and it is still my first icon on my top left. I just can't bring myself to move it because it will throw off my whole setup that I have had for years!

BBM, Text, Email, Browser, Calendar, Google Map
Score Mobile, BeWeather, AppWorld, Clock, Twitter, Facebook

Those are my top two rows...

I'm the same with with my home screen, well in every folder, and my icons. But I have a hand made chart of how my icons are arranged. Lol

funny how ive done millions of software loads at RIM when i was employed never had a single issue but soon as i start software loading my own cant get a successful one without bricking it and than me needing to redo it to fix it lol.

but lol your not the only one with OCD on how things need to look my backups retain all the settings info but i always need to re-dl my apps as the backups dont make copies of that.

Uh, bricking it means FUBARing it. FUBAR: fucked up beyong all repair, that means software repair like reloading the OS, which ends up being impossible to do, usually because of a failed flash chip.

You simply meant to say wiped to the "507 reload system software screen" or an "App Error XXX" that never goes away. THAT is NOT bricked.

Love the tip. Started doing that when I had the Torch9800. Seems I always rearranged things on the the touchscreen by accident then it took days to get it all sorted out again. Started taking screen shots of panels and subfolders so I could just immediately fix things.

Wow I thought I was the only one that did this!!

I'm totally OCD when it comes to my home screen.
BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Texts, Browser & messages MUST be on the first row for me.

When ever I get my hands on a friends or colleagues BlackBerry I have a habit of changing it how I like, not even bothering to ask them if they want it changed lmao!
I think everyone is used to me and my BlackBerry habits now though xD

Instead of making screen shots, I think the best thing is to make a backup using Desktop Software.

I used to wipe and did a clean install whenever I upgrade/downgrade OS. I used the trick of switch device, which will make a copy of all my 3rd party apps to the %temp% folder. After I wipe, load OS, I can add 3rd party apps which I backed up earlier.

Once the OS & 3rd party apps re-installed, I perform a restore via Desktop Manager. Instead of restoring all device data & settings, I always choose to select device data & settings. One of the item listed is called "Icon Arrangement". This will re-arrange all your icons & folders (except the "Favorite" screen).

this is me 100%. i sort of have a few ways of organizing
1) most used
2) useful
3) color coding [based on app color]

capture it is the best capture app by far.

Is that a golf flag just ahead of the number 45? What app would that be? Or is that a masters tournament app with alerts? I have been trying to find a good golf app for BlackBerry.

Wow this is so funny.. I used to write down my icon arrangement on sticky notes and separate folders on separate sticky notes.. lol eventually I just memorized my icon arrangement so every time I upgrade I know exactly how everything is..

OMFG, I can't believe I never thought to do that! What a great idea. I have had OS updates hose my BB, and force an OS reload and rebuild and I never get it quite right and it ALWAYS annoys me to know end. Something is out of place I KNOW it's out of place but I just don't know which icon it is, and it bothers me till I figure it out. IF I ever figure it out! LOL

BlackBerry Desktop Manager already provides the option of restoring icon location when you use the "Selective Restore" option. Just click that, and all your icons will be arranged the way they were the last time you made a backup of your phone.

As per apps, there's a list of those that were installed on BBAW (AppWorld).

Same here, I remember each time, although each time I wipe and update every third time, the arrangement is slightly different.

This is a lifesaver if you have tricky email account settings on the PlayBook, although you need to work offline if you can due to security feature that prevents screen capture when using the work side of accounts or bridge.

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I remember my homepage icon set up on my own, been the same set up forever. What I do take screenshots of though is my Application Management screen that shows all the apps I have installed and the version numbers, so I can remember easily what I want to put back on my phone. Good post to share some helpful information.