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T-Mobile UK Prepares For BlackBerry Storm2 Launch

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2010 08:33 pm EST
T-Mobile UK Prepares For BlackBerry Storm 2 Launch

Folks have been enjoying their BlackBerry Storm2's for a while now in the UK but due to an exclusive deal with Vodafone, carrier selection has been slim. With T-Mobile UK's recent announcement that will change and consumers will have another choice when picking up the BlackBerry Storm 2. Sometime this month, the device will be released on the T-Mobile UK network.

In addition to the announcement of the Storm 2 launch, Phil Lander, T-Mobile’s account director at RIM,  also confirmed that they’ll have an official Twitter application shortly. We already knew that but to hear it come way of a Research In Motion employee gives us hope we'll see it sooner then later.

[ IntoMobile via Mobile News ]



hey im the first to comment hopefully this device will come to tmobile usa soon


We got it here in SA already...
And I thought SA was behind the times
Keep it up Vodacom/Vodafone


Almost pulled the trigger on a Verizon brand Storm 2 tonight! Don't know how much longer I can hold out for AT&T to get the Storm 2... or Storm 3! This could be good news for TMobile USA customers.


Hey Crackberry Will It Come To USA. and will uk version work with USA 3G Bands?


I would love for this to come out for Sprint. I like the email and scurity of Blackberry, but am really digging these touh screens lately.



"Will you take Phil Lander as your lawfully wedded husband..."


I've been longing for others to have this device on their carriers. I'm on Verizon and I upgraded from a curve 8330 to a 9550 Storm and I absolutely love this phone despite what all the anti surepress haters have to say. I'd love to see more berryheads with this phone, so I say with an open heart that I hope this is a sign of things to come in the good ol' US-of-A. Also BGR reported a couple of days ago that RIM is currently working on OS versions 5.2 and 6.0 to follow soon after sometime in the near future.(new webkit browser with flash support?)I hope RIM delivers what they know we all want......


Additionally, O2 are due to get it in the UK too in a couple of week, pricing has been out for the last month: free on a £45/month 18-month contract, or £40/month 24-month contract.


I thought TMO was GSM???...and the Storm 2 9550 is a CDMA phone. I'm confused.


caught that too, tmo, voda, and o2 are all gsm, i think they must have meant the 9520.


I don't know what's going on with people, but the 9550 and 9520 are the exact same in GSM/HSPA Frequencies, they only made the 9550 for Verizon Exclusive USA. if there was no Exclusive for Verizon, then 9520 would be a tri band HSPA and AT&T, Rogers, Telus, Bell, Tmo Ect would have this phone.


No SueyChoy...I'm not new...been on here for 2 years...just don't really concern myself for a POS Storm...that's all. But I wanna thank you for setting all of us straight. I have seen the light from you. Thank you for the expert insight ;-)

The Gift

I was waiting/hoping for T-Mobile UK to acquire the Storm2. It was rumored the voda exclusive deal would be ending last november, but obviously that didnt happen, anyway I had no choice but to leave T-Mob for Vodafone..3G receptions better on Voda anyway....although I miss the T-Mob customer service. Voda CS are a bunch of twats!

The only other benefit is that, with more users of the Storm2 maybe that will encourage more and more 3rd party developers to take notice and create better apps for the phone. Because at the moment it seems were getting sidelined.


So I guess they will be getting the 9520, USA USA USA!!


Sorry to burst all your bubbles.

edit: for now.. who knows what will come later.