AT&T Official Bold 9000 OS Now Available!

By Adam Zeis on 25 Aug 2009 12:41 pm EDT
Bold OS

We knew it was coming, and today is the day. AT&T has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. Head on over to the BlackBerry download page and get on it - Visual Voice Mail is waiting for you. You should also be able to run the wireless upgrade via Settings > Advanced Options > Upgrade. This is an official carrier OS, but if you're not on AT&T you'll have to delete the vendor.xml file before installing. Check out the links below for more information. Thanks to Morganizer for the screen cap.

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AT&T Official Bold 9000 OS Now Available!


...Will there be an os update for the 8900 from AT&T that does the same by bringing VVM to the 8900?

I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before. If you go into the mobile network settings, you can now force 2G only.

The ability to do 2G only was also part of the update.

It is however, rather annoying that it put all of these games and new application downloads on my phone... Very frustrating cause now i have to go through there and delete all the crap.

Come on RIM... Don't pull a DELL and start pre-loading tons of crap that i don't want on the system.

After downloading the update OTA, it said it could take up to 2 hours to upgrade. Because of this, I scheduled it to update at 12 AM. I'm currently backing up my Bold just in case.

I dont believe its RIM thats putting all these shortcuts on ur phone. im pretty sure its the carrier, in this case AT&T.

It's so he can compile and embed spyware and other nefarious applications that will log keystrokes, banking information and such. NEVER - I repeat - NEVER download operating systems hosted anywhere other than directly from the vendor or manufacturer. I don't care what people tell you.

Anyone else having this problem:

When replying to an SMS, I can't "Remove History".

It won't delete the old text.

Anyone else?

All said and done, it took less than an hour (connected to wifi). Visual Voice Mail is great. Note: to make sure it provisions and works properly, after the update you have to login to your AT&T account (web) and select that you want to activate the VVM. It's free. Seconds later, it was up and running with no hassles.

Also, after the update, do a batter pull and everything will be smooth as silk.

Thus far, the OS appears to have better memory management, too.

QUESTION: the update does put a bunch of AT&T "crap" icons/apps on your home screen. How do you get rid of those (I can "hide," but want to delete totally). Any suggestions?

You can delete the service books, but it will all reappear next time resend them. They're just launchers, not actual apps, so it's best to just hide them and forget.

Just finished the 2nd OTA update... anyone know about/or why some of my programs are now archived? or how to archive a program?

The ones that got archived were facebook and GPS Tracker... odd that it didnt do it on my other bold...

Yeah, I had archived programs too and when I went to restore them, it made my screen freeze and I had to do a battery pull.

OK I upgraded the os and everything seems ok. I did a test vm and I saw the vm icon. Did a few things, now i don't see the icon anymore. I remember reading that visual voice mail is part of this release, do I have to do anything to get this activated?

Nevermind I got it, had to call AT&T and have them activate the feature.



im liking the visual voicemail but why oh why am i getting texts AND visual voicemail alerts? this is annoying! help!

Why would I want to force 2g? Isnt one of the points of having the Bold to be on the 3G netowork?

a lot of the time, you are not doing anything with your phone that requires a high speed data connection. 2G uses less battery power, so you can use it when you aren't doing anything heavy with your phone... I just leave mine in 2G mode now to increase the bat life. If i am going to use my browser or any data-hungry app, i flip it back over to 3G. It only takes a second to switch back and forth.

I don't live in a 3G area, but when I travel to the closest one my battery only lasts about 2/3 as long.

do we have to delete the old software or did the software update take care of that? i thought i read somewhere that we may have to delete the older version of the software?

I have an AT&T Bold running 4.6.0167. I've tried "checking for upgrades" in the Options/Advanced Options/Wireless Upgrade menu, but the request returns "No Upgrades Available".

Shouldn't I be able to update the OS through this function or am I required to download the new OS to my desktop first?


Some people who are Att Customers will have to go on to ATT wireless website and go to Manage Features and Select Visual Voicemail to actually make it work

re: Navigator, free for 30 days. Then the charges kick in. When you click on details or select it and follow through, I believe it discloses this.

told att customer support that this was misleading... told them that it should say that the At&t Navigator Trial is priced at $0.00

updated, reset phone, resent service books, etc. went online to att to enable visual voicemail and it of course tells me that this option is not available for my phone/hardware. way to go att...idiots. anyone else having trouble with enabling this feature in their online account?

with at&t cust. support now...
we reset vm, restarted phone, reconciled messages, restart phone....
ive checked my services, visual vm is an option and enabled..
voicemails are still be sent as usual and not using the visual vm prog... ill let u know if i get it working...

got it working, they had the wrong provisioning on my account (advance tech support fixed) and then she updated my imei to verify... restarted and it worked!

att had the wrong imei associated with my phone so their system didn't see that i had a bold. once they fixed the imei issue, i could add the visual voicemail feature via my account online then set it up on my phone within a few moments of that. tested and working ;)

I went thru the prompts... after telling me I didnt have enough space and needed to free up memory i updated the OS.
Visual Voicemail didnt work... logged on to selected visual voicemail in my plans section. updated it. tried it again on my phone and was able to set it up. pretty cool how it shows the number and it plays back on the blackberry music player screen.

did the update ota first thing this morning. everything works well even the bbm 5.0 that didnt get erased like most other updates. As far as the visual voice mail, ummm could use some work, its free and you have to turn the service on with att, yes its free i called customer service to verify the claim. as far as how it works, it will play the voice mail in your media player and show you where the number came from like the missed call wasnt good enough. as far as the update as a whole i think its no diffrent from the .282 that rogers had out a few months ago and the addition to switching between 2g and 3g helps when driving long distances where 3g may be scarce, but the 5.0 update is what im really waiting for.

I will just stick with using youmail. As long as your not calling the voicemail your not using any minutes. You can accomplish everything through the icon or you can just log in on the mobile youmail site and accomplish other features. Plus I can save my voicemails and they don't get deleted after 30 days. I like being able to keep what I want for as long as I want. Plus there is no limit to the number of voicemails. Also keeps a history of the calls which is good to go back and look at incase you didn't have a number and more.VVM is a good step FINALLY for AT&T but a little late because they took to long.

Has anyone notice that their application memory increase? I still have the same 18 apps I had before the upgrade, and now I have 42.5MB of free space. Before I used to have 18MB.

This was one of the first things I noticed. I've also noticed that memory frees up from time to time. Memory management is vastly improved here.. this was one of my gripes about the phone and thankfully it's been addressed. I'm noticing some faster performance overall, even if there's been some slight increase in lag with some other things. Boot times are better too - down to slightly over 3 minutes on my device from what used to be just under 5.

Same here. I averaged about 15MB and now with the same apps and BES I started out with 42MB. A lot of playing around has me down to 27MB now but I bet if I reboot I will see 42 again.

Go straight to AT&T's website for, which includes the Visual Voice Mail for the Bold, and the Bold ONLY at this time. The SOC code is BBVV (BlackBerry Visual Voicemail), and the guy who applied it to my account took a while, but eventually got it going. Under the Features section, in the Voicemail section (all the way at the bottom) you will see it, once it has been successfully activated. Other devices will get their Visual VoiceMail, but this is for the BOLD only! :D

I tried OTA, which was NOT successful.

Remember, the easiest way to do this: Just tell them you want SOC code BBVV applied to your account.

The feature itself is free (it has better "specs" than Enhanced Voicemail :) ), but, naturally, you need a Blackberry plan for it work.

Have fun! Finally, AT&T is #1 as far as Blackberry OS's for now. Now that's a first we should all celebrate, obsess about, and prey to, the great BlackBerry Gods...until Homeland Security arrests us.

I'm getting an error message saying I don't have enough memory space. I have a micro SD 8g in. How do I save it to that? Thanks

Tetris, Scrabble, Pac-Man, and Brain Challenge are all free with the update. Or so I think. Can anyone confirm this?!

Pac-Man is free for about 3 minutes. Gave it to my 5yr old and said "hey look pac-man" 3 minutes later I was paying $6.99 to stop the crying!

MobiTv is pre-loaded. Last I check at the ATT store this was not compatable with the BOLD. Looks good now. (for $9.99 a month).

The message reads Not enough available memory to store downloaded fileds. Delete 9.4 MB of personal data from device memory and then resume download. I have a Micro SD 8G Card. Please help! THanks

Did you try doing a battery pull? I did this and it fixed itself. had only 6.4 mb free and after battery pull it went to 17.4 mb free. After os upgrade, I know have 27.2 mb free.

Yes, the OS v4.6.0.297 comes with Tetris, PacMan, etc.

The OS upgrade was very easy. I did an Over-The-Air download and then went online to my AT&T account to add the Visual Voicemail feature. Everything went very smoothly and now I'm enjoying my Bold even more.

The Bold is BY FAR RIM's finest engineered mobile device! Love the Bold!

FYI, I'm still operating on 3G. I would never go back to 2G.

Does holding down the blackberry button still bring up the application switcher. And will bbm 5.o be deleted?

I actually like the new games & applications. RIM is working hard to keep me from switching to iPhone. Even after 6 years with Blackberry, the 3GS is tempting. This is my 3rd Bold since November, and for the past week it finally seems stable! Lets hope this new OS holds its own.

OTA worked. Took a couple tries. I'd say about an hour total. My BBM5.0 didn't get deleted. However, when I looked to see the version it was 5.0.8

Do I even need to ask if visual voicemail is supported w/ my Bold that's unlocked to T-Mobile? I'm downloading the upgraded OS regardless but VVM would be sweet.

GONNA BE SAFE??? thats my main issue as far the update.. can anyone tell me if thats going to be affected??

Is there any way to turn off the message notification? Not the VVM indicator. The one that shows up in messages is just a duplicate message indicator that is so annoying!

So I got the icon for the wireless upgrade. Attempted the OTA upgrade, let it do it's thing overnight while I was sleeping. Woke up to a screen that said "abnormal reset, press any key to return to prior configuration." Pressed a all my phone does is act like it's starting up then a blank white screen appears, after about 10 second it says "Linking Java" and then turns off. Won't do anything but this and just keeps cycling until the battery dies.

Called AT&T, they couldn't fix it, they send me to their CDS tech people...they couldn't fix it. They send me to RIMs tech support and they tell me to download the OS software to my computer...problem is the computer doesn't recognize that there's a phone hooked up through Desktop Manager. Tried to DL the new OS, but it keeps stopping the download about half way through. I just downloaded a 700mb movie so I know it's not my connection.

Called AT&T and they want me to pay my $125 deductible for a new phone. Such BS!!