T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling for BlackBerry 10 getting closer to availability

By Bla1ze on 22 Jun 2013 01:15 am EDT

Ever since the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 on T-Mobile, people have been asking when Wi-Fi calling support for the devices would be rolled out. For those who make use of it, it's a pretty important feature to have included as it helps get calls out when coverage might not be the best. T-Mobile has noted the service will be enabled in a later update and though they've never really put a timeframe on its release, it looks like they're getting closer to making it available.

As highlighted in the CrackBerry Forums by robsteve and now several others, the Wi-Fi calling app for T-Mobile is appearing in BlackBerry World for those running the BlackBerry 10.2 beta OS. The app seems to of have appeared there over the past few days and can be downloaded to both the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 although the app description says it's for the BlackBerry Q10.  As of yet, no one has been able to confirm if it works but at least it's a sign that it may no longer be that far off.

While we go futz around with some OS' on our devices and see if we can dig out the .bar file, you folks can head on into the forums and see some more screenshots of the app. Again, this seems to only be appearing on the beta build of 10.2 and some of the 10.2 leaks, so don't expect to see it on any other versions.

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T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling for BlackBerry 10 getting closer to availability


Awesome! will be looking forward to finally being able to connect my Z10 to wifi when I have no signal :] a feature that was missed on my GS3 on T-Mobile.

Does anybody have any information about Rogers doing the same? 2 gripes about the q10 is lack of uma and the tunein app being so stripped.

Sad that android has rogers 1number which I'm stuck using, hoping to run on jb android player once it's released. But is that a sad, or good thing? Lol

Stop all this nonsense... m only concern wid the fact tht BlackBerry has not been able to mark its position in the market. n their r no apps.. y v always have to sideload? N tht android 4.2.2?? Wat the f is tht.. m fed up wid BlackBerry now. I sold off my iphone 5 n bot this..I did a mistake.. n now bbm is going cross platform.. BlackBerry's gonna fail....

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I can tell by your inability to write properly in the English language that you are probably better suited to an iPhone anyways...

Perhaps you should be more concerned about when using chat and text speak online is appropriate..... Nobody put a gun to your head to switch, so don't blame others for this..... As for your trite "BlackBerry's gonna fail" comment, I've been hearing that ever since I bought my first BlackBerry 3 years ago. BlackBerry isn't going anywhere anytime soon.....

Go tell the developers who refuse to make your favourite app for BlackBerry 10 to stop this nonsense. Or just stick with your iPhone if you don't want to take 10 minutes to sideload a few while you wait for an official app.

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I live in the UK, so don't understand but does that mean up until now, BBM wifi calling doesn't work in the US or Canada??

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I live in Canada and BBM wifi calling works here. But I think the big deal about being able to call people over wifi is that you can call NON-BBM contacts as well and you won't be limited to minutes if you don't have an unlimited talk plan. Another advantage is that you can use wifi calling when cellular strength isn't so strong.

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Unless TMO US has changed its policy, wifi calling minutes is dependent on calling plan minutes. Your wifi calls will be charged to your calling minutes.

One advantage, as you have noted is that the subscriber with wifi calling can make/receive calls he would not have made/received due to weak signal.

And the biggest advantage is the ability for a subscriber with wifi calling to call a number in his home country while he is abroad for free since his network would not know where the call is originating from. Wifi calling in this case is treated as a domestic call, so there are no roaming charges.

But in the US, only TMO has this feature and this is not supported by the other 3 big carriers. In Canada, I believe, only 1 carrier also supports this.

That seems like a really bad deal. Why on earth would they charge your monthly min plan if you are using wife?? Cross platform BBM voice will cover that nicely!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Varies from plan to plan. On mine, minutes ARE deducted, but I do remember TMO offering no deductions on some old EMP plans.

They did not use minutes earlier this year when My wife used tmo wifi calling.

Now their plans are all unlimited calling anyway so it is moot for new customers.

For those unfamiliar with wifi calling, you actually connect to the T-Mobile netowrk to make cell calls, sms etc all over wifi. Great for basements and it even works outside of the country to avoid international roaming.

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As a former T-Mobile sales rep, I'll tell you, Wifi calling DOES use your minutes... however, since all of their plans now have unlimited calling, it won't matter... that is, unless you're grandfathered onto one of the older plans. just give CC a call and switch that shiz.

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Well, it's just an extension, if you will, of your BBM voice calling to people who don't have BBM.

WiFi calling has nothing to do with BBM voice.
BlackBerry isn't the only manufacturer that supports WiFi calling.

Almost all T-Mobile phones have wifi calling. It means your actual phone number an sms work over wifi even if you have zero network signal, as long as you have wifi available.

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T-mobile is the best US carrier for BB10. I miss my wi-fi calling on my old curve 8900 when I had it. It was awesome being able to take and make phone calls over wifi from the four corners of the planet.

This is usually also sms too. I use my phone as a pager, so having my sms messages arrive when I have no carrier signal is a huge benefit.

Z10 via T-Mobile (

So Bla1ze, you're saying it was TMO delaying this? There have been quite a few discussions in the forums as to who is to blame for the delay: RIM or TMO.

How do you Wifi call then in the UK, (I'm on Orange), without BBM? Do you mean via Skype? I'm usually clued up on phone stuff so am I just being dumb? Lol.

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Yes, this feature turns your wifi router into a small cell towet in effect. Your phone with this feature will not only connect to the data network over wifi but the voice and sms network as well.

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I mean there's Viber and What's App for message and calling via data...but guess you don't mean this.

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This should have been a lock from day one, but BB has been dragging and lagging. I need the comfort of knowing if I'm on a WiFi network that I'm not missing a single message or ring from my family.

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While I do understand we're talking about UMA here, with all the available technologies to communicate, it's no surprise that there's so much confusion.

For those that don't understand UMA, it basically extends your provider's cell coverage to a wifi connection in poor areas. In other words, your "real" mobile phone calls and SMS go through. Nothing to do with any third party VOIP apps, or BBM.

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This isn't really UMA though. UMA is hardware enabled, and if RIM had put the necessary hardware in BB10 phones, we wouldn't have been at the mercy of T-Mobile, and I'd have a Q10 already lol

Sweet! I really hope this is a free app available in BB WORLD so that others on an infrastructure can use it too.

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