T-Mobile US will no longer stock BlackBerry in store, moves to shipping direct to customers

By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2013 05:57 pm EDT

Over the past little while, there has been a few threads pop up in the CrackBerry Forums from folks stating that their local T-Mobile stores were no longer carrying BlackBerry smartphones. For the most part, it was assumed to just be a regional thing but according to Reuters and David Carey, Executive Vice President for Corporate Services, T-Mobile, it's more of a chain wide initiative. 

Carey said that "keeping stock in the retail distribution system was inefficient" because BlackBerry phones have not been high demand devices for consumers.
He said BlackBerry smartphones are mostly purchased by businesses who do not make buying decisions in stores.
"Therefore we will display and sell it in the store for those consumers who would like to see one," he added.

Obviously, that news isn't exactly the best for BlackBerry but it's not entirely unheard of either. Sprint has been doing the same thing with BlackBerry Q10 in most of their retail locations since they released the device and with BlackBerry announcing their move into the prosumer market, I'm sure this won't be the last time we hear of carriers taking this approach when selling BlackBerry smartphones.

To be clear, you'll still be able to get a BlackBerry smartphone from T-Mobile, you'll just have to order it online or go to a store and tell them you want one, so that they can ship it out to you directly. Slightly less convenient for you and less chance someone might buy a BlackBerry smartphone on a whim or after having seen what it is capable of.

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T-Mobile US will no longer stock BlackBerry in store, moves to shipping direct to customers


Trolling are we? Get a life. Go play a fart app on your iPhone

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I bet you haven't used either of them and I bet you think that Apple is innovative when they release new phones. Why don't you go kick rocks you anal dwelling butt monkey.

Posted via CB10

You are awful don't post anything anymore regarding BlackBerry and go wash your mouth while you are at it!

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You're so full of it. The Z10 has won me bet after bet, and beer after beer, because of iPhone and Android users thinking the company stock determines the phones quality.

Find a hater site and chat there.

Viva Blackberry

10+ years. Since Black and White.

I am genuinely interested to hear what makes the Z10 awful in your eyes. I love my Z10 but that's for my taste, so please in all sincerity explain your reason if you will. I leave out the Z30 because I have not used one so I can't speak to that.

Z10 OS

be sure to include more info and facts with your useless statement. I cant believe you sit on crackberry all day hatin hatin hatin. you should get a job and cancel your crackberry account.

well panchod, it's the beginning of the end. guess I should sell my BlackBerry while I can still get a couple bucks out of it.

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I hope they don't completely drop BlackBerry. I've had my Z10 since launch day on T-Mobile and have been completely satisfied since. Wi-Fi Calling is fantastic.

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Same here. Moved over from a DROID on Verizon. Own a playbook so I was already sold on how rugged BlackBerry makes the hardware and the potential of the new OS.
TMO with the promise of WiFi calling closed the deal.

Have used iPhone, DROID, and Windows phones. With my Z10 I can finally get something done. I predict two years. In two years BlackBerry will be the major player to beat again.

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Well. That will coincide with all carriers in the States. Whereas, the phones were relegated into the bottom drawer ....out of sight.

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Pretty much, ya.. or go to the store and tell them you want one in which case, they'll ship it out to you.

Sad, because I have seen employees in my local T-Mobile store try to steer people to the Z10 instead of an iPhone. And they definitely know better than to try to talk me out of any phone purchase I want to make.

Agreed. The reps on my local T-Mobile store were surprisingly upbeat and positive when talking about the Z10. :) This was to another customer

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

When I went to a Bell store in Canada, I had the rep ask me if I researched the Z10 before buying and claimed many people were bringing them back with issues. Little did he know that I knew more about the phone than him... I am more than willing to deal with a 1st gen OS, and have found the Z10 to be a great phone!

CB10 - Z10

Which is part of the reason why it's not in high demand. People are impressionable, I can tell you that right now. And when they hear a rep in a store tell them that a phone is no good or that the company is about to die, they don't even bother to question it or find out the facts. All you have to do is put into question how "cool" or trendy something is and they're already no longer interested in it...

How is it that a T-MOBILE rep is the individual introducing a smartphone user to the notion that RIM is dying?

Seems to be a commonly held viewpoint. Certainly hasn't been challenged in any PR or Marketing.

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Because quite a lot of people don't pay one bit of attention to what goes on with smartphones until they're in a store looking to buy one. I have witnessed first-hand the total lack of knowledge about phones that many people display.

listen blackberry's always have issues and as a sales rep the returns hurt my commission and it hurts my numbers. I will not sell a phone to anybody knowing it will get returned or exchanged and the blackberry is that phone.

Excellent comment- more people should listen to what you say. If people kept returning phones I sold, I would not push them either. However, the people on crackberry like to blame sales people, consumers, iphone lovers, the "evil media" - anyone but BlackBerry for releasing a phone that can't compete. The market has spoken.

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I have had my Z10 since February 5th and it has worked perfectly for me. My father and brother have them as well and they have never had any problems. I have actually never heard of anyone returning a BB10 phone. I'm sure it happens for good reasons but I highly doubt that a rep would avoid selling BlackBerrys out of concern for loosing his commission on a return of a faulty product.

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Both of you should be fired! Part of your job is to educate customers about smartphones, but if your ego is all about your numbers then you seriously should be fired! I wish your company can read this.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Their job is to make the company money by selling the customer a phone that satisfies their needs. BlackBerry has had a rough year, but it has been self inflicted, for the most part.

Fire these two sales people? No, I'd hire two more just like them.

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Actually, you said it right there, "selling the customer a phone that satisfies their needs." If you're trying to claim that the Z10 or Q10 doesn't satisfy any customers' needs, then I'm guessing you haven't used them. The point is these sales people do not sell them what "satisfies the customers' needs." They sell what they think can make them the most money, or they simply inject their own personal opinions on their customers. I've worked in retail, and one thing that really annoyed me about my coworkers is when they sell them what they would want, not what would be best for the customer. I was opposite, I kept my own personal opinions to myself, I found out what that customer needed, and recommended him/her the product that would suit that particular need... But with most of these mobile phone reps, you go in there and say you prefer to have a physical keyboard and they will go on and on about how "keyboards are obsolete and uncool" and why you should just get one of the trillion glass slab phones in the market now...

A phone that can't compete? Funny since the Z10 and Q10 are both faster than the iphone 5. So I guess you told everyone that the iphone 5 sucked as well? Or are your standards different for them??

...the problem is that the majority of the sales staff sell based on numbers, and not knowledge...I picked up more about my Z10 (bought in Feb) than pretty much any sales person I have talked to. They would rather push a phone on me that is useless to my requirements (which is speed, reliability and pure power), nothing I was ever shown (or have used from family members) have been able to keep pace with my Z10...I don't listen to sales people (never have) because they rarely are well versed on what they sell...they look at 'trends' (which come and go) or the short sell if you will, and not on what is generally the better thing on the shelf...

I must have been extremely lucky then, because I've never had an issue with any BB I've owned... My friends have issues with their phones, which is more than 0, so it's more than me and my BB... Weird...

...BlackBerry's don't always have issues, maybe in you tiny part of the world...if you're commission is hurting, then you're not a good salesman...I sell industrial compressors, and I can sell any brand to anyone, yes even the ones (as a mechanic as well) that I don't prefer. You don't go into a sale with a preconceived bias, if you do...then you have no business in sales...and unfortunately this is often the case in the technology sector. They sell what is best for them, not the customer...

I must be the only one who had a positive experience with T-Mobile then. I went into the store to show my wife the phone and both reps that helped us had a personal BlackBerry that they loved. It's what ended up selling the Q10 to my wife.

"Therefore we will display and sell it in the store for those consumers who would like to see one," he added.

I don't understand how this quote jibes with the title of the article. Is he talking about the online store?

You can see it in-store, play with the retail model in-store, even purchase one in-store, but you won't be walking out of the store with one. They'll ship it to you in a few days.

Sucks, as that could significantly affect a consumer's decision to buy a BlackBerry device or not.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Oh, so stores will still have a working display model? Then I don't really see the issue. I think most people would be willing to wait a few days for something as great as a BlackBerry.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Agreed. I am willing to wait a couple of days as long as I can see one first and play around with it in the store.

Lol do you live in the US? Not many mobile device purchasers here have that much patience. They want the latest tech yesterday, just look at the lineups for Apple devices even though pre-orders are available almost immediately after they announce the latest iPhone.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

People lining up for the new iPhone doesn't tell me that Americans want the latest tech, it says they fall for clever marketing time and time again.

Posted via CB10

95% of people don't purchase based on technical specifications and they shouldn't. They get what they like/want. BlackBerry used to be that. Now it's not. Don't blame the 95%

Posted from my 6230

The whole point of walking in the store is so you can get the phone right now. Who wants to hand a cashier a boat load of money for a phone and then have to wait? That phone better ship next day delivery. I can see not carrying a lot of stock, but no stock is a killer. It means only the most loyal customer will buy one.

I agree with the patience problems. When I buy something like a phone I want it right then and there. The waiting sucks. I can hear the reps now... "I can order you the BlackBerry, but you will have to wait for it to ship..... or you can take this shiny new Android and take it with you today!"

Posted via Microwave Oven

T-Mobile does offer 1-day shipping (albeit at a price of ~$10.) Plus, who knows...once this phone becomes an online exclusive, they might automatically bump you to 1-day shipping, or maybe the in-store reps could hook you up.

I respectfully disagree, if I went into a store ready to buy a phone and they told me I had to wait a few days to. A week for it I'd find a different phone. I'm Saying this with the mind frame of a regular customer and not a dedicated crackberry addict. Unfortunate we here at the Crackberry nation are an exception to the masses out there looking to buy a phone with no specific type in mind, this is where marketing is key, there are more people out there that will be sold a phone based on ignorance rather than brand loyalty.BlackBerry marketing do your job please.
Right or wrong, just my 2 cents

Z10 OS

This is just isht news any way you shake it. Most consumers that purchase from a store want to leave with a new device in their hands...based on this news, it is pretty much a guarantee that they won't be BBRY customers.

Posted via CB10

That's for the new iPhone though. Most people think BlackBerry is the same old thing it used to be. They will wait for an iPhone, not so much for the BlackBerry unless they are like me and other CB users who are die hard and won't take anything less.

Posted via Microwave Oven

Understandable business move IMO.. can't complain if they are not selling and by the sound of things that is the case.

Now if they stop even allowing orders that would suck. Overall I hope things do change for BlackBerry in the USA but as of now this is how it has to be so be it

Posted via Z10

I don't see it as really understandable as a business move. They're small and it doesn't take much shelf space to stock something you have displayed in the sales floor.

Posted via CB10

Same. I mean, each store is going to sell AT LEAST one or two in the course of a month or two.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

The Verizon store in my area only got 1 iPhone 5s in stock when it was released. Imagine only having one when the demand is so insane. It isn't a really high volume store though.

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Just get me a Z30 TMOBILE. BlackBerry been getting a bad reputation because the Z10 is amazing. I know the Z30 will be ever better.

Posted via CB10

Why it will be better when is the same phone missing apps. I'm tired of that, PPL dint buy bb10 because they say it doesn't have instagram...or chase, or candy crush, or photoshop, or idk what else...this is how we are nowadays. Too bad.

My wife just got an iPhone 4 issued from work. The tech laughed at her when she tried swiping it awake.
"It's not a blackberry, you'll have to get used to hitting that little button", then he pulls out his Q10... " I prefer blackberry too.

After her first full day with the iPhone...
"OMG! Why do people like these? I miss my BlackBerry!"

Now she steals my Z10 when I get home from work.

Diamond Wonderland > Candy Crush.

Not sure I had a point other than people like BlackBerry for very real reasons.

Posted via CB10

Not happy about this, but not surprised either. My local TMO store knows me as "the Blackberry guy"; always there on release day for the new Blackberry (9900, Z10 and Q10). As long as they carry the Z30 and any future Bold/Q devices, I'll be ok with it.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

My Z10 is on T-Mobile I love tmo service and cannot cut them. Guess I'm going to be ordering then. Until BlackBerry decides to stop selling to average Joes that's when I will give up on the blackberry brand

Posted via CB10

Well... with media (including Crackberry) jumping all over BlackBerry try to put the last nail in their coffin no wonder!

On another note I really hope by doing this it will allow BlackBerry to sell directly to the consumer(prosumer) online. An unlocked BlackBerry phone that would work on the network of your choice.

This would be great for them as you don't have to deal with sales reps who like to bash BlackBerry products (not all do but it does happen)

Posted via Z10

I'd imagine they're free to do this any time they want. Other phone manufacturers do it.

I think this may cause people who are enquiring about the handset to choose another.

You don't get that new phone feeling when you go in store and buy a phone take it out the box and look at it then take it home. Rather to be told place your order now and it will be with you within the next 5 working days etc...

In the past I've been to 3 or 4 stores trying to get the phone I wanted ( when blackberry's were in high demand).

It's like the chicken and egg situation demand will improve with carrier support and marketing. But carriers won't support the device without the demand for consumers.

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BlackBerry really need to start selling there phone from their own portal blackberry website still shocking this hasn't been implemented yet

Posted via CB10

Now you know they stock plenty other phones that don't sell too. After all this is T-Mobile. It probably goes back to the relationship when Att had the original Torch and it was kinda hot and T-Mobile didnt get it til it wasn't selling. Just Pay back

Posted via CB10

When I was considering the Z-10, I drove 37 miles to my closest T-Mobile store after calling to confirm they had them in stock and on display.

When I got there, their lone demo unit was towards the back in a small BB display, completely dead. They never bothered to even hook up a charger and apparently never noticed. Nor could they find a charger to at least let me try it plugged in.

They did have sealed ones in stock, so I asked them to bring one out to confirm the sub-model numbers so I wouldn't get stuck with a "crippled" non -3 model.

They brought one out, brand new, and couldn't tell me the price. I handed it back and said I'll buy it. When the cow-eyed dolt started to write it up, I said "but not from you; there's no way you're getting a commission for such lousy customer service. I'm buying it online."

And that's exactly what I did. I figured I could use the 20-day return privilege to evaluate it myself at home if they couldn't be bothered to help me discover it in person.

It's still my daily driver and I get great benefit from WiFi Calling, unique to T-Mo, because cell coverage at my home is very poor.

Went to check out the Q as I have a Z10 the BlackBerry wasn't on in my T Mobile store either. In the back no display. Never sees his BlackBerry rep. BlackBerry needs stores in major metro areas.

Silicon Valley NYC, Chicago,

I bought mine online. Wanted the Q but the Z came out first and my 9700 was on life support.

BlackBerry are bought not sold. Meaning people who want a BlackBerry walk in and get them. Nobody is ever sold a BlackBerry.

Yep just get the Z30 I have no problem ordering online as long as they get it. The sooner the better. It's not like they did a good job with Z10 anyway. They tried to convince to get a Samsung or wait for the IPhone that was to be released the next week. Then when Q10 came out I went to 3 different stores and couldn't see real working demo model.

Posted with my Z10 running 10.2

When I needed a new Z10 they had it to me next day. If this is the case, then it isn't so bad. You can cut out gas and time from having to deal with stores and people. Not really too bad.

Posted via CB10

Lame!!! Oh well guess have to wait. Few days before the phone arrive. This will make it harder for people that want to pick up a BlackBerry and they have to wait a few days to get it.

Posted via CB10

It's just bad news all around right now.
Trying to roll with the punches is becoming increasingly more difficult.
Z10. Q10 and Z30 are great devices but practically non existent outside of our BlackBerry family.
Dreadfully marketed from day 1 has been the biggest downfall for me. Everything else has just stemmed from that.
Sure, they were up against certain things with carriers not exactly making life easy for them but that's the time to come out swinging. Aggressive. Fighting back and going on the front foot. Not hiding in the shadows behind a few very poor TV commercials.
Sad times for a great company.

CB10 on my Z10

This is old news. I'm a T-Mobile employee and they implemented this about a month and a half ago. I'm told that this will be reevaluated per quarter

Posted via CB10

I ordered my Z10 via their online portal as the reports here regarding sales staffs at various T-Mobile retail stores being less than helpful (or trying to sway folks to other devices) cinched that. I never even went into the T-Mobile store in front of my neighborhood to check to see if they even had the Z10 on display.

With BlackBerry exiting the consumer market, I fully expect to see BlackBerry devices pretty much disappear completely from retail environments well before the last BlackBerry consumer model is on the market.

I will be ordering new q10 in few weeks. As long as T-Mobile sells it online I am OK with it. Its an amazing business device and it's a shame that app developers don't want to develop apps for it. Hopefully it will change.

Cool man enjoy it. Great choice. I'm on Verizon and love my Q.
While this isn't great news, I don't think it's a big deal. The big 2 carriers are committed to BlackBerry. The other two are still keeping blackberry in the fold, as it were. At this point it's their responsibility to drastically improve the marketing situation (even targeted marketing), so that the demand will be there. T-Mobile and the other carriers are not going to provide that service anyway.

Posted via CB10

The OS is amazing, apps are integrated for example you can add an email to remember app or create a calendar event. Android doesn't have this kind of integration and productivity. Blackberry 10 is lean, mean business machine.

It has a lot to do with having to be obligated to sell iPhones that were purchased on contract from apple. Unfortunately, blackberry is relying on minimum wage dolts to be able to actually understand and explain a different type of phone to people. It's hard to have an impact on the market with so many different places that you can buy a phone.

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Yes it is. I can understand reducing inventory. But not carrying at all? This is crazy man. I can't believe it. If the carriers would have shown more support, and done more advertising in the first place, this wouldn't be happening.

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

If no one wants your product, you'd be stupid to waste valuable space on keeping inventory. Perhaps you're right about support and advertising, but what does it matter now? They didn't.

I don't have any problem with online purchase but when someone walks in a phone store to buy a phone they're expecting to come out of the store with the phone in hands as mentioned above. Imagine how would you feel when you're told that you need to order it online , all the excitement is gone . People love new gadgets and once they buy one they cannot wait to get home to set it up and play with it . Obviously this is opening doors for more consumers to change their mind and go with a different phone that is available on site . I have a Z10 and I really like it , I hope we start hearing some good news about the future of the company very soon..

Everyone from T mobile needs to call them and voice their disapproval. BlackBerry users need to take a stand!!!

Posted via CB10

I really hope BlackBerry makes good out of this situation(and all other bad news). I'd hate to see the product line ultimately go away.

If it does i'll either roll with a Samsung S series or the HTC One series device.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

So go to another carriers store, do the hands on. Go home order device. Wait the excruciating delivery time till the item arrives.
I'm the type of buyer who like to leave the point of purchase with my purchase. This doesn't sit well with me.

Posted via CB10

You gotta know- these phones with this software are not the answers. They still need to make a significant leap in technology, design or applications. The market has spoken - the truth hurts - right now it's a mediocre offering.

Posted via CB10

Really? What is so exceptional over competitors offerings? I happen to think the build quality is good on the Z10. Technology- NFC- limited use. Smart tags- limited availability. What do you think the Z10 has over competitors?

Posted via CB10

App permissions control is usually the one thing I think of first. Also, the OS seems really solid. I've never had to restart in order to regain functionality of my Z10, nor has a bad app ever jacked up the whole phone.

Posted via CB10

I bought my phone at a carrier store only once in 14 years. Whenever I prolonged the contract, the phone was sent to me via post.

Posted via CB10

It's just an absolute shame that people out there just have no clue how great BB10 is. It's true that perception is everything. BlackBerry really dropped the ball when it came to marketing their BB10 products. Smdh...
As for T- Mobile only offering BlackBerry online, not a big deal and really can't blame them it's just a smart business decision. T-Mobile has exceptional customer service. When I ordered my Bold 9900 it came in 2 days.
Also, just wanted to say I have never experienced a sales person trying to disuade me from buying a BlackBerry, and my last 4 phones have been BlackBerry, well at least I've never experienced this in T-Mobile.

Posted via CB10

Amazon has better deals away is it may me t-mobile may sell very little devices themselves.

Posted from the most powerful smartphone,z10

Does Costco carry TMobile phones? They, usually, throw in a lufra with the deal or something... Not a "bad way to go"...

Wow the BlackBerry brand really has died in the US hasn't.

Mind you, I'm amazed so many people still go to a shop to buy a mobile. I've only ever bought mobiles online in the last 13 years!

I suppose with something you are going to hold in your hand half the day and have to live with people want to try a few out for themselves and see which ones feel right. Me I just research, order and adapt to whatever it turns out to be like.

Posted via CB10

Sadly, many stores will probably take this approach. If this private thing go's through, BlackBerry needs a few years to get their reputation back. I can see them flooding companies with their software and hardware at a low cost. It's how they became popular in the first place. They have to trim and start from the ground up. All sad, but this is really the only chance they have at this point. Nice to see some of the contracts they landed in the last few days. Slow and steady from here on out.

Posted via CB10

JohnnyUK, that's true when I think of it. I've ordered my last three blackberry's on line anyways.

Posted via CB10

Sad but I saw it coming.

BlackBerry needs to max deploy at all costs to enterprise if it's going to keep scaling BB10 in the US. I fear that may be the only hope.

Posted via CB10

I made a similar move. Instead of getting a T-Mobile BlackBerry in store, I got a Verizon BlackBerry in store. Dropping calls with T-Mobile was inefficient.

Posted via CB10

You think that will stop me ha ha ha I laugh in there face T-Mobile was the first to have my z10 available and I see no reason to switch to another carrier so if I have to pre order my z30 so be it they just better have my phone on time or I may have to flex lol

Posted via my better half ZED

Wow looking at this I really see how things are different over in the united states.

This is the reason the Z30 was launched in Malaysia:


I also read to day that blackberry is losing indonesia which was their largest base.

Well at least I know that my own country people appreciate Blackberry. I think U.K is doing okay as well since Z30 have been offered at most of the major retail outlets.

A lot of these bad comments are from people that have never even tried the Z10 or Q10 for themselves. They just go with what the iSheep tell them. Oh, by the way, the finger print scanner on the new iPhone was already hacked just 3 days after release. This was being touted by Apple as its new security feature.

Posted via CB10

My prediction is that by this time next year CrackBerry will have the same fate as the webOS Nation. Don't get me wrong, I love my Z10 and I keep CrackBerry.com as my home page. But considering what has happened over the last few days (weeks and months), I just cannot any longer tell people to go get a BB and have my conscience clean. I just hope that BB World stays alive until my phone dies in a couple of years...

*I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that FairFax will pull BlackBerry up to where they belong, at the top, however my hands and feet are starting to blister*

Considering that I bought my very first BlackBerry this way, I'm not going to fret... is kind of sad though that it could very well hurt sales

Posted via CB10

This is a very understandable move. There has been no demand. Customers don't know about the product. Stores don't have stock or advertising out. How is a common consumer supposed to know about the new BlackBerry devices? BlackBerry hasn't done ANY consumer marketing since the devices came out.

Passive marketing = passive sales = no customer demand.

If BlackBerry was serious about wanting to actually sell the Z10 and Q10 to consumers, they would have started marketing right before they hit the stores - building interest in the new product and new features. SHOW people that a new operating system was on its way, and SHOW them what the new operating system can do. Did they do this? No. They put together a commercial that showed less than 2 seconds of the device, with no useful information for consumers. They had no idea what the new BlackBerry device was, or that it was a completely new device (not just another upgrade to the outdated OS from before).

Did AT&T make a commercial? I didn't see one. Verizon's commercial wasn't consumer oriented (unless consumers like being woken up in the middle of the night while on vacation). The upcoming Sprint commercial doesn't target consumers. T-Mobile didn't target consumers with a BlackBerry commercial. Absolutely no consumer marketing done at all. It really was as if BlackBerry didn't want to sell to consumers and wanted the devices to fail in the market (faster roll to the bottom and to going private).

If they had done a proper (smart) consumer marketing campaign, there might have been real interest in the Z10. That would have generated more sales, brought on more app developers, and probably have made the company more successful by now.

Even if they just go through the motions of becoming a prosumer device, they still need to work on perception, give a positive image to the Z30 release, and SHOW why the device stands out from the rest. BlackBerry makes really great devices, but people who don't frequent these tech blog sites have no idea about them. Unless they work on perception, nothing will change. And I really want them to succeed.

BlackBerry should just sell their devices themselves, online and through their many exclusive retail locations as "unlocked" and the clients take their devices to whatever carrier. If carrier support remains, shipping phones individually actually does make more sense - retailers can order stock based on "pre-orders" and then more one to one via an online retail store.

Posted via CB10

Why doesn't BlackBerry not advertise what the Z10 can do vs other phones. If it wasn't for CrackBerry and me researching it, I wouldn't know. The Z10 is great and does more than my gf's iPhone 5, but the rest of the world would never know. They really dropped the ball on the marketing. I seriously hope they straighten that out after the takeover. The campaign should have had the theme of this isn't like your old BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. This is all part of the "buy american" agenda. It has been happening with all kinds of goods. BlackBerry still has the best phone and OS, hands down.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

You are delusional.

First, the US is, by far, not the only country not buying BB10 phones.

Second, most Americans have no idea that BB is Canadian. Most likely assume they're an American company.

Third, you've got Apple (phones made in China), Samsung & LG (South Korea), HTC (Taiwan), Nokia (Finland), and Motorola (most phones made in China, Moto X assembled in Texas). How, exactly, does any of that equate to "buying American"? I promise you there are probably no more than a couple thousand Americans who even consider country of origin when buying consumer electronics; it certainly is no where near enough to tank a company.

If you are looking for someone to blame, point your blame where it belongs: BlackBerry's management, who have made 6 straight years of bad decisions.

This is sad but as long as I can get a new beautiful BlackBerry every year or two I'll survive.

Posted via my Q10.

Well if things do pick up BlackBerry should put small kiosks in malls across Canada and possibly USA! Cut the middle guy and have the best reps possible!

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Why should T-Mobile care? BlackBerry doesn't seem to! They know the people who want them will get them, and nobody else will and BlackBerry Isn't doing a damned thing to market the product. Maybe T-Mobile doesn't have enough prosumers as customers.

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Love it. I'll be one of the few that will have a unique phone such as the Z10. When the Z30 comes out. I'm getting it. I'm happy with any BlackBerry phone. It does what I want and has all the apps I need.

Give me a good reason why iOS or Android is better and don't say more apps. You don't have to tell me that. I already know there's not enough app with BlackBerry.

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Very sad. I switched from Sprint to TMo for the Z10. The TMo location I Bought the Zs for my family did a great job at launch. Z10' s were displayed up front with a full display stand of accessories. The reason I chose that location was because the sales rep was very knowledgeable and was a BlackBerry user. I was in there just a month ago and they had BlackBerry displayed in 2 sections of the store. I felt like TMo did more for BlackBerry for the US launch. Too bad they got burned so bad that it comes to this.

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Why doesn't Blackberry sell the phone directly to the consumers, unlocked? Most likely people ordering will be prosumer anyways.

Simple: few customers want to buy unlocked phones for full up-front price, especially since, with the exception of T-Mobile, the other 3 carriers already add a $20/month surcharge, bundled into the monthly price of service, that you have to pay even if you bring a fully-paid, unlocked phone to them. No one wants to pay for the phone twice, and that's unfortunately what you get with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. And the CDMA carriers (Verizon and Sprint) make it difficult to bring in phones from the outside anyway. That's even true on their pre-paid MNOs. Really, your only decent choices with a pre-paid unlocked phone are T-Mobile or an AT&T MNO, and unfortunately there are limits on the MNOs that don't apply to the main carriers, so not everyone can live with that.

Yes, they need to bail on the carriers who are squeezing them out! Verizon is a major culprit too, selling the Z10 at launch with an ancient BB10 OS and not offering an upgrade until July! They launched one month after the UK and Canada but with a much older OS. They left those user suffer for 4 months before offering an upgrade. Most users had returned their Z10s by then since they were experiencing problems that Verizon was not addressing - but they blamed the device.

Buy American agenda? Obama uses the unit, what more do you want? There is no agenda from the Press, Trolls, USA or Users. BB did it to themselves, they have no one to blame. Just last month BB announced they will moves USA sales team to USA. Wow, that's an idea. Where were they based before, Borneo?

Damn and I thought Tmobile liked BlackBerry just a bit more than the other carriers lol since we got 10.1 quick

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Huge shot in the behind! That's nasty. I hope this is not a trend for US carriers. They carry dozens of Android phones and even some old dumb phones in store, but they won't carry the BB10 BlackBerrys in store. Shameful!

I was in a mall store the other day. No more z10s in stock but still a demo on display.

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Ya know, no matter what the subject matter, the "not enough apps" crowd beaks off..just how many apps does one need..?? Really of all the crap installed on the avg smart phone, i'd bet 90% of those apps never get used.

BBry will not dissapear , they are still the most secure system around, enterprise both private and government is still a huge part of their business..add to that the mobile computing with QNX, and a diamond in the rough, BBM4all, may well see high quality devices available for many yrs to come.

Im waiting for the first 3D holographic heads up display to be offered on a smartphone..hopefully that would come from BBry. That would make for kewl video conferencing!

In the meantime, Z30 and 10.2 is on the horizon for me.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Meh, well I guess having a T-Mo Z30 is going to be a pretty exclusive club in the United States. Oh well, someone save me a seat.

There are two major issues here. First off, as has been stated many times earlier in this posting, customers like to walk into a store, see something they like and walk out with it activated, set-up and ready to use. In this case, having to wait for it to be delivered to you can be a lot of inconvenience since FedEx/UPS won't deliver it without a signature of an adult (kids home from school can't sign) so you may be waiting longer for it. Secondly, the fact that the stores aren't carrying the BlackBerry may translate to minimal training of the store reps who the customers rely on to show them how to use the device and get them excited about it. Also, BlackBerry was always great at sales contests to make sure that reps had won devices and they could show customers their BlackBerry with all of their apps and features.

Well in response to your assumption that I'm delusional, you'd have to have a permanent set of blinders on to think that this has absolutely nothing to do with American competition. The battlefield for BlackBerry has been primarily on Wall Street, in case you missed it.You also assume that Americans are uneducated and oblivious in relation to where products are made.
And lastly, you can go on about where apple, Samsung, Windows or HTC products are made, however if you considered whose OS these devices are running on, I'm quite confident with my assessment.

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Seems sensible. Many shop online anyway. Being able to test a demo phone though is great so that puts people at a disadvantage.

I do have my concerns as a BlackBerry user. Time will tell. Worst case scenario I get a Nexus 5...best case is I stay with BlackBerry as the company resurgence takes off.

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Frustrating and sad really. No choice now. The NSA agenda is coming into fruition. A back door through every smarphone powered by Android, Apple and Microsoft. Blackberry is virtually invisible in the USA and has been for quite some time. Walk in to a target and you will see cheap qwerty knock offs being sold for cricket. When you do see a blackberry You will see an old one being replaced with either an iPhone or Samsung or Android device. Walk into your local electronics depot or carrier and you will absolutely 0 marketing for blackberry. Our beloved BB brand has become the "I'm a PC" of the smartphone world. Apple didn't do it through commercials attacking blackberry. Rather they pulled the strings silently in the background through media who not so silently bashed blackberry any way they could. Not surprisingly, such sites praised Apple as much as possible, they could do no wrong. Design maps that navigate your sheep onto a runway in Alaska, oh no it's not Apple's fault, Hohhot look at the pretty home button and it's attention to detail. I've owned every generation of blackberry since I can remember. It was my first smartphone. Security and Productivity were and still are the cornerstone of the blackberry foundation. Now when you email a person using an iPhone you're lucky to get a response the next day. This postblackberry generation in front of us are counter productive. They don't think email is cool. They want Instagram. They want a gold iPhone and are willing to line up or pay a homeless person $40 to sit in line all night for them. They're willing to spend $1,500+ There are people who can't afford a bag of rice and everyone is more worried about their color of iPhone. It's disgusting what this smartphone society of sheep has become. BlackBerry doesn't need to be 3rd place or even 4th or 5th place. I'm glad they can hopefully continue their existence silently in the shadows without the burning magnifying glass of Wall Street or the pro Apple US of A media. BlackBerry I wish you well in this evil world of sheep that is willing to be controlled by 1 company that doesn't support innovation or drive it forward. Instead they want to control everything from shapes, and colors. They would patent the air we breathe if they could. They steal from BlackBerry and RIM sat idle as true companies push forward and innovate outside of the court room, had blackberry created iMesage or other innovations that have been leeched and repackaged the story would have been different.

Honestly, I've never bought a smartphone in a store. Brick and mortars are up sell traps. The whole "get into your car and drive to the local phone store" is an absolutely ridiculous process. "Sign in and someone will be with you shortly." CMON! Activation and data loading can be done over the phone or via BlackBerry Protect / Link. That's sooooo 1985. I hope this trend leads to phone stores reopening under new management as karaoke bars! (\o/)

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Bbrick. You've obviously never worked on commission. The purpose of the sales force is to sell, not educate. In order to make a sale it is often beneficial to educate, but the goal is to make a sale. If their commission is charged back, then they have worked for free. You wouldn't work for free so why do you think he would. Not only would he not be fired, but he would be considered a good salesman for making sales that stick. The real problem is that BlackBerry did a poor job of motivating it's sales force (carrier sales reps) to push their product. Had the sales force been excited about the features and rewarded financially then they would have pushed the product. Just like any other product in any other industry. In my opinion the features were there. Yet, we hear again and again that the sales reps knew nothing about the phones. Who's fault is that? Not the rep and not the carrier. It's the fault of the sales and marketing department of BlackBerry.

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Will we see what happens to BYOD in the near future?
Or was this a fad to bring toys in to the work place and say I need this to do my work better then Blackberry.

This news sucks, I always enjoy just walking into the store on launch day and picking the phone up. I guess I will have to wait for it in the mail now.

OMG I couldn't stop laugh on the headline "T-Mobile US will no longer stock BlackBerry in store"
They must have had them in the backroom under locked key with the apple finger print reader and the only people who had access to them was Stock and delivery person, the rest of the employee didn't know they even had the Blackberry phone.
That's what you call screw BB. for being better then the iphone.

I think at the end it brings all the pressure to BB for selling the devices, the bad thing is that the Marketing Department is a total disaster, why CB has never inquired about the bad performance of Frank Boulben to TH?

The reason they were not selling well in the stores is because the first word out most sales associates mouth is Android. They never even show the customer all platforms available to them. This is so wrong in my opinion.

Goodbye and good riddance BB. Took too long to adapt, just like Palm. You can't win over customers if your new products aren't user friendly. Long hail Android and iPhone!

Agree with you 100000 % , the iphone and adroids have been around for 5 yrs and still look the same have the same OS ( with the iPhone introducing a dress every year and adroids new look ) and its dummie proof, one app at a time.

That's where you clearly are dillusional bud. Android has had many different OS enhancements. BB should've just implemented Android or even Windows instead of the failed BB10 experiment. After the failed BBM/multiplatform experiment, BB is another mobile hardware/platform graveyard. Get prepared to see the patents sold to the highest bidder unless a company like Lenovo or Samsung save the day.

Don't worry folks Mr. Thorsten Heins Ketchup and the Cryptkeeper aka Pringle Watsahisname will manage to spin this clusterfuck into something positive like "We are a prosumer focused niche company...doesn't matter that one of the largest carriers is unloading their BlackBerry inventory into the landfill...we are special!"

Oh yeah you are special allright, short bus special!

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