AT&T Offering Free Refurbished Bolds!

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2009 07:49 pm EDT
Free Refurb Bold From AT&T!

Been holding out on the purchase of a new BlackBerry? Don't mind buying a refurbished device? Well, AT&T has a one day only deal for new customers that don't mind signing a 2 year contract to get a sweet deal on a sexy new BlackBerry Bold. Seemingly for today only you can grab a refurbished Bold for nada, zip, zilch, zero that's a price no one can refuse. Remember, new customers only though.

*UPDATE* Looks to be all done folks, hope many of you got in on the offer *

*UPDATE2* Looks like the response was so good AT&T Ran it again *

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AT&T Offering Free Refurbished Bolds!


I agree! I left Verizon to try the Bold! Great phone, but after a while saving money was not worth the poor voice quality, blocked & dropped calls and inconsistent 3G performance.

3G was great when it worked, allowing simultaneous voice & data but unexpectedly, it would switch to EDGE OR GPRS; terrible voice quality.

I am back with Verizon and have the Storm!

"Verizon for life!!!"

I just ordered mine! Im currently with verizon and decided this was a good opp to try att in my area. I still love verizon, but it doesnt work at my home.

Phone gets here on monday!

btw, the ETF is $175 and decreases by $5 for each month you have service.

Supposedly you can order it as a new customer, then merge the new line into your existing account. Just a rumor I heard...

I work for at&t and this is a deal that anyone should jump on that's a new customer. It's worth the cancellation fee and all.

Has anyone left their Helio (now Virgin) Ocean for the Blackberry Bold? I know their 2 completely different devices, but I'm torn between the 2.

I know there are a ton of product comparisons, but I'd like to hear from someone who has owned both the bold and the Ocean or Ocean2.

I don't know how it happened but I just ordered one. I already have a storm and have no intention of leaving Verizon. Oh well guess I'll have 2 phones. Maybe I'll give one to my little brother.

How did you get it for 11.00....
I am so mad....I pay 110.00 a month to stupid ATT and they wanna give new customers a free bold...what about the one's who have a relationship already...can't we get some love.

I am already with AT&T, but I ordered my Bold last night. I just ordered as if I was a new to them. When it gets here I will add the line to mine as a family talk paln and switch the data.

Do you or anyone else know how to merge accounts? If I were to do this, I would not know how to merge the new Bold's account with my current FamilyTalk account.

I can't order the SOB because I require a 150 deposit. And you "Can't pay deposits online" so I am unable to order it over the phone too. I only called to try it once, I guess I will try a few more times.

check again but use the link given above , I just checked it and worked........BB 8900.....4ever......or till the new one comes out...

Wheres the love for the customers thats contracts are due for an upgrade att? Oh well. I was on phone with customer service for a half hour trying to get this phone free as an To no avail, but did get another $50 off price of refurbished. Got it knocked down to $149, but i told em no way! Why should new customers get free ones and us thats contracts are due for upgrades cant? That just aint right!

Gotta agree with skullz ... show existing customers some Bberry love AT&T!!! I called to see if I could get a free one by adding a line to my family plan and the customer service rep said I could only get the $199 one. Booo!!!

I don't know why, cuz i like my storm (getting Niagara when it comes out) but I got the free bold. A keyboard is so much better and I need that E-trade most of the apps out i need are only compatible with the Bold. I got a voice and data plan but I'm switching the the data only for only $35 a month. Then I'm gonna put skype on it for unlimited domestic calling..also integrate that google voice...I can't wait for it to come in next week.

u do know it is a two year contract. so if u get the niagra (this summer) u will have three phones with the storm and bold still being under contract ( unless u cancel one). That just seems a little much

The other day my account suddenly said I was elligble for an upgrade. Making the refurb bold $199. I tried buying it, but the last step on checkout wouldn't complete saying something like 'unable to move to commit screen'. The next morning, my account said I was only elligble for full-price upgrade.
I think their online store is broke. :)

Not a bad deal at all. Especially for someone who has never had a Berry before. Wonder if you can upgrade to this?

it's Saturday morning, and I went through the link because I was curious. From what I can tell, there are still free refurbs available as I got right up to checkout. I'm not interested as I despise AT&T, but if you want one, follow the original link. They're still there.

I get an 13% discount through my employer, but when I log into att using my employee discount link, the free Bold doesn't show, and when I use the above link, I can't use my discount. Turd-monkeys! I was gonna jump on this. still might though.

Go through like normal activation, then all it takes when you get your bold is to run down to the store and show employment verification and you will get your discount on there. Good luck to all who are jumping on this. Still open it looks like.

oh wow... so not fair.. I purchased mine about 3 weeks ago (refurb) for 149.00 which is still a good deal, and the phone looks and works like new. I've purchased all of my smartphones refurbised and have never had any problems whatsoever. I'm glad AT&T offers that.

Though I must Admit that getting a Free Bold is UBER tempting..... Signing on w/AT&T is not
100 bucks for what I pay 70 bucks for now!!!!!???????? I could get unlimited everything for that!!! If Sprint would step their device selection up, they could really be a contender again in the Wireless industry!

Even So, I'm still stickin with Sprint, 450 +Unlimited everything+N&W@7= Happy Kerry!

Just a question to ponder. If you look at the number of people leaving sprint as opposed to coming it might tell you something.

ITs because the bold has had many problems with dropped calls, so a lot of switched out, exchanged and returned phones. I switched out 3 bolds before returning the 4th to get my money back. Good luck to the person who gets one of my bolds. Hope u have a better luck then I did? P/S you'll know its mine cause I scracthed my intials under the sim connector.

1. Although it has 3G (which works well), it isn’t available everywhere [although it IS available where I work and live] which means the phone will switch from 3G to EDGE to GSM depending on availability. The problem is that the transition between 3G, EDGE, and GSM is NOT seamless. I barely had service at my desk at work (which means I had no voice service). It was in an endless loop of switching between the three. I researched it on the internet, and 90% of the people who post about problems with the Bold, have that problem. It’s linked to a design flaw with the radio and AT&T's network and they are not addressing it. This is why, in my opinion it's free! I must have gotten “Call Failed” at least 50 times last week. I called AT&T and they are clueless. Although I'm not an expert, I know much more than the inept people they hire for technical support.
2. Battery life is extremely bad. I can get two to three days of heavy use from my Curve, but buy the end of the day, I had less than one third of the battery remaining.
3. The vibration ringer is not powerful enough. I barely feel it. This is a problem because I keep my phone on vibrate for 99% of the time.
4. Although I thought I was ok with its size, I’m not. It’s a little too big and heavy.

Anyway, I returned it – thank God! It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to this device. I guess I’ll just wait for the Curve 8900 to come out later this year.

I'm sure most of this is true, but I have had the bold about a month after release and where I live I rarely drop calls and don't worry about the constant switch. The 3G network is being expanded and will fix this issue for the most part.

Battery life is no where near that of a curve but you have 3G so that's expected in my opinion.

Vibrations sucks, I'm sorry it just does.

I don't mind the size. Hands down the best phone I've ever owned.

what is your definition of "heavy use"? because i have a curve and there is no way i can go 2 or 3 days without charging it.

Still showing where I live. Just ordered it. I figured I have 30 days to decide if I like without any costs, well minus the prorated amout for my use, and can return it I don't like it. I get 20% discount with VZW but appears I get 22% with ATT and plans cost the same.

I miss having a qwerty pad and was thinking about picking up the bold. I'm a bit concerned that they have so many refurb units. Is this a bad sign?

Do they come with any type of warranty?

I've been tmobile, att, & verizon.
Tmobile gave me the most problems..att's coustomer service was the worst.
Verizon does a great job!

I just ordered the free phone i currently have a plan with my iphone (:o). How long do i have to wait untill canceling the BB plan and just switch the sims over? A FREE refurb BB Bold will def be worth the $200 ETF fee.

This is what I want to kno as well. I just like the
idea of getting a free bold to trade it for a 8900
in hopes it would work out cheaper, but by canceling
the contract after 30 days, and payin the ETF, would
they charge me full price of a refurbished phone =

I just ordered mine a couple of minutes ago...after my order I went to check again and the deal was gone...i lucked out big time :-)

I am a current ATT customer and I just ordered my BOLD. I had to order it like a new customer but it was free. I'm simply going to switch my Pearl for the Bold, use the Bold on my primary account and put the Pearl on the second account with just a $30 plan. I am 31/2 mos from my second line terminating so I will let it go.

The response was so good that they actually ran out of refurb Bolds. Mine's still stuck on backorder but a free Bold will definitely be worth the wait.

Why are most promos only for new customers? If customer retention is such a problem, offer deals for us loyal customers!

Still havent gotten an email saying its been shipped..... :(

And also my order number says that it cannot be found.

do you guys understand how many refurb bold's at&t is giving away. does anyone understand why!!! cus they always break. the phone has only been out what 4 months. cmon people.

I am actually an sales agent for ATT and I carry the Bold I think anyone who has anything to say about the Bold is either an "ATT hater" or mad cause they can't get one. Come on guys is a free phone not the end of the world and people are showing "feelings" toward a merchandise, seriously, give props and move on...I think its an great deal I have installed tons of Apps on my phone and have dropped my phone and it still works fine. And I've had mine 2 days before they launched. Most idiots order phones have no idea how to work it and return a phone AND ITS LABELED REFURBED. Ive been employeed nearly 6 yrs with them and have seen it happened they complain that it doesnt do something and they turn them in to warranty department, and NOTHING is wrong with the phone, JUS THE USER. So instead of critically saying something your NOT QUITE SURE OF, either take advantage of the deal or overlook it. ***FYI REFURBS HAVE ALOT MORE TESTING ON THEM BEFORE THEY ARE SENT OUT***

I hope you're not really a representative from AT&T. Your remarks are as hot-headed as some of the "haters." Oh, and Marketing 101: Don't call your customers idots. 'Nuf said.

Has anyone recieved the bold yet? I already have one for TMOBILE & love it.

But I was just curious to know....

Is it in good condition? Is it all scratched up? HOW ARE THEY ?