T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2014 05:56 pm EST

A longtime CrackBerry reader forwarded me the mailer he just received from T-Mobile, trying to persuade him to upgrade to the iPhone 5s. T-Mobile positions the upgrade for BlackBerry users by saying "Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for." Of course, powerful communications and productivity are words synonymous to BlackBerry, but that doesn't prevent T-Mo from making its pitch. :/

Christopher, the T-Mobile customer who forwarded me the email, "felt this was a real kick in the pants to BlackBerry users." It definitely illustrates the challenge BlackBerry currently faces in the USA with carrier support. T-Mobile already phased out carrying BlackBerry phones in-store (you can still buy them and receive via mail), so it's not a total surprise that they'd look to upgrade existing T-Mobile customers to another device they are more actively supporting.

The good news is, just because you receive an email from your carrier doesn't mean you need to do what it says! BlackBerry supporters like Christopher will simply hit delete and head on over to twitter to let T-Mobile CEO @johnlegere know they still #CHOOSEBLACKBERRY10.

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T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer



It's not just T-Mobile, I got told that BlackBerry update will break your phone, this weekend while trying to upgrade my BlackBerry to a Z30 and got adviced to get an iphone,also BBM Is now an apple apps. Fiourrious as I was, I know that those muppet are plain stupid. But it's happening. BlackBerry need to open their own store and leave all these provider out.by the way that was from Vodafone

Z berry are platforms of choice!

I am seeing a lot of positive comments about T-Mo's service and you people need to get a grip on reality. They are great in most metropolitan areas, but go a little outside of it and you see LTE, 4G, and even 3G disappear. I have been on all of the major carriers and it is clear that Verizon and AT&T are superior in terms of overall coverage. I still get 3G at my girlfriends rural home in CT, where my T-Mobile or Sprint lines kicked the bucket. I'm glad some of you are saving money, but if you travel between states as often as I do, they are garbage and so is their CEO for trying to push people out of a viable ecosystem such as BlackBerry. I hope Chen will shrink the company to make it lean and efficient and enlarge the minds of the prosumer.

BB10 > (Insert stale OS)

So how many Tmo BlackBerry user actually got this email? I've been with Tmo since last March and I'm still waiting on this email/promo.

I won't be surprised if an att had anything to do with this since both Tmobile and at&t are at war.

This is just my speculation since I haven't gotten this email yet.

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I suggest you BlackBerry uses leave t-mobile and switch carriers and five them a kim in the ass.

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I was a T-Mobile fan till I saw this.. + the took off my 15% discount off.. I want to switch, but I hate ATNT Spint and Verizon! Metro PCS.. CHILL.. I hate this!

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Lol, not really a BlackBerry customer if willing to entertain idea of iphone. Lmao

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Carriers don't sell BB10 phones, only display them like a relic in a museum. If you look at a BlackBerry phone, the sales clerks ignore you. If you look at an iPhone or Samsung they are tripping over themselves to help you. Maybe this is why T-Mobile hasn't released the latest update because they want you to have iPhones.

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T-Mo's sales force must be desperate. If BlackBerry users wanted an i-anything they'd already have it. T-Mo must have taken a bath with the 5c.

BTW, ever noticed how a 5c feels like a crappy old Lumia?

All that's left to do now is wait and see what is unveiled at Mobile World Congress. Hopefully BlackBerry will have something awesome to say.

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I'm with anyone that wants to stand against the carriers, it's total crap that they throw BlackBerry under the bus.
BlackBerry for the win!

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And now the Legere dude is tweeting BlackBerry love! Guess he had enough of #IchooseBlackBerry10 tweets :D

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How on earth do they consider that an upgrade? Ignorant and insulting. Verizon sent me an iPhone as a replacement, I thought "hmm, this could be cool" but I had it 2 weeks and switched it for a Z10.

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BlackBerry users, I'm hearing you loud and clear. Let me work with the team and get back with you.
John Legere tweeted this today

I went down to Home Depot looking for some bricks to build a shed. All sold out. I promptly walked into a Bell store and bought 100 Z10s for less than it would have cost me at Home Depot.

Laid those bitches down with some mortar mix and built a sick shed. That's about all that BB is good for today. They were cool when Backstreet Boys and NSync were around.

Later fanboys.

Wake up guys. You are a niche market. Nobody cares about the Blackberry outside of this forum. It's like you guys are walking around with 8-track systems and wondering why you're not getting any love.

Wake the fuck up!

Well...maybe it was Apple who paid Tmobile to do that. Android is obviously winning in sales so they have to go to other markets too.

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Morons. It's enough to make me write to the CEO. I don't use an iPhone because I don't like the OS. It is terrible for multitasking.

I personally tweeted the ceo about this outrageously bias ad. Completely un cool in every sense of the word. I would never give up my z10 for a crappy iphone. Friggin apple fan boys i swear.

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I love my blackberry z10 I will never change it when I tried to bye my phone the z10 It took me ages to find it and im from scotland when I walked into a store and they would say we dont sell BlackBerrys weird aint it but I got my phone from o2 I beleive o2 is a gd carrier if any1 has problems with o2 pls reply I would lyk 2 hear

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There should be a law against this sort of thing it is sneaky and conniving and just down right low iphone 5 sales have hit a wall T-Mobile have an agreement to sell a particular figure blackberry is an easy touch or target but the ones on blackberry now are die hard....

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Besides the Iphone fad has ended the majority is android they won't accelerate growth as in the past without lowering the price android has taken over it was a master stroke bring android apps and games to blackberry and IOS 7 settings and configuration is now far more complicated than blackberry and more buggy who would have that a year ago if you offered me the best android phone or the best iphone i would choose android there just far more future proof those with more money than sense will get the Iphone and feel ripped off a year from now... I love my Mac though :)

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BlackBerry need to start offering monthly plans where you can pay a monthly subscription and it goes towards your blackberry upgrade each year... Blackberry need to start thinking outside the box for this... They could offer added benefits like a discount if you return your old phone or added blackberry email or cloud Balance services...

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This might also explain how wind mobile (canada) is selling unlocked Q10s for $449 (less than 399 US). The are T Mobile branded so - guess were purchased by Wind at fire sale price.

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Hi all, in retrospect, after examining the ad in more detail, and after reading the comments in the thread, I've concluded that's this is a fake. Someone is really laughing out there, as he or she stirs the hornets' nest...The grammar, syntax and punctuation are weird, as is the use of the copyright symbol. Whoever did this, though, hit a sore spot indeed.

The first time I saw this phone in one of the stores of our carriers here in my city, I fell in love with it. I still had like 4 months left before my contract ends (I had the iphone 4s) but when my carrier had this five-day promo of unlimited internet with the BlackBerry q10 phone free (about $22/monthly for 2 years, originally twas $55/monthly), I immediately went for it :). I gave my iphone 4s to my dad :). I thought I would regret but I didn't. I AM LOVING MY BlackBerry Q10.

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I got a BlackBerry Q10 and gave my iphone 4s to my dad! Got bored it. I find BlackBerry very interesting, design's so sleek.

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If BlackBerry made good products that appeal to people these days this wouldn't be happening. Bring the backlash, you know its' true.

T-Mobile has decided that it will drop its ‘overage charges’ the extra fees collected from subscribers when they exceed their voice, text, or data limits as it views them as predatory, here are the details