AT&T Officially Releases Bold OS ... Again

By Adam Zeis on 23 Sep 2009 11:10 am EDT

Reports are flying in this morning that AT&T has released OS for the Bold 900 (again). This update seemingly fixes some isuse that were had with the last version. Hopefully everything is solid again in this release. If you didn't get in on it last time, you can grab the upgrade from the BlackBerry Software Downloads page.

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AT&T Officially Releases Bold OS ... Again


If it's working fine for you I wouldn't mess with it. AT&T said the issue would not affect everyone. I imagine this depends on how much 3G coverage you have, or could have something to do with the installed equipment in your area towers. Not all cell towers are created equal - my guess is that the Bold could interact just fine with some towers and not others because of the differing equipment in some of them.

In my case, I had the issue with the constant switching to EDGE, so I went and updated yesterday. So far, the reception/switching problem appears to be fixed for me - I haven't seen the phone fidgeting over network connectivity. Connection speeds are definitely faster since the phone is not stopping to look for EDGE as well (this was especially annoying).

Other than that, no other changes I can see. This looks to be the exact same software with just a different radio package. :)

I've got .301 now, platform .245.

This new ATT .297 is platform .247.

Which is more current?

Or is this apples vs oranges?

My DM finally downgraded me to .164, then I had to wipe my Bold and decided to bypass .297 and installed .301, p .245.
Can't figure out if I should go "standard" and re-apply .297.
I had You mail before, and this VVM is asking me to contact AT&T, so a decision has to be made: waste my time with customer svce to enable it, or should I just keep Youmail and wait for 5.0...
What do you think?

Has anyone updated their bold? Does this update bring back the Visual Voicemail? I won't upgrade until it does. Let me know.

Man AT&T is so late now. RIM is about to pull the trigger on OS 5.0 there is all these new releases coming out with facebook and IMs for 5.0 compatibility. Once that is done, they are going to release 5.0. Any minute now.

VVM is there but I have no equalizer in my media player for music. Seems the rev of the player went backwards ?

For what its worth, the platform on this release is newer than the last .297 update. My BB currently shows Platform and the new one is

Nuff said. I can keep my messages as long as i want and download them and store them to my phone, email them, have them transcribed, on and on

Thanks, but no thanks.

After downgrading from to .266, Bold 9000 signal remains locked onto 3G throughout Metro Atlanta (no more 3G to EDGE handoffs), improved battery life in .266, and Visual Voicemail (VVM) still works like a charm!

What exactly has been done by AT&T to improve "call performance"?

Just updated OTA and Visual Voicemail is working. make sure you update your account and include the free VVM on ATT site.

"Reports are flying in this morning that AT&T has released OS for the Bold 900 (again)."

where can i get me a bold "900"

sorry guys, don't mean to bust your chops, y'all are doing a great job. i'd be lost with out CB!

Updated to the newest release of .297 from the old .297 that was out for its first day. I'm not noticing any difference, but my phone had no problems from the old .297. My 3G coverage actually improved with the old .297 update.

I upgraded to the recent release of .297 - and have had no problems that I am aware of. Do I need to re-upgrade to today's release? Is there something I am missing?

Unless you're having issues, I probably wouldn't bother. I never had any issues with losing 3G like others have had with the old .297. Desktop Manager did see this one as a newer version to update on the phone though. I just like to keep everything up to date too so that if I ever need to call the support desk, that step's already out of the way.

still hv bug same problem in 301....all hiden pic will show in all pic folder........what r u doing AT & T ???

I love to update my Bold, update and downgrade, its the best way to wish for a better browser, more batt, a whole new Blackberry each time.

Am I alone here? Before I updated, pics that were emailed to my phone using an iphone i had no problem seeing. And I was using the first version of the .297 upgrade. I just finished upgrading with this new .297 and now I can't see the pictures within the emails. I try to open attachment and it says that this type of attachment cannot be viewed on my device. WHAT GIVES???? HELP ANYONE???

Anyone else notice that with the old version of this, my message icons would stay until I clicked them a second time?