T-Mobile unveils their special offer for BlackBerry customers

By Bla1ze on 19 Feb 2014 06:09 pm EST

After T-Mobile's email offer for BlackBerry customers to upgrade to an iPhone started making its rounds and Kevin blogged about it here on CrackBerry, there was a considerable amount of backlash put towards the carrier, a lot of which was directed at T-Mobile CEO John Legere, who is pretty active on Twitter. The offer also caught the attention of BlackBerry CEO John Chen who responded to the complaints from BlackBerry users in a blog post.

Now, T-Mobile has come up with an offer specifically for BlackBerry users to, in a way, apologize for the targeted emails being sent out. In a blog post on the T-Mobile blogs, Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer, noted the details.

Starting this Friday, we’re offering $200 credit toward a new device when you trade in your current BlackBerry and upgrade to one of the latest, greatest devices.  Purchase any device we offer at T-Mobile.  It’s that simple. Bring in your old, working BlackBerry and we’ll give you $200 toward a new BlackBerry or any of our other state-of-the-art smartphones.  In addition, for those existing T-Mobile BlackBerry customers trading-in and choosing a new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, we're offering an ADDITIONAL $50 off the purchase price of that new BlackBerry. These offers will be available for a limited time.

That's not a bad deal all things considered, though they should really be calling it the CrackBerry upgrade plan if you ask me. Sievert also took the time to address BlackBerry users by noting "The passion we’ve seen from the BlackBerry Loyal over the past couple days has been pretty amazing. I want you to know we’ve heard you."

On top of that, he also took the time to comment on BlackBerry CEO, John Chen's post as well stating "The premise of his article was that it's best for customers if we restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice.  At T-Mobile we totally reject that premise. We believe the best wireless service gives customers complete freedom and choice, and that's what we are doing with a new offer for BlackBerry users we are announcing today."

With all of that said, how do you guys feel about the deal? I mean it doesn't solve some of the larger problems like the fact that T-Mobile still hasn't pushed the BlackBerry 10.2.1 update and there's still no Z30 available from T-Mobile but there's no denying the fact that they actually listened and acted in a way most carriers wouldn't have, even if Legere is still somewhat out there egging things on.

BlackBerry has released a comment on the matter as well: “Thanks to our loyal customers for the outpouring of passion for BlackBerry. You continue to amaze us and make things happen.”

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T-Mobile unveils their special offer for BlackBerry customers



What and they only offer one BlackBerry 10 smartphone?
I like the way they said "any other smartphone "

So if they don't offer Z10 or Z30, it still looks like two fingers to BlackBerry.

Catapulted from my Z10.

I checked a couple of weeks ago because I am planning to move my business lines to t-Mo, but they only had the Q10 with direct shipment. No Zs though.

I was in a T-Mobile store yesterday, and the store manager was lamenting that he still has a few Z10s in the back that he can't move. Might be wise to call around. It wouldn't surprise me if every store has a few Zs in the back.

From Twitter:
Brian Sweet: @SievertMike But, @TMobile doesn’t offer the Z10 @BlackBerry?

Mike Sievert ‏: @besweeet @TMobile @BlackBerry We do! Order it at any TMO store. Free shipping too.

Brian Sweet: @SievertMike @TMobile @BlackBerry I only see the refurbished Q10 (and some older devices) on T-Mobile’s site, so I wasn’t sure.

Mike Sievert: @besweeet @TMobile @BlackBerry Our site will have more soon but Q10 and Z10 can be purchased now at all stores with free expedited shipping!

Agree; they still managed to skate in the original issue that made them run into trouble bu using the "any other smartphone" sentence. =0)

I want a Z30!

Personally, the offer would be more appropriate if they offered $200 off to any T-Mobile customer (using any device) that wanted to buy a BlackBerry. The offending campaign targeted BlackBerry by trying to move their users to other devices. The way to make it right is an offer to get anyone to try a BlackBerry, not BlackBerry users to buy any phone. It's still a backhanded deal.

Posted via CB10

This is what I agree with. And, I wanted to add some extra thoughts.

The deal sounds like a more subtle version of the same goal of the first email campaign; to get BlackBerry users away from BlackBerry. I have a Z10. For those like me, or those with a Q10, what do we even get a $200 credit to upgrade to? There is no Z30 in site. And, if I didn't have a Z10 or follow CrackBerry, how would I even know they had any new BlackBerry devices? Not a single one on display anymore.

And, the response to Chen.

"The premise of his article was that it's best for customers if we restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice.  At T-Mobile we totally reject that premise. We believe the best wireless service gives customers complete freedom and choice, and that's what we are doing with a new offer for BlackBerry users we are announcing today."

Reject restricting the free flow of information and the limiting of consumer choice? Says the company who specifically targets BlackBerry users and specifically tries to move them to using an iPhone 5. Sounds like a little projection to me. Chen's commentary was a firm criticism in a polite, business tone that seems appropriate to their actions. It might seem odd had he said nothing to such actions.

I like your offer idea as a push to get non-BlackBerry users to try BlackBerry. It seems like a fair and equal effort to the push they made to attempt to get BlackBerry users to try iPhone 5.

And, for those of us Z and Q users. What about $200 or even $50 of credit toward our bill? What about credit toward our balance for those of us still making payments on our current BlackBerry phones? If they really want to give us a special offer, I wonder, why not one that could benefit any BlackBerry user rather than one that seems like a politically correct version of the same offer?

My two cents.

Posted via CB10

Sounds to me they are trying to get old BBOS7 users to switch to a different phone since they don't have anything but Q10 refurbs..

I don't get why B1aze and Kevin are happy about this? Are they clueless to what has been said? It's pretty clear they want BBOS7 users to move on.

If they would have said, "Trade in your old iPhone or Samsung and we will give you a $200 credit towards a new BB10, then launch Z30 and 10.2.1 then say the exact date 10.2.1 launch"
that's what I call being good to all the loyal BlackBerry people that b*tched them out of twitter

That John Legere guy's pretty uppity for someone who looks like he's 25% botox...

Posted via CB10

John Legere insulted a very distinguished committee of 100 and CFR member in Mr. Chen. I really hope they put him in his place as John Legere doesn't seem to understand how to separate things and publicly humiliated Mr. Chen.

Where did Mr Legere insult Chen? If you're referring to the asinine comment quoted in this article, the offending party is Mike Sievert, CMO at T-Mobile. And yes, his backhanded attempt at insulting Mr Chen is outrageous.

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Can't you folks on T-Mobile Just take out your SIM plug your phones into BlackBerry Link and update to 10.2.1?

What would you be missing? Wi-Fi Calling? Anything else?

And ya this new promo isn't that great. What they should have did was trade in your old BlackBerry and get a new Q10 or Z10, and we'll give you $250 of the phones. That way they look good to use and might be able to get rid of whatever remaining BlackBerry 10 devices within there stock.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, so about Verizon: I finally talked my wife into trading in her antique LG Android for a Z10. She has Verizon, so off we go to their store. The guy who "helped" us did an excellent job of disuading my wife from buying either a Z10 or Z30, right down to declaring they had neither in the store (except, I suppose, the ones on display...) and offering the speculation that "by the end of the year, I doubt we'll even offer BlackBerry phones." Nice. He also offered the usual bit about apps not being available. To his credit, he acknowledged my points about 10.2.1 loading Android apps and BlackBerry App permissions. In the end, she wasn't upgrade-eligible, anyway, and they wanted $300 for one of the Z10s they say no one ever buys. She decided she'd live with the LG awhile longer.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys! T-Mo rep here...I want the Z30 sooo bad. I have decided to get mine from gsmnation.com

Yeah it's full price but the sta 100-5 is compatible with T-Mobile on all it's frequencies.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Not bad... Hopefully it is enough for legacy users to finally upgrade to the amazing BlackBerry Z10/Q10.

Posted via CB10

What plan? The BlackBerry smartphone choices is limited and they are saying consumers can also use this towards any of their other smartphones. So how is this aimed specifically towards BlackBerry alone.

Catapulted from my Z10.

" In addition, for those existing T-Mobile BlackBerry customers trading-in and choosing a new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, we're offering an ADDITIONAL $50 off" now if they mention the Z10 and don't actually offer the device is a whole other level of buffoonery

And dude, you are totally missed the point, the article said upgrade to the "latest " device. Z10 been around almost a year.

Also this is not an apology to BlackBerry, because the article also states upgrade to "any " of their devices.

Do. It's a slap to BlackBerry after all.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Actually, I can see it on their website. You can buy either a brand new Q10 ($528), or a refurbished Q10 ($384) or Z10 ($288). They're also selling the Bold 9900 ($432), the Bold 9780 for ($192), a brand new Curve 9315 ($168) and a refurbished Curve 9315 ($120). All of those prices are full pricing, but I assume depending on your credit, you can get any with 0 down. Except the 9780, which specifically states it's "not eligible for a monthly payment plan".
You have to log in to be able to see those though.

Yeah Kevin, only if it was supporting the latest BlackBerry devices, but it's not. So, not much of a promo specifically for BlackBerry

Catapulted from my Z10.

You are 100% correct, it's NOT a BlackBerry offer at all. It's to get customers in store to switch, the only devices of BlackBerry available in store us the refurbished Q10, so what's do you think will happen? People come in looking for BlackBerry nothing will be available and they just steer potential BlackBerry customers to whatever other crap they are peddling. Hardly a win for BlackBerry or Crackberry for that matter.

Posted via CB10

Uncalled for shot at Chen who was right in his criticism because T-Mobile was not proving freedom of choice but steering away from one specific brand to another. There's no free choice in that.

Posted via CB10

Or give an additional 10% off for users with an existing CB account.

And not adding the Z30 to their line-up is still a weird choice.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

That would be great of they had any BlackBerry phones in stock. What a joke. T-Mobile doesn't support BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Ya I thought that to. If I was Verizon or at&t I would jump all over this mega fail from t-mobile and offer all bb10 phones with the 250 off and any new customers get the same deal trade in a bbos7 devise and get the same deal. On a 2 year contract I guess

Posted via CB10

Sounds like fools gold to me. T Mobile is still a crappy carrier and they are giving a half ass deal. Our Z30, Q10 and Z10 work oh so well on Verizon. Wi-fi calling? BBM. We also get service outside of city and town limits...

Posted via CB10

@lucky2010.....That's just around the corner, free media created just a couple of days ago, will see Part 2 of this story when they announce the update and Z30's at a great price all at the same time.Now that's how you get it done.Do you think Chen has it in him to make this happen,maybe he did ,brilliant!!!

This may go 2 ways if they don't update their BlackBerry stock. Trading in an old Curve would still get you 200$ even if upgrading to a iPhone / Droid.

Posted via CB10 from my exquisite Z10 on Cosmote Romania

Since T-Mobile is no longer carrying BB10 devices in their stores and their Sales Agents are pushing them to other devices, I'm not surprised.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

That sounds like a slap in the face if you ask me! It's just another arrogant ploy to diminish BlackBerry users. I think all BlackBerry users should ditch T-Mobile today, I'm glad I did 4 years ago, not that Verizon is any better.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Pay cash for a Z30. The money you save monthly will pay it back in 10 months. After that you pocket the difference.

Posted via CB10

whats the catch? As long as its working you get 200 off any phone? Doesnt matter what condition the BB is in?

He makes Chen our to be some kind of anti-free-market anti-free-speech... tool.

Well, just goes to show that even CEOs can be immature petty crybabies... so there's hope for Internet discussion board lurkers to attain such heights!

Posted via CB10

250 bucks to trade up is pretty good, but as a Canadian, it bothers me more that TMO isn't updating our Brudda's n Sista's south of the 49.
The world is enjoying 10.2.1 but not our Marican family. Not cool

If you already have a Q10, will they give you $250 towards a brand new one? Already have 15 months left on my current device. Will they forego the current balance, & start a new 2 year plan? Hmmm

Lol. Don't worry Tmobile. We know that apple paid you to do that advertisement. I wouldn't be surprised if they did that to Windows phone users too...

Posted via CB10

Tmobile acted heavy-handedly, reacting no doubt to the unfounded belief that it was a safe strategy to put out an ad diverting BB users to other platforms. It made economic sense to them to take a dump on Blackberry.

All of this is merely damage control. Even in that, they found a way to get defensive about John Chen's statement. So, no, I'm not impressed. TMO most probably does not mean a thing that they've said here.

Nothing less than an unconditional "We're sorry." would suffice for me, but then, I'm totally biased :-). And I have the luxury of not being the cynical doofus that put out the ad.

Damage control? Go and read the CEO's twitter, this isn't damage control, this is T-mobile showing BBRY it has no leverage and both sides know it.

Did you even read the part about "It made economic sense to ..."? Sheesh. Talk about getting defensive when someone does not write about the stunningly obvious fact that BBRY has no leverage.

Great overall response from T-MOBILE and their management. I challenge Verizon to match their offer and I would march right down for a new Z30. T-MOBILE needs to get the latest OS out to their users and all would be good!

Posted via CB10

They only have Q10 and 9315 on their site...

we want chili willie!

I mean Z30s, or Z10 or even that damn update.

Posted via CB10

This deal is actually a good deal and it comes with expedite shipping. I say if you got a legacy device or wanting to switch to another BB10 device do it now

Posted via CB10

well it clearly states either BlackBerry Z10 0r Q10 which means they do actually have both. The website may only show a Q10 for now because it was specifically targeting Business customers with it. I personally Own both Devices from T-Mobile, I switch it back and both

Go to t-mobile Web site only Q10's for sale. They need Z30 Z10 and Q10 for sale online. Plus there stores have no blackberry on display kind of sad. Only hard core blackberry users will go online to buy a phone. T-Mobile blows thumbs down.

Vtecberry Z10

Almost has a heart attack when I read the thread title. For a second I thought they were going to offer the Z30!
I need a chill pill right now.
Anyways, for those who are bltching about not being enough... Something is better than nothing!
At least they heard us. Except for the Z30 petition, which by the way, it has 900+ signatures.... NOT ENOUGH!

Spread the word!!! http://www.petitions24.com/attz30 ---- http://www.change.org/petitions/john-legere-support-the-blackberry-z30

I don't get it there is demand for the Z30. But nobody in the US or maybe elsewhere is able to get one? BlackBerry you are doing something wrong....?!

Since 2010 

@T-Mobile still needs to get the Z30 in our hands so we can upgrade to the best that Blackberry offers to date. Hope you are still listening @JohnLegere @T-Mobile.

I would prefer to buy directly from BlackBerry unlocked. These carriers have no respect for the Brand.

Posted via CB10

They should offer the Z30 - if they want to talk about offering the latest and greatest tech ... than make it available . And why so slow to release bbos10.2.1

Posted via CB10

What a waste of time.

Anyone with a BlackBerry smartphone don't fall for the tricks.

Ask someone in a T-Mobile store for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and see what reaction you get?

Let's see this time line from promise to implementation.

I'm thinking Hot Air John Legere.

Posted via CB10

Here is what I tweeted:
"@JohnLegere Thanks. Won't be trading my Z10 for a Z10. Roll the 10.2.1 update and offer the Z30 and two new lines on T-MO will come from me."

This is not enough to satisfy me as I use my 10.1 Z10! But if T-Mobile comes through with 10.2.1 and offers the Z30 for sale by the end of March, I intend to bring my 2 other family lines of service to T-MO in addition to mine. No update and no Z30 I will take my business elsewhere even if it costs more. If you don't properly support BlackBerry customers then you are telling me you don't want my 3 lines of service for 2 Z10's and a Z30.

I left Sprint because they decided I shouldn't have the choice of a Z10 and T-Mobile can be next.

We need to be shown some respect if they want our business. If the childish bashing of Mr. Chen continues on Twitter I will be leaving no matter what.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

@ Rick...could not be more correct. I have a Z30, Z10 and a Bold 9900 on ATT that I was planning to bring to TMob over the next couple of months, but this Legere is not a man of his word, regarding, BlackBerry and has been a real douche to us.

My 3 + your 3 plus other's 3's and at some point you are talking about some numbers.

CB10 from the Z30

My Z30 is amazing! Feel you guys south of the border are having such a difficult time with availability.

Posted via CB10


As any corporation (or government), T-Mobile doesn't care about customers, they care about revenues and their shareholders: numbers. Of course they don't say this openly, so politically, they say they have listen to customers and wish to give them choices. They will take all of the possible revenues from this. It is a smart move, I like to think as a smart ass move.

Their plan to exterminate legacy BlackBerry from t-mobile network will be going strong. Mission completed.

Still, it is a interesting proposition.

Posted via CB10

Terrible coverage where I live and work rules out T-Mobile from consideration. I'm enjoying my Verizon Z30 (and waiting impatiently for the 10.2.1 update).

This is a horrible twist. All that needs to be done is apologize, you will upgrade the BlackBerry phones, and pay attention to the BlackBerry users in other ways like accessories etc... not this nonsense. He is still sticking to his original statement by allowing all BlackBerry users to also switch to other 'state-of-the-art phones', but not saying it in the same way. Don't get me wrong, if you actually want to switch to another phone (don't recommend it) you are free to do so but this also gives more incentive to move. I think just the way T-mobile wanted it to be.

Posted via CB10

its not a horrible deal, great way to get a new Z10 and Q10 directly thru their website for damn cheap.

That's actually a damn good deal, any old BlackBerry think about it! You get 250 credit for a q or Z, sadly no z30, but still a good deal imo.

Posted via CB10

They are basically still trying to wean their customers off of BlackBerry. The deal is to trade in your BlackBerry for any new phone, and they know that the sales force hates BlackBerry and will convince the customer to take an android or iPhone. Same strategy, just disguised as an apology.

Still they many work against BlackBerry.
Good is blackberry fight and I love my Z10
Problem Battery get hot and fast empty

Posted via CB10

The CMO of T-Mobile tweeting a customer recommending that he buy a Z30 elsewhere.... Boggles my mind!

@SievertMike How about offering a #Z30 I'll buy #seriously

@SinCoClothing get one unlocked and use on TMO you will love it!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Let's chant it all together now:

No Update, No Peace!
No Update, No Peace!
No Update, No Peace!
No Update, No Peace!...

Posted via CB10

This is just as insulting as the statement and emails that begun this whole affair.
Hypocrisy and fake smile salesman approach. They still want to switch off everyone from BlackBerry away to other devices.
If I was BlackBerry CEO I would terminate every contact and give them a cold shoulder in future.
Carriers think they have balls.

Posted via CB10

This isn't a 'special deal' for BlackBerry. This is the exact same as their previous mailing only now they are giving out $200 for handing in an old BlackBerry and adding $50 if you get a new BlackBerry. Who in their right mind will be getting a Z10? The phone is dated. This ad would have worked if Z30 was available but it's not. Only die hard keyboard/BlackBerry fans will buy the Q10. All the rest will use the credit to get a non-BlackBerry phone.

It's the exact same ad only now people are distracted by the numbers. BlackBerry users who were holding on to their phone because the iPhone or a particular Android phone was too expensive have the perfect incentive to switch over now.

T-mobile just put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.

Posted via CB10


T-Mobile can officially suck it now. They will never get my money! What a backhanded insult

Posted via CB10

I say customers still leave cuz the Z30 is that good. We all know this is BS. Big red has been a true BlackBerry supporter so why stick with a company who really doesn't care about BlackBerry and their future. It's all about iPhone to t-mobile.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

It was never a "free phone." The previous deal was a phone with no down payment... but $50 off the iPhone price.

Now, its $200 off, so that is better than only $50 off.

So I can trade my old curve 9300 and get a q10 for $250 off? What's the catch? Is this a web offer? My friend has a curve 9300 and loves my q10 he would like to try one but he finds them too expensive.

Posted via CB10

So... from what I see nothing has changed. All I read is we will give you $200 if you ditch that BlackBerry **cough cough** and another $50 if you are dumb enough to get another BlackBerry (specifically that one that we might carry). Any one who thinks this is a good thing or an improvement over the other ad should give their head a shake.

Still a pimp slap from TMO. They're still trying to coax BlackBerry users away from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Wow. Good for you guys! I'm with Rogers n they gave a strangle hold on me with early upgrade fees.

Shitty comment from a punk CEO. I will never go to that poor excuse for a network. Way to go T-Mobile, you officially suck.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Sounds to be they are trying to get old BBOS7 users to switch to a different phone since they don't have anything but Q10 refurbs..

I don't get why B1aze and Kevin are happy about this? Are they clueless to what has been said? It's pretty clear they want BBOS7 users to move on.

If they would have said, "Trade in your old iPhone or Samsung and we will give you a $200 credit towards a new BB10 and then launch Z30"
that's what I call being good to all the loyal BlackBerry people that b*tched them out of twitter

Posted via CB10

10.2.1...bring the latest updates with wi-fi calling and the Z30, then T-Mobile has got a deal.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

First of all tge 10.2.1 roll out needs to happen, the offer is tongue in cheek by offering " any other state of the art " device in trade in. Legere needs to stop playing games.

Posted via CB10

...any other smartphones...hmm...sounds like BlackBerry may decrease because now existing BlackBerry users can buy another smartphone for $200 less...am I reading it right?

 CB10 

So I have over $200 left on my Nexus 7 eip, I wonder if I would be allowed to put $200 towards that.

T-Mobile Germany offers any bb10 device. Z10, z30, q5 & the q10. But that offer is meant for the USA only, right?

Posted via CB10

This promotion doesn't help existing BlackBerry 10 users at all. And it may not help BlackBerry from keeping their legacy BlackBerry user base either because now they can switch to another smartphone for $200 less. my coworker is a Bold user and she is currently eyeing the iPhone 5s. The only thing that stops her from doing so is the price. Now that she can do it for $200 less, she IS going to do it tomorrow.

 CB10 

T-Mobile's ceo is a A$$hole just save your money you find behind your sofa cushions and by yourself a z30 outright and get Straightaway sim and tell all us carriers to go f themselves.

Tweet @JohnLegere to bring Z30. I did. If enough people do this maybe just maybe they'll bring Z30.

Posted via CB10

if you search johnlegere z30 on twitter, there's actually quite a few tweets sent his direction about this. Neither he nor this Sievert guy will directly address the issue. T-MobileHelp have spammed me the couple of times I've hit up Legere by saying "no news on this device at this time". Deflection 101. I'd love to reply and ask for detailed minutes from the meetings where the purchasing manager has discussed bringing the z30 in to inventory but they would probably just hit "Generic Reply #2" on their dashboard.

This will diminish BB market share, as most people who take advantage of it will switch off of BB onto something else. The $50 isn't enough to overcome BB negative sentiment, and T-Mobile knows it. This isn't an apology, it's an intentional acceleration of their move away from BB. Not sure why Kevin want's to claim this promo....

They're also intentionally misinterpreting Chen's statement in order to take a shot at him. Creating some ill will amongst the big wigs to make future BB deployments (software or phone) with T-Mobile that much more difficult.

In the end, I'm glad it'll save some customers money in moving off an old device, but this whole fiasco will hurt BB much more than the original add did.

It is more a raised middle finger towards blackberry than a PROMO.

Good promo for other company's, yes because a lot will trade in their als blackberry's for other phones.

Why? Because they not have blackberry flagship devices!

Posted via CB10

Don't get too excited! I've been a T-Mobile customer for 9 years and am starting to lose faith in the company. My wife traded in her Z10 on November 4th for an IPhone 5s and we STILL have not received the $225 credit for it. They have no record of receiving the Z10 eventhough I have the USPS reciept. Now they tell me that it takes 3 billing cycles to adjust the credit.....we'll see!

Posted via CB10

"...he also took the time to comment on BlackBerry CEO, John Chen's post as well stating "The premise of his article was that it's best for customers if we restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice.  At T-Mobile we totally reject that premise. We believe the best wireless service gives customers complete freedom and choice, and that's what we are doing with a new offer for BlackBerry users we are announcing today."

To what article of Mr Chen's was Mr Legere referring? Certainly not Mr Chen's response as reported on Crackberry, by any stretch of my imagination, anyway. T-Mobile was the organisation acting to " restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice". Mr Chen's was merely pointing this out.

Posted via CB10

The loyal BlackBerry users on T-Mobile probably are already using bb10 and just want the 10.2.1 update and/or the Z30 and now they have an incentive to switch phones. Not good.

Posted via CB10

Yeah this is a complete f'n farce. It's one thing for Legere to take shots at his competitors but he has repeatedly belittled a supposed partner, Blackberry and, by association, his own customers. As far as I'm aware we pay the same rates as Apple and Android users (I'm actually a Note 3 user who wants to move to the Z30). In a blog this week I suggested that it is Legere's intention to whittle the Blackberry share to nothing so that he can eventually kill it off. And that's what his actions today have indicated. He's not committing all that much to Windows Phone either. It's classic double talking jive - telling us he's giving us choice when in actual fact he's doing the opposite.

The fine print on the website says it's "in-store only." Oh sure, just a 120 mile round trip to trade in my phone. lol

The point of this offer from T-Mobile is so Legere can prove that people don't want BlackBerries anymore, he is purposely giving people a choice so he can show BlackBerry that people want other mobile OS platforms (iOS and Android)

This deal is really just so Legere can say that people want to switch but are holding out for a deal. He expects 2/3 of T-Mobile BlackBerry users to switch to a different OS

I'm personally gonna look into another device (maybe note 3) but I'll still use my Z10 as my daily driver

Join my BBM Channel. PIN: C003A4A0D

@JohnLegere @CrackBerry #loyalty to #blackberry and #tmo since 2002, I #chooseblackberry10, never gave up on tmo during those darker days RT
Sin*Co. ‏@SinCoClothing
@djLeXGUEVARA @JohnLegere @CrackBerry @SievertMike How does this show love to current Z10 owners???
@SievertMike 1h
@SinCoClothing @djLeXGUEVARA @JohnLegere @CrackBerry already love them. Fastest LTE, lowest prices, global roaming included #seriously

Sin*Co. ‏@SinCoClothing 1h
@SievertMike How about offering a #Z30 I'll buy #seriously

Mike Sievert ‏@SievertMike 1h
@SinCoClothing get one unlocked and use on TMO you will love it!

I guess Tmo would rather we spend our money on 3rd party retailers for Z30's; we have 5 BB's, 3 Z10's and 2 Q's..FTW

Call me a conspiracy nut but i think there a few reasons for this drama.
One android apps on bb10 will make people rethink the platform and with a delay of 10.2.1 those customers will move on. Also allows tmobile to clear out andriod stock since new stuff is about to be announced in a week or so
Second apple and the deal they made to get the iphone is hurting more than they want to admit especially if they are not moving( im looking at you 5c)
Lastly the other platform that has been ignored by them windows phone is in the same position as BlackBerry few choices and no new products on the horizon to speak of.

Im thinking tmobile plans on just going andriod and ios...

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What they needed to do is to put back the z10 and q10 online and have this offer ONLY if you were choosing either one of those two without the need of trading in your old blackberry. Have that offer even if it's only for a couple of days but the offer as it stands is still asking you to trade in your blackberry for another phone since they don't even stock bb10 devices anymore. I know a lot of people who already moved on to android or ios but still have a blackberry somewhere in the back of a drawer. When they go do the trade in of course they're never going to pick bb10.

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T-Mobile misses the point. It's not about choice. They specifically targeted BlackBerry users to switch to an iPhone. Where is the choice in that? And where is the fairness to BlackBerry? If they had targeted iPhone users with an Offer to upgrade to an Galaxy S4 that would not have gone down well. It's not nice. Let Apple do their own marketing,

So they offer a $200 trade in on a Blackberry but don't have any BlackBerry to sell customers? Plus the DROID and iOS salespeople will just steer them away. Again, BlackBerry should have jumped in and offered this direct to customers. BlackBerry users won't be able to buy BB10 handsets at T mobile so what will they buy?

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I'd upgrade my Z-10 to a Z-30 if they had them. Otherwise. I have no desire to switch to anything else.

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So they're encouraging people to get rid of their existing BlackBerry phone and get something in their current product range (of which BlackBerry devices are a minority) instead. This is just a softer version of the earlier emailed promotion.
So after directing people away from BlackBerry, get complaints, they're still directing people away from BlackBerry and we're supposed to be happy about it.
It should have been: trade in any of your old device for a new BlackBerry device.

Maybe BlackBerry should offer a discounted phone and $250 carrier credit to existing T-Mobile subscribers who switch to any competitor?

Just take the offer.. maybe use on Iphone5s. It is Kevin's NonBB choice anyway.. :-D

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Just got off the phone with T-Mo customer care. He wasn't able to answer any of my questions, unfortunately. I was told to go into a store on Friday and that they would be able to assist me then.. Here's my situation, if anyone has some insight, I would appreciate it.

My girl wants to get a Z10. She's on a galaxy II right now. I have an old unlocked AT&T 9000 laying around that is basically junk to me. Sooo, what are the odds that she would be able to pop her sim card in the 9000, go into TMO on Friday, trade it for a Z10 with $250 off? Anyone from TMO on here that could help me out with some info? Thanks

I hope you're right. Doesn't really matter I guess. I'm gonna try either way. Guess we'll see what happens on Firday

I would bring it in as your own, get the credit from Tmo and then turn it over to your GF...better chances!

All I wanna know is can I trade in one of my old 8310's with the missing roller ball and all, and get a third Q10.

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OH wait for the fine print on the offer, must be an existing BB customer, with a BB plan and must...and must....and must.....and must. They will make it untenable to get the offer but meanwhile users will be in store with no BB for sale anyways!!! It is brilliant by T-Mobile but just another slap. It is clear that the US wants to be only iOS and Android. So much for choice! Think there will be a backlash at some point in time? Particularly in light of the Whatsapp takeover by Facebook?

It's a BS deal. Trade in your BlackBerry for any of our available smartphones. I WANT to trade in my the iBricks left in my family for a NEW Q10 and Z10. I should not have to go to the business part of the site to get them.

TMO, stop blocking the "free flow of information to consumers." Stop trying to force every customer in the US to bow down to the "I" gods.

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Does anyone actually believe that T-Mobile is offering the $200 to upgrade to a BB10 device?

Come on guys... this is the work of John Chen!

All T-Mobile is offering is a $50.

Great work BlackBerry! Half arse job T-Mobile...

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Anyone stop to ask themselves what BlackBerry 10 device is currently in store? Legere thinks someone is an a**,

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According to the general website, the only BB10 device they have available is the Q10. And it's refurbished.

Yes, people claim they have the Z10 on the "business site". How clever and well-hidden.

Their blurb on the Q10 values that refurbished device at $384, and claims you can "Save $144 for a limited time". Does that mean that the "save $200 special BlackBerry user promotion" gives them a whole $56? That's what it sounds like.

"For a limited time, when you purchase a BlackBerry Q10 Refurbished on T-Mobile.com or through 1-877-387-4324, you may qualify for a $72 web-only discount and a $72 Refurbished discount."

And you end up with a refurbished device.

No Z30 available.

No new Q30 available.

A Z10, maybe, but you have to root around for it.

And they claim you have to do this "in store", but T-Mobile already announced they are no longer selling BlackBerry devices in their retail stores.

What a great promotion!


In fact, the Z10 is not on their business website either. You must "Contact a rep", apparently, and hope they offer it to you. Have no idea how much they want for one.


That offer isn't doing much good to the blackberry community. I feel it tests the loyalty of blackberry -- let's see if the blackberry users will continue to upgrade to another blackberry.

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Hmmm, I interpret the offer as a store credit to upgrade to any device. With the challenge of negative sentiment being passed over to the consumer about BlackBerry from certain carriers, my concern is that there will be some hard selling towards rival devices. Especially in light of TMobile CEO's behaviour to begin with, I have a hard time trusting anything coming from TM at this point. Sorry, but I smell a rat.

Not bad but I still don't like the choice of wording.

... toward a new BlackBerry or "any of our other state-of-the-art smartphones."

makes it sound as if BlackBerry isn't state-of-the-art.

Why yes. When the average American customer is a sheep who does not know what they actually want or need, they will put their faith in the "expert" to tell them what to buy. When that "expert" is telling people false information and actively discouraging customers from purchasing anything outside of the Apple/Android duopoly, it sways them.

Americans are also very impatient people who like instant gratification. They don't want to wait a couple days for their BlackBerry to be shipped to them when they can walk in, put no money on the table and walk out with something trendy and overpriced.

So yes, T-Mobile. When you, the carrier act as the main distributor of smartphones in this country and intentionally throw up barriers to customers obtaining one brand, you will see fewer sales of that brand.

When people actually SEE these phones in action, they actually do like them. I even have an AT&T salesperson that I know thinking about purchasing a Z30 on his Verizon line based on what he's seen our BB10 phones do.

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It's a trojan horse:

"You must come into our store to get your new BlackBerry on our 'Fabulous BlackBerry Trade-In Offer'. But we don't sell BlackBerries in our stores any more. May I interest you in one of these nice iPhone 5s's...."

Seeming T-Mobile doesn't stock BlackBerry phones in their stores, will only veer customers towards other handsets because they'll have a visual display of phones to see, plus sales reps will do everything in their power to persuade customers by showing their stocked handsets which don't include blackberries.
What a premeditated plot against BlackBerry!

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I was able to get my Z10 the first day they were available in store last year. I think T-Mo needs to either offer the Z30 or, at the VERY least, push thru the 10.2. T-Mo support has been great with all my BBs for the last 7 or 8 years, but I may be ready to dump a carrier who doesn't believe in superior hardware and OS. Isn't that what LeGere already hinted?

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Rock on CrackBerry! US BlackBerry users are fiercely loyal! Now, get them to loosen up and push out the new 10.2.1 OS, and We'll forgive their shortsightedness!

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Chen can grab the higher ground and offer to direct ship a z30 to any TMobile customer who orders directly from BlackBerry.com for say $399...

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That's still disgusting as TMO are promoting other smartphones in the deal.
It should really be "bring in your old working BlackBerry and get your next BlackBerry free"

Seems to me they are still trying to get people to trade in their old BlackBerrys. Just now they are offering a 50 dollar credit to anyone who wants a new BlackBerry.

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It'd be a great deal if they offered the Z30, but they don't! So I guess I'll be forced to stay with my Z10 which desperately needs the 10.2.1. Come on T-Mobile! Stop with the nonsense!!!!!

Any business will try to steer customers towards certain products for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being margin. BlackBerry needs to provide carriers with margins better than competing brands, if they want to sell more phones through the carriers. They need to give up some of their own margin temporarily to make this work.
In the case of the smaller carriers, It makes great business sense to differentiate your business from your competitors by promoting something different which affords you higher margins. It usually takes time to achieve the sales goals , but the end result is worth the wait. BB10 is a very competitive platform, which requires a motivated sales force to achieve sales gains.
If you're a smaller carrier and can't chase volume like your bigger competitors, the higher margin option is your best play.
That being said, it is extremely tacky to put out marketing material promoting one in house brand at the expense of another.
So much for business ethics.

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I cancelled my Jump in an online chat thing on the t-mo site. The guy asked why and I said it was because you weren't carrying the phone I wanted to upgrade to. When he asked which one I said "Blackberry z30 - and since your CEO doesn't like Blackberry very much I don't hold out much hope of getting it".

He cancelled my Jump without any further questions :)

I'm done with T-mo. T-mo is walking dead anyways. They can't grow, can't be bought or sold. In January I bought a T-mo branded Lumia 925, full price. They still are making me wait 40 days to unlock that phone. So I own the phone but not really. Whatever. It's running Amber of all things.

I've got three lines with T-mo. After this fiasco I'm going with unlocked phones to MVNOs.

I wish BlackBerry offered the Z30 on their Website. Instead that's tied up with VZ. I suppose Amazon is the next best option.

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Congratulations to the passionate BlackBerry fans. I'm proud I'm one. We made them realize they can't count us out. We did it to Rogers over Z30 and now T-Mobile's immature marketing.

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I already have a Z10, so there isn't any upgrade. Where is my Z30, or at the very least, where is my 10.2.1 for my current Z10. Come on T-Mobile, I know you’re smarts then this.

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Ok, so according to their press release, it's the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 however on-line they only sell refurbished. The associate at my local T-mobile store said they only offer the Q10. What gives??? Will someone please address this. I'd like the Z10 or the Z30 even better.

They make it sound like 2 deals but both deals include trading in a blackberry meaning both are blackberry customers...so u just get 50 extra to get another blackberry?

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I still think it's just a marketing apology and they didn't really give any deal yet. These are standard deals providers always give

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