AT&T Supports Visual Voicemail With Upcoming OS Release

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2009 10:39 am EDT
AT&T Supports Visual Voicemail With Upcoming OS Release!

The rumors of visual voicemail coming to AT&T have been brewing since back in January and of course as time went on on we learned that it was indeed, no longer a rumor. The only thing left to do at that point was to sit back and wait for RIM & AT&T to roll it out to customers. That time has finally come as there was news the other day of an OS release that was forth coming on the 25th. While the information was correct about the OS-- confusion from the version number being .508 also came with it. The OS to be released by AT&T will be (package version .508) and will include the free feature of visual voicemail for the BlackBerry Bold. Thanks allcoast!

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AT&T Supports Visual Voicemail With Upcoming OS Release


It's about fuggen time!! Hopefully, this will also fix the media player from crashing every time I want to seek forward in a video.

I called AT&T today and they added it to my account. It took some time to work out a few issues my Bold was having, but it's up and running now. If you have one of the OS builds that included the VVM icon, you can call AT&T before Tuesday and have it setup. It's being offered free BTW as part of you BlackBerry data plan.

Hey JFig24,
I can imagine how it work, but I guess what I really want to know is how VVM differs from Youmail. Input?

Well, one thing so far i'm noticing is that there is no option to always listen to your messages through the speaker or the have to manually select how you want to listen to the message while it's playing. One nice thing is that when you get a new message, it shows a notification that you have a new message and who it's from..if that person is in your contacts, it shows their contact picture. I like Youmail, but it was draining my battery and it didn't have instant notification. So far it is what it is with AT&T does the job so I like it so far. The options menu though is very bare...there are only two options...greeting and password...that's it. When you get a message, it shows up both in VVM and in the message box.

Thanx for your input. I think i'll give VVM a try just because it's something new to play with, but, I honestly see myself keeping Youmail. Gotta love all their features!!!
Yes, the app can drain the battery but you don't neccessarily have to have the app installed for Youmail to work. Also, I don't ever go over my minutes so Youmail is not a problem for me.

Is a complete waste of minutes. I tried You Mail for a week and when I got that bill I almost had to file chapter 7,11 and 13. YM forwards but also hits you on the minutes. Thank you AT&T!

The 2 comments above:

You mail uses forwarding and thus youre minutes during the voicemail being left. Not everyone likes that idea or has a ton of anytimes, when the ATT service uses 0 minutes to use.

So what is so great about selecting Voice Mails from a list? That is so rudimentary these days compared to free services like Google Voice where the message is both sound and text!

So hand me a $3 a month break and give it up!

FREE, free Visual Voice mail for Blackberrys! You're already getting $30 a month for data, you need the extra $3 for VVM too??? What does the $3 cover? Is that the money you pay to put V Cast (which sucks...) on Blackberry's for free? Oh wait... You charge for that too!

Take a page from the carrier with more crap in crappy places just this once and make VVM free on Blackberry's too.

Can you hear me now?..... Goood

I have been running .292 so after reading some of the comments called 611 and asked to get VVM going on my Bold, today at 3:20. Rep said "this must be the latest thing I have been speaking to Blackberry owners all day". Said the call before mine was to set up 2 Blackberries for VVM, but only one was a Bold so she could only get one up and running. In the time it took us to have that quick conversation the Rep had me good to go. Went to my phone, set up the VVM and tested it - all working as it should and I really like what I see.

From my experiences, ATT just rocks. I know some don't share that thought, but for me they have been great and Kudos are due where Kudos are due.

Just so that you know, you don't have to call ATT to activate Visual Voice mail. Just log into your ATT wireless account via their website and go to the "features" tab. Select visual voice mail down at the bottom and click on "submit". After that, just follow the instructions. Easy as Pie!