AT&T Pulls BlackBerry Software Upgrade?

AT&T Bold Upgrade Pulled
By Bla1ze on 4 Sep 2009 11:37 pm EDT

Seems AT&T is having some issues with their release of for the BlackBerry Bold. Boy Genius posted the following information regarding the pulling of the handheld OS upgrade although the information seems to be lacking full reasoning as to why exactly it was removed.

AT&T customers are simply being asked to wait until another release becomes available in "the near future", which with AT&T could be forever. Hard to even guess at the real reasoning for it, but for those of you who have already upgraded AT&T isn't at this time issuing any notifications to downgrade so--enjoy your visual voicemail if you have it. If you didn't update already you may be left waiting.

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AT&T Pulls BlackBerry Software Upgrade?


I did download and install the OS update. It seems to work fine for me so far, except for the Visual Voicemail, which doesn't seem to work at all. I figured it was simply a RIM feature that AT&T chose not to support, but I suppose the reason is now much more complicated. Humbug to AT&T!!! Fix it!

Yes, you need to call ATT and have them switch you from standard voicemail to visual voice mail. I sent them an email and they fixed it right away,

Maybe I'm on of few, but after I downloaded and installed the newest Bold update and activated my Visual Voice Mail, I have not had any issues at all... I love the Visual Voice Mail, I utilize it daily.

I haven't really run into any issues other than latency in receiving the voicemail notification in VVM. I wonder if the increased bandwidth needed was impacting their iPhone users. Wouldn't that be a nice turn of events since they've pretty much trashed the network with their increased bandwidth usage (not that AT&T shouldn't have seen that coming when they signed up to be the "exclusive" iPhone provider and made the necessary network improvements - they've only had 2 years to do such). Not a good thing when the iPhone MMS goes live later this month. I guess AT&T cares more about the consumer cash cow than the business accounts (which have a higher markup) with BlackBerry devices. But I digress. AT&T / fail.

I have to agree with the last post regarding the possibility of issues with coverage on 3G. I have noticed some changing from 3G to 2G with the new upgrade compared to never having those issues with the older version. It was so minute of a problem I did not even think of it as a problem- at least for me but I will agree that it is more than likely AT&T's biggest issue.

I Upgraded to .297 the day it came out. I've had no problems at all, I'm gonna keep it unless they release 5.0 sometime within the near future

I talked to business data support last night after trying to upgrade the software and noticing it wasn't there. I was informed RIM pulled it yesterday in an effort work patch a couple of bugs found in the release and should have it back out within the week. I have a leaked copy of a previous version that had visual vmail on it. I activated it once AT&T decided to support it for the BOLD and I love it! I did have a problem with one voicemail coming three hours late. Other than the one it's been prompt.

My friend did an OTA upgrade before they pulled it and she said all her issues with battery life and signal problems are gone or at least very much improved. I hope this update fixes my problem with constantly getting "call failed" although a lot of that is the service.

I called AT&T the other day to complain about my phone going to EDGE in high 3G coverage areas all the time as well as my total inability to hold a call half the time wihtout "call failed" and they informed me basically that they can see that's true by looking at my account but because my bill was one day past due they were unable to put a retention credit on my account or do anything to my account. I said "wow, i guess i'm a bad customer, however, i'm noticing you had no problem providing crappy service so aren't you a bad company?" just because i'm past due a day I can't receive a credit? that's great customer care AT&T. Then he lied to me and said they had no phone number for a Office of The President complaint and just said to write this address in Greely, Colorado with my complaint. I'm fairly certain he should have let me speak with someone higher.

I love my bold but an update that fixed some of these issues would be great, and if I could switch to Sprint or Verizon with it I would.

This is why verizon test there software for the extent of time it takes . So they do not effect 500,000 devices.

Just a note to all the ppl who complain about verizon extensive testing!

I Just Got Off The Phone With A Data Rep From At&t And I May Have Some Answers To Question. At The Time The Upgraded Software Version For The Bold And Other Compatible Devices Are Experiencing Some Difficulties When Running On The 3g Network. Visual Voice Mail Seems To Be Affected. To Fix This Problem You Can Select To Use 2g Only (edge) By Going To Manage Connections,mobile Network Options Then Network Mode And Switch To 2g This Is A Temporary Fix But Of Course You Wont Be On The 3g Network Which Allows You To Use Data And Phone At The Same Time And Of Course Its Speed. I Must Say That Everyone Is Not Affected But To Avoid Bugs And Glitches Download The Version And Save It On Your Desktop And If You Experience Problems Do The Down Grad In Your Bb Desktop Manager.

kinda weird... i had my first "service rejected" when i got an mms.... then told him to re-send and it was ok.... anyone else have the same issue with the new software?

I have a Bold and an 8900 and I have a employee plan with AT&T. Since adding the proper provisioning on my account my visual voicemail has been working great on both devices. I wonder why they pulled the update. I have approx 20 co-workers that have all upgraded to the .297 software and none of them have had any problems whatsoever with their phones or reception.

I DLed and installed it on my bold and I love it, get MUCH better reception and haven't had any signs of ghosting! yay! Haven't even tried the visual VM, but I heard that doesn't work anyways, oh well, I like the better reception and lack of ghosting! I'm excited for OS 5.0 or the 9700, whichever comes frist! ha

This must explain why I'm not getting service where I use to have full service; and, why in some areas I'm switching to 2g where I had full 3g service! UH!

And, of course when I started having this problem I sent ATT and email and got copy and pasted help.

I hope they release the new upgrade soon.

Why do they even bother? I mean it's not as if they are going to get all of us to roll back. If they problem that they found is such a big deal (unlikely) then that's just more motivation for them to get the next update out sooner.


VVM is not working? That's not a deal breaker. Your regular VM still works. It's a perk more than a need. .297 is a far better FW overall.

fryechad: I'm sure VZW did extensive testing on the Storm before pushing that out the door. They also make you pay for VVM, so you can keep your Verizon. The big V isn't as infallible as you would like.

Here's the real deal about MMS on the iphone. Apple complained to at&t about jailbreakers forcing MMS, when Apple did not approve. So, at&t was forced by apple to put blocks on every iphone account. It's taken time to reset all these blocks so that they can all be removed the same day as the 3.1 update. But then again, BB users are used to making choices on their own, so they don't buy iphones.