T-Mobile is sorry, to offer free expedited shipping on BlackBerry smartphones as apology

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2014 07:56 pm EST

In BlackBerry CEO John Chen's response to T-Mobile's BlackBerry switcher campaign he noted that T-Mobile and BlackBerry were working on a special offer for T-Mobile customers and according to Reuters, who spoke with a T-Mobile representative, they might not have to wait all that long for it.

According to the report, starting on Friday any T-Mobile customer who purchases a new BlackBerry device from T-Mobile will be offered free but more importantly, expedited shipping for their purchases. It's hard to say if this is the offer BlackBerry CEO John Chen was referring to but it's a good kindness and show of effort to start with considering shipping is already available free on T-Mobile.

Next up, get BlackBerry 10 devices properly listed on the site.

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T-Mobile is sorry, to offer free expedited shipping on BlackBerry smartphones as apology




T-Mobile is NOT selling the Z10 or the Z30 in their online store. They are also NOT selling new Q10s. Your choice is a refurbished Q10 or a Curve. What a joke!

But... Thy see - ONCE AGAIN - BlackBerry probably will never be let to die thanks to BB Fans, first of all. Why RIM doesn't interact with such powerful social impactor as their loyal Users? They should ask more and listen to answers with interest and respect. Palm died and WebOS, too. You see BlackBerry must live, Mr. Chen... So, you 'keep calm and carry on'! :)

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It's comments like this that I think are unnecessary.

BlackBerry devices are not being promoted by many if any service providers and when one does make good on a bad call following a great response by BlackBerry supporters the critics should say thanks for the effort and take the service provider up on the offer. If T-Mobile has no response to this offer they can turn around and say that all those BlackBerry "fans" were in fact only a bunch of wind bags. If you don't see the devices on the website phone in or go into a store and order a new BlackBerry with the expedited delivery service.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Here in South Africa I've had to fight for all my BB10 devices but I've bought them despite the challenges put in my way.

Without people buying BlackBerry devices no marketing effort or amazing devices will put BlackBerry back on the map.

Go and buy a BlackBerry 10 device today if you are serious about getting one and supporting BlackBerry.

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That's just the thing, noone is going to buy them regardless. What, you think people are now flocking warpspeed to purchase something BBRY can barely give away for almost nothing? For free expedited shipping?

Joke offer and Legere is laughing all the way to the bank. Especially because what you mentioned, this isn't going to cause a surge in BBRY sales and T-Mobile can easily claim, hey, we were right all along.

Pyrrhus victory I think is the saying we're looking for here.

I think the people who want a BlackBerry device have a BlackBerry device. The outrage comes from the fact that an unbiased person who is shopping in store or online will not see a full range if any BlackBerry devices. They are offering free expedited shipping, feels like a slap in the face if they can't ship the proper devices. I personally check phones out online and read reviews to make my decisions. And other shopper won't be able to do that with T mobile

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Typical T-Mobile: "Oh, we are on your side, we are not like those evil corporations, we are here to help you. Oh, we insulted you? We will be such good guys and give you FREE SHIPPING!!" Wow, really? So you're required to buy something from them just to get this? How about all of the current BB10 users you insulted? How about a discount on their monthly bill? Maybe a 15% discount on their plan?

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Yeah, they should have a similar deal for Q10 and Z10. I think that would be appropriate response. Of course, they'd have to have the devices on their site to do that.

Alternatively, maybe they can start to offer the Z30 and promote it?

The fact that current BB10 users feel insulted is laughable in itself. And not only that but then to expect some sort of compensation for the insult is taking it too far. If you're insulted by this kind of move, a move which make sense in terms of dollar signs, then you should count your lucky stars that you've had such a sheltered existence. Grow up and stop being a victim of hurt feelings.

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Thanks man, my thoughts exactly. I'm coming from Sprint, they don't give a shit about BlackBerry to begin with. Would switch to Tmo anytime if I could convince my iSheep family...

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No kidding! Do I agree with the email...no but seriously Verizon sales associate offend me each time I ask for a BlackBerry and have I complained on twitter or any social media...no because I don't do social media to complain about petty stuff such as this. I will complain here on CB but that's because it's related to the topic.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

A move that makes sense in terms of $ signs? Really?

I find it laughable that insulting BlackBerry users on your network by trying to make them switch to another brand of phone because it's a "great offer for BlackBerry customers."

It might be a great offer (which it is), but it's a great offer for everyone who doesn't currently have an iPhone 5S, not just BlackBerry customers. The ad was an insult, and the offer is, too. It's not future BlackBerry customers who were insulted here.


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I didn't really know that posting an ad like that (from T-Mobile) is allowed. It is indeed an insult to BlackBerry and BlackBerry lovers. I love apple products most especially my macbook air and is currently LOOOVING my BlackBerry q10! Didn't feel the slightest regret giving my iphone 4s to my dad.

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Yep, sane people just goes along with everything companies do. That's how we motivate companies to do better right? Right??

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That won't happen. This will only be seen as a victory on this site to be honest, do you really think T-Mobile is going to even bother much with BBRY with the lashout from Chen?

Most likely outcome is Legere will keep his mouth shut and just silently phase out anything BBRY.

Yah, since it helps them make money we should all just kneel down and go along with whatever they throw at us. I mean, demanding that companies treat their consumers with respect? Pssshhh, that's for whiners and complainers. I'm happy to just bow to whatever they want me to do...

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Dude your avatar has the American flag and you're coming down on the company for participating in that American dream: business.

They're simplifying inventory and sales training and fulfillment... everything associated with ... a brand that isn't selling.

If it was selling they'd sell it folks. It's a business.

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Then say so. I'm not even with T-Mobile, but I'm pointing out how they play this whole "good guy" act but in reality they don't care. I'd rather they be upfront and honest about it and simply tell people when they expressed displeasure about the ad that they simply make more money from selling iphones and if they don't like that they can go to another carrier if they want.

This^. For all those saying to grow up. Nobody cares whether Tmobile insulted. If it is business then run an ethical one and tell people the truth. That BlackBerry is not seeing and the cost is not worth it.

May be in America $$s are all that count?? And ethics be dammed? And before people jump to conclusions my daughter lives in the state AND has a Z10 on Tmobile. And the people she works with are some of the nicest ones you can find.

But it sure sounds people come to BlackBerry and justify every poor and unethical behaviour in the name of business.

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It's funny, you get these weird people that think it's somehow bad to make issues known. I guess they like to just conform to everything because that's the easy way out. But fortunately not everyone was like that, because if they were then ethics would be completely non-existent in the business world. But there are those companies that care about that still and it's because they know there are consumers that hold that in high regard and would reward them with their business. It's how we keep companies moving forward in ways that are beneficial to both parties. Keep quiet and conform all of the time companies will simply get worse and worse until it reaches a point where even the people who don't want to complain can simply not afford to buy their products... Then it's bad business for both parties.

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Free shipping lol its already free lol!! This is an insult. This is bs!!

When you order a phone its already free shipping. And most of the time it comes with in a day or 2.

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Hey, you guys don't get it, it's free shipping if you order an iPhone! :) Certainly can't find the new BB10 devices on their web site.

Exactly. You can't walk into a T-Mobile store and buy a BlackBerry anymore. You'd have a really hard time finding one aside from requesting one from those dumbed down reps at T-Mobile.

Why can't they just put a working Z30 on their display inventory?

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

I think I've read on another users comment that the phones are listed under business guys..

Commandment No 11 "And a Blackberry owner you shall become" :D

Yea this is kind of a disingenuous offer if you can't actually buy any BlackBerry 10 phones. Man I'm itching for an upgrade, what's the next flagship phone BlackBerry?? Come on!

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The next flagship phone?!?! Where have you been... The next flagship BB phone will be made by Foxconn for emerging markets (aka cheap junk).

Right Aljean. Terminology doesn't sit well with some. Flagship is high-end or premium, not bargain basement. Pretty obvious.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That's not the flagship phone. That's for emerging markets.

Rumor has it the next flagship phone will come in September. There was a post earlier today about codename "Windermere"

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Um, yah, you've been living under a rock. Their next flagship phone is codenamed Ontario. And BTW, Foxxconn used to build all iphones, so they don't "only" do low-end stuff...

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You're right on that - though BlackBerry is retaining control over their high-end devices, as those are the ones being marketed for enterprise use. Hard to claim to have a complete grasp over device security from an enterprise perspective if you don't have complete control over the hardware AND software.

What using Foxconn does tell me is that they will put a lot of effort into making a good quality entry-level device.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Lmao!! You must keep up with the program. Ontario has been cancelled. Do your research thoroughly before you talk.

Agreed it may seem odd; but lets not forget that no "high end device" is off the table during this restructuring period. Until the dust settles, nothing is firm. Time will tell.

Cisco used Foxconn to build a high grade carrier side server. That Taiwanese company ain't chopped liver.

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Let's see if this announcement comes with the offering of the Z30. And matching Verizons current online offer of $99.

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how about the Z30, wish i can purchase with T mobile!

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I am offering free overnight shipping on all BlackBerry devices too... And just like tmobile I am currently not selling any :)

Before anyone tries to correct me... Refurbs and bbos7 don't count

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Sorry but expedited shipping is a joke. However, having faith in JC that wasn't what was being discussed. Hopefully some promotions on BlackBerry 10 devices. Here's hoping

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Every time someone writes JC I immediately for at least a second interpret that as "Jesus Christ" thus confusing and sometimes amusing me for a fraction of a moment.

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Offer that Z30 and then we're talking. C'mon TMOBILE you can do it... Dare to really be different!

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I double dare you to be different T-Mobile! Offer the Z30 with your Jump Program...

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

I'm so glad T-Mobile is going to at least make an effort to show some BlackBerry love. They could have taken the low road and not been apologetic for their actions. I want the best for BlackBerry and part of that is having good relationships with the carriers.
A tip of the hat to all the BlackBerry fans who were vocal about their displeasure with the promotional offer.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

"Inferior product"?! The  Z30 is the best phone on the market currently hands down. It crushes all other phones without mercy!
Take your trolling elsewhere.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

TM: actually T-mo seems to understand what business partnership for enterprises means. You can bash all you want. We don't care, neither does T-mo, finally. They just get it right.

Go troll iMore with your back button. This site is reserved for intelligent conversation about BlackBerry and related topics.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I didn't get to see the original comment, but I like the moderator's update :)

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I don't get this. Unless something has changed, T-Mo is not offering the Z10 through their website or over the phone any longer & has not announced offering the Z30. The only other  10 phones their are still currently offering are the Refurbished Q10 phones. So does this little incentive give  users what they want?
T-Mo needs to get their sh*t straight & put the  10 phones back in the stores & on display, get them back on the website for ordering, offer the Z30 for an amazing price & give us the 10.2 update immediately.
F**k the dumb s**t!
But big thumbs up to John Chen at  for addressing T-Mobile's idiodic switch to iCrap ad!

Posted with my T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

Real support would be carrying all BlackBerry 10 devices in store. I'm still annoyed I had to order Verizon Z30 online, although I'd prefer to avoid the stores anyway. The point is the option to purchase in-store should be available.

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The stores with try to flog you iStuff, or bait-and-switch Android, no matter what.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

What about an availability for the Z30 in AT&T??!!

That's the only thing I care NOW!!!

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Piece meal offerings,?! why not stock and advertise the devices in store? Stop your staff from bad mouthing the devices, or in the least stop having them dissuade customers! That's what TMO should be doing!

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"It's hard to say if this is the offer BlackBerry CEO John Chen was referring to"

Bla1ze, do we know Chen was talking about something that's in the works in conjunction WITH T-Mobile? I read through the statement really quickly, and it didn't sound like it's something they were jointly working on (based on the general tone.)

REALLY! REALLY! REALLY! T-MOBILE can take their free shipping, turn that SB sideways and stick it up their candy asssssssssssssss!!!!! BECAUSE it doesn't matter, if they are not pushing the updates in the US.

I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a stoner, I'm a MF stoner

It's a disingenuous offer, and furthermore they won't even address the fact that they don't even have a release date for the new BlackBerry software. #StillDisappointed


i know its probably asking too much, but how about actually carrying the phones in the stores? i know, oi know, im asking a lot here....(note my sarcasm)

To use a phrase hurled at BlackBerry all too often: too little, too late.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I'm not even remotely impressed. If you talk to a representative long enough they will offer you this for any device for free

This is only a deal because that is what t-mobile is calling it, but in actuality it doesn't matter when or what device you get this offer is always available to current customers of the service.

I have NEVER paid for shipping on any of my devices purchased directly from T-Mobile.

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T-mobile don't even need to display BlackBerry phones I understand shells cost money and if not enough people are buying then it's quite okay to leave them off for online purchases. Storage costs a lot less. I can't tolerate the fact that they don't even offer BlackBerry on their websites. T-mobile started out strong for BlackBerry. They were the first, if not the second carrier to offer Q10 in US, for only 99 dollars too. It was one of the reasons why I switched from AT&T to T-mobile. Since I'm not bound by any contract, I'm prepared to switch again to whoever offers the next BlackBerry qwerty flagship.

Free shipping is the easiest, quickest, short sighted bs promotion anyone has ever thought of. Sure, free shipping.. That's great. Worth what, maybe $5 - $15 value to a company of this size? This is more like a slap in the face, really. How about trade in your old BB for a $0 Z30. This is what they should be offering BB customers.

If they really cares about offering us choices, t-mobile would offer the Z30.

If T-Mobile BlackBerry users were outraged, chances are they're diehards who already have a BB10 device aka the Z10 which came out in March or the Q10 which came out in July.

If T-Mobile really wants to show BlackBerry customers that they're committed or whatever they're trying to say, they should offer the Z30, even if it's just online.

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"According to the report, starting on Friday any T-Mobile customer who purchases a new BlackBerry 10 device from T-Mobile will be offered free but more importantly, expedited shipping for their purchases."


Unless they start offering the Z30 for sale on Friday and start pushing out updates for all BB10 phones it's very poor on their part and is a joke...

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Let's give them the benefit it the doubt for now and see how things work out. Maybe there's a truckload of goodness on its way from Ontario.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

+1. 'Good' Friday may be coming a week early for all we Berry-ites know. Let's wait until then before, erm... crucifying TMO!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.1

That's exactly what I meant. Shouldn't take more than a few days to get stock in. They could have an avalanche of minimum a few thousand orders of pent-up demand for Z30s just from CB members alone.

They won't buy an iPhone, no matter how good the offer. So selling Berries will be the only way to capitalize on this demand. The follow-on effects of the devices in people's hands, showing them around can't be underestimated. Not exactly what Samsung and Apple want to see.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Given how abysmal sales have been and how tiny the T-Mobile BBRY customer base probably is compared to the other carriers, what makes you think sales will be anything but bad?

Most of the people who complained did so just for the sake of complaining. Most won't purchase a Z30, all those loud voices came from more than just current T-Mobile users obviously.

And showing them around hasn't worked for any other BB10 device pretty much across the globe.

I don't really have anything against BB10 devices, don't get me wrong. They're just not right for me and about 95% of the rest of the people in need of smartphones these days. With that in mind, I don't see Samsung, Google, Apple, Microsoft and a whole bunch of other players having anything to worry about.

It's great that you can sideload and piggyback on Android apps through 3rd party stores, some shady and through loopholes. Most people won't do that.

It's great that you have the hub with a lot of stuff centralized and being pretty much gesture based. Most people don't want that.

People want something that can do exactly what their current device can do and BB10 devices can't. That means pretty much every app that you can get on Google Play and iTunes as native in BBRY App World. That means no piggybacking on Android apps. That means a complete ecosystem and cloud system in place from day one.

And please, I've been reading a lot of the comments on the forums here lately. Stop trying to blame the carriers, the U.S., Obama, brainwashed iToy and Fandroid people or whatever it is you call them or even lack of advertising from BBRY. Fact of the matter is I would have bought one, had every app I use on my current device been available as native that is.

Like I said, nothing against BBRY. I continously switch between iPhones, Android phones and even WP8 phones. I have several of various ages all across my house hidden away in drawers, kind of a phone horder I guess. But I don't own a single BBRY phone. Does that not bother you and make you ponder why I haven't even tried one? Again, not a fanboi of any device and i love trying out new stuff. Shouldn't BBRY worry and wonder why I'm not buying one?

""I don't really have anything against BB10 devices, don't get me wrong. They're just not right for me and about 95% of the rest of the people in need of smartphones these days.""

Do you really need a Home button that badly?

""It's great that you have the hub with a lot of stuff centralized and being pretty much gesture based. Most people don't want that.""

Most people don't want to be productive?
Hmm maybe you are right...

""Stop trying to blame the carriers, the U.S., Obama, brainwashed iToy and Fandroid people or whatever it is you call them or even lack of advertising from BBRY.""

Carriers that do not make the updates available or have products on display are not helping the situation, No Advertising by BlackBerry = people not knowing about the product, non of these things help...

""Fact of the matter is I would have bought one, had every app I use on my current device been available as native that is.""

First people complain No app's now that they can't say this you come up with Not enough Native Apps...
I have all the native apps I need and more.
And I can try Android apps if I so choose, but as of yet I don't really need any, but choice is a good thing at times don't you think.

""Like I said, nothing against BBRY. I continously switch between iPhones, Android phones and even WP8 phones. I have several of various ages all across my house hidden away in drawers, kind of a phone horder I guess. But I don't own a single BBRY phone. Does that not bother you and make you ponder why I haven't even tried one?""

Seems to me since you are continually switching between your hord of non BlackBerry phones you are not satisfied? And are missing out on the best phone out there. If you are not interested in trying out one there is nothing we can do to make you.
Do yourself a favor and give the Z30 a honest try and learn how to use it. Then come back here and tell us what you think...

Take care.

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Why do they even need stock at Tmob - why cannot BlackBerry "partner" with TMob and direct ship to the customer with TMob picking up the shipping tab?

Should not be hard to do if they really wanted to impress us a turn what used to be a productive partnership into a current productive partnership - this would be a start.

Because BBRY would nee to stock specific band phones then, not just a generic GSM one that might get you 3G instead of 4G and so on. Same reason they don't stock Verizon specific phones and so on.

It will be another money drain. Perhaps not a huge one but nonetheless a money drain. Not the best time in the world for BBRY to do something like that.

Really TMO, that's your apology? Its a really poor one, doesn't show one bit of support for the BB user base, if anything you found a way to get units out of the warehouse faster to fill it with ifails. If they want to make amends how about give us 10.2.1, seriously that testing the software excuse is BS because if you really are doing any testing you would not have released that last OS was ruined the Z10 almost. Or better yet, make WiFI calling an OS feature like every other carrier and not some poorly built app controlled feature.

Free expedited shipping? Be still my beating heart. : /

Maybe it's because it's an enterprise account but I'm one of our company’s buyers and VzW gives us next day delivery for free all the time, no questions asked.

Posted via CB10

Don't know why so any folks are surprised by this, other than it being somewhat shameless, which has become common in today's world.

It's ALWAYS all about the money, and with iPhone practically selling themselves, it is a thoughtless action for shadier companies like this to execute on.
I doubt that you would ever see a large company like Bell do this.

Actually i think thats the problem. The iphone isnt selling like they hoped and sitting on inventory of three size capacities and three colors of the 5s (thats 9 different models) and ten versions of the 5c they simply cant move enough.

People say they arent subsidizing them but thay doesn't mean they arent on the hook to sell a certain number.
With rumor of a bigger one coming they're getting desperate. Again just my theory.

Posted via CB10

I'm glad Chen responded the way he did. It was a stern but professional response that showed that BlackBerry is still very much a player in this business. I'm not sure what T-Mobile plans to offer free expedited shipping on, considering it doesn't currently offer any BB10 devices on its site. Though, this could also mean we see the Z10 and Q10 back on the T-Mobile site.

Although I'm sure many of us would have liked to see a bit more offered, but I think this is a very reasonable response that is owed more to BlackBerry than to T-Mobile customers, just from a business perspective. BlackBerry's response, though, hopefully prevents other carriers from doing anything that targets BlackBerry customers to other devices.

How about they push the new BB10OS update tomorrow for T-Mobile Customers instead...

Posted via CB10

I'll never switch over to T-Mobile... I'll stick with a real phone carrier (Verizon)

Posted via CB10

I'll throw in $1000 should cover the orders lol

Who cares about the ad. Carriers have always done the lure of trading in your phone for another brand.

TM could you do me and the other Crackberry and Blackberry loyalist a favor, and crawl back under the rock where you've been hiding? thanks!. Do you think that the USA is the only market in the world that Blackberry needs for their survival?? please!!! They has a large international market they are focusing on and the enterprise market as well, so not because, according to you that they have .5% in the US market doesn't mean that Blackberry isn't going to survive. So go and keep playing with whatever device you've been playing with (seems like an Iphone) which by the way, the sales are down on the Iphone, which they sold fewer phones over the holidays than they anticipated, and apple might be in trouble according to few business reports. Doubt me? google it and educate yourself.

Love my blackberry Z10!

Woot! This means I can order my Z30 on T-Mobile!

...oh, wait...

Never mind... Nothing new to see here... :/

Ha! I love my Z-10, but it is just a phone. Seems a bit silly to take OFFENSE at a cell phone ad. T-Mobile is making a nice gesture here. Maybe it's a bit too soon to pass judgment on their intent.

Posted via CB10

Just get me the update quickly. Thank you. Oh, and Z30 also please. Updates same day would show something new.

Posted via CB10

That's it?!? After his company was trying to get BlackBerry customers to switch to an iPhone?!?! That's lame and they should offer more or BlackBerry customers should jump ship.

Posted via CB10

Not enough, T-Mobile! Release the 10.2.1 update and offer the Z30...you're on the clock.

Sent via BlackBerry Z10

Lame ass "special Tmobile offer." Chen fooled Tmobile users. Free shipping? What a joke.

Poetry in Motion

How did Chen fool T-Mo users? He's the boss of BBRY, and hasn't got an awful lot to do with T-Mo's offer.

I am pretty sure that free shipping offer was NOT what Chen was talking about.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Lol. T Mobile is slick. They don't even sell new BlackBerry phones... At best you can get a refurbished Q10... that is hilarious.

Posted via CB10

TM is a bunch of junk!

I have a sweet-heart grandfather'ed BB plan (3 BB phones). All my BB's were purchased, at full price, from TM.

TM has a lot of nerve to try to get BB faithful, like me, to change over to another phone brand that I detest.
That being said TM still is giving me the most cost effective program for my needs.

This is crazy, I went to a t-mobile store and they said, we don't sell that old cheap here, I had a new Z10 in hands and said I need a new sim card for this crappie that's faster then your icrap. Bottom line is that BlackBerry don't advertise this properly and people buy what's hot. POOR pr for a great phone. I love this thing

Posted via CB10

Not sure how this addresses the issue at hand... but whatever... at least folks are trying something... Meh...

Posted via CB10

How is this a great offer?
Any other phone you can walk out of the store with, but now you get free shipping on your relegated purchase?
I'm amazed it wasn't free shipping to begin with.

Posted via CB10

I've never paid for expedited shipping with T mobile... We want 10.2.1, not "free" shipping.

Posted via CB10

That's BS. That's not deal for current BlackBerry users. I'm already using a Q10. How am I going to be compensated for their insult? This has zero benefits for me. How about T-Mobile releases that update we've been hearing so much about.

Posted via CB10

They lost my business if I were in the states. I'd turn my back to them and never, EVER look back! A company that conducts this type of marketing/practices is no company I would want to be a part of.

ATT gave me free expedited on my warranty return just because. They should be offering something else; hope this is a coincidence.

Posted via CB10

Free shipping on stuff that's not available?

Either get stock in, or look like a bunch of losers or worse.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Jeez, could people be any more of a crybaby. Get over it. Tmobile is a business and doesn't care if your feelings got a little hurt by an ad they ran.

This is what I said about the "special offer" that started this whole mess in the first place. The "special offer" for BlackBerry users to jump ship was the exact same offer everyone else is getting; $25 a month for two years with no down payment.

Posted via CB10

With all the free give aways at T-Mobile I don't think they can afford to stock too many devices. Blackberry should just drop them for good!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Why can't things be simple and straight forward south of the border? SMH!! Anyway, I'm glad John Chen is putting up a good fight with T-Mobile.

It was great to see Mr. Chen stand up for Blackberry and customers. But in the end. He may have to take further action. I think punish the carriers in the US in general by selling the Blackberry phone direct and instead of all of us paying for part of the cost of the phone through our plans. Simply buy our phones direct with no contracts and we can squeeze the carriers for the cost they been charging all of us. By the way.. What does the t stand for anyway.. "Turd"?

Posted from a Blackberry Z10

Did a bus load of BGR's members just show up? Seriously, what's going on here?

Posted via CB10

I think everyone who has a twitter account and those who don't get one and twitter the shit out of that CEO of T-Mobile and say that the least you could do is offer the z30 and z10 for online ordering at the very least are we will tell family and friends to stay away from your company.

I doubt he meant this as an offer. This has more to do with t mobile trying to limit the damage. I'm sure john Chen has something else in mind, but this is a good start. Is it me or are you sensing a small bit of respect being gained by BlackBerry as well? :)


I believe that blackberry should ask T-MOBILE to list all devices on the personal side and not just the business side.
I guess T-Mobile should make the effort to oblige the public in all there device listings if they want people to come over to T-MOBILE. I hope i am not repeating myself.

1. Push the OS updates when BlackBerry releases it. (10.2.1)

2. Bring the Z30 to your stores' inventory.

3. Partner with BlackBerry with advertisements and train those reps to properly show the phone to customers.

I want my Z30.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

"In BlackBerry CEO John Chen's response to T-Mobile's BlackBerry switcher campaign he noted that T-Mobile and BlackBerry were working on a special offer for T-Mobile customers ...."

compared to the actual statement credited to John Chen, i don't see how yours is exactly accurate. My understanding is that blackberry is the one working on the special offer and not necessarily in collaboration with Tmobile.

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Pathetic! Give new customers 6 months of free line rental. T-Mobile are a joke and an embarrassment to their CEO.

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NOT ENOUGH. Should be free BB phones with contract renewal. To increase BB Tmobile customers to make up for the thing they did.

An even better offer would be to release 10.2.1 or offer the z30 or current BlackBerrys at a discounted price

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I hope this isn't what they were talking about when they hinted at a special offer for BlackBerry users. I already have a Z10. Whats there to upgrade to?

In response to phylez! If i remembered his name right us BlackBerry 10 users having experienced our phones and how good they are and I'm sure i speak not only for myself but a good number of BlackBerry 10 users WE Love our BlackBerry's we want BlackBerry to climb back to where they were a few years ago because they have started creating an amazing OS. And we will not put up with dirty tricks by greedy companies who have let themselves become enslaved by a competitor who is worrying about keeping their place in the future which frankly i dont think will go their way.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Living in the US. Not any happy with any of the phone companies' attitude, no exception. Solution for me is to buy unlocked phones directly from Blackberry. Looking for the Z30 unlocked, STL100-5 at a convincing price is not easy to find. I don't care as much for T-Mobile than I do for any of the crappy rest. Not happy to have to hunt by myself for the right upgrade and the right way to install it. Phone companies do not pay any respect for the clients. Period. T-Mobile's reply is not any worse than the behavior of the others in general, especially AT&T.

Exactly Luis Cast. I started to think that in the US it would be impossible....Fo over a decade I've been buying my phones there where the price is right, and have a sim only contract with a provider that has its pricing right. I'm cheaper of than buying a phone from a provider, plus free to buy what I want and to contract whom I want.

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Not good enough.
When you look at it, it's just another way saying: "if anyone buys a BlackBerry ,we'll make sure it gets there fast. "

Good enough would be rolling goddam 10.2.1 out any day now!

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Tonight, I called in to add a little more data to my tethering/hotspot with TMOBILE. I was happy a I had a chance to speak with someone in the states being that it was so late.

But, it was funny how the cust. service rep was spitting out 'carrier jargon' aka the usual b.s. All carrier reps spit out.. I had told him I was recording the call for 'quality and assurance purposes'.. when certain inconsistencies came up I pointed them all out to him very candidly.. and I told him to give it to me simple in layman's terms 'I don't want technical, I want simple, clear cut transparency'.. and I said that is how your ceo John Legere seems to present himself so I don't expect anything less from you.. I said 'look you taking me in circles, cut the crap we've all been through and so have you.. give it to me clear cut, plain and simple'.. I guess one of his managers was listening when I said 'keep in mind I'll make this phone call public for all to hear.. consider the pressure us blackberry users alone have put on Mr. Legere via twitter and the results and how blackberry's ceo Mr. Chen didn't mind chiming in.. I'm sure my fellow blackberry comrades and TMobile customers in general wouldn't mind hearing this..'.

He told me that I would need to Stop Recording the phone call or else he would have to terminate our conversation..lol. So I said ok I'm done recording.. I said are you still recording me? He says 'well..we may be recording for quality..' etc.. whatever.. We've all been through the scripted crap with all carriers..

Anyhow, there's no real point here other than I thought I would share this.. seems 'us' recording them is grounds for terminating phone calls but of course it's 'ok' for them to do so.. lol.

Amazing.. I never would have thought there would be so much power in social media and these forums.

I'll end tonight's experience with them on the phone with that..i could expound but it's late.

Posted from my Q10 (TMobile) Running OS as of 2.14.2014!

They need to do something for the entire t mobile blackberry community... They are starting to get as bad as at&t if you ask me... Where the hell is our 10.2...

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Insult on top of injury. Did anyone notice that the refurbished Q10 had a comment where a buyer complains, on February 2014 no less, about "Not enough apps" and goes on to list apps that are, and have been, available both native and android?

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Raino the the i phone 5c is the budget one the one with the choice of different colours defo not their flagshit model thats the s. We BB10 users a lot of whom have moved from i to black. (believe in BlackBerry they have a bright future QNX has so much potential. That's why they have such a hardcore user base who stick by through good times and bad)

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Switched from VZW to Tmobile and it's great! Price and performance are much, much better. I'm disappointed they don't openly offer BBs anymore, but after buying a Z10 (white) directly from BB, I would probably never buy one from a carrier again. I, too, plan on purging non-BBs from my fam plan and replacing with Z and Q10s. One approach to dealing with Tmobile is for people (us) to move BBs to them (again, their service and prices are very good) for force them to deal with us. Forget about actually buying a BB from Tmobile (unless their deals are better).

This is a joke and Blackberry is a joke. I just ordered my Nokia 928 so I'm off BB in a few days just like most others, finally. :-)

Noooo....why a Lumia 928? Ugh. How ridiculous. Haven't you heard of the brand spanking new Lumia Icon (formerly Lumia 929) with top of the line specs? ;)

Has any other brand been singled out like this? even in tech, I think back to Atari, the commodore, zenith wooden counsel TV, Sony walkman, companies making rabbit ears, mp3 players, floppy disk drives, I can't remember anything like I've seen with BlackBerry. For a brand that changed the game, at one point in time, it's shameful.

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Ha. AT&T would have doubled down and added a 39.99 surcharge for using a BlackBerry. Or sent agents out to slash the tires of BlackBerry owners.

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It goes without saying i.e. redundant that there are reasons. Your argument however leaves a void in logic as to how or why it hurts.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

If T-Mobile somehow, some way, offers the Z30 -just one - I'd guarantee they would make a sale in western CT, USA immediately.

Come on, already...

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How about T-mobile and ALL ---U.S.A. carriers EXPEDITE BB10 UPDATES and keep current + future BlackBerry owners HAPPY

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Just an FYI, I have been to a few T-Mobile store of late and have found the reps to be very helpful and when I ask if they still have Blackberry’s in there store the answer has been, some of them still have a few and if not they will have it shipped direct to me. They have not offered me any other phone because they didn’t have a Blackberry in stock. You just have to ask for them and so far it has been positive. I have also called customer support for a new device and asked if I can get a Blackberry and the answer has been, yes you can – which one would you like sir. Just ask and you shall receive. I will be getting my new Z-10 (or was it the Q10 – mmmh decisions) this weekend at my neighborhood T-Mobile store. I am not upset by this and I am glad some people feel stong about this as it shows we still care. But I would like to still see a Blackberry on display in the store though.

What about the people who already had their blackberry 10s but had to hear all the anti blackberry crap? BlackBerry is out of business in the U.S.? Buy the new iPhone 5s to replace your now non supported phone?

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I think this is great. It is a very good sign imo. Also good on Mr Chen for taking a strong position so quickly. That's how it's done. I live in Canada but taking my unlocked Z10 to SLC in a couple of weeks and am going to pickup a sim it while in town for a trade show

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