BlackBerry 6.1

BlackBerry 6.1 is now named BlackBerry 7! (and no, it is not QNX based)
BlackBerry 6.1 icons point to NFC, compass and more
BlackBerry OS leaks out, brings some updated apps with it
There Can Be Only ONE - BlackBerry 7 to merge the Best of BlackBerry 6.1 and QNX?!
2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap Explained in Detail
CrackBerry Podcast 063: BlackBerry Roadmap 2011 - PlayBook and Phones Galore!
Exclusive: CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011 - Montana, Monaco, Sedona, Malibu, BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution and more!
BlackBerry Apollo - The newest member of the Curve family shows us what it's made of
BlackBerry 6.1 Application Platform Announced at DevCon Asia!
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