T-Mobile UK Introduces “Pay Once” Plan For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 24 Apr 2009 08:44 am EDT
T-Mobile UK Introduces “Pay Once” Plan For BlackBerry!

Some interesting news came from T-Mobile UK yesterday, as their press release indicates they will be launching a "Pay Once" service which allows customers to purchase a full year's worth of Unlimited emails and web browsing for a total package price of £180 ($262) with no contract. Currently the only device available is the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 but for users looking to get a start with BlackBerry devices this may be an ideal situation and of course the deal could (should) be extended to other BlackBerry devices.

All is not rosy though as there are no voice minutes included nor any text messages so while the pre pay data is great, the other services if used will be where T-Mobile UK hopes to make the real money. The offer will start in T-Mobile UK stores May 1st. Would anyone out there like to see this service come to North America?

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T-Mobile UK Introduces “Pay Once” Plan For BlackBerry


well at rogers you pay $25 a month for 500MB which is $300 a year... so yea the $260ish a year is a good deal for unlimited... then it leaves you with lower monthly bills to worry about... i like it!

Included in your Rogers plan, or in mine at least, for the $25 you also get unlimited text and picture/video messaging.

I think the Rogers data value pack is a pretty good deal, especially when it is compared to the other options available in Canada.



There's the straight $25/500meg data package that just comes with the data. Then there is the $25 data value package which has all the features, call display, voice mail, unlimited text/vid/pic messages and *personal email only*, no web access. Then there's the $35 data value package which has everything from the $25 version only instead of personal email, it's 500megs.

i am using o2 simplicity 20 for the moment £19.57p per month only contract blackberry unlimited web 600 min to any UK num no charge to 02 numbers 1200 texts this works out at under £120 year compared to t-mobile £180

I'm also on this O2 tariff. I know you get a handset with the t-mobile deal, but there's no voice calls and txt ?? On top of that T-mobile in the UK have, if not the only carrier to have the worst BIS. I should know, I left them for O2 and couldn't be happier. So the selling point to the outsider is "wow I'm getting a handset, email and web" when really you should consider the coverage and service. To me that's the real selling point right there.

TMO USA needs to provide a Prepaid BlackBerry Internet Service!

They have them for SideKicks ($1.00 for UNL email/IM/web)

i believe that this is an amazing deal because if we had this in the T-Mobile USA for all blackberry devices, we would be saving $138.00 compared with the T-Mobile U.K. blackberry pay once plan. 24.99 x 12months would = to $400 a year so take that amount subtract $262 of T-Mobile U.K. we get savings of 138... wow what a great deal

It is $240.00 for a year of T-Mobile USA BIS service.

$299.88 if you are paying for the $24.99 plan (which is neither necessary nor the only option for any T-Mobile customer). This plan included 400 text messages. I don't know how you got 400 from 12 * 24.99 either. 12 * 24.99 = 299.88. So even then you're still getting 2 services, 400 text messages at $4.99 and unlimited BIS and $19.99. They never upped the price just bundled two packages. And if you do not use text, or are on a family plan they will give you the $19.99 for unlimited BIS or the $9.99 for e-mail.

Either way this plan is nothing new, nor a money saver. If they included basic minutes and text then yes.

At $262/yr it's only $3.16 (per month) cheaper than my TMO pay per month plan - unless that inlcudes fees, taxes and surcharges.

I would love to see a pre-paid BB service in the us. It would sell like crazy with students and "credit challenged" people as well.Pay for your year up front and the buy your talk and text minutes as needed..

the o2 commenters (sp?) need to remember this is a pay as you go service, so the end users are not tied into any minimum term contract. thats the difference.