T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 8900 For $149.99!

T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 8900 For $149.99!
By Bla1ze on 10 Feb 2009 06:25 am EST

Been itching to pick up a brand new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900? Engadget brings up the news that now seems to be a perfect time to snatch one up, as you can see from the image above. Captured from the Best Buy system (which could explain the crazy no contract price, Best Buy's system is strange) looks like those of you who have been holding off on this purchase are now the lucky ones. Considering at the displayed price of $149.99 this device is one heck of a steal as long as you are also willing to give up your soul to T-Mobile for two years. But hey, you'll walk away with one sweet and sexy device. You in? Business customers, what did you pay? Let us know in the comments!

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T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 8900 For $149.99!


Best Buy is a 3rd party reseller. Their new contract price is likely lower because they get a larger kick back, Same reason why the many 3rd party sites give you the phones for free or send you money.

I called them and they told me that it is going to run me $199 to upgrade. I feel that people that is already a customer should be offered a lower price than new accounts. I am going to call them and give them a piece of my mind.

Lucky thing I didn't buy when I did; I would have been furious.

The pricing shown is for BEST BUY, not T-MOBILE! They likely will not break because of that. Dang good price though!

I bought mine from tmo about 3 weeks ago. The price was will be 200 after the rebates. 150 would have been nicer but no regrets, I love this phone!!

whoops.. that's a 2 year not 3 year ; >

but still the buy out price with no agreement is higher then rogers.. on rogers to buy out the phone is $599.. from what i see it's $649 for tmobile!?

My 8900 was delivered on Feb 2nd. I got mine on regular Individual plan, not Business - thanks to your forums, I just kept calling until I got a customer service rep cool enough to put the order in. $249 after mail-in rebate for a one year contract. Loving it, btw, the WiFi makes up for no 3G and the battery life is still great with WiFi use.

This is the same full upgrade price I received when I ordered the 8900 over the phone. What was amazing was that T-Mo gave this to me after I completed the sale and hung up with them.

This is the same full upgrade price I received when I ordered the 8900 over the phone. What was amazing was that T-Mo gave this to me after I completed the sale and hung up with them.

Yes, Feb 11th is the official release date for the 8900. I know my local T-Mobile said they are getting a truck in that day with some of them. I just hope Best Buy has it tomorrow also... I did an online chat session with Best Buy mobile and they informed me that they were not given a date yet for when they are getting it and also that they have always been given a date for previous devices in the past.

Like IMADSS176 said, just doesnt make sense, why would a 2 yr contract extension be $300 and a 1 yr FREE??? And $149.00 just seems to low for a nice BB like this one. Heck, I paid the same price for a Pearl 8800 when I got it a few months ago. And it has way less features.

I may be a little ignorant here, but none of the Best Buys I've visited sell T-Mob phones (SoCal). I've only seen the pre-paid T-Mob devices there. I hope they will have this phone, I'll be all over it!

Yes I like this price a lot! Thanks. But These RIM people are really smart! They keep putting out phones with just enough features missing that you want the phone but can't wait to buy the next one that comes out. I just got my 8220 flip not even 3 months ago!! YIKES! Now I want the 8900.... when will this insanity end?

Is the rumored price of $149.99 just for new customers or is for anyone who is willing to extend their contract? I'm currently with T-mobile, have been for the last 8 years so why change now, and would not mind giving them another 2 years of my ear time for the new 8900.

I've been drooling over this phone since it was first rumored. What willpower it'll take not to upgrade at full retail. :( It sucks having to be responsible.

Just bought mine from Wirefly. $99 + $20 overnight shipping (after mail in rebate)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is $50 better than the Best Buy price.

i paid the 2 year price at the local tmo store, and it was 320 ish before the mail in rebate but i recieved the corp.discounts so it was a fair trade in my oppinion

as of 2/12 current prices of the new 8900 seems different. wirefly, amazon, letstalk all have different prices compared to above listed replies. so please check your sites and local availabilities. maybe it's just seattle, wa pricing that's high

so here is what one might want to try for better pricing. after you place the order for the new 8900 curve through on line or by phone from t-mobile. once you receive the phone take the phone to the ups store and return it. make sure you get the return tracking number. wait 1 business day and call 611 and say you have returned the unit under the "remorse" period which is 14 days. ask them to look into a better pricing and they will adjust the pricing for you and have them ship out another unit. usually t-mobile requires 22 months wait for a regular customer upgrade discount pricing but if you are a long time customer meaning you have been with t-mobile for more than 10+ years you can receive the hadnset with a much much much lower price. if customer service rep cannot assist you ask to be transfer to the account specialist. i am not going to post the actual pricing of my unit because it may be different for everyone but i got mine for a siginificantly lower price than what people have posted here. now remember this may work for you if you have been a long time loyal t-mobile customer. also you may have to wait additional 5-7 days but to me it is worth it very much. good luck to all my crackberry 8900 curve users