AT&T Releases Bold OS!

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2008 06:31 pm EDT
With all the news surrounding the AT&T Bold launch one of the questions I have seen frequently asked in the forums is "What OS is it coming with?"..well currently up on the AT&T Software download site is 0S , this is the latest official OS that is available even the Rogers Bolds are now just getting their upgrade to, maybe some of you out there will wanna grab this and try it out and as always if you are new to updating your OS, be sure to check out our BlackBerry 101: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS).

Thanks to Hooper for sending this in!

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AT&T Releases Bold OS!


I've personally not loaded this version, but from past experience not much changes from the "leaked" version to the launch version..although, with that being said...their were a few changes in the T-Mobile .81 as opposed to the leaked version but it was mainly T-Mobile specific additions.

They can post a 4.6 version of the OS for a product that is not even released yet, but they can't give us an official 4.5 for the existing hardware! Way to go AT&'ve found just another way to piss off your existing customers!

that is incorrect. I have the Curve 8310 and updated to OS 4.6 successfully. It has unlocked a video recorder, ability to record voice notes that can be set as ringtones, and also most cool the ability to watch Youtube online. I would definitely recommend going to and downloading OS 4.6 for all curve users!

I'm a stickler with trying to stay OEM and "recommended by carrier". If AT&T now gets .167, what would be the ETA for Rogers getting it as well?

When I go to the AT&T software download page, it says this version...

Software Download for AT&T

Downloading BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.298 (Multilanguage)

what is that?

Is the Rogers branded Bold excluded from this OS upgrade??
In other words, if I attempt to add this OS to my Bold will it fuck up my BB?? Or should I just wait until Rogers or Blackberry puts out an official release?

I already upgraded to .162....So I'm just curious and is it worth downloading?

You can install any vendor's OS on any vendor's phone (provided the phone is the same model). Just follow the directions from blackberryforums

1. Make sure you have Desktop Manager 4.2 SP2 or higher installed.
2. Download the above file to the PC then install it to the PC by running (double clicking) the OS file you downloaded.
3. Locate the vendor.xml file and delete it. It's located in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader
4. Plug in BB and Open Desktop Manager. You should be prompted to upgrade.
The process takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much data you have to backup and restore during the process. Once it's done loading the new OS it will reboot (it may do this twice during the entire process.) You will see a white screen with an hourglass for up to 20 minutes at a time while the DM says "waiting for initialization."
If you end up with a white screen with small icons and the number 507, simply connect to DM again and run application loader again and it should load the OS to the device.

addresses the stability problems. At a convention recently with a few Rogers Bold owners. The Bolds reset themselves at random many times during the day. My users are champing at the bit to get the thing. No way I'm rolling it out until it's stable.


I'm new to the site (although I have been a BB user for a few years); does anyone know if the Bold has been strictly retained by AT&T? Or will other providers also drop the Bold soon; i.e. Verizon?

I had to delete .162 off my computer before my Rogers Bold would see .167.

Since the upgrade (2 hours ago) my Bold has randomly rebooted once like .157 (or whatever it shipped with at launch).

Hey did anybody try to upgrade to the new 4.6 os on the BBcurve. I have been trying all day and the new 4.6 desktop manager in not picking it up as any new software. Can anybody help!!! Do I have to delete the 4.5 os and then also the vendor file. Thanks for any help.
Just another crackberry addict!!!!

I downloaded this upgrade and decided to see what improvements it has on the Rogers .162 I installed about a week ago. Well everything seemed fine until i went to the browser to re-download my third party apps (yeah, yeah, I know I forgot to back them up and it was only three or four of them anyway) but every time i tried to load for example or anything else it was asking me about a wifi connection. After trying all sorts of stuff I gave up and have downgraded back to Rogers. Anyone else experience this problem?

Hmm, I had same problem after downgrading, something must have been screwy. I will try the upgrade again.

Ok works now. Will test for a few days, fingers crossed.

Upgraded earlier today. No problems. I have found the phone is staying in EDGE rather than to a weak 3G signal. My area has a lot of weak 3G signals and a strong Edge. With .162 it stayed in 3G all the time even with 1 bar. I'm not sure what's better. Call are fine, data downloads will vary.

Looks like the version has grown up some more. The link goes to the following version:

Downloading BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.298

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.6.0.298 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

* Applications:
* Software Platform:
* File name: 9000M_PBr4.6.0_rel298_PL4.0.0.157_A4.6.0.167_AT&T.exe
* File size: 93.32MB

Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

i downgraded back to .162 rogers from the att battery life was MUCH better on .162 and my free Memory was 0ver 50 MB att update had me at35 after the update on ATT .167