BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS v2 confirmed by Jim Balsillie on RIM Earnings call - Will launch after DevCon next month

By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2011 05:29 pm EDT

PlayBook Update

On the Q2 Fiscal 2012 Results Announcement Conference Call, Jim Balsille has confirmed that a "major feature update" is coming soon to the BlackBerry PlayBook. This is the rumored PlayBook version 2.0 software we've heard about in the past few weeks. The update will be shown off at BlackBerry DevCon next month and available "shortly after". Version 2.0 of the PlayBook software will bring native email, contacts and calendar as well as the Android App Player. The BlackBerry Video Store will also be introduced which will allow access to over 10k movies and TV shows on the PlayBook with ability to stream via HDMI on your TV.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS v2 confirmed by Jim Balsillie on RIM Earnings call - Will launch after DevCon next month


No bbm for v2.0... That's retarded. I guess email will be nice enough, I would have loved to see bbm included in this update though.

I heard a silverlight rumored for v2.0, let's hope its true, this would make my pb absolutely awesome for me... My fingers are crossed... Ya I know I know.... Silver light sucks... But when you need it you need it - lol

A rumor floating around in the forums - the dude/dudette said they had heard from a rim engineer that it was part of the v2.0 update. I'm doubtful of that now, I think silverlight would have been big enough to mention on the call... Or maybe not, it (silverlight) is kind of the ugly child of the web... But still, many like myself would be happy to have it.

Why is everyone so excited about this v2.0? My PB sucks, there I said it! lol... Before getting it, I was excited for bridge (email, bbm, browser, calendar), fantasy football, skype, netflix, twitter (the site stopped working on my pb for some reason) and just browsing the interwebs... none of that is possible! lol well some are, to a mediocre extent *sad trombone* I use my oversized iPad for those things... I wish the PB and iPad2 had a baby.

I think you got me all wrong... I also love my PB, but i guess its the "black sheep" of my tablet family, haha. I'm still rooting for it, though.

Psst...guess who sucks...RIM! The last time I checked, summer ends in September, not October! They tell LIES and has lost all credibility.

I have zero friends with a PB, when I pull mine out among their other tablets, the PB IS SIMPLY GARBAGE!

I don't dispute that RIM suck, so many missed deadlines etc., but can you fill me in on the other stuff.

Maybe I just have more friends that are interested in work, but almost to a person my friends with the iPad/iPad2 are bored to death with it after 2 months.

I still use my PB everyday. I'll admit it's mainly two things. Web Browsing and Kobo with a few other things thrown in. Honestly the only reaon I think I still use it is the size. Easy to carry and easy to hold to read an e-book. I think if I have the iPad I wouldn't be using it.

I don't dispute there are a ton more apps on the iPad I just wonder about how truly useful they are. TO me the PB is missing a NYT app, a WSJ app and a decent pdf reader that allows highliting and comment. This latter need is UNFORGIVABLE given adobe is supposed to be at the core and the tablet is supposed to be Enterprise ready.

I'm not a PB fan boy but still use mine daily and still like it I wouldn't call it garbage. Garbage was may mac book air the overheated so much I just stopped using it.

RIM does suck and I am also done with them. But the Playbook is/could be a great device. Its too bad its from RIM where honesty is not one of their corporate traits.

That's what Bridge is for. "Hurry up and make your messaging service that's been based on your PIN infrastructure work with an email address and still be as secure and reliable as always." Go buy an iPad, oh wait, no BBM on there either. Nothing but complaints.

And just because someone doesn't say something IS included doesn't mean it won't be. They just might not hit that date for BBM but we know they're working on it, BE PATIENT.

I have the iPad, and you're right no bbm on it. But I just found out about some iMessaging service... I hope it kicks ass (probably will)

It seriously must be nice to live in a world where you can drop $500 on a toy. I drop $500 on a business device, so I can communicate effectively with other business users. Know how many clients, partners, and suppliers I have that use iPhones? 2. Know how many Berries? I can't count. I don't care what the iPad can do nights or weekends or between classes, I need a device that's going to enable me to communicate and get work done.

Why are you writing about Iphones and Berries when the poster above you wrote about the Ipad? Call it what you will, but the Ipad has significantly outsold the Playbook, for a reason. It works well for what most people need.

And enough with the "I need a device for communication" BS. Outside some selective circles, Apple products serve their purpose incredibly well.

Your finger pointing argument is childish.

One last thing, trying sending an e-mail for "communication purposes" on a PB that doesn't have a native e-mail app.

I can send emails just fine from my non native email having playbook. Now your argument is childish. Not to mention I can send emails either from the web or the bridge email client all with out the need of wifi or adding another data plan just to make it work.

And why are you talking about sales when the poster above you said nothing about sales, all he was saying is that he wants a device that does what he needs and to just play games.

Yes your argument again is just as childish so move on please and stop pointing your finger

I'm sure most people in the market feel the way you do. I'm also sure that the playbook has no issues and everything is dandy with it- that's why they've been selling so well and retailers keep ordering more. I'm sure that the playbook doesn't need native e-mail applications, either.

I mean, why imitate when you can innovate, right? But yeah, I'm just being "childish" because I don't partake in fanboyism and can admit when a product is deficient.

Crisrobiou, huh? Did i miss something. I send emails everyday from my PlayBook, via bridge from my BB and from the actual websites of other email accounts. Lord Have Mercy. :)

That's all good and well. And for some people that's enough. My point was that RIM put the PB at a significant disadvantage when they strip the PB from native features that pretty much all other tablets have.

If you don't have a blackberry but are interested in the PB, what then? Especially when other tablet makers do include these applications with a robust ecosystem.

Hey Jer, I have a ton of friends with the iPhone (who doesn't) and none of them use iMessage. iMessage will go down as another epic fail for Apple. Oh yes they have a lot of successes but a ton of epic fails as well mobile me is just the start of a long list. They are at the point where they say the only way to make this turkey fly is to host it on Microsoft serves and add an i to the name. I think it's now called iCloud.

iCloud might finally work but no one with an iPhone even knows iMessage exists.

So in the end (probably won't)

Cutting the "end of summer" promise a bit close, don't ya think RIM? Now its next month. (Remember "it will be here in 60 days" - that was last April!) The Playbook could be a great product but unfortunately its from RIM. I'm done with this company. Balsillie is a complete liar. He needs to go.

ha, ha. I love my BB Bold 9930 and my Playbook just rocks but I do agree with you. Rim has not delivered on schedule for some time. If they do I will be like... wow!

The upgrade will be awesome though. Hopefully in the 21st century.

While I'm thrilled to hear that the fabled update is on its way and that we're going to get to see it at DevCon but I'd have much preferred a hard date to a "shortly after" for release.

LOL. another promise.....ahahhaaaa
I bet they will show off a bunch of stuff and release half of it and cane up with an excuse

200k shipped hahahahahah what happened to the sold units?? lucky I sold the free playbook I got for $350 before the price sinks even more.

$99 fire sale like the touchpad coming soon!!!!!

If v2.0 of the tablet OS doesn't generate interest You may not be far off here.

Such a shame since the playbook really does have awesome hardware, the software is beautiful as well, just lacking features. Turning the bb tablet ship around is going to tough though... You know what they say about first impressions :s

Thank you HP former computer company. If not for your recent actions, I would have never been privy to so many lame fire sale comments.

Celebrating when others struggle is not cool. Karma may catch up with you. Still, you will be proven wrong so not only will you not be cool you will also be stupid.

Tell me then it will be followed by decent advertising. It has been pitiful so far. Without their trump card BBM, it may be too little too late. Surely the co-idiots can see imessage on the horizon ready to blow us out of the water? Uptake of imessage will be stratospheric considering how many people will jump onto the iphone 5 bandwagon.
I'm just gonna go andfind a corner cry myself to sleep.

what the heck is imessage???? am I missing something?? (im assumimg its iphones "bbm")... Man, at this point the only thing holding me from getting an iphone is bbm! lol... why cry yourself to sleep? just remember, "if you can't beat them, join them" haha. I'll get the verizon iPhone 5... if I dont like it, i can always switch back to my current bold and use the iphone as an ipod touch (i need a new ipod anway haha)

what the heck is imessage???? am I missing something?? (im assumimg its iphones "bbm")... Man, at this point the only thing holding me from getting an iphone is bbm! lol... why cry yourself to sleep? just remember, "if you can't beat them, join them" haha. I'll get the verizon iPhone 5... if I dont like it, i can always switch back to my current bold and use the iphone as an ipod touch (i need a new ipod anway haha)

what the heck is imessage???? am I missing something?? (im assumimg its iphones "bbm")... Man, at this point the only thing holding me from getting an iphone is bbm! lol... why cry yourself to sleep? just remember, "if you can't beat them, join them" haha. I'll get the verizon iPhone 5... if I dont like it, i can always switch back to my current bold and use the iphone as an ipod touch (i need a new ipod anway haha)

So basically everything we have been expecting for 2.0 (well maybe minus Playbook BBM, but I can live without that because I have a Blackberry & really don't need native BBM on my Playbook). OK, sounds good to me. It's really funny to me all the bitching & moaning that goes on about certain things, I'll bet anything that even IF they were to release 2.0 tomorrow & it had even more than we were expecting there'd STILL be people complaining that it can't do this or couldn't do that because frankly it seems that we've grown into a "I want everything to do everything" world. I want my cell phone to have a 128 megapixel camera, be a hotspot that will run the whole neighborhood with satellite TV (but not pay extra), have 500GB of storage b/c I need to have every movie I own with me, etc. etc., seriously are people ever going to be happy with what they have? Personally I'm glad I bought a Playbook, and as updates roll out I'll download them, whenever that may be.

Oh I dunno, maybe because I bought my Playbook when it first came out and was promised all these features in the summer? I can't even describe my level of dissatisfaction with RIM right now. They've been saying "summer" for these releases up until August. If I knew back in April that "soon" and "summer" actually meant November then I would have never bought the Playbook in the first place. Now that the summer is over and university has started and I actually have sh*t to do, I'm stuck without these features.

I read your message and have to disagree, the reason why people will bitch is because the hype about the PB was false advertising, people who bought this were expexting RIM to be at the for front of the tablet and knock socks of the iPad, but when they released it it was a very poor second, sorry not even third or fourth behind the ipad. We have waited a long time to have a tablet that can compete against the iPad or the android tablet and guess what when they release v2 i bet ther still no were near the functionality of the the others.

Why not get both tablets and see which one you use more lol... Thats what I did and it took care of my PB's dissapointment lol. its not that I'm whining about the PB... but seriously, I mean, C'mon, it freaken sucks! lol just being realistic... At one point I had to admit Nintendo sucked and joined the winning team (Playstation)and never went back lol (I'm not sure what system is best today, that was at that moment in time ). And history is going to repeat again. I came to the conclusion that the PB sucks king kong balls. Well i guess its not all RIM's fault regarding the availability of apps... 'A' for effort, RIM.

You just keep showing what a moron you are. The winning team.. Playstation... hahahaha Xbox 360 outsells that POS 10 times over since they got Kinect.

Yuck Yuck alway nice when people come on here to bitch and only end up showing us what fools they are... keep it up! :)

Xbox 360 wasnt even out when playstation was out... ok, lol, i know you misread my post. I was referring to the PS1, hence my bracketed comment. And no one is bitching, just my two cents.

Whoah dude, chill. The silent folks who read and don't post are just going to discount anyone they see posting personal insults...

Hell, so do those of us who *do* post. You have a lot of well-considered comments that you've made - don't ruin it with this kind of crap. Makes you look bad, and makes BB supporters look bad.

Consigliere, you hit the nail right on the head!!! :) Also, maybe I am crazy but can you answer this for me, why would someone want Native BBM on the Playbook? Why manage 2 BBM accounts (Phone and PlayBook), and if it was native on the PB would it show unavailable most of the time? Just an observation. :)

By the way, I usually use my PB as a supplementary work device. I have no complaints, at this time. BTW, for those of you who are ticked off about the lack of music apps, just go to to listen to your favorite station on the PB. And you can FB at the same time. :)

I mean, I would very much like native BBM on the Playbook. Specifically, I would love to be able to BBM from the Playbook, and BBM from my Blackberry, and have the two sync through the cloud so that I don't have to care which device I'm using, I can just pick up where I left off.

Unbelievably good news. Took them long enough but should prop up sales over the holidays as well. Going to hold off buying one until the update is official nonetheless...

Supraking, just get the PB, its a solid device and updates makes it better over time. You would not have to keep buying a new version of the device everytime something changes. My PB and BB phones work well together. :)

Gotta love how confident they are announcing all this stuff. "Shortly after Devcon"..."Soon"... Let's not forget that interview where Ballsille said it was 60 days scheduled for email. Let's not forget how confident they have been saying time and time again that the Android Player and Native Email would be released in the summer. They promised summer and they didn't even apologize for missing that deadline. Complete and utter scumbags.

Here's an advice, moron, just throw away your RIM devices and get something that has the features you desparately need and quit whining.

Peeved off with RIM ive been an avid fan for many years but now lost my faith and love in what they do. They are so behind the times. It hurts me to say but for the first time im looking at jumping ship to the competitors, oh sorry they aint competitors because RIM is in last place with everything they are releasing. Just got the new Torch 9860 and guess what its about 50% slower than the Galaxy S 2 and at least 40% slower than even the iphone 3gs, add to that the battery life of being 30 % less than competitors, what a waste of money. I know your all going to slate me but im sick of the false promises from RIM. They dont deliver , they are in deep sh*t management wise and wondering how long before a competitor buys them.

Toloy2k, Sorry you may be leaving brotha, but I am in it for the excellent security features, yes its slower but I am safer. Shucks, it was announced today that another company came up short on its security features. Just saying, faster isn't my primary. :)

Peeved off with RIM ive been an avid fan for many years but now lost my faith and love in what they do. They are so behind the times. It hurts me to say but for the first time im looking at jumping ship to the competitors, oh sorry they aint competitors because RIM is in last place with everything they are releasing. Just got the new Torch 9860 and guess what its about 50% slower than the Galaxy S 2 and at least 40% slower than even the iphone 3gs, add to that the battery life of being 30 % less than competitors, what a waste of money. I know your all going to slate me but im sick of the false promises from RIM. They dont deliver , they are in deep sh*t management wise and wondering how long before a competitor buys them.

my Playbook is used almost exclusively for watching youtube cartoons for my daughter. Not much good for anything else. Hopefully 2.0 will have BBM, if not, whats the point? it really will be kinda a useless device....

TedStriker, do you use it to FB, check your emails, read CrackBerry, listen to, maybe game a little, read books, photos and videos, presentations, etc? Maybe I am missing something, you and others are pretty much saying the same thing but I do all of the things I mentioned above and much more on my PB (simultaneously). Maybe I have a Super PB. :)

The morons buy things without knowing what they wanted to do with the stuff in the first place. Then, they whine. Lots of people are that stupid.

i love mine too Sure i am looking forward to the new os, but i use mine all the time for reading news and books,sending emails and bbm, a few games and social stuff like crackberry. when i am ready to go it is small enough to fit in my very small purse. photos and videos are easy to take and work with. easy to drag and drop files from my computer. i can't do that with an ipad, so i returned it. the playbook is for me.

Enjoyed your post. I like being reminded of the things I like about my playbook. The ability to drag pdf files onto it through my wifi network is sheer awesomeness - do it all the time. I guess I DO use it for more than just web browsing... Problem is, for every useful feature it has, its missing 2 other useful features I wish it had. Perhaps v2.0 will change this ratio around for us.

In case your reading/listening comprehension is on the wane the announcement seems to indicate that PBOS2.0 will be released one month after DevCon which is scheduled for October meaning PBOS2.0 will not be available until November at the earliest. These clowns speak like politicans; lots of words, little substance and even more ambiguity and doublespeak.

shakin o man, people are forgetting one thing.....when its a PlayBook or a cell phone or whatever technology that is coming out there are things that are called issues/roadblocks/delays/etc, etc......its a piece of changes soooo rapidly that if you attempt to do one thing 9 out of 10 times there will be some type of issue, that is just how computer related products work. look @ the iPhone 4, came out and what happened? damn reception was bad and they had to give people some type of enhancer or what ever it was.....come on folks just because you are promised something does not mean your going to get it right when it is supposed to come out, come on now. Everyone wants to compare things to Apple, by far I do not thing RIM/BB can be compared, it just does not make sense.....I think that if people are so disappointed with the PlayBook just return/sell and then you wont have to worry about expectations any longer just get rid of you guys are killing something that is nothing more than a piece of technology.....get over it and move on....maaaannn.....look at how the iPhone 5 got pushed back till October, we don't see folks screaming over that.....shakin head......You guys carry on with all the bitchin and moaning for all of us folks that enjoy the PlayBook and is awaiting future updates and not complaining about things, hats off to you and let's all keep enjoying this technology.......just my 2 & a half cents about it.....

Hey i think you missed the main point, yes there are problems with the iphone 5 but at least there customer base have a good functioning iphone 4 at the moment so the upgrade will only enhance the experience. The PB is crap to begin with and with them advertising new versions that are not even going to make the original experience acceptable i think we have someything to complain about

iPhone 5 will enhance the experience.... well let's just consider that for a moment. IPhone 3 could make phone calls, Iphone 4 could not.... enhanced experience for sure!!!

Another iMoron hits the dust.

Michjarv, AMEN Brotha!!!!! You must be an Older Kat, these young bucks don't understand how life works. But like you said (more or less), if you don't like it get rid of it and shut the "F" up. :)

u dont see people bitching over a push back from apple because apple delivers i hardly hear coming soon from apple how soon is soon.Rim made a play book to make money isnt that the idea behind releasing a new product they have not delivered period fact. first mistake the announced the product almost a year before it was released and still when it was released it was not a finish product come on you dont see anything wrong with that ??? u fail to realise that the playbook needs to capture market share and by the looks of it,it isnt. lets hope that version 2.o is a big upgrade and an improved one. and yes u have to compare it with apple another fact its the number one selling tablet at present funny thing is business people,elderly,kids,adults male and female are all using it i dont need a mac book,iphone,ipod touch ,ipod nano, or any of apple other products to own an yea the playbook needs to target that very wide cross section of people it equates to SALES

...which goes for tablets in general. Ipad, Xoom, Playbook.....once the novelty wears off, you find yourself putting it down and going back to your laptop/desktop. Chasing this market seems like a dead end. Why doesn't rim come out with a RIM QNX/windows laptop? I'd buy that!

I don't think I can agree with you after HP's executive team admitted PC sales blow right now. Highly commoditized.

TedStriker, I had my PB since day one, and eventhough the novelty wore off it is has everyday practical uses, and I use it everyday and it goes with me everywhere. It is a very mobile device. My coworker had his IP2 for a month now and he stopped bringing it to work, I don't know why though. :)

This is sad news.

Despite the promises and hype they have let us PlayBook owners down. Time and time again.

And you know what - I do love my PlayBook. I use it everyday and it is a joy to do the things it does well.

The things it doesn't do so well though...

I hope that RIM make this 2.0 launch a success. But as people have pointed out - there is no tablet market. It's an iPad market. RIM need to fix the PlayBook.

Maybe as the phones continue development, PB will see some love come back. There's no reason for development on the phones not to be merged with the Tablet OS.

There's still life in it, if it is given the care and love from RIM that it so desperately needs.

I can't help wondering, though, if RIM had worked with major app vendors and got their software kits sorted that they might be faring better with this. And then I think it probably would have made no difference whatsoever.

brilliantly put, im not that diplomatic when im so dossapointed in a product
totally agree with what you wrote

So from end of summer to "After Devcon". Well lets see this being RIM that could mean from October 20th through Infinity. This is complete horse shite. After Devcon in no way implies immediately after, it could mean months. So RIM basically lied to get early sales in. Also I don't need BB video service, all I need is Netflix you dummies! Do you not get that simple fact that the native PIM/e-mail, combined with Skype and Netflix would probably shut up the majority of your critics and dramatically increase sales? Oh and where is the Fantasy Football app you implied would be there? To busy getting CFL apps on there I see. And to top it all off, they basically said they are going to be doing promotions (i.e price drops) so those that waited will get OS2.0 and probably a much less hit in the wallet. Great device, but us early adopters definitely are getting kicked in the nuts on this one. Oh and will someone make the co-Liar's stop talking forever because people are drowning in their Voxarhea! Felt good writing that out. Move along, nothing to see here.

I have agree with some of this. If they managed to get the PIM/email, Skype and Netflix (mostly Netflix) then sales would increase and a lot of people would be happy.

They also need to do something about Docs to Go. It is really sad that a professional tablet does not allow one to edit Power Point Presentations.

I badly wanted to see BBM on 2.0 too. At this point I would settle for being able to answer my phone via bluetooth when I get a caller id alert. That and wikitude would kick ass!

Why do people say this for FU$K sake. If you have a blackberry there is no way BBM on the playbook is better.... NO WAY ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!

RIM can suck on my sweaty nut sack, I'm sick of waiting and being mislead. So suck on my salty hairy balls RIM, Suck on them, you deserve it!

At the end of the day, we can all sound of on here, RIM doesnt listen or care what people write on here. I think the only way they listen is when people vote with there feet, which i believe they dont even worry about that. RIM seem to have a God like syndrom and think therevthe best but reading the threads and comments it looks like maybe the Rim empire might be falling very soon

Would be interesting to find out why people are happy with there PB. seriously, you paid £400 or $500 dollars for a PB what makes you think that is monet well spent, i would love to here the reasons because i could have spent £20 on an etch a sketch and got better value

My wife loves her playbook for the following reasons

1. Works flawlessly with her 9700.
2. Perfect size for portability, fits in the purse.
3. Uses Docs to go extensively.
4. Uses Poynt extensively.
5. Movies look great.
6. She is not a game player, so 400k games on the iPad not
7. Excellent e-reader, and Kobo has the books she likes to

The only downsides for her are that one cannot edit PowerPoint Presentations, and there is no Netflix app for streaming.

Well I received my PB as a gift so the cost of it wasn't an issue. I use my PB exclusively except for document editing. Movies are added via wifi and hdmi output to tv, tv shows are streamed from online sources again tv out. All news is read on my PB using geereader. Twitter via tweedless, facebook on PB. Email and bbm are done on my 9700 and I can always bridge. If I need something I can't stream I'll login to utorrent webgui on PB add torrent and download all without using laptop.

Few MUCHneeded features def needed, I do believe iPad is better because of it's applications, however, the PB is full of potential it just better start showing it soon before its too late. I am frustrated with broken promises, it is annoying to root for a company that seems to not care. MSFT learned a lesson from Vista but seems RIM isn't learning anything from its faults, this attitude must change.

So at least we finally have an official word from RIM that OS 2.0 exists instead of relying on people unaffiliated with RIM - no offense to these individuals. I will give RIM credit for that.

But I am not surprised in the least that we have yet again another "it's coming sometime soon" crap that is so common from this company. It is this short-sighted, arrogance that has killed the Playbook. Consumers and businesses don't want to drop up to 600 on a device to which the basic features are still "coming soon". Why do you think that the word "laughable" has been applied to the Playbook by everyone on their dog when it comes to reviewing it and potentially purchasing it.

Granted the hardware is top notch - so was BETA - but without much needed enhancements of the OS; the hardware means zilch, nada, zero, end of line.

Excuse my ignorance, but will the PB's native e-mail client receive mails over wi-fi? I'm little confused about that.

why would u want another bbm on ur playbook when u can just bridge it n use ur bbm u already have on ur phone in ur playbook .. mine works fine no sense on having 2 separate bbms .. i would like to see skype n maybe netflix but def would love skype on it

Skype is in my wish list just like Kindle and native Twitter. It's sad not to try such powerful front facing camera:)

what the hell are you people doing with your ipads that you can't do on a pb? so far the only difference I have seen are the amount of apps. Don't use the bs native email argument, if you are too supid to go to your emails homepage and create a bookmark on your favourites, then you probably shouldn't be allowed near a stove.

Rim doesn't own those companies, so quit blaming them. Calendar=google
email=see above
autocorrect=learn how to spell. Seriously, if you type something wrong it underlines it in red.

The question was "what the hell are you people doing with your ipads that you can't do on a pb?" I was just answering his question.

And as for your autocorrect argument, save it. It is a standard feature that should have been included at launch. The fact that the "First Professional Grade" tablet doesn't have it is an embarassment.

Doesn't the PB already stream, via HDMI to a compatible TV. I do this using youtube all the time. :)

This is funny. It's funny how all these were promised in 60 but we get no extra features for the wait (save for the movie store). Shortly after Devcon? Okay.. That means 2016

The BlackBerry PlayBook Operating System v2.0 to be released "shortly after DevCon" could mean by Christmas considering the track record of these CEOs and their notion of time. This update should have been released prior to DevCon as a build-up to the event and the pending release of new BBOS 7.0 devices by year end year and maybe QNX-based smartphones within months of the beginning of 2012. I dream too much...

Interesting, the piss and moan club that exists here. So the Android player, email and calendar update isn't being released 'in the summer' but is being bundled in OS-2, a major release and it will be out in October. Ok, wow - big deal. So technically delayed a bit. Is a drastic delay? No, not from my perspective and I write software. An OS update is major - it's not a small endeavor and it is a critical component of making use of the capability of the hardware.

I would rather an OS release delayed with good features incorporated than a rushed deployment with problems just to hit an announced date. The hardware is incredible on the Playbook. The fact that OS updates make it more powerful without touching the hardware is something to behold. Look at Apple. Within a year of releasing the iPad, out came iPad2. The iPhone has a similar deployment. We are now looking at the release of iPhone 5. I won't get into the the other items they release. From my perspective, Apple releases the hardware at a minimal state of functionality so their 'generations' are many and somehow this is 'acceptable' to the public.

I've had my Playbook since its launch and I love it. I take it everywhere and use it constantly. The updates just makes it sweeter.

Am I looking forward to the additional functionality in the update? Sure I am. Big Time! But I am not going to get sucked in to the irrational, petty tantrum throwing because it isn't released before the summer season officially ends because 'they promised'.

Delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after Delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after Delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay after delay.

Do you see the pattern here?

Love my playbook, even with the current glitches and lack of apps (come on, no twitter, no imdb, no flixster???? i don't need 600 twitter apps like the ipad but one good one would be nice instead of a web link. I'm lucky and unlucky since the wife has the ipad2 i can try out some of the other apps out there and wish they would show up on the playbook but i can also listen to videos amd music on the pb without having to cup my hand over the speaker to hear the music, unlike the ipad.

what ticks me is RIM saying native email and the android player will be out this summer. What summer? In what country?? Can't be in Waterloo, Ontario cause according to my calendar and the thermostate summer is pretty much over and it doesn't run into October. RIM should shock the world an tells us a delivery date and then deliver on that date. I'm afraid that when they said shortly after devcon they didn't say which one, are we going to have to wait until the one in europe is done in Feb? They should release 2.0 on October 7 (Octoberfest in waterloo starts that day) What a great way to celebrate 2.0, the tapping of the keg followed by 2 weeks of beer drinking.

I'll keep supporting and buying RIM products because
1.they are a Canadian company
2. they are a two minute walk from my house and they contribute to the local economy
3. they make great products (which they should give away free to people that live two minutes from their front door)

but they have to start delivering on time and with a more comete product.

OS2 was promised for summer -late. RIM needs to get this stuff out on time.

I love my Playbook but the delays are frustrating.

I love my playbook especially the news feed. it's great. I also love the fact that it is small and not too heavy to carry around. i have also recently used it to watch videos for hours...the battery life is amazing!!! finally, i like the fact that one can multitask...overall, i would definitely recommend it to others. it may not have as many aps, but i am very happy w what playbook has to offer. :)

Hey, BlackBerry Bridge just got updated to v1.0.6.5. Maybe this is a sign PB OS2 release is just around the corner...

There are people losing their jobs and homes, people dying of hunger in parts of the world, soldiers dying to protect our and our allies' freedom, substance abuse, etc, and you're all worked up about a "OS" delay and foaming and seething at the mouth? Come on people. Get a grip. Get your priorities straight. Yes, I agree that the co-CEOs stood atop their misguided totem pole for so long while their once cherished product languished and it took a huge swipe (no pun intended) to knock them back to reality. They are starting to realize that and are making changes and releasing better products. In terms of tablets, use whatever you like. Each tablet has its advantages and disadvantages. For me, I bought a Playbook for its size/portability, fast web browsing and rendering, and the overall solid build of QNX. I tried out GalaxyTab and iPad2 extensively before making my choice. (I own a Bold 9650 and love the Bridge function, though I still use my Bold to send emails rather than through PB.) Patience is a virtue that seems not a lot of people have when they buy something new and expect it to work perfectly out of the gate and then piss and moan about how crappy it is. I've heard nothing but compliments from people about my Playbook, even from iPad and GalTab owners. Bottom line: be patient, stop complaining about trivial things, and learn to love/bear the product you have before you. It's technology. It changes every minute or every day. Peace, love, and equality.


That's how moronic and no-life some people are, especially the fanboys and gadget-obsessed freaks who spend their entire day on these blogs and forums.

It's really disturbing when you stop and think for a minute about how crazy these people are for whining and bitching about an OS update.

I've said this before: these people are lucky to live in a developed and rich country with relatively easy access to money. If they were born in some less favorable parts of the world, they wouldn't be able to afford to spend time whining about stupid stuff like an OS update delay. In fact, these idiots would probably die from hunger.

november before os update wow.... i love the playbook, the size, gestures, browser but a movie store????? really why would i need to pay for a movie when im able to download it for free from my pb?? lol... android player, bbm and the ability to use my pb as a hd if i connect it via the usb port is all i want :(

why when i attempt to use twitters desktop site on my pb am i always redirected to its mobile version?????(i know i have gone of on a tangem but this is pissing me off) lol

I don'tget why anyone wants native BBM on the PB... if you own a pb chances are you own a bb and bridge (kinda weird if not)

plus from a marketing point it would be dumb to have native BBM on the pb.... bbm addicts could then get a pb and that iphone/android/wp7 phone with all the apps they always wanted but cant let go of bbm

Im gonna join the bandwagon here, the co-idiots really disappoint me, if not because of the promises these idiots made in April 2011, i would not have bought the PB (PlainBulls**t). Thank you very much RIM, and now rest in peace!

at last we finally get some official news!! I just hope 'coming soon after' is less than a month, it could mean anything based on there estimations for 'soon' from the initial release... I don;t call half a year soon by any means!!

Hope v2.0 fixes the internet browser mid load hang that seems to be a constant problem! Never happened in older builds of the OS so I have my fingers crossed!

Hopefully they will also bring the price down to $249 to make it more competitive with the iPad. Apparently the iPad is selling 19-1 over the PlayBook. RIM cannot expect to sell the PlayBook near the price of the iPad. It's smaller, it's got less apps, and it's not as well known (or appreciated) by the masses.

It wasn't Jim, but Mike, and his exact words were "a new major software release for the PlayBook that will be demonstrated at DevCon in October and released thereafter". (This is from a recording I made at the time.)

The word "shortly" never entered into it.

Sad that this shoddy reporting has apparently led to this incorrect quotation being repeated almost everywhere... maybe you could at least correct the record, for posterity.