T-Mobile UK offering a family plan on the BlackBerry Curve 9320

T-Mobile UK offering a family plan on the BlackBerry Curve 9320
By DJ Reyes on 26 Jul 2012 02:27 pm EDT

I was walking around town the other day and saw a great deal as I passed a T-Mobile store. Get two BlackBerry devices on a family plan. Of course, it piqued my interested so I had to go in and inquire about it.

The family deal is based on getting two BlackBerry Curve 9320 devices. Right now T-Mobile UK offers the Curve 9320 free on the £15.50 per month tariff where you get 100 mins, 500 texts, 250MB data, plus an Unlimited Booster. When you purchase two Curve 9320 devices you get the second one at a £5 discount so it becomes £10.50 per month for the same plan and you end up paying £26 a month for the two devices.

It certainly is great looking deal, especially if you're looking to get your first BlackBerry device (or two) or even for the teens on your family. The offer is not available online and may also only be available in some T-Mobile UK stores. So please inquire in-store about the plan.



That's what I'm on the full monty plan this cauld be good for my mum and brother :)


Wish we had plans like that in the us, i pay over 70 bucks a month for my bold on t-mobile


Quick question, what is unlimited booster (I live in Canada so I have no clue).


U get range of booster from unlimyed txts internet call boosters I'm pay 36 pound month for my plan I get 2000 mins to any network unlimted calls to t mobile unlimted texts all you can eat data unlimted internet and bb data service running a bb bold 9900 36 month terrible battery life tho :(


Why don't we have cheap plans like these in Canada from Blackberry? I think it would be a big hit with consumers, especially the first time smartphone buyers. The cheapest data plan in Canada starts at $30/month.


WINDmobile and Mobilicity.


^^^ no its actually 15$ social/email only.... but im all for cheaper rates.


Finally some good news after they've increased the Blackberry roaming option (monthly) by 320%!