T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming August 31st?

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2011 09:55 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9900

We've heard dates aplenty for the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 already but one thing has remained true -- the month will be August. A new leak is pegging the date for August 31st to be more precise, and along with that leak is the fact that T-Mobile stores are now also putting out some promo material for the device.

T-Mobile was among the first carriers to confirm release of the BackBerry Bold 9900 when it was first announced, so when ready -- we're pretty sure they will go pretty hard at promoting the device. Judging from the info, customers will also get a $50 MIR when you opt in for a $20+ data plan.

Source: Phone Arena, T-Mo News

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T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 coming August 31st?


Now if Verizon can get in the game I would pre-order mine yesterday. Waiting is for the patient and I'm pretty sure a lot of us are not. Well, no use holding our breath, you could die if you do. Might as well just check in regularly to find out when. Thanks for the update Bla1ze.

My sister's birthday was on April 26th, then my birthday was on April 29th, then my brother's birthday was on June 9th, then my fiance's birthday was on July 8th, then my dad's birthday was on July 22nd. Our family ran out of birthdays waiting for this phone. I'll be darn if this phone actually come out at the end of August instead of mid August as we previously anticipated.
I guess it's still better than it's not coming out at all.

its amazing how RIM doesnt give an official release date... we cant live on rumor after rumor...

THANK GOD!!!! I have had my white 9700 since the day it came out. So bored of the phone... They have had no NEW BBs since the 9700. (9780 doesnt count)

ALRIGHT! WELL IT'S OFFICIAL!! DROID HERE I COME! If you think im waiting another 30 days for this phone your out of your mind. This isnt a QNX device? they should have had this phone in market 6 months ago. I can hear all of you out there saying well FYCK YOU, LEAVE THEN. And Im gone

I understand what you say, I'm loving forcefully my blackberry, but we are missing out in a whole lot of things like AR Apps, Games (really fun games) and usefull Apps... I had to buy myself an Ipod touch 4th Gen to sort of get by... I love RIM... Have had all of them... But everytime my torch freezes over some webpage and I turn for my ipod I feel a little stupid... Why, with all the resources and people leaving, do they do things by half? This phone is surelely an update for us all, but... Does it have ALL it could to go against Iphone 4/5 and all those Droids?

wow you and me are i nthe same boat. I did exactly the same thing. I could have goen for an Iphone but when I heard about the antenna issues and privacy issues didnt really want to go that route. So I chose the Ipod 4 touch aswell last december. Never regretted that purchase. Ofcourse it doesnt have Gps or 3G. But it is sufficient enough for me for all the cool apps I have one there. While i have next to none apps on my 9700 at all.

If my 9700 doesnt freeze or cry over too little mem (os6) or closing down web pages (because there too large). The 9900 + wifi hotspot + ipod touch would be the ultimate combination. I am due for an upgrade and if somehow that function doesnt make it in the new 9900 or browsing still sucks and no new and cheaper apps are available. I wil ljump ship to the iphone 4s/5. Or a android device (Galaxy s 3?) wich does hotspot function or just migrate all my apps to an iphone all together.

Lol .... I just read that people are returning Androids left and right for problems that they are having.

It comes to India on the 8th, so get one online and have them ship it to you over night if you can't wait the few extra days.

It's not RIMs fault ..... blame the carrier. The carrier can have them if they approve them sooner.

Give RIM a break. Show them some love.

that story was BS. Think about it; If they were returning Android Phones at 40%, The companies making Android Phones would have all gone bankrupt. And the Carriers would have stopped offering the phones before they themselves went bankrupt. Silly what people will believe.....

So leave! So many cry babies. What do you want from us? Want your bottle before bed? Is baby cranky because he's tired?

this phone is nice but should have been out two years ago, rim is so disappointing and why would i get this device if the QNIX devices are coming out next year. rim is always two steps behind its competitors getting a Iphone5 maybe ill come back when QNIX devices come out.

Why would you get a 9900 while its basicly the same as a 9000?
Atleast the iphone 5 will be dual core , when are rim dual core phones coming out? 2013?-2014?

Not to mention apple probably put in a new nice video gfx accelarator while rim is just now catching up to the old adreno gpu ,wich already was in the iphone 3g/s of 2 years ago

The browser on my Bold 9000 works just fine and the browser on the 9900 looks great (from what I have seen in videos, etc.)... so I'd like to know what makes your iToy so much greater than any other smartphone?

ps. Are they going to fix the "phone condom" issue?
pss. Why are you out here posting on a BlackBerry site if you are a crApple user? Go post on iBGR.

If you knew anything, you would know that even the Torch 9800's browser gets a higher HTML5 rendering score than your iPhone 4. Moron!

Wow, I have mixed feelings about this.

I'm glad there is a date but wish it was sooner. Still, I am looking forward to this and hopefully Sprint will get it before then but if they at least commit to a date in August I will wait for it.
Actually, I came back from a droid and I would wait until hell freezes over before I buy anything besides a BlackBerry but darn, I'm ready to get one tomorrow!

I'm just going to start my countdown and if Sprint gets it sooner then that is a bonus.
I can't wait to use that enhanced keyboard and the new super speeds. I don't care if there are a couple of phones out there that are faster this is a BlackBerry and HTC Droids feel like land lines because the battery is so bad.

Patience, breathe... just count down the days.

That really puts it in perspective. Droids are landlines in comparison. Cant wait for a 9930 on Verizon, but I will of course.

Good things come to those that wait.
Carriers need to prepare for the launch.
I have a feeling that these phones are going to hit every country in the world, one after another .... just like new years eve .......

I have never owned a blackberry before. Although I am a fan of the tactile keys, the BB's were always too cramped (excluding the 9000) for my liking. Well... along comes the Bold 9900/9930. Like the rest of you, I have been following the news/rumors/YouTube videos, etc ever since it was announced in May. I am also tired of waiting. However, I realize this is what I want so I will bite the bullet until it is released. So for now, it's a "hurry up and wait" situation.

Looking over the tech articles on that site leads me to believe that Apple has a hand in writing every article. Each entry reads (to me) like this: Here's a piece of junk that the iPhone doesn't have to worry about because of these unsupported statements. Read more about how wonderful you can be with an iPhone.

But that's just me.

When should we line up? I bet you that if we can create a line 500 people long, we will all be famous and get star status. Maybe meet Jay Leno or something.

Anybody with me?

One of the perks for working for the above mentioned carrier is being able to play with the demo and owning the device before it hits the shelfs. I must say I am stoked!!!

Its not AT&T but its a step. And if anyone mentions the AT&T-TMo acquisition/merge., just please don't, I still have trouble explaining the Cingular-AT&T merge to some people.

this phone will function properly on the ATT network post-takeover, particularly since I remember reading that T-Mobile 3G users would have to get new handsets for use on ATT's 3G network. So, if you're a T-Mobile user who rushes out and gets this phone the day it goes on sale, whose carrier then gets folded in with ATT, are you then stuck with a brand-new, shiny BlackBerry Bold 9900 paperweight?

I'm with a lot of these guys - I can't really get that excited over a phone that should have been out a year ago. What I would get fired up about would be a QNX OS. But the sad thing is, by the time these geniuses at RIM release the QNX phone, it probably will not be competitive. It's such a shame, man, the BlackBerry was my first smartphone and I SO DUG my BB Bold 9000 form factor! It's like, cmon, RIM I WANT to be on your side, but you just gotta do better than this! Well, I got another year with my Torch. We'll see what the state of mobile phones is like at that point. Heavy sigh.

Everyone hating on BB talking about all the apps you're missing out on, ask yourself which productive apps you're really missing out on. Most of the major apps have a presence on BB. Furthermore, for those talking about Android being so much better, clearly they haven't owned one long enough. There are numerous "force close" errors and general overall instability. Combine those facts with better battery life, superior build quality, and RELIABILITY and I'd say BlackBerry is the better phone. The only thing I wish my BB had that Android has is audible turn-by-turn GPS navigation for free.

Had a Vibrant, dispeleased to say the least, had an HTC G2 and Mytouch 4G, which I loved but passed on to family. I now have a G2x, and as much as I like android I still use my Bold 9780 the most. I want a white 9900 on tmo so bad. I will wait if it doesn't release with the black. BlackBerry for life, and I am on my fourth G2x, so yeah, android hardware is a problem. Long live the Rimpire.

Hey Aug 31 is my birthday! Too bad it's on TMO (for me). Waiting for VZW to get it. Hurray for all those TMO folks here though.

I can't any longer for the BB Bold 9900. I'll be outside TMO to get it. And to those who are going to Android, so long losers. Welcome to battery drain, and bad reception on your androids. Give RIM the benefit of the doubt.

My nex phone from RIM should include a front facing camera ability to video call with playbook higher screen resolution or larger display better 8megapixel rear camer or more qnx base os jus beat the crap outta apple

Funny how Android losers come here to post crap because they have nothing better to do. For those of you that feel the need to post that you are jumping ship to Apple or Android... DON'T BOTHER!! Nobody cares that you are having wet dreams about the iToy 5!! If you feel the need to post about crApple or Android, go to iBGR and post away.....

I have a Blackberry. Just pointing out how the data on that site looks off the charts. If any phone was being returned that much it would not be on the shelves. Silly story.

My comment wasn't so much directed at you as it was to all of the Apple/Android trolls posting on a definite pro-BlackBerry website.

August 31st isn't early summer as was said numerous times prior. Not even worth it. I'll keep my BB 9700 if indeed iPhone and Android are truly that less capable than out dated RIM devices. BB is the next Nokia. They better pray on this QNX OS they promised is coming soon. They also better hope no other mobile inovations are made in the industry. They also, finally better get some serious hardware going, if not, then they will be the next Nokia, but instead of failing because of software, RIM will mainly be due to hardware.

" The only thing I wish my BB had that Android has is audible turn-by-turn GPS navigation for free."

That must be carrier-specific because I have that on my Curve 8530-Sprint.

Please, RIM/SPRINT, PLEASE!!! I have Best Buy Reward certificates that expire soon. PLEASE don't make me use them on printer ink or a year's supply of paper!

Should have all of your comments / complaints and the bugs worked out of it by the time my Verizon upgrade from my 9650 comes up in April.

I'm up Aug 20th, so looks like I'll slide right into the 9900 from my 9700. I must say, the drama queens of Crackberry really get worked up about this phone and the release date. I still consider my cell phone to be just that, a cell phone. I mean I love owning a smartphone and having it help me with work and communicate in different ways, but wow, all you doctors and NASA engineers on this website sure need your Droid/Blackberry/iPhones IMMEDIATELY!!!

My plan is up for renewal Sept 1st. Sprint better have the 9930 ready by then...but most likely they'll drag their feet as with all BB models and release when they become obsolete

This phone should have been out a year ago and if it can't run QNX (eventually and well) then I'm just going to ditch my 8900 for a used 9780 and wait it out.

The answer to that is NO, The torch 9810 will be only released in AT&T and the 9990 for the moment is only planned for T-Mobile, 9930 CDMA version will launch only in USA for Sprint and Verizon at the moment.

Also please everyone keep this in mind. Since the 9990 is only planned to launch in 4 carriers in Northamerica at the moment: USA: T-Mobile and Canada: Rogers, Bell and Telus. For those on AT&T network that want to get a new 9990 go and buy an unlocked version of any of the 3 Canadian and dont buy the T-Mobile unit. This because the 9990 of canada supports the same 3G band of AT&T and if you get a T-Mobile you will be stuck in EDGE only :)

Ha, I like all the disputes on this one post about the iPhone 4 & BBB-9900.

I had an iPhone 4 with AT&T for about 6 months. An let me tell you, it ain't all that great. The service sucks. An every time there's a storm or anything AT&T is always the first carrier to punk out, let one on occasion be the ONLY carrier to not have service at all. So pretty much, AT&T is the worst carrier and shouldn't have the privilege of carrying the iPhone 4. I sold that phone for $400 to some dip, and bought an iPod Touch 4th Gen. Best decision of my life.

I'm a huge on the BB-Bold series. The 9900 is a step up from what they offer. I can't wait to get my hands on this phone & F'stuff up.

So with all the disputes between the iPhone 4, Android & Blackberry, just quit it.

This is Crackberry people, not iCrack, not Crackdroid...

So if you don't have or don't plan on getting yourself a Blackberry, you can kiss two booty cheeks!


As slow as RIM has been to release these devices, Android makes me dizzy. What happened to the Nexus and the G2? They were good phones (so I hear) but they were released and discontinued within months?

My loyalty to BB begins and ends with the keyboard. Typing on a touch screen ACCURATELY is difficult for me, which makes entering passwords very frustrating. No keyboard is a deal breaker, period.

Maybe this is a generational thing, but the smartphone is suppose to help me make better use of my time --- not something I spend all my time immersed in. I expect the 9900 will be excellent for communications and comparable (not quite as good, but comparable) to the iPhone for the web and multimedia. That is where most BB users priorities lie.

Now if RIM could deliver a single-core QNX upgrade for the 9900 in the future or a generous trade-up to QNX, that would be awesome. I REALLY want a Bold 9900. I sould have stepped up to a Bold 2 years ago, but the Curve 8900 was a respectable device back in the day. One thing I have learned about mobile is that NO MATTER WHAT PHONE YOU BUY, you will think it sucks in a year.

Love the posts by the haters. It's like owning a Corvette simply so you can hang out on the Porsche sites looking for trouble?!

I ditched my Droid 2 weeks ago and bought a used 3G 9780 on eBay... I do too much txt'ing and email to dick around with a soft keyboard. I've been in IT since '86 - the 9900 looks like the perfect phone for me (at least) and when paired with my PlayBook I am *sure* I will have the best of all worlds at the lowest recurring cost. I installed the Android VM last week and it's not vaporware. Patience nets good things people - if you were a non-gaming BB user but moved to Droid, I'm sure we'll be welcoming some (many?) of you back to the BB party soon. My iPhone and Droids were toys; the BlackBerry is still Rock Solid if Business is more important to you than Angry Birds.