AT&T sending out invites to special BlackBerry event in NYC?!

By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2010 04:10 pm EDT
AT&T sending out invites to special BlackBerry event in NYC?!

Word is popping up all over the internet and we too got our invite to a special BlackBerry event to be held on August 3rd in NYC. If all goes according to the rumors, we should be seeing a full blown announcement of the BlackBerry 9800 there although, AT&T nor RIM have specified in the invite what it may be. Time will tell of course but, the pieces are all fitting in nicely here. Who's ready to for the BlackBerry (Torch? Bold?) 9800 on AT&T?!



I have a Bold 9650 and I couldn't be any more excited for this!!! Bring on OS6!!!!

I just hope that Verizon will try and release OS6 to the Bold as soon as possible to compete with AT&T. If AT&T has OS6 but Verizon doesn't, people could leave for the Slider.


I am, goodbye BB9000


Anything to have you 9000!!!

Chairman Plow

I have a 9000, maybe we can work something out!


Can't tell the same for AT&T :)


Please tell me Sprint will get this phone soon!!!


Highly doubtful, this is a gsm phone


wrong, rumor has it Sprint is getting the device, AT&T yes will get it first but they got first dibs exclusivity for a few months.


Sprint and VZW just launched the tour 9650s, which are 9700s in the 8900 form factor with bumped up memory. It'll be QUITE A LONG TIME before Sprint sees this phone. VZW won't get it because they have a Storm 3 in development and testing w/ OS6 as I type this. Why have two BB touchscreens? VZW won't. And the 9800 was delayed on launch because of Apple. BB didn't want to compete head to head with the iphone 4 launch, so they just delayed a couple of months.


really?....the 9650 is in the Tour (9630) form where close to being an 8900....


your missing the point. businesses don't use touchscreen phones. corporate blackberrys are almost always qwerty keyboards!

verizon would carry 2 touch screen phones if one had a physical keyboard and the other didnt.

RIM doesnt have a touch screen phone for ATT, where verizon has had one for 2 years.

finally, people seem to miss the fact that these phones are expensive to develop. rim is holding off releasing new phones on verizon because they will soon be out dated. the slider can be sold anywhere in the world. if it was cdma, only verizon and sprint would be able to sell it.... with that said, soon rim will only have to make one type of phone for all carriers globally.


I would rather seen it on Verizon!


I'd rather see it on any company other than At&t, they're hands down the worst company in the USA


no t-mobile is. my dad just stopped using his t-mobile blackberry in the US because it was always going in and out of service even in metro areas.


U know I heard the same complaint. AT&T service is not that great. I wish T Mobile was releasing this 9800 on August 3rd.


During the end of the conference...
"We are proud to announce that Blackberry OS 6 will be available for download instantly after the conference for the Blackberry Tour and Blackberry Bold family."


Most amusing, as if a carrier like at&t would give a damn about existing devices even if rim had os6 ready for them, which seems very unlikely since their priority will be to get it ready for new devices first before the old ones.


What do you think this is, Apple? RIM has too many devices to worry about the devices they released yesterday.


I'm staying with T-Mo for the unlimited everything,...unlimited tethering!

Have Bold Will Travel~


I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THIS IS!!!!!! PLEASE ANNOUNCE THE 9800!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for this.


I don't think there is any doubt about this. Its kinda like when Apple had the iPad announcement.


Same here....I'm moving back to T-Mobile and the 9700 to wait out the time until the 9800 is released on TMo...


I'm with you on that, T-Mo all the way!!


including unlimited shoddy coverage


I have TMO and love it. Plus their BB plan is the cheapest! I'm grandfathered and only pay 19.99 for unlimited blackberry BIS service. Even with what they charge now (I think it's 30 for unlimited BIS) it's still cheaper than the other carriers. I live in NYC and never have problem with their service. I also travel a lot and the only times I have "shoddy" service is when I'm in the middle of no where in east bumble f**k.. I really hope TMO will get this phone!


I'm waiting for T-Mobile to launch it as well. When Bold 9700 came out, rumor had it that it was exclusive. But few months later everyone else launched it, so I'm pretty sure T-Mo is gonna get it.


I've been with AT&T for a looong time. Have four phones and paying over $200/mth for over three years. Now if I upgrade I lose the piece of mind that I don't have to worry about what I do with my phone. While you guys are at that conference let them know how disappointed their customers are that they've done this to us loyal base of customers. BTW: AT&T would probably save more money by not tracking every little byte and making the bill ten miles long, than limiting use. The data use information on the bill means nothing to me now. It will if they claim I went over. I probably will be running the contract out and switching carriers because of this. At least I don't have to worry that I have run my data use out, right now, with this period.

P.S. This post was suppose to be a reply to the previous thread, but posted here instead.


I'm waiting until December, if Sprint doesn't get the 9800 AT&T or Verizon will have a new customer. So much for 10 years plus with Sprint.


Neither sprint nor Verizon can carry the 9800. They are cdma carriers and this is a gsm phone.


RIM however has on many occasions introduced phones that appear identical on the outside, but have CDMA rather than GSM/UMTS radios inside them. It's still possible an almost identical phone will land on Sprint as the 9830. I wouldn't expect RIM to have it out by christmas though.


again you are wrong, AT&T will get it first but there will be a version with a similar radio to the bold 9650 world phone and guess who has those, yup Sprint and Verizon.


thats about to not matter now that verizon is soon to roll out the 4g LTE network which is backwards compatible with GSM!


i'm sort of new to all of this..........WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "CDMA"...."GSM"........SCHOOL MY PEOPLE


But this 70 year old BB BOLD 9000 owner and lover since the first day it was released can't wait for the new 9800 slider. I'm like a 5 year old waiting for Christmas. My BB and all the apps and features keeps me young & excited and my brain active.

I may be in the minority but I have had no complaints and have received good service from AT&T.

Bring it on!!!


... off to NYC and getting my hands on this sweet device, should the news be confirmed.
Off goes the Bold 9700, and in comes this!
Don't care if 9700 can accommodate the new OS6.
Now starts the sleepless nights!


I'm ready for Sprint to get this!! I really want this phone now!


All I can say is; WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! So glad:) I am so anxious to finally get my hands on a vertical touch screen with qwerty key board


Dear T-Mobile if you dont get the 9800 Ill say screw it and go to Boost mobile and get a crappy Blackberry cause i cant stand at&t so please T-Mobile please get this phone as ive been paying you 188 a month for the last 6 years Thank you


Where's my invite? XD. I live in NYC and want to go! ¬¬


Hey just get a catering job, or valet parker, for the event and then post all the details for us. Lol


IM down for that, theres an ingeious idea!


Lets bring this bad boy over to sprint before the holidays.


The 9800 is fine, but...

I want to (finally) hear something about the Pearl 9100. This is a phone that's been out for months in the rest of the world, but AT&T hadn't said jack about it.


I wonder if they plan on releasing the 9100 with OS6 preloaded and that's why it's been delayed...

Maybe they will do a double release and go for the husband and wife at the same time.


What about Canadians? :(


Any news on the Rogers front? I'm due for an hardware upgrade in Sept. Come on 9800!


Its unfortunate that Canadian customers have to wait for the 9800, and more unfortunate as I am so close to RIM offices that I could easily throw my Bold 9000 and hit Jim Balsilies office window.


If, in fact this is the debut of the 9800 and OS6, I hope that RIM also showcases some 3rd party applications which exploit OS6 because that is what will really excite people.


Highly doubtful, its like when consoles are released. It takes time to develop a game/app that can take full advantage of an OS/console's true potential. This is what could justify the rather delayed development of the WebKit browser.


It doesn't have to be the final product, it could easily be a demo. Something worked up with only 3 weeks development time by Gameloft or something like that would go a long way to letting the world know that the new OS is the dawn of a new day for RIM's BlackBerry OS.


If Verizon doesn't have a BB slider within the next 11 months when my contract ends, I might change providers.


I was hoping for it by Fall.


US Cellular is getting this phone in Q4 of this year


US Cellular is slated to get the 9670 in Q4, not the 9800. 9800 is GSM only.


Thought US Cellular was getting the 9650 in August. It's been on their rebate form for a couple months now even. Was even an announcement on CB about it not too long ago..



ROUND 1 (.)(.)

In the black trunks we have the the mighty 9800 and in the pink trunks we have the itoy ...

9800 ...YOU READY




ROUND 1 TKO ... IToy wins. Don't know why people call it the itoy when it had more business apps than the blackberry ironic right. nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure on a phone.

but in all seriousness there is no real comparison between the iPhone4 and BB 9800 ... the phones you compare to a iPhone are like Droid X, Evo, upcoming Winmo7 phone, etc. BB Storm you could compare to the iPhone. I'm not saying the 9800 won't be a good phone but comparison wise it does "not" stack up to a phone like the iphone4. Anyone who says 9800 is spec, feature, design, etc better than the ip4 is just lying. You don't have to love or even like the ip4 to see that its better.


I think it was destiny for me to get this device (if announced) that day August 3rd is my birthday! So, CrackBerry if it is announced how about you guys give it to me as a gift! No harm in asking! Lol!


That 9800 is as exciting as shuffleboard. I'll probably get one for my grandmother.


... Or you could send it to me. PM me for my contact details :) We don't want to over-excite your poor old Grandma.


I hope this is the words that all of us have been waiting to hear: The 9800 is here and will be released on Aug 15. If not I will not only be pissed but I will lose my mind. So RIM and att say the magic words please.


OK. NOW! I want it now. Bored with my 9000. Want the 9800. :-P


I want it. Don't make me jump carriers. By Black Friday or bust.


It's about time!!!!!


I'm far awat AT&T, but I don't mind getting a Torch :)


ready for the BlackBerry (Torch? Bold?) 9800 on... T-MOBILE! :D


I really want to know the official details for Canada.


i cant wait to have the 9800. I love my BB Bold 9000, but to have a full size screen AND a hard keyboard will be perfect. and OS6 will be like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae!

Pilot Prop

Ok things are looking better and better everyday.... I'm leaving my 9700 for the 9800 ASAP!


AWWW thats my b-day..... what a great day to make the announcement.


Did they just really try to get people pumped for AT&T?



Oh man that's a good one! ROLFMAO OMG AT&T LOL

Thanks, crackberry. I needed that!


They need to make it available for us faithfull crack heads on Verizon! Forget AT&T!


They need to make it available for us faithfull crack heads on Verizon! Forget AT&T!




Yes folks, Sprint is getting the BB9800 four months after AT&T. They will be the only two carriers. This should happen around the first of the year.

P.S. AT&T sucks!!!!!!!


I am on my third Blackberry (Original Bold 9000) I still love it like the day i bought it and it has served me well for going on over 2 1/2 years now. I am past due on an "upgrade" through AT&T and have been eying the Evo but at the end of the day i decided to stick with BB as my deep down BB fan will not let me stray. So the question i have is this, is this unit considered full size? We all know how BB has been throwing out the "Bold" name on devices but they haven't truly been of the bold class. And do we have any rumors and or knowledge about "Bold 9000" looking devices coming soon as far as the form factor, size and layout?


You've had a 9000 on AT&T for 2 1/2 years? That's a neat trick. It only came out on AT&T in November 2008, not much more than 1 1/2 years ago.


they're missing the boat on that device... the only users complaining about it were women - due to size - and men with tiny hands... couldn't stay with att due to price and reception, so i kept my 8900, remained w/tmo and upgraded to the 9700 when it was released. love the form factor of the 9000 - that was their best device. i started using bb with the 8700g on tmo. c'mon rim: just do it... get a 9000 form factor for us business guys and release it on tmo... it'll be a score...a GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!


TMo is getting this....... by the end of the yr..


I am a troll, or a hater. It's not that I want to ruin anyone's day, but the concept of liking a BB is so unnatural and confusing to me. Other than having to use one per a corporate IT group policy, have you spent more than a few hours with an iPhone or a modern Android (as in Android sets that came out the past 9 months or so)???!!!

Because I can say I have spent more than a few hours with a curve and a storm2 the past month. I can't believe how clumsy and hard to use they STILL are!!!

Go try a different phone for a while. You don't have to like it for me to feel better. I'm just of the opinion your phone life, and take anywhere really useful mobile tools, can be sooooo much better for you!


Then, why are you even here - on a Blackberry site no less...?

My wife has an iPhone - she got it last year. I've used it. I don't care for it all that much. I like my little Pearl better.

But I don't go trolling the iPhone forums putting it down. The concept of doing that is so unnatural and confusing to me.

If the Blackberry didn't work for you, fine. You get the phone that works for you. But don't go telling someone else they are wrong, when you're in fact wrong for doing that.


Has a point dude. Why are you even here? The concept of doing that is so unnatural and confusing to me too.


No, IntuitivePhonesLover, I haven't owned an Android or an iPhone, but I have owned a Palm Pre and hated it so much I came running back to BlackBerry as fast as I could. And yes, you are a troller. Tell me again, what is the reason you are visiting this thread?

I hope that one of the above posters is accurate in that a CDMA version is coming soon and will land on the Sprint network!


sucked into a different article via a tech website link and I was so dumbfounded by the ignorance of some of the comments that I created an account to set the record straight.

I have not met anybody who has spent more than an hour with an iPhone that prefers the BB still... and I haven't had that conversation with any BB peeople in my life relative to Android yet. Interesting comment on the pre, I've only spent an hour on one. Web was definitely superior by orders of magnitude over even the latest BB, but that was about the only feature I played with, and couple guys at the office say pre hardware is very unreliable.

I see you are a Sprinter. Did you mess with an EVO? I only touched one for an hour, but I was blown away, my brief experience with it helped me decide to send my iPhone4 back as Android and Android derivatives appear to be leading OS innovation now. Battery life is short, I already charge any smart phone I own everywhere anyway.


Well, you are meeting one now. I had the iPhone for a month and the iPod touch for 2 years. I would NEVER buy an iPhone over a BlackBerry again. I personally don't enjoy Steve Jobs telling me what I can and can't do and I also don't enjoy using a dumbed down OS that survives because it has good App developers.

As for Android, I can't comment because I've only used them in the stores. I don't know enough about them.


You have now met someone who prefers the BB over the iphone...there is no comparison!


There are a lot of BlackBerry users that try the iPhone, and switch back to BlackBerry. I never tried the iPhone, but the iTouch just to experience the device capabilities, and returned the device a week later. I know it's not the iPhone, but it was enough for me to see what it was capable of.


Is that a joke? My girlfriend has an iPhone 3GS and I have to use it all the time to help her or do something for her...sure it's sleek and the OS looks pretty but so many things about it just suck. Being shackled to iTunes has to be the worst part...

I feel like the iPhone forces you to do everyone one way: the way Steve Jobs decided was best for everyone. As someone whose last two phones (before my Bold 9000) were Windows Mobile devices, I need to have something that's very customizable and has, you know, a file system.

Furthermore, the absolute best thing about the Bold 9000 is the keyboard. Nothing has ever compared, for me, to the ease of typing on the Bold 9000 keyboard. You said you've only tried a curve and a Storm so obviously you haven't experienced that part.

Last but not least, please keep in mind: not everyone is exactly like you so maybe you can try to understand that people have different opinions. You are, of course, on a huge website called "CrackBerry".


I tried an IPhone for two hours and was so frustrated in its lack of functionality..yes lack! I was tired of waiting for RIM to release the slider and wanted something new so decided to try the IPhone 3GS, called Rogers and told them to send me my upgrade. First what frustrated me was setting up my email accounts, that was a huge pain, when I got that all going sharing contacts and just basically having the apps work together was not a simple task. I did all this in about two hours and decided to send the IPhone back and patiently wait for the slider. I just hope the slider is all I want and expect it to be particularly after this lengthy wait.


Hey man, I hope this is the Blackberry to set a standard. But Rim! we still waitin on Blackberry os 6 so just make sure you deliver. I love blackberries but its time to make that next leap forward and over the competition.


I hope T-Mo will get the 9800 too! That is a very nice device. I could be happy for a very,very long time if they do get it!!!! I'm holding on to see if it happens!


I switched to a Blackberry to get away from touch screens, I do hope they don't make this touch screen thing the future norm.


I did the same...but as this device also features a full BlackBerry keyboard and a trackpad - allowing you to navigate the OS without using the touchscreen if you want - the touchscreen should be complementary.


U clowns are still excited about a ford escort. BB is done. No major updates or apps. All they do is tweak it. GOOD BYE BB. HELLO DROID X




did you buy the laptop bag for your phone or else did came free?


While I am just as excited as the next person about OS6 this thing is just beyond fugly as far as I am concerned.. I'll tpass. No offense to others that might like it.. I know everyone has their own taste.. I just think that thing looks beyond weird


I'm right with you there!
9780 on the other hand.......


Yep...I am going to wait for it and pass on the BB 6. He-he! Thought that would get your attention! Let's savour the BB6...upgrades will come soon enough!

I can't wait for the new Bold 9800 with BB6 and the new Webkit browser! Bring it on...


Hoping one day it comes to T-Mobile, but I will wait for awhile until the bugs and whatnot are worked out, but man it does look like a killer phone for sure. Hope this is the big news we all or most of us have been waiting for.


Dear Verizon, you have until the end of October to obtain and sell a 9830...

...or a storm3


Screw AT&T, I want to see it on T-MO.


For once .....listen to your people. Stop letting the (limited data-high priced buddies of Apple) get the jump on new Blackberrys.


That picture looks like it was taken in 1980...


Looks a lot like it was taken with an 8MP camera on a phone. So I bet the file size is huge and the picture still crap.


Yes the 9800 sure is great in terms of its built-in OS, screen size, memory, camera mp, physical qwerty keyboard etc but there is one problem, it's a slider. And slider phones usually have problems after 8months or so depending on how frequent you slide it because the mechanism or part that connects the physical keyboard to the screen gets damaged easily. This part is called the "flex" and yes I am not 100% sure if this will happen in a blackberry phone but I've owned 2 slider phones(although they are nokias but I have a strong feeling slider phones in general have a "flex" part) and after some time the keypads weren't working normally anymore because of the flex problem. Hope this doesn't happen in the 9800.


Before I got my Bold 9000 I had two different Windows Mobile sliders (HTC Apache and TyTn II) and never had a problem with the slider or keyboard...aside from the fact that the keyboards pretty much sucked from the beginning...and the fact that the hassle of sliding out the keyboard to the side and turning the device was annoying.

Only playing with the 9800 will determine if I mind a vertical slider or not...but I can't wait to try it!


Haha you're lucky you did not have any problems with those sliders you had before. At least you didn't get traumatised with using slider phones haha. Well maybe it was just a thing of nokia. Again I hope bb's quality is better than that of nokia's sliders.

P.S. I am hoping that I could atleast get the webkit browser for my 9700 -_-

Phony bologna

Why does AT&T always seem to get the coolest phones? First the Bold 9000 and now the 9800? It's as though the manufacturers don't understand that AT&T's success and growth over the years is solely due to the iPhone. Their growth has been IN SPITE of their network. They really are not a carrier deserving of the "America's #2 carrier" title. It's just an inflated figure as a result of being the sole carrier of America's hottest device. Once the iPhone moves to Verizon or T-Mobile, I'd like to see what AT&T's status looks like then. Sprint has has some shitty phones but I'd say that T-Mobile isn't too far behind. I love my plan with T-Mo but I'm getting tired of seeing my carrier's mobile device selection look like it's solely for teenagers. The 9800 is the only BB I want to upgrade to and to see it on AT&T is frustrating. I moved to AT&T for the 9000 a few years back, promptly paid the ETF, unlocked my Bold and signed up with T-Mobile because AT&T's network was such garbage. Now I'm happily on a 9700. Come on RIM, wake the hell up. AT&T is shit. Send the 9800 to other carriers, for Christ's sake. Yeah, this comment should be enough to change the minds of the powers that be. Im so irritated right now. Sorry, folks.


AT&T is great for me. I'm a loyal and satisfied customer. Sorry you experienced otherwise...but try and imagine that perhaps AT&T is good in most places and crappy in a few...probably exactly like any other carrier!


I've had AT&T for just shy of 5 years now and don't see any reason to give them up. I've dropped less than a dozen phone calls, I've always had lightning fast data speeds, and there's rarely at time when my Verizon friends have had service and I haven't. There are actually about as many places around here where I have service and they don't. So in the areas where I travel to and around, AT&T has an outstanding network.

Phony bologna

Why does AT&T always seem to get the coolest phones? First the Bold 9000 and now the 9800? It's as though the manufacturers don't understand that AT&T's success and growth over the years is solely due to the iPhone. Their growth has been IN SPITE of their network. They really are not a carrier deserving of the "America's #2 carrier" title. It's just an inflated figure as a result of being the sole carrier of America's hottest device. Once the iPhone moves to Verizon or T-Mobile, I'd like to see what AT&T's status looks like then. Sprint has has some shitty phones but I'd say that T-Mobile isn't too far behind. I love my plan with T-Mo but I'm getting tired of seeing my carrier's mobile device selection look like it's solely for teenagers. The 9800 is the only BB I want to upgrade to and to see it on AT&T is frustrating. I moved to AT&T for the 9000 a few years back, promptly paid the ETF, unlocked my Bold and signed up with T-Mobile because AT&T's network was such garbage. Now I'm happily on a 9700. Come on RIM, wake the hell up. AT&T is shit. Send the 9800 to other carriers, for Christ's sake. Yeah, this comment should be enough to change the minds of the powers that be. Im so irritated right now. Sorry, folks.


i was using the 8900 on tmo - great rates and uma - but wanted the form factor of the 9000. tried it on att and reception was horrible but the phone was great. i was willing to pay more for the service but where i live, reception was non-existent... now they offer some microcell to improve reception but a no go for me. using the 9700 on tmo and uma solves all of my problems. i wish there was a way to get the 9000 form factor back from RIM with all of the upgrades of the 9800 - excluding touch screen if it's too hard to do. that device would be a winner. the 9800 is a "miss" for me just due to the vertical slider... horizontally may have given us a larger keyboard along with the larger screen and all updates of the device. for now, it's tmo and the 9700.


The phone I have been waiting for and its on ATT. Come on Verizon...


I so want to crash this party...


Waitin on my Invite ..

My Bold 9700 is almost on its last legs...

Need a replacement now..


Out of curiosity, which of you will be going to the event? Will there be a live Blog going on? Could you provide any details as the specifics of the event?


We all gettin', played by RIM! Do you think whatever is announced will live up to expectations? Unfortunately, this company does not have a good, recent track record of successfully pushing the envelope. Whether you take that as regarding technology or in the area customer satisfaction. Can anyone say RIM has achieved excellence in the last two years in those areas? These are the kind of ways one should judge a leading consumer/business technology company I think. I for one am certainly not going to get my hopes up regarding whatever shiny black object [that might or might not work] is announced on August 3.


Can't be any worse then the iphone right?


Lets go RIM!!! Drop this puppy...

Mark A.

Our local press is hyping this device as the next possible iPhone killer. Ridiculous. I'm a Storm 1 owner, and if this is what RIM is producing to compete with iPhone, Droid X etc. my next smartphone will definitely not be a Blackberry.


I definitely want one. How does one get invited to said event!? Last time I went to an AT&T "event", I got a new BB.


Nope - don't care how great the device is I'm not leaving VZW for ATT - not for a new Berry not for an iPhone not nohow.


I just wish Sprint gets it fast!!!
I don't want to open a new account with AT&T lol


the main advantage of bb is the keyboard and since they're not bringing back the form factor of the 9000 - which was the roomiest keyboard to type on and a nice size screen to match - at least they could've made this slider operate horizontally a la the 1st "droid." this device is a "miss" for me..i'll stay with the 9700 for now. an updated 9000 with the all of the advances of the 9800 would be a winner amongst male users worldwide. real hands require a real keyboard and the 9000 was a winner. you ask: why not use one? i tried with att but they're expensive and reception is horrible. cured it all by remaining with TMO - best rates and uma is worth the price of admission all on its own.


T-Mobile has to get it. Been waiting for this for so long!! If they don't get it... oh well, I sure as hell am not leaving T-Mo. AT&T will NOT get my $$. Been a T-Mo customer for 10 years and I will not leave them for crappy customer service with AT&T and double the monthly rate for limited service when I have cheap unlimited great coverage with outstanding customer service. hopefully by Christmas I'll have the 9800. And we can also get it unlocked :-)


Goodbye 9700..hello 9800...can't wait...this is gonna be the ultimate blackberry device


Does anyone know if this is by invitation only? or is there a way for us to RSVP to this event? if so, where is it taking place.



Bye, BlackBerry. It's been (mostly) lovely.


I noticed that the Telus mobility website no longer displays the BB Storm2 in their phone lineup, I wonder if this is to make room for the 9800? Perhaps Canadians wont have to wait as long as we think!!! (Here's to hoping!)


I want this phone does anyone know if T Mobile is scheduled to get this model in the near futue?


I called Rogers today to find out about upgrading my device (8900), the rep said he didn't have a exact release date of the 9800 but that "it would be in about 2-3 weeks".


hey guys, would you please send me a message on BBM when you now something more on this special event today? :)

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