Hedone Design

i-Mentalist releases Slotch - a FUZZengine enabled alarm clock for the BlackBerry PlayBook
VCMS by i-Mentalist updated to v2.0 - Adds new features and support for BlackBerry 7
Politely ignore your calls and set your status to away with Talk to You Later
VCMS by i-Mentalist - Vehicle Counters and Monitoring System for the BlackBerry PlayBook
Carbon by Hedone Design - where simple becomes vibrant
Wakai by Hedone Design - A fresh new theme for your BlackBerry!
HiWiFi by i-Mentalist - A powerful wireless network manager for your BlackBerry!
PSHD from Hedone Design - A theme designed for gamers and everyone else!
GoPlay by Hedone Design - a hot new PlayBook replica theme
Nova - Premium theme from Hedone Design


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