Reminder: T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale tomorrow!

T-Mobile Store NYC
By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2013 09:39 pm EDT

Tomorrow is landing day for the BlackBerry Z10 on T-Mobile in the US. No matter if you've pre-ordered and are waiting for one to show up at your door - or if you'll be heading to the store to pick one up - we have everything you need to know to get up and running. The Z10 will go on sale starting tomorrow when stores open or around midnight online and you'll be able to grab one on a Simple Choice plan (prices will vary depending on your plan).

If you happen to be in or around New York City, you can swing by the T-Mobile store at 34th and 6th at 9am where you'll find Kevin and Bla1ze stocked with loads of CrackBerry stickers, smiles and BlackBerry Z10 tips. Plus if you're one of the first ten buyers you'll get free Alicia Keys tickets and $25 off your Z10 purchase. Not such a bad deal if you ask me. The BlackBerry demo van will be cruising around as well so you may even snag some cool BlackBerry schwag.

After you have your Z10 in hand, be sure to hit up the links below to get started. We have plenty of help and how-to articles to get your going and you can always find answers to your Z10 questions in the CrackBerry forums. 

The first ten things to do with your new BlackBerry Z10
CrackBerry's BlackBerry Z10 help and how-to guides
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Reminder: T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 goes on sale tomorrow!


Why don't you give it A freaking break from the first BS? Like seriously

Posted via my ZED 10 on CB10

Re-read that person's comment again. He/she wasn't playing the "first" game. Besides, who died and made you God?

And actually he is a chronic first person and I will call him out every time. He thinks he's cool by saying first. It's bloody pathetic. Especially when he doesn't actually post up first

Posted via my ZED 10 on CB10

Quick you need to take it easy on the poor guy (or girl). I know he/she always tries to get first because I've seen it, but you are only adding fuel to the fire by giving attention.

Please keep posting "first"! I find it hilarious how one tiny little 5-letter word can make people post dozens of words about "pointless posts"! I get a kick out of it every time...

Exactly I called today and they told me they have no information about when it will launch, how much it will be and told me they didn't have any phones. Even @tmobile on twitter has been telling people they are unsure of a release date. Smh

Actually, last week their twitter account posted the 26th as the was posted here on crackberry but when i called t-mobile their rep still didn't know anything.

It wasn't even in our internal forums I've been able to confirm flip phone launch dates at work I didn't even know when we could sell them I just told every person to call me on the 26th in the morning.

Might just stop by and see what the fuss is all about. Don't work to far from there. But I already have my z10 running on tmobile.

I can NOT wait, I will be at Seattle T-Mobile first thing tomorrow morning! I love that my friends and colleagues have been making fun of my anticipation for over a year... it's time to show them the flow!

+1 tmobile store downtown or on rainier. The one on rainier has been saying they don't know when it will be released, but downtown said come in tomorrow and I'll get a z10. I can't wait!

sucks!! ill be picking my up around 5 or 6pm .... i went to a tmobile store today, and i actually played with it, the guy had it. i wanted to take it home but i guess that would be callled stealing lol

I called two stores here in Denver and they said they can't sell them until Wednesday. Was there ever really a chance to pre-order?

I'll stop by the T-Mobile store near work tomorrow. I'm so tempted to blow most of my paycheck on the Z10 right then and there, it's not even funny LOL. :-)

They're also releasing the iPhone tomorrow with their LTE network. I don't think that'll be a distraction at all. Good thing it took so long for the Z10 to release in the US (during the "quiet time").

Brilliant advertising BlackBerry. You are so well known that a Blackberry fan site needs to post a reminder about tomorrow's release. Thumbs up!

We hope this launch is better than the AT&T (which was pathetic at best) o me like With more publicity ads and that the workers actually know something about the Phone they are selling.

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My local T-mobile store is pretty knowledgeable, the employees had been briefed and one had even had the developer version to train on, so he could move through things at lightning speed. But yah, they wont have pricing until past midnight. I for sure will have my Z10 in the morning.

It's at least $50 more than the very established competition. I'm not talking about me - it's not good for overall sales

As of 5PM NY time TM CS had no idea about when the Z10 would be released!
And, they wanted to 'upgrade' me to old BB stock
DUH! how are they gonna sell the Z10?

Today, late afternoon, I went around midtown NYC. The TM owned stores had no Z10 displays.

I should add, yes the chat is useless. Those people might be in a foreign country. Talk to your local store and get there soon !

If your in Metairie,La.. T-Mobile on Cleary and Veterans ave will have plenty in stock.. Doors open at 9am! I put our demo up tonight before closing time...

I've already got my Z10 on T-Mobile, but I may swing by the local store and see how sales are going. It helps that one of my favorite sandwich shops is right next door. Hopefully they start selling tomorrow. :)

I'm on it, talk about prep work I have visited three tmobile's in my area just in case they give me any crap. I also informed the managers which apparently didn't know if they would have it tomorrow that if they don't I will stroll over to the best buy and get it cause its been posted that they will have it for tmobile service. One of the managers actually said "why would you go anywhere else to get it".As i replied because i am tired of the games and im tired of waiting, you must think im a droid customer, i dont sit around and wait for conformation from the collective! The time for patience has passed as will your customer if you don't have my phone ready when you open in the morning

I'll be at T-Mobile tomorrow morning picking up 2 Z10's as well. I can't wait. Such a sweet phone. I did go by ATT and saw one there. They seriously failed at any promotion of the Z10, but I did get to check it out though!!!

Wouldn't be too shocked if it doesn't actually go on sale tomorrow. Remember the only thing close to an official announcement is a tweet that seems to have been sent prematurely. Gonna stop by at the store tomorrow in the morning anyways and if it does go on sale I will be getting 2

Went to att to check out the Z10 today, like the phone. Had to show the rep a few tricks I learnt from crackberry. I think all reps selling phones should be members of the "mobile nation". With the new T-mobile plans launched yesterday, I think that carrier is the best option to purchase a Z10 outright. If I err on the assumption please correct me guys!

One of my contacts just called tmobile and they said they didn't know about the release tomorrow

Posted via CB10

Already have my case and my new class 10 32GB memory just arrived today heck yeah. Can't wait till tomorrow. Broadcasting from LA.

BTW, I callled around ten T-Mobile stores today, there were some which said it was this week and that they did not have any info. Some said tomorrow for sure. A lady said some time in April and her coworker corrected her and told her tomorrow. Some place I called the dude was like "BlackBerry!?? No, I don't know, we don't have any info" I called some minutes later to the same store and a lady said tomorrow. Most of them little stores have 2 on stock, a big store had 10 on stock. Aside from being a big day tomorrow for BlackBerry on T-Mobile, you gotta remember that they're changing all their plans so they're kinda busy in their own world. Oh I forgot to say, some stores will not have it ready for tomorrow but Wednesday one said. The other said they didn't have any shipments. And that was my scaning of the Downtown los angeles, Huntington Park, Downey, Montebello, Hawthrone, Inglewood, Southgate and Lynwood areas.


They just called me back from a store I visited today in huntington park (I actually visited 3 t-mobiles today). This store was the one they said they were gonna have it this week but that they didn't know when, even when I told them other 4 stores were saying that it was tomorrow and the internet. Well, they just told me that they just got info and that they're going to have it for sale tomorrow when they open.

One more thing, one clerk in one store told me that they usually have info 1-2 weeks before any launch. That word since it's just one clerk can't be taken for a fact. But to me it seems like a rushed launch or something. Is like all the stores were getting the info throught the day. Messy if you ask me. But let's see how it unfolds tomorrow. So far most stores are stocked but I don't think they're ready for a big launch tomorrow. In a week probably the stores will look proper, but overnight? I don't think so.

Kevin... I'd like to get a $25 coupon for my z10 purchase. I'm in Ft. Lauderdale. Am I out of luck? Let me know.
No copy cats please. lol

The T-Mobile on Jamaica Ave. Queens is going to be selling it tomorrow. The guy there show his Z10 to me and seemed pumped and ready to go tomorrow so if that's your neck of the woods, be sure to stop by and get yours there.

You can keep your coupon just give me my phone already lol upstate ny!
Wonder if I should drive to the city to get it? Not below me almost went to canada to purchase, unfortunately I didn't have my passport in order.

Aww man, I wish Kevin gave me a spark sticker or sticker when I got my phone!

/rant over

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If you are in LA try 3550 Wilshire blvd, or western and Hollywood Blvd. I found another T-Mobile sport on La -Brea and Santa Monica Blvd next to Best Buy in, West Hollywood. They said only on Wednesday they will have them in the store. What a rat race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) oh shood! My friends want T-Mobile.

Send this headline to the media: Z10 so popular it is out of stock before sales begin!
The internet said so.

Via online chat on T-mobile website: (2 minutes ago)

Alex: Currently, we do not have a specific time frame for the coming of Blackberry Z10 to T-Mobile. Once available it will be listed online and will be available for you to purchase.
Alex: This phone should be available this week.

=/ say whaaaa???

Jojo lmao... first let's hope the momentum continues. Too funny to be mad.

Go team blackberry! Sell like HELL!!

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Nothing on the website and no notification from TMo, and I don't recall how many times I've signed up for notification...Do they want to sell this phone?

Just called all the T-Mobile store in my area, only found 2 out 6 that have the phone in stock, most only had 5-7 in stock.. No one know what the pricing is going to be. Their new pricing plan is a joke and your down payment will be based upon your credit worthiness. I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 11 years and feel that this is their last ditch effort to stay in business but if you don't have phone to sell to your customers or don't provide information for them to be able to shop....seems pointless.... BlackBerry will not do well if the US carriers don't support the device with in stock quantities.......Just saying

I've been a customer for 13yrs, i'm curious why you would buy it at a store instead of tmobile directly??... If you ask for their Loyalty dept. you will get a much better deal than any store could give you...i managed to get a Bold for free last time i ordered through them.

It's not going to be on sales tomorrow Tmonews .com was just guessing most Tmo stores have it in stock but won't be on sale until wed

Dont know about stock, but I am picking mine up tomorrow. The manager has one of the two they got set aside for me already. I couldnt be happier. 12hours and counting. =p

I went to T-Mo's website and there is no announcement of the Z10 other than what you can find via a search. This sounds alot like AT&T's interest in the phone.

Looking forward to checking out Z10 at my neighborhood T-M store (Vancouver, WA) but no plans to buy until my current contract with Sprint expires or unless T-M buys out my contract. Unfortunately my current, 4-line contract is up in late November. Could be awhile.

Also, will absolutely not buy from any location that is not properly representing the product. "Nobody puts Blackberry in a corner." clearly they didnt get the memo they haven't even changed the pricing yet and its the day of release. Seriously WTF at the carriers in the US. They bury the z10 on their pages, in their stores, and the reps for the most part don't know a damn thing about the release or the phone itself. What gives?!?! At least here in Canada they advertised it heavily and the carriers displayed it prominently and had demos at least.

Something fishy is going on, it's all chaos but I still got confirmation in 6 stores in Los Angeles. I asked them to confirm if they had it on stock and they do. But it seems like it will be a silent launch, Bears prepare.

Something fishy is going on, it's all chaos but I still got confirmation in 6 stores in Los Angeles. I asked them to confirm if they had it on stock and they do. But it seems like it will be a silent launch, Bears prepare.

I think the best "counter marketing" we blackberrians can do is walk into a t-mobile store if you have a z10 already and ask in front of potential customers where is the new blackberry and if they say they don't have it just pull yours out and show it off... I know i asked about it at a at&t kiosk in a mall and when people that were browsing heard me i saw that it peaked their interest.

And TMO is still hiding BB 10 info on their site. Its launch day for crying out loud!!!! Its after 5am CST and nothing but the GS3 on the front page at a discounted price.

I am a bit still confused about T mobile's lunch date of the Z10. In the forum people said they called T mobile and they was like they have no idea about it been sold on the 26th. ??????????

After 6am EST, the TMO Website was showing the Z10 as Out of Stock for existing customers wanting to upgrade. I'll have to check my local store today.

Just checked the T-Mobile website. It's there! BUT it's not on the main page. You have to search under Smartphones. Only $ 99.99 down or full price of $539.99 at full price!

Huh? I just looked and still says coming soon and no mention on the front page. Can someone please post a direct link to these prices you have found? Thanks!

Disappointed that they cheaped out on the marketing dollars for these launches. The z10 is the best device I have owned, I have had iphones, androids etc. There is a huge opportunity here for BlackBerry to gain some traction and they are missing the boat. Doesn't help my stock portfolio either.

Posted via CB10

Wth is going on with Tmobile? Website says it's available but phone rep just told me it's not fully available yet even when I told her I am able to order online. Has anyone successfully bought one from Tmobile today?

Kevin, I wish I could be with you and the team in NYC. I feel the need to sell like hell. At any rate, what do you think of T-Mobile's decision to hold a big announcement shindig with national press today about their new commitment to sell the iphone5? I mean, it's launch day for the Z10, right? No news about BlackBerry and T-Mobile in my email today, but CNET ran the T-Mobile iphone5 announcement at the top of their email. Grrrr...

There are actually some pretty neat hidden features in this new Blackberry. I've just found a cool video about it here:
They say the video hasn't been officially released.
What I've done is share the video with 4 or 5 (I don't know exactly how many) FB friends, and then click on the white text, and got taken to the video.
It actually starts the presentation at about 1 and a half minutes, so you can skip there if you want.