AT&T prepares to EOL a bunch of BlackBerry smartphones

By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2011 05:21 pm EST
AT&T prepares to EOL a bunch of BlackBerry smartphones

AT&T is finally putting some of its older BlackBerry smartphones on the end of life list. No surprises here when it comes to the devices put on the list but one entry does bring a sadness to my heart. Yes, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 is listed and will no longer be offered once any remaining stock is sold through. As we've mentioned many times, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 is still the caddy of BlackBerry devices. If there was one refresh that looked the same but had better specs that we'd like to see, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 would be at the top of the list. Remember when Kevin unboxed it? Good times.

Source: Android Central

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AT&T prepares to EOL a bunch of BlackBerry smartphones


Hate to see the 9000 go (never did own one), but maybe RIM would consider a 9000 form factor with all the modern goodies such as QNX and dual-core processors? How cool would that be?

I have a feeling that the first qnx phone will be the 9000 form factor with dual core and 4g. They will be back to the top of the specs game like when the original bold came out and will be a perfect phone to launch the new OS.Its very clear that this is the most loved blackberry by true aficionados.

Bold 9000 is the best phone..I have it in white and just can't give it up..please RIM make a new model with the awesomeness of the 9000!!!

So A Suck & Suck is going to EOL some BB models. I'd like to know when they are going to release the 9780!

The Bold 9000 still has the best keyboard out of them all. RIM would still sell these phones if they refreshed the same form factor and added the new goodies.

I think that side is just showing what has replaced the EOL phones. See the curves on the left and on the right, it is the newer curve 3G model.

yup thats whats called a lack of legacy support, doesnt even get froyo in the uk!!!

sad day to see the 9000 go :(

That's because they're replacing it with an updated Xperia. I believe it's called the Xperia Arc. Just like the 9700 will reach EOL when the 9780 comes out and how the Droid 2 reached EOL when the Droid 2 Global came out.

I still have my Bold 9000 in white. In the box for rainy dayz. One of the best BB's i have owned. Now its 9780 and 9800.

If you zoom in u will see it says 9700, Torch. Not 9700 Torch. It is giving two BB options. Just fyi dasbeav.

Dasbeav, I believe there's a comma in between the Blackberry 9700, Torch listing as the successors to the still awesome (IMHO) Bold 9000.

It was one hell of a run 9000. You will be forever missed. One day the phoenix will rise and the form factor will be ressurected. LONG LIVE ONYX 3/ DAKOTA with qnx and touch screen and physical keyboard.

I wouldn't buy it if it had a touch screen. That's what the Torch is for. Keep the way it is + trackpad and the playbook specs and u got my money RIM.

...With a physical keyboard and trackpad as well. You don't have to touch the screen if you don't want to...but it makes things quicker for those of us who want to.

I watched that unboxing, reminds me when i first unboxed my 9000--was an awesome phone for sure and still see it floating around gloriously.

I wouldn't mind a similar 9000 form factor with a front and back camera as someone had mentioned (obviously pick up the digital trackpad) and faster processor.

Give me a 9000 with a trackpad and 512mb of memory and i'll give up my 9780. Even if I have to use an unlocked one since I am a T-Mo subscriber. Considering the slow pace of Rims offerings I believe that asking for a Bold 9000 with 3+ changes is asking for too much, too fast. I would like for such a model to be a reality. But, Rim has taught me to expect minimal changes.

Listen all you YOUNG Blackberry owners, you've never owned a real Blackberry unless you owned a Bold 9000. I owned Blackberry devices before and after this device and it is by far, THE BEST BLACKBERRY that RIM has ever made to date (based only on physical hardware). It also has the best keyboard of any BB as well. This is truly the passing of a titan in the Blackberry lineup.

Why RIM has continued to not acknowledge countless requests to remake this device is far beyond human logic. If you made a successful car, why would you not make a second one? It blows my mind, daily, to think about this....

I'm rather unimpressed with the 3G as a "successor" to the 8900. I believe anyone looking for the 8900 should be referred to the 9700. For sure. After the 9780 comes out, it should be the warranty replacement as well.

From everything I've seen, RIM only focused on the Playbook this year at CES.. which is somewhat disappointing. I would have liked to see RIM display some of the "new" Berry handsets that are coming in 2011. I'm also disappointed in AT&T for not having public information available about what new Berry handsets they are getting in for 1Q 2011 (if any). I want a 9780 or preferably an updated 9000 (more memory and better camera) to replace my old Bold 9000. C'mon RIM and AT&T.. get with the program!!

I worked for at&t for a couple of years and the Bold was my company provided device. I LOVED that phone. By far my most favorite BlackBerry. I remember when that phone was launched. The screen resolution was amazing compared to the Curve 8310 I owned at the time. I agree with everyone else - RIM needs to revamp this phone and re-release it. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

An updated 9780 in a Bold 9000 form-factor? Now, that is my idea of Heaven on Earth. Add both a forward and rear facing camera, flash, and a faster processor and I would give $750 for it.

Bold 9000 was when I returned to the berry world. It was a major good device and loved the screen size and keyboard although some care have to be taken in the trackball. But form factor rocks. Had to make a big mistake by moving on to the Storm2.

Always sad to see a great device on EOL list. Thanks, Bold 9000, for the great times. Long live the memories.

For now, I'm really happy with an iPhone4 and perhaps one day will be back holding another berry when RIM introduces a new OS......