AT&T Rockin' the BlackBerry Curve in Titanium and Red?

By James Falconer on 18 Sep 2007 10:36 am EDT

The BlackBerry Curve in Red Looks like T-Mobile isn't the only one stepping up to the plate with color variations on our favorite BlackBerry devices....

Rumor has it that AT&T will not only be launching the new BlackBerry Curve 8310 (with GPS) on October 4th, but that this new Curve will be available in a new color! That's right, starting next month you'll be able to choose from the classic 'Titanium', plus a new color...RED.

The jury is out on this one. Will it be embraced? Or just a colored dud? I've mocked up a red curve here for your curious eyes...

Good? Bad? Or Ugly?


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AT&T Rockin' the BlackBerry Curve in Titanium and Red?


I don't care for the red much, but it does bring something funny to mind. Just 2 weeks ago my sister-in-law was shopping for a new phone, me and my brother had convinced her to go with a Curve, but she said she almost wanted to get the Pearl instead just because they had one in red. She probably won't think this to be as funny as I do of course.

I personally like red. I know I'm in the minority, but I like bright colors. I think the red Cingular SYNC looks awesome (and I'm definitely a fan of the soft-touch plastic stuff), and I think the red Treo680 and burgundy Treo755 look pretty slick too. The real question is whether "red" means T-Mobile Pearl "Red" or AT&T Pearl "Red". I think the AT&T red looks a little nicer, personally. Basically my point is that there isn't a color much more boring than silver (not even black!), so I'm sort of excited at the possibility of getting the Curve in red (because, ya know, Gold is pretty horrid-looking).

Red just screams business device, dontchathink? :D

Actually, I'm quite glad to see BB moving into the consumer sphere wholeheartedly.