T-Mobile's BlackBerry trade-in ends tomorrow, 94% switched platforms

iPhone and BlackBerry
By Derek Kessler on 4 Mar 2014 09:38 pm EST

The relationship between T-Mobile and BlackBerry has gone through a bit of a rough patch after an ill-advised promotion led to a battle-cry from offended BlackBerry users, a war-of-words between CEOs John Chen and John Legere, and an apology that consisted of T-Mobile offering free expedited shipping on BlackBerry smartphones and a $200 credit when trading in a BlackBerry, with another $50 credit available towards buying a new BlackBerry Q10 or BlackBerry Z10.

So how did the promotion go? In T-Mobile's own words, from an employee news update posted by TmoNews

"The program has been extremely popular, driving at least a 15x increase in BlackBerry trade-ins, with approximately 94% of those customers moving to a non-BlackBerry device at upgrade. This promotion was created to provide additional value for our loyal BlackBerry customers while providing customer choice — and important part of being the Un-carrier."

Ninety-four percent. Ouch. Granted, 15x and 94% are just ratio numbers of a base quantity we don't know, but they can't be the kind of numbers BlackBerry wanted to see. T-Mobile's certainly happy — they may not have made copious amounts of money off the deal, but they scored points with customers that were willing to part with their old BlackBerry for a new smartphone. They'll get their money in the long run.

Of course, it's worth noting that it did not have to be an active BlackBerry that you were trading in. Surely, some people grabbed an old Curve out of their desk and took it in to their nearest T-Mobile store for the trade-in. But somehow we doubt that was a significant portion of those that participated in the trade-in offer.

The $200 T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in deal ends tomorrow — is anybody else going to take advantage of it, or are you waiting to see what else T-Mobile or BlackBerry does? As T-Mobile noted in their news posting, "If this is what customers want, this is what customers will get!" At least those who do jump ship will still have access to BBM on the platform of their choice.

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T-Mobile's BlackBerry trade-in ends tomorrow, 94% switched platforms



Loyal BlackBerry customers = BlackBerry customers who are loyal to TMO.
It's a win-win situation = it's a win for these customers and a mission accomplished for TMO.
I'm happy for these customers; however, I feel sad that more of my BlackBerry comrades have defected to other platforms. Oh well.

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US is a lost market for Blackberry. Blackberry should completely abandon consumer market in the states and focus on other markets. Americans love there own fruit aka CrApple.

Don't matter if it's a dying market. Yet again it's more numbers lost. It doesn't matter what market they went from or what OTHER platform they went to. They are not supporting blackberry now. This is a major blow...... especially in confidence of the brand. blackberry just isn't as enticing as other brands. Its tech just isn't cutting edge at the top end. Bb10 has great features but they are useless if nobody else uses bb10........... and why would they now bbm is multi-platform. Chen has it nailed to focus on the business market. Face facts..... the consumer aspect of blackberry is looking as dead as a dodo for the most major markets.

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BlackBerry doesn't get any respect look how's it selling, it's reputation among to consumers and companies, consumers and Enterprise customers (bread & butter) defecting to iphones or Samsungs every day, week or month. As much as this saddens and angers me it's thanks to the previous leadership under Mike and Jim. Too distracted and arrogant when BlackBerry still had a big chunk of the smartphone market. Heck even BBM not going cross platform years ago lost out to other msging apps that came out as cross platform like whatsapp. Again BlackBerry late to react to the market.

1)All BlackBerry can really do now is bring confidence with existing and new customers whether it's consumers or business that they re here to stay and will be here in the long term.
2)Have affordable prices and products that appeal to users in emerging markets.
3) continue on updating BB 10 with improvement s and new features to stay or go head from the rest of the competition running on the latest hardware. Never be complacent like before.

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At this point all BlackBerry has to do is make a killer spec phone, get Google Play embedded so no one has to side load Snap and ensure that the download is easy and the program actually works.

I blame Google for the decline. They have such a strangle hold over information, that I am positive that they wilful control streams of information to negatively impact BlackBerry.

Last year during the launch of Bb10 top articles in Google search would be headlines that were old and derogatory. I saw that many times and believe me I was addicted to searching Google for BlackBerry!

I was at an app developer's today and trying to convince him that there is hope with the new leadership, Foxconn, bb10, android apps sandbox, etc... but when I went to show him how easy it was to download from Google play, it didn't work! go figure.

People do not want to develop for a brand that is losing market, not gaining. Sad but true. Kudos to those who still are! Thank you so much!

May the berry rise and shine for many years into the future. Still burning the candle here.

Sorry for the ramble.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I've had a blackberry since the days of the pearl. Never have I known them to deliver a killer phone. They have always used older technology. If they did this they would be Atleast noticed. Before nokia sold it's soul. They released a cutting edge phone. I have one..... its a white Nokia n9. One of the most innovative mobiles ever. Blackberry used many of its features I'm bb10. Why can't blackberry release a limited number of really high speced phones as they do with porsche design.

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I keep saying this, ..... as a matter of fact I can't state it enough, it just goes by and it's as I'd people just don't see it.....
BlackBerry has an image...it's dead it's outdated, uncool ..... PERIOD.
There is no buzz, no nothing, when the regular joe thinks of BlackBerry, do you know what is the first image that pops in his head???? ,that's right one of those cheap curves with the plastic screens.
People have no idea how good and cool BB10 is, simply because there is not a single gram or shred of advertising devoted to clear up the image (notice i said clean up because of those devices) of BlackBerry.
I love BlackBerry and all, been a user for quite some time now, and i love and i mean LOVE bb10 it has no comparison, I've used many other high end smartphones and the BB10 OS is far superior.
However you can have the best product ever, hell you could be even giving it away for free, but if people don't know about it, or if you don't put it out there properly it won't sell.
The tech is good, and anyone who says it's not as good as iphone or android is a fool, or just doesn't know how to use BB10.
IF.....note the IF, if BlackBerry wants BB10 to succeed it needs to be way more aggressive on the advertising front ,way, way more aggressive.
Great OS alone doesn't sell phones, marketing does, plain and simple.
I applaud Chen and all his tactics and seems to be the right dude for the job, but everyone knows this has been a gaping hole that needs to be dealt with (marketing).
You have to make BlackBerry COOL again.

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I agree with Felixlives. Its so uncool to have a BlackBerry. I love my BlackBerry. Always have. Love the new OS. I will never leave, but I get picked on all the time. I'm constantly showing cool features and most say "Oh that's cool, but it's still a BlackBerry!" drives me crazy. They need to market the hell out of this OS and put it in the hands of stars. Put it in the hands of top actors in movies. I always notice Iphones popping up in movies. It sucks knowing I have the best and know one to brag to because no one gives a shit.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

There could be something there, they should think of a strategy that involves high profile celebrities, Alicia Keys was maybe a good idea but i believe maybe someone more in the news could have been better, no hate, just maybe someone else would have been a better fit.
Youtube videos are great but they need more mainstream stuff, really reach the masses, like stated, shake off the old image.....boom....here is BlackBerry, completely new, you think you know BlackBerry, think again Boom.
This needs to be in your face smack in the middle of the customer and iphone's and androids, they need to make it clear that BlackBerry is a viable alternative,
I choose BlackBerry not because it's popularity or because a lot of people have it, i choose BlackBerry because it's unlike anything out there and helps me get shit done!
Remember, the tech is there, hardware will get you so far (more cores etc) after a while everything will be fast enough, it will come down to OS and qnx has proven itself it can deliver, however BlackBerry still needs to get to that finish-line so they need to increase their marketing efforts.

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You have to admit. Bb10 works great on its device's......but at a time when every other manufacturer is releasing quad or octacore high end device. z30 has mid range power and low res screen. Its a great device don't get me wrong..... but many mid range phones offer what it does with far better accessibility to apps.... a phone in question is the nokia lumia 1320. in the uk it's £250 off contract. I hope the z3 really can compete against this onslaught of android and wp8 devices that have saturated the market already..... android being the main one to do this!

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I'm devoted to blackberry. I have always had one. I love my Q10....... but let's face facts. the legacy of the last management is something Chen may not be able to shake off. A miracle is what is needed

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Saying all this about advertising..... some new vids from blackberry have turned up on youtube!

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It does matter. Companies can survive and be profitable if they don't spend where they can't make money. Chinese companies are making money focusing only in the emerging markets. Sony doesn't give a sh*t about the states and they are doing quite OK with smartphones. I am quite positive Blackberry Z10 write down has a lot do with Blackberry projecting huge sales in the states. Blackberry still has good brand image in some markets, it should focus its resources there.

Maybe they should sell phones the way google does. Make a very competitive model for world use that can be ordered and sent anywhere in the world. Price being the key feature....... AND REALLY ADVITISE IT!!!!!!!!

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Allow me to counter that +1 with a -1 for each of the millions of American BB users who wish to continue to be able to be American BB users.

Your suggestion would be appropriate if I had said "tens of millions," since currently there are probably only about 12 million BB subscribers in the US -- so only a single ten million in there.

I live in the States and have a Z10. Loving everything about the phone and OS, but I have never seen any marketing for BlackBerry in years. I had the Storm 2, then bought into the iPhone craze for 2 years with the iPhone 4. Absolutely hated it. It's marketed so hard just like the android phones. If BlackBerry was interested in the smartphone market anymore, they would put together a new marketing campaign and flood the market. Welcome to the new BlackBerry!

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How many people trade in a an old bold 6,7 phone and how many people using allready another platform and how many people we talking here. We have in the Netherlands the same swap trade programs and mostly they are just dust eating phone's.

Exactly what i did. I traded in a curve and a 9650. Really old and susty. made sure they work first. They still did. Amazing phones. I'm still using my Z10.

Count me as one of those in America with a Blackberry. I currently use a Q10 and have an old 9900 as a backup. Also had a Bold 9780 before too.

But looking around it is pretty clear there aren't many of us in the US. Sure I sometimes see someone on the train reading emails on an old Blackberry (with the trackball) but I'm willing to bet it's a work issued device. I use mine for work and for personal use as it is my personal phone.

I've seen a few 9900s around my area and saw maybe one Q10. Still haven't seen a Z10 or Z30 in the wild. Even my friends who I show my Q10 to who are relatively tech savvy are like "that has some nice features but who still uses Blackberry?" and non tech savvy friends/colleagues are often like "is that an old android phone, why don't you have an iphone?"

It's mostly an image problem these days at Blackberry.

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And Apple is absolutely distraught that you feel so personally about one of their several products.

Haha I'm sure they care about me almost as much as I care about them. ;)
I'm not blind though, I have every other active platform in my arsenal. Using my Dell Venue 8 Pro to type this.

Good. Best position to start from is one of honesty. Apple has never personally done anything to me. So I don't "hate" any of their products. Their phones just don't do it for me. But their MacBook does. And I also like my Apple TV. Just don't care for the phones. Cool thing about Apple is that they offer more than one type of consumer product.

Agreed. I don't own any Apple products at the moment, Wife has an iPhone and she loves it. To each their own, it's not ending any marriage at the moment lol.

There are things made by Apple that I may purchase in the future, but as of now, nothing I have a need (or $) for.

I completely disagree. I love my Z10 and have been a loyal BlackBerry customer, as has my family, for the past 7+ years. Ignoring any customer at this point would not be in the companies best interest.

And for the record.... I HATE Crapples. they taste awful!

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I guess you hadn't read that Android outsells Apple here. But never let the facts get in the way of tired statements.

You must be jealous. Get a P.O. Box here and tell your friends you have have a U. S. address.

The-Mobiles bone head move cause a lot of damage to BBRY. People that did switch were uneducated about how amazing BB10 is. This also shows how bad BB10 marketing is. And how many people wanted to end BBOS contracts early.

What T+Mobile needs to do is send emails out with a promotion targeting iPhone users to switch to superior BB10 devices, such as the Z30.
I also have a suspicion that T-Mobile is involved with the iPhone/Apple rip-off contracts, where they are forced to push a certain % of iPhones or get penalised by $Billions$ owning Apple. I won't get into the arrogance of such crap deals.

@Vithulan..after reading all the comments it seems like this deal was for a refurbished BB phone,who buys that kind of potential trouble anyway,6%?go figure!!

I'm confused. This post has absolutely nothing to do with sex or how I use my phone in conjunction with it.

Smh. That was an unfair jab. He is just the bearer of T-Mobile's meaningless stats that really say nothing about what happened and leave the floor open to conjecture. If I had to guess, I'd say more is said by what they left out, which is pretty much ALL clarifying detail, than by what they actually said. Everyone already has their Q10s and Z10s. This is just folks turning old BBOS phones into "something else for cheap" for themselves or their kids.

T-Mobile's little blurb is no different than every other worthless press release turned news... it is a headline without any supporting details... or worse, crafted in such a way that the lack of details steers people to certain conclusions that would not be arrived at if the details were present.

This is the kind of reaction that has brought BB down to what it is today. You know how many times the people at the top of BB made these same excuses? If BB was a top 3 company and didn't just fire another CEO or have to take a loan out for something like a billion dollars then maybe I could see where you coming from but come on. Be REAL.

Don't be stupid...there was not a single TMOB sales representative in a store anywhere in the USA pushing anyone to upgrade to a new BlackBerry device...not a one...

CB10 from the Z30

I was alone in the battle.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

You can use the word in-sentence, but might cop some flak from some users. ;-)

Apparently if your post is just made up of the word "first" alone, CB blocks it.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I like it! BlackBerry Knight here!!!!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

And.....I changed my signature. Just a little.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)


Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Not to mention when people tried to upgrade to new BlackBerry's the reps would tell them that they didn't have any so they couldn't get a BlackBerry & instead should get something else

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Yeah! Even though T-Mobile had to send BlackBerry stock back, I Let customers know we can still get them shipped. Especially new customers!! I always recommend BlackBerry first!

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Thank you!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Exactly! I know a few legacy users that were holding on and once I broadcasted this promo they jumped on it and upgraded to new BB10 devices. My mom is one specific example, she went to T-Mobile store and asked to upgrade to Q10. She received "oh you want to upgrade to another BlackBerry device?", she said "exactly!" From that point on dude was a bit of a snob. At one point she called me to ask about something referring to her account, but I needed to clear it with the TMO rep, she asked them to get on the phone so I can explain and the rep quickly said I know nothing about BlackBerry phones. Of the few people that went to T-Mobile store, only one had a good experience. A rep told him he was overwhelmingly impressed with Z30 (after using a friends Verizon version) not having used any BB10 device prior. So yeah BlackBerry here in US at least, gets very little push or respect from carrier store reps.

Of course BlackBerry doesn't get any respect look how's it selling, it's reputation people defecting to iphones or Samsungs every day, week or month. As much as this saddens and angers me it's thanks to the previous leadership under Mike and Jim. Too distracted and arrogant when BlackBerry still had a big chunk of the smartphone market. Heck even BBM not going cross platform lost out to other msging apps that came out as cross platform like whatsapp. Again BlackBerry late to react to the market.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

We all understand the obvious at this point champ. But in this case look at the one rep for instance that ACTUALLY spent a few minutes with a new BlackBerry device. He showed respect and shared an interest. We're talking the little people here that spend a few minutes without their Samflung & iStool shades on. They don't own stock, so there is no reason for them to be ultra cool wieners.

That's was me!

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The Globe had an interesting piece about this.. If Jim had his way a few years ago, bbm would have been a global cross platform standard and BB would be owning the Chinese market.. Who knows that BB10 wouyld have looked like but I bet youit would have been available for the playbook

Previous Management: BB10 Late to market, Crap marketing/advertising, Over-Priced Z10 & Q5, Absolutely no incentives or rewards for BBOS users to go BB10, Bone Head 4 Sale Sign that was caused by the nonsense from the previous management miss-steps. It was a downward spiral out of control.
Mr. Chen put a stop to this. But this T-Mobile nonsense also shows he cannot ignore the USA market just like the previous management did. Unfortunately USA news is read by the entire world, and stuff like this gets around.
I know Mr. Chen has a plan, and I hope that plan is a Monsterous 64-Bit Z50 to get BlackBerry 10 into the "COOL FACTOR" again in North America. Enterprise alone won't bring BBRY back fully IMO. Its a balancing act and I see Mr. Chen pushing forward with Enterprise, Devices, QNX & BBM. Catering to all segments of the market place all across the world.

Bottom line : Americans still don't have 10.2.1, Chen needs to grow balls and deliver it today. Don't talk contracts with carriers they could care less about BlackBerry why should BlackBerry care about them.

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I'm going to have to agree with this. I don't think these so called partnerships are helping BlackBerry any more. They need to make the customers happy. To hell With the carriers.

Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q ".

I too have to agree with both of you. And its too bad because in the BlackBerry Glory days, Carriers made a dump load of cash with them. And now they are giving BBRY the middle finger nowadays.

Obviously Mr. Chen needs to do something about this, and one way to curve this nonsense and take back some of the USA consumer market is to continue to GROW its Enterprise business, entice them to buy/take as many BB10 devices as possible. Next is to come out with a unique revolutionary product such as I've mentioned previously, the Z50 powered by an 8-Core, 64-Bit CPU, 20MP rear facing Camera, 8MP front facing, Huge battery, 4GB Ram, Antenna Technology, best in class speakers, etc.,

This alone would get Site Reviewers motivated to review the Z50, give it outstanding positive feedback, which then trickles back down to the Consumer. I believe this is Mr. Chen's plan, though not 100% sure, I came up with this due to his recent comments in a few interviews along with various rumours.

Despite all the Negativity toward BBRY nowadays, the one single FACT of the matter is BBRY finally has a CEO that seems to care about the company, listens to its customers and has done so much in such short time. He's the right man for the job. He'll reverse the negative BBRY image in the USA in good time. I trust.

@ Kiddo... "correct" need 10.2.1 so BlackBerry owners can show their skeptical friends Instagram, Netflix and other metrosexual must have apps from Android on their BlackBerry....

Until then - nothing else matters.... speakers, battery life.. blah blah blah... show them Instagram and you have a case with consumers..

Agree with all of you. It's the carriers that have damaged BlackBerry here in South Africa. Claiming they don't make money from them, forcing new stupid limited plans and forcing BlackBerry to give up BIS. For us in emerging markets this played into Android and iOS hands.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

I had 10.2.1 on my Z10 officially on Verizon (you know, that American company) and Verizon customers were among the first to get it. I also have 10.2.1 on my Verizon Z30, again here in the U.S. (although not officially) The point is, if people want it, it's there to be had.

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If they manage to bring that out in September or so, then Samsung's just lost a major fight, with their newly announced Galaxy S5 (make sure you don't write 5s, lol) only sporting a quadcore and lots of similar spex.

The S4/S5 is more or a direct competitor, if not the main one for the Z30 or its rumored 5.2 inch successor.

The iPhone seems to be able to kinda keep out of the direct spex comparison, but now that they are apparently letting themselves into a screen size debate with the "6", that will change, too.

Interesting times ahead.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I'd agree with you. People need to realize that you could make the best phone in the world (I don't think BB is but) the sales of it only happens if you can convince people that the phone is the best in the world. You could have a bad phone which some might think as Samsung with all their bloatware is and Samsung can convince that it's great they'll sell. This is why digital marketing industry is worth 62 BILLION. This is only digital. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/10/14/study-digital-marketing-industry-...

Windows: "Where do you want to go today"?
Android: "I want to go force close"!
IOS: "Steve, where do we go now? Steve...? Stee-Eeeeeve..."?

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BB10: "Where is everybody?"

Sent from any one of my Android phones that hasn't forced closed ever because it's not 2010 anymore.

Android: "OK overlords listed up. You get this free game and all you have to do is give me all you personal information and that of all you're colleagues too, but hey.. Flappy Bird!"


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Android: Oh yay, it's so important to me to be part of a large group. Being part of the popular group is the most important thing ever!

And I'm so happy to be a part of this group that I'll let you mine all my information and call it Google Now!

Scroogled once more!

Go the smackberries, give'em what they deserve...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I don't think this is what Marcus meant by "engaging with Mobile Nations members" Really? Trolling another member site when they are already down and getting crap news like this? Superior attitude much? Gotta say it's kinda dickish

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Android: "I want to go force close"!

Xhead75. You need to stop using old Android phones. I haven't had a force close since I was on any Android version from 4 and up. But then again I don't use no name apps. I use tech sites recommendations for the best apps so the not top shelf apps could have bad programming and force closings.

I have the feeling most Android users just don't really know what they have. Someone sold it to them, because it is ubiquitous, not because they made a conscious, left alone an informed decision for the platform. Specth sell!

All they know, it's not an iPhone. No idea that Google is collecting ***everything*** about them. And malware galore!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

You serve your masters well. We enjoy calling people like you isheeps....thanks for proving our point.

I'm Zeeing a bright future for Blackberry

Rather mindless (?) Fandroid drones.

iSheep is the other camp. A bit if animosity between the two. But they will agree quickly when it comes to BlackBerry, it seems.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Phil you sh!t disturber you. Don't you know bb10 will set you free? Try it out for a week. I did. Couldn't go back to my Samsung. Just couldn't.

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94% based on what? People currently under contract with a BB PHONE?
Other than a handful of Z10s and q10s sold in the last year, that doesn't amount to a very large number of devices given the lengthy period between BBOS and BB10.

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Well, it's 94% of those that took advantage of the promo. Now, the amount of people that took advantage of the promo is unknown but whatever amount it is, even it was just 100 people, that means that 94 people switched platforms.... that sucks.

I know for a fact people were buying up old BBs from eBay and probably CL to trade in--some of who never used a BB in their life. So are they being counted in the 94% too?

Of course they are.. this isn't a detailed analysis... they just totalled their figures

I'm qualified to say so because I own a BlackBerry10 device

I can totally see that being a huge part of the limited data released on the deal. It's not like like people were trading in their BB10 phones to switch to another platform ; they were taking advantage of T-Mobile's offer and getting rid of old tech. If I had been closer to a store, I would have asked my brother for one of many old BBOS phones he has lying around just so I could trade it in too and get a phone at a great price. Now, I would have tried for a Q10 because I've never used a physical keyboard, but if I knew I didn't like typing on that, what are my other options? Not another Z10, so I might just get a different platform to check it out. It certainly doesn't mean I've switched platforms, as my Z10 is still my primary. All it means was that I got another phone cheaply. I wonder what those "stats" would look like if they had Z30s AND they were readily available.

Spot on, but whose ever going to market this. Unfortunately BlackBerry still puts faith in carriers. Take a lesson from Steve, market and perception is everything, then they need you to make the sale.
BlackBerry is losing market share here in South Africa fast. Either believed to be bought or considered dying for last three years. Still hard to convince people otherwise.

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

I am 15x more likely to not consider T-Mobile and 94% sure that they'll never be my carrier.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

And I say this with the same amount of GLEE they are projecting.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

I can't wait to switch to them. They are by far the only company trying to shake up the mobile industry. They are kind of like BB and are trying anything to be relevant again. If everyone is saying this 15X and 94 % doesn't matter then whats the big deal? T-Mobile is a cell carrier that is the model for BYOD and put it on our network. Don't hate because the promo ended up showing you how most Americans see BB. BB hasn't gotten the US excited. Again marketing is everything. Marketing is what sells condoms to nuns. ( not meant to be religious)

To have a promotion to specifically turn in BlackBerry phones...and to be so happy to have participants of the promotion switch to non-BlackBerry devices is my problem with T-Mobile.

And your marketing comment...in the words of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids has "No Class".

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Yes, I want the #4 rated carrier. Ratings by users or coverage don't matter to me. I only care about the coverage area I'm in and price. I'm in wifi @ home and @ work. I really don't need nor want to spend lots of money for data. I also like to reward companies that do things I like.

If you ask me, people are stupid for leaving BlackBerry without actually giving BB10 A fair share. They will regret it in the future.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. They missed out and the call themselves BlackBerry loyalists. Bs and I really hate tmobile and tmobiles ceo

Posted via CB10

Fair share? On 10.1? It's not gonna happen.

BB10 is great OS but as long as it's in 10.2.1 clothing but US carriers ... We all know the story.

If they really wanted to drive "goodwill" towards BlackBerry, they would have only given the higher trade-in value for BB devices when trading it in for a new BB device. Giving big trade-in value for a BB device that could be used for any device was just begging for this sort of result. And this is probably the result they were after anyways. Jerks.

This is a very true statement. BBOS is old and sluggish, and without the in store presence of BB10 devices, 94% did what anyone would have done; switched to a phone that has been seen on the streets, used by friends and family and was better than BBOS.

T-Mobile didn't want to give BlackBerry a chance; they threw in the extra $50 value on the trade in to save face in the media.

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I don't think Kevin and a lot of others at Crackberry are that loyal to Blackberry anyway - just there to report the news! (often from their droids and iphones)

Posted via CB10

Gord Cluthe
Most people in the USA were not educated about BB10, courtesy of the previous management. Not to mention the huge amount of iBots and Droid FanBoyz absolutely not pushing BB10 at all by way of flat out lying to people.
This nonsense can be stopped by JC, by releasing a monsterous Spec's device. The 64-Bit 8-Core Z50.

This is just what t-mobile wanted. They planted the thought in customers heads already when stating that they should switch away from blackberry before this promotion. This promotion just fueled the switch, very sneaky by TM. Why don't they give apple users 200 off to switch too... maybe those wanting to get a blackberry now can... or android users etc..... if I was Chen I would feel insulted.

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Why should Tmob try to keep customers on BB? They want happy customers (at the highest possible margin). Why should they risk antagonizing clients by pushing them to choose a BlackBerry again? Calling them jerks for this only identifies you as an irrationally thinking fanboy.


You are out to lunch on your statement. It's one thing to give people an honest deal to help them upgrade a device, and another to flat out LIE to them. The LIE, claiming iPhone 5 is superior than BlackBerry (BBOS/BB10). The truth, BB10 will always be far superior.

iPhone works out of the box as promised with no hassle. You and me may dislike its closed infrastructure, but it just works.

Our mothers don't care about attaching multiple Word docs to an email or automatic multilingual spelling control. They want to have the fun apps and pics of the grandchildren shared through iCloud.

You don't want to be the T-Mob shop employee explaining my mother how to sidelaod Snap or that the device you sold her doesn't have that app she is looking for...

"Better" is like beauty. Eye of the beholder...

Actually considering that BlackBerry has like 1% marketshare in the US or something very very low, I think 6% staying with BlackBerry is slightly GOOD news. Oddly.

Plus, the email promo that TMO sent out said trade in your BlackBerry for an iPhone. They never sent another promo out after saying anything about the Z or Q, not to mention the fact they have zero BlackBerry devices in stock. So is it really bad that 6% knew they could apply the offer for a new BB and waited for the device to be shipped?

You didn't need to be currently using the old blackberry. This promotion was seen more like a physical coupon.

Posted via CB10

That's assuming everyone in that 94% was a recent BB user, and not just, say, an Android user digging up his old 8100 to trade in.

Yeah...I've got an old BBOS device I could trade in no matter what phone I was currently using...and in sure if I asked around with friends, it would be easy to scrounge one up. If this was how the deal works then I think it's highly likely that most of the non-blackberry upgrades were from non-blackberry users.

Posted via CB10

That's also assuming 100% of the percentage of the 1% using a BB on T-Mobile took advantage of this offer. Possible, but unlikely...

Posted via BBCBZ10

I don't think 94 percent of the people who got this deal left blackberry to choose another platform. I think most of them already had another platform and just traded in their old blackberry which had been collecting dust for a while.

Posted via CB10

I was thinking same thing I have 3 old working blackberry phones laying around. 2 that were on t-mobile before I realized how much I hated their service.

Posted via Z10 @ CrackBerry App

I think you are right about this! Actually, I bought a bold 9800 for $40 with poor physical condition but fully functional, just to get $100 bucks from the BlackBerry trade up program back in the day for a Bold 9900 and still keep my 9700.

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Good point. I wonder if TMO will gives details on what models were traded in? If they don't, that tells us something right there.

Exactly. Plus I know of people who went out and bought old BBs on eBay just to trade them in. Never even been a BB user before.

Well I used my trade in to switch my daughter from a galaxy S3 to an iPhone. So how do they count that?

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Hahaha! People are getting all bent out of shape about how this deal has reportedly worked out, but I wonder if it's really T-MOBILE who are the ones who are choking on it by having to give ridiculous trade in value for devices towards upgrades that would have been made anyway and never would have went to BB10 devices anyway. So BlackBerry really never lost any customers, maybe even expedited some upgrades to BB10, but T-Mobile lost out on money in the process. Something to think about....

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how is this seen as an "upgrade"?....its a HUGE downgrade....i've owned iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and currently own a Z10......the best phone I have ever owned, goes to the Z10...it may not have the 5.5" screen that my Note II did...but with my experience with the Z10, I don't really miss it.....Although I want a bigger screen, but thats what the Z30 is for.....and maybe Blackberry will even get the Phablet scene and make a 5.5" display phone themselves......I would love that.....but as of now, I don't see myself going back to iOS, WP or Android....

I wonder if stock was available for them to make a choice or if they had to wait and decided on another product.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

There was nothing that said it was limited to in-store availability only. They probably could have ordered in something from the warehouse and then conducted the trade-in once it had arrived a few days later.

...but they make it easier to switch to Android or iOS didn't they... and they didn't have the B*LLZ to say how many were Android and how many were iOS: they would have to possibly make poowha widdle Timmy Cook cwy if it turned out that most of the upgrades were to Android devices... they're "willing" to slag BlackBerry in the guise of "customer choice" but they are too cowardly to risk offending Apple. How Un-courageous and Un-cooth.

There *is* no in-store availability. TMO doesn't stock BB10 devices. They were offering expedited shipping (starting right before this trade-in promo,) and even that's gone now, as per the flyer.

Not surprised we are talking about the US here...blackberry is not promoted at all anymore....go figure and remember top 10 companies hated in the US one of them is blackberry lol. what did too expect from a country that have lined up for days for an iPhone lol :). Bb10 still rules at the end of the day and the Z30 has much better reviews on bell....rogers....verizon compared to iPhone lol some of them of them are iPhone and Android users

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Exactly, US consumer market is lost, and now waste of money. Blackberry shouldn't even spend dime in that market.

But it'll be offset by the $200 loss they took on each iPhone. Timmy will not be happy at this devaluing of his hardware...

I took my old AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 out of the drawer and traded it in for $250 on one of 5 Q10s that we're still left in the store from when they stopped selling them.

Another shit business outcome for BlackBerry. Thanks for being such ducks Tmob. So glad I am on Rogers.

Posted via My rocking Droidberry Z30 on CB Forums

They offered their customers the option to trade-in a BlackBerry for a discount on whatever device they wanted, with an additional discount if they chose a new BlackBerry. How is it T-Mobile's fault that people opted for a different platform when given the choice?

They should have offered it to trade in for a blackberry 10 device instead of any choice to another platform people think bb10 is still like the old ones....remember there is zero marketing down there.....t mobile plan for its.loyal.customers was just to get them to choose to another platform and remember this....the stories you hear about store reps telling people to get an android or iPhone over blackberry 10 is obviously a big contribution to this as well " I came in to trade my bold for the new z10...." store rep :" don't get a blackberry they are going out of business they SUCK get a iPhone or Android " I can guarantee you that this has happened with the trade in program as well

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You don't even know what percentage was actually switching between windows, android and iPhone. This article is dense. What's the point?

Posted via CB10

Mobile Nations coming out in full force! Hold hands everyone. Time to sing Kumbaya...

Posted via BBCBZ10

come how can you be so naive, the whole point of it was to get people to switch from BBOS to iPhone or Android.

- No stores carry BB10 phones
- They didn't put BB10 phones on their site until a few days/week ago besides the refurbished Q10s (which was near the end of the deal). If you tried to talk to a rep online about it they would say "no we don't carry BB10 phones"
- If you went to the store to try to order a BB10 phone the rep would say they don't have them and say Blackberry is going out of business and etc. But we have an iPhone and Android phones.
- Plenty of people have old BB devices from a century ago and this was their excuse to upgrade their existing android/iphone device

There is not 1 pro for Blackberry, all cons. aanndd I thought you were smart... =/ But then again you are into iPhones lol =0 productivity + apps

I thought I made it clear. T-Mobile wasn't carrying any BB10 phones but Q10 refurbs until a few days ago. They weren't on the site or in the store.

Comment when you have something between your ears next time ;)

Right so most BBOS owners who utilised this promotion wouldn't take a refurbished Q10.
Isn't this the flagship keyboard device?

As far as personal attacks. I don't engage in those. I guess my mother raised me better.

No emoticon needed.

The point here is this as a consumer, if you come into a store to buy a phone, and you are told that you will be given $200.00 off this "beautiful" android / iPhone/whatever, and "you can use it right now to try it, here look at mine, isn't it fantastic? Take it home today and love it!" Or you can get $250.00 to go towards a phone you can't touch, try, hear anything good about, and can not even get the flagship, you simply have to have faith that when it ships you will get it (okay, I did that with my z30, but I lived and breathed BlackBerry since before the launch and knew exactly what I was getting into). What choice is the average consumer going to make? $200 for real right now or $250 for vapour (as far as they are concerned)?

There is no need for personal attacks.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Very well said indeed...

I would just like to add what exactly is Faith...

Hebrews 11 (KJV)

11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11 is a great chapter in the Bible about Faith well worth everyone's time to look it up and read it...

Have a good day.


www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

Derek they opted to switch because they did not offer any BB10 phones... and probably even told them not to get one...


Why only chose Blackberry for tradein? Are you saying what T-mobile did was right? I wouldn't be surprised if it was some how funded by iPhone or may be T-Mobile had to do it because of some subsidy agreement with Apple.

Derek Kessler

These comments have nothing to do with T-Mobile's Trade-In Program via BB devices. The issue was the original offer, trade in your BBRY's for iPhones. That is the issue, and that was what made this offer available.

What T-Mobile should have done was offer a $250 off if you buy a BB10 device and leave Android/iOS. How about that one. T-Mobile is full of SH*T.

Gee, those high-level talks between T-Mobile and Blackberry must have gone real well. Why would T-Mobile even announce the 94% number unless they wanted to give the big middle finger to Blackberry. I love how everyone here was all pumped up about JC's response to the T-Mobile offer. Even a second-tier carrier like T-Mobile isn't above showing Blackberry who is the boss of their network.

Probably because it was impossible to find a BB10 device to buy from them, and even harder to get them to agree to give you the trade-in credit if you have to order the device online.

Calculated move by T-Mo. A lesson for BlackBerry.

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I just want a z30 with attached. Love the z10 but want a few features of z30. And a bigger screen as that is no feature to me.

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T mobile is happy not to pay fees for BlackBerry OS. That's why the carriers are so desperate to dump them. They rather sell an iPhone to meet their contractual obligation plus it is shown that iPhone users spend more money and use more data. Android users are in different for the carriers.

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Considering the email that TMO sent out to everyone said the promo was for the iPhone, is there any surprise?

@sk8er_tor... I can just hear it...Oh please daddy I want an iphone so badly !!Where is your old phone that's not being used anymore it's broken anyway,Please please I love you ,oh please please!!!

To be meaningful, they would have to state how many were active BlackBerry customers, such as tracked by BIS account cancellations. BlackBerry knows that number and we may see them comment on this note bt T-Mobile.

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Seeing as how poorly marketed the BB10 devices and how much US carriers sh*t on blackberry as much as they can....we really shouldn't be surprised. most of them probably had no clue about the Zs or Q and if they did probably just equated them to the crap BBOS 6 or 7 device they're running now. I remember when I was working partner tech support for BlackBerry (worst...job..ever...btw) I kid you not, almost half the people I spoke to from the states told me that carrier sales reps were trying really hard to coax them to use an iphone or android device. It sucks that BlackBerry is relying on these people to get their devices into the hands of consumers.

Posted via CB10

I'll stick with my BlackBerry Z10's. I am upgrading to. A brand new Z30 in a week or so. Completely FREE....

There's just something about the way a BlackBerry product works, and the security packed into it, that I'm more comfortable with.

Posted via CB10

Crackberry.com.......why can't I modify my posts in your app, on my Z10?

I have stated this over and over, but it isn't being addressed.....


Posted via CB10

I know first hand that these figures Is BS. T-mobile just didn't want to lose and look any worse off. How do I know? I am the proud owner of a BBQ10 and which I will be activate with T-mobile however I did not buy it from T-mobile. That program was a joke. I walked into 3 different stores and it's only available on line and it has to be shipped to home. Then the discount comes off the "installment" payments not the phone and all 3 sales persons told me people were bringing "inactive" "old" blackberries just to grab the discount. Most of them already had another platform and just traded in their old blackberry which had been collecting dust for a while.

Why don't you Americans start some sort of campaign against Tmobile? I'm in Canada so it makes no sense for me to do this.

Posted via CB10

It would be interesting to know exactly how many of the 'outraged' refused to put their money where their mouths.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Bingo! From the beginning, this looked like a "put up or shut up" proposition - in response to the outrage over the initial email campaign.

Could be they're planning on jumping ship from T-Mobile and don't care to re-up. Just a theory, though.

Posted via BBCBZ10

I'd love to take advantage of the trade-in, but Tmo doesn't stock the z30. Heck, most stores don't even carry the BB10s. And with the nonsense their salespeople are known to spew, any wonder why people weren't choosing Blackberry?

Posted via CB10 | Q10 on T-Mobile (USA)

Typical armerican business pro American anti canadian. T- Mobil sucks my week old dirty socks

Rkelly on his Zed10

Knowing Chen, he isn't going to let T-Mobile say this without a fight.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

What I see is that a large number of people WERE satisfied with the BlackBerry that they had, and didn't see the need to trade to another blackberry or iPhone or Android, thus the incentive was of no use to them. In other words only the disenchanted few made the switch.

Posted via CB10

This will SURELY be posted on that joke of an anti-BBRY tech blog Bullisht Garbage Recycler by morning...

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Time for BB to start selling direct in the US -- including the Z30, the Z3, and the Q20.

The carriers will not sell BB, reps turn people to non BB. Sell direct without the carrier markup and give the middle finger back to the carriers.

And of course, allow people to upgrade via Link without carriers delaying releases.

The US can already buy BlackBerry direct. BlackBerry cannot afford to alienate carriers. They need them so the phones can get service. Phones don't magically work.

Posted via CB10

It really is a screwed up business model.

I don't have to buy a computer from my internet provider, I can buy it from countless number of vendors or build one myself. I then connect it to the internet using internationally agreed upon protocols.

Why does a cell phone have to be different?

This isn't the carrier's fault, but in the fault of governments to properly regulate this industry.

Will it change? No, and that just sucks.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

If it's GSM, all you need is an active SIM and your unlocked / outright phone of choice. No activation drama like CDMA/Verizon stuff.

Pop the SIM in, that's it. That's how it works here down under. Sorry if the US carriers are giving you guys such a hard time.

Outright purchase + $40 prepaid unlimited plan is the cheapest option here, beats the $60 plans + ridiculous handset repayment fees on top

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

BlackBerry has only themselves to blame for this. Customers fleeing away from BlackBerry to other platforms is not something new, what were we expecting? Yes it sucks and indeed these people downgraded but BlackBerry did a lousy job through the lack of marketing and being late in the game.
With this being old news (it has been happening in the last 3 years at least) let's focus on what lies ahead for BB.

Powered by BB

"BlackBerry did a lousy job through the lack of marketing and being late in the game."

BlackBerry can't match the selling prices to carriers of the other devices. Carriers make more money on the other devices so would far rather sell anything other than BlackBerry.

Only when BlackBerry start selling devices at lower prices will they come back. Hence the Foxconn deal. But they'll start selling devices first where their brand is still strong rather than selling in the US where the brand is damaged.

Hahaha, so much for the "loyal" legacy consumers waiting for the Q20. This is exactly why I believe that shifting course for a small number of people who don't ultimately even have an interest in staying with BlackBerry but are generally just mandated to do so is a mistake. Forget them and work in building a new user base. The US especially is a lost cause.

Posted via CB10

The US is a lost cause.

But not because BlackBerry devices don't compare favourably with the competition.

Rather, because US carriers do not want to sell BlackBerrys. Read some of the first hand experiences of the T-Mobile program on this thread.

They make more money on other devices. It has been obvious for some time, but apparently US consumers haven't grasped the fact they're being exploited.

Feel sorry for those who traded ... android is just so tedious to use... gives you that long wait press the button look at the fire works thing.

Now they are stuck with a new device that will dislike in a few weeks

Z30 STA100-2

Love it when a company claims a big percentage - how many actual phones were traded in?