T-Mobile users: Is your BlackBerry data working?

Data Down
By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2012 11:47 am EDT

 *UPDATE* - This issue is now marked as resolved and T-Mobile customers should find their data flowing fine now.

It looks like a handful of T-Mobile users are having some issues with BlackBerry data this morning. It appears as if T-Mo may have some kind of problem that is crapping out BlackBerry services, but we're not sure just what the cause is. It feels pretty much like the same issue we saw a few months back though. We'll see what we can find out, but in the meantime, swing by this thread and let us know if your data is working.

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T-Mobile users: Is your BlackBerry data working?


Nope, it's been down here in Brooklyn, NY since 9:00 AM. It was also down for many hours on Sunday past.

San Diego service was down for a short while. It's okay now. Via wifi connection was always okay.

Holy Crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The media said that NOBODY in the U.S. had a BlackBerry anymore !!!

Did the media LIE once again?

Long Live RIM !!!!!

Here in New York i called TMobile because users at my company were not receiving emails and TMobile Rep informed me that they are experiencing a Global Outage...

Seems like they're lying again. If it was a global outage, I wouldn't have data services in Toronto Canada on windmobile.

I've must have sent out 300 PIN and BBM messages today to people all over. I got replies back .... so it must have been a VERY SMALL number that was down .... if anybody.

Last BBM was received at 9am in Midtown Manhattan, back in NJ now still nothing despite showing 4G fully connected on my 9900.

Haha... And I was just wondering why my phone's data wasn't working 2 minutes ago while walking to/from the local coffee shop. Seems like opening the browser gave me some ugly "web2go" page claiming I had an insufficient data plan, and data services weren't working. Upon coming back to the office, things seemed to work (and the BIS icon reappeared) once I had WiFi coverage.

Yep been out since about 2 a.m. here in Washington D.C. was gonna call T-mobile but decided to check here first and good to see CB are on the case.

Wondering if this is why I'm not getting the emergency alert message tornado warning for D.C. and the surrounding areas.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

This has nothing to do wih RIM... BIS is working on Wifi. If your not on WIFI and your data doesn't work, then you can't connect to BIS...


I'm having the data problem here in Detroit. It says insufficient data coverage whenever I try to access the internet. All the while I'm showing 4G coverage.

It appears to be a Tmobile issue. IT IS NOT A RIM ISSUE... and dont let TMobile ill-advised reps try to push the blame on RIM.... BBM and all BIS services works on wifi connection. Im in NJ and my wife 9900 is working fine, however my 9900 is not working.

Mine wasn't working this morning, everytime I accessed the browser it brought me to Web2Go page stating I must upgrade to the new data unlimited for me to proceed. No details if it was gonna lock me in a 2 year agreement upgrade they like to sneak on ya. I took screen shots of webpage and messages! Thanks to Screen Grabber!!
Mine is working now however, don't know if we may all be forced into the upgrade in near future!!

Shame on tmobile lying in the faces of their customers!! It's not rim's fault. Purely tmobile. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TMOBILE!!

Mine was out since early this morning. Working fine in wifi. I have a 9900. My wife's torch on tmobile also has not had an issue. So very strange.

T-Mobile Customer Resolved Outage notification for T-MOBILE CORPORATE
Ticket Number : 4436354
Start Time : 09/18/12 9:00:53 AM (09/18/12 2:00:53 PM(GMT))
End Time : 09/18/12 1:01:09 PM (09/18/12 6:01:09 PM(GMT))
Element Id : OCDEFSUB
Service(s) : BlackBerry
Description : Customers who are using a Blackberry 9900 may experience issues when trying to access the internet.
Geographic Location(s) : Nationwide
Status Update : Customers using a Blackberry 9900 should no longer experience issues when trying to access the internet. If the Customer is still having issues, they should power cycle their device.