T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2014 05:56 pm EST

A longtime CrackBerry reader forwarded me the mailer he just received from T-Mobile, trying to persuade him to upgrade to the iPhone 5s. T-Mobile positions the upgrade for BlackBerry users by saying "Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for." Of course, powerful communications and productivity are words synonymous to BlackBerry, but that doesn't prevent T-Mo from making its pitch. :/

Christopher, the T-Mobile customer who forwarded me the email, "felt this was a real kick in the pants to BlackBerry users." It definitely illustrates the challenge BlackBerry currently faces in the USA with carrier support. T-Mobile already phased out carrying BlackBerry phones in-store (you can still buy them and receive via mail), so it's not a total surprise that they'd look to upgrade existing T-Mobile customers to another device they are more actively supporting.

The good news is, just because you receive an email from your carrier doesn't mean you need to do what it says! BlackBerry supporters like Christopher will simply hit delete and head on over to twitter to let T-Mobile CEO @johnlegere know they still #CHOOSEBLACKBERRY10.

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T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer



I was toying with the idea of switching to T-Mobile from AT&T since I have a business account with them as well. I just wanted to try their network, but I will end up staying with AT&T instead. The interesting thing is that they do not have Z10 in inventory for direct shipment; they only have the Q, so the rep suggested to unlock my AT&T Z10 to use it on their network if I decide to switch carriers.

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I toyed with the idea of getting a second line EchuOknu1 I mentioned it on another thread but these carriers are all pretty much the same when it comes to BlackBerry and their customers so why leave one carrier with one of the best network service and poor BlackBerry care for their customers to go to one with worse networks service and same when it comes to BlackBerry customers.

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A new employee at my office saw my Z10 sitting on my desk and commented "Oh, you got a new iPhone. Welcome to the future. "

I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I have him a lecture about his 5s looking like an enlarged version of a 2007 iPhone. Then I laughed some more.

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Why are you laughing?

Apple makes computers.
BlackBerry makes handsets.

Apple's handheld computer has a 64-bit chip inside it.
BlackBerry hasn't introduced a new product outside of pagers and handsets in its entire existence.

BlackBerry is the Western Electric of the New Millennium until they come out with a new product that doesn't look like another phone.

And anyone saying that a 2007 iPhone is the same thing as a 2014 iPhone 5s with fingerprint ID simply doesn't understand progressive innovation.

This seems to me like a first in lowball business tactics! I am familiar with carriers trying to lowball other carriers with advertising but I have never seen an individual carrier lowball one of its suppliers against the other that's a first in unethical business practices . Sever ties completely with a company before you do this kind of lowballing! it makes it appear less unethical!

Are you from the U.S.A ? Probably not. UNETHICAL is common practice here. They just cover it up they pay them off.

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What a bull shit thing to pull. Downgrade to an iPhone and loose all your security and all the benefits of BlackBerry.

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Makes me glad I ditched T-Mobile a LONG time ago. Seems as of late they are doing everything they can to coax people to sign up with them. Sounds like they must be desperate and hurting for users, if you ask me

If this is the case, then I can see why there's no 10.2.1 update as of yet. I like tmobile for what they have done so far when it comes to free international roaming because I travel every where. Believe me, I've had bills over $1000 a month but now since they've changed no one else comes close. Free or not I still gonna rock a Blackberry and I'm still waiting for my update. C'mon TMOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rogers is no better... They are always trying to get users to which to being iSheep. I wonder if there is a back room deal is for this...

I may be off here but don't carriers, or any store for that matter, try to promote items for a reason? Could TMO be over-stocked with iphones? There are other ways to look at this and they may not all be positive for iPhone.
Targeting BlackBerry users is a bit odd but I guess they're going after the BBOS crowd.

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That's what I was thinking. Maybe the iPhone's 5s is not selling too well on TMO (we all know the 5c was a colossal fail.) Maybe people are being turned off by looking at the cost of the iPhone despite EIP ($600 under this offer, $648 otherwise,) and realized they aren't getting a whole lot for those $600+. And since TMO barely discounts hardware, this is either realization that they can't sell these at the ridiculous price, or Apple agreed to eat the $48 per device since they ain't selling.

I'm on t mobile, and they just barely pulled BlackBerry out of the stores :( . I have not received this email nor has1 of my close friends. But if I do receive it I'll definitely let them know where they can stick there duopoly, cuz I'm BlackBerry 10 all the way! Now give me my update tmo!

Flickety split

Not sure I would be changing anytime soon to an Iphone from my Blackberry .... my daughter-in-law's iphone spends most of it's time in the freezer trying to get it to stay hooked up to the wi-fi after updating her 4s to IOS 6... scared to update it to the latest :)

Iphone sucks they are all the same shit, my z10 with the new upgrade beat any iphone Z10STL100-4/ BlackBerry 10 is actually the best system out there

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Looks like T Mobile made a deal with the devil, now they got to live with it! Unfortunately they're hurting the consumer the most.

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As much as I hate being treated like a second class citizen by BlackBerry and the carriers I would never look at an iphone I would look at any other platform before looking at iphone if I had no other choice. Yes, this is sad that T-mobile is doing this but I have news for you boys and girls pretty soon here in the U.S we will all be ordering BlackBerry phones on line if we want them because AT&T is going in that same direction as a matter of fact last three AT&T stores I have been to here in the east coast I have not seen any BlackBerry phones with exception of old torch for the people who just want a basic phone section. I am sure Verizon they probably are scarce on their display as well. Bottom line this new add and antics by T-mobile is the way of the future for U.S carriers as they try to push America's sweetheart the i-crap. Between the carriers being paid off by icrap to not push BlackBerry devices and push theirs. Also assault by U.S Government against customers owning BlackBerry in combination with carriers it looks real bleak for BlackBerry and it's customers here south of the Border!

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I'm a T-Mobile customer and this sort of ad doesn't surprise me, nor does it offend me. If you dropped T-Mobile as the result of this ad, you're a fool.

No, they'll drop TMobile for horrible reception and a raging lunatic CEO.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Any reception issues I've had with T-Mobile are in areas in which everyone has reception issues regardless of the carrier.

Copy and paste my link into the browser as usual. Can't seem to get links right lately.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I call the other day asking about 10.2 and the customer support person said that I probably would not get that o's update because they were phasing out blackberry

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BlackBerry should make a 'BlackBerry OS challenge' campaign over America as a marketing. Prove and open the American eyes that BlackBerry is the most efficient, secure and powerful OS around.

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I left them two weeks ago. Even more happy I did. Although I see this T-Mobile gimmick as a BlackBerry management failure more than anything else

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After comparing my updated 10.2.1 Z10 with a iPhone 5s, it's clear to me that the iPhone is a downgrade. Especially with what's in store with 10.3.
I know BlackBerry has to stay low for a bit, but I really hope Mr. Chen has the gusto to provide extremely aggressive advertising.

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well i agree that is a ignorant
I too consider that a downgrade considering i left my iphone fore berry, actually went back had my 9700 repaired to use it instead for a time till i got my z10
lame, im not tmobile so interest .....lost

Is litigation possible here? This is an incredibly low-blow which shows T-Mobile has no class.

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Hey, I kid you not, I bought the last blackberry Q10 at the Balch springs location here in texas, and the guy selling me the phone tried to discourage me from buying it. I told him No, I want my personal organizer in the Q10.

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How ridiculous. I'm the lone BlackBerry user in a family of iPhone users & it's always fallen to me to set up my parents' iPhones when they upgrade. Nothing in an iPhone feels natural to me, whereas my BlackBerry has always felt right to me since the day I got my first one -- and the Z10 is better than all my prior BlackBerry phones.

I'd only switch to iPhone if there were literally no other option on the face of this planet.

I'd rather go to Windows Phone first (if Ubuntu Phone flops, but it won't), then maybe Apple, Android is too data hungry and much more of a malware magnet.

Looks like carriers are sick of this game, and wanna roll their own platform, or let's say roll with a real open-source one which they can fully customize (hope they won't add too much bloat).

Major Carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, Three, EE, Telstra, Vodafone, Telecom Italia, China Unikom and a few more have joined the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group.

Android is not real open source, and Apple's walled garden is getting some healthy competition. The more, the better.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Apparently they have a massive purchasing deal with apple which they have to honour even though they can't sell them.anyway has anybody got t mobiles email address so us blackberry users can spam them back!

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Contracts :) just like here a operator has a contract with Nokia so they don't selling the Blackberry Z30 because it could be to competitive for there and they have 2 Nokia's in discount 625 and 925 :) It's all about money and that makes the world around

And by the way...as "unpopular " BlackBerry seems to be right now my better half is forever cursing her iPhone, and envies the capabilities my Z30 has. When the iPhone contract is up she wants a white Z10 especially now that there's more apps for BlackBerry users than we know what to do with.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I agree that's a kick in the pants, that's a sad pitch. Verizon still has not released 10.21 for their Q10. Even here in Canada having their unlocked device I can't get any support for the phone whatsoever. It doesn't seem to matter which American company it is. All I have heard is poor support for BlackBerry. Glad to be in Canada at this point!

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I believe the time has come for BlackBerry to seriously look into operating their product from start to finish. Production to call/data service. Be able to roll updates directly as they become ready to all consumers and corporate clients. This could only benefit the security for the devices. They have already contracted FoxConn to build the 'low-end' devices, and apparently still have the intent and means to continue building their 'high-end' devices. So now is the time to open some key located BlackBerry Stores and find a way to offer cellular service to its consumers. He'll, they can do what other beginning players have done and use someone else's cell network to start.

Regardless, something needs to change with the carriers.

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What a bunch of pricks! So happy I'm not with tmo. If I were, that would have been the last straw for me!


Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Hi guys..
I like reading the updates on the forums regarding BlackBerry.. But can we keep the F Word out... Thanks in advance.

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F-word... Are you talking about the #1 controversial numeral word on this site or the sex act?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I don't think tmobile is in the position to be pickey about what phones their subscribers use

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It's no different then going to a Rogers store and the sales person telling me he highly recommends I don't buy the blackberry z10.

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I agree I had to put up a fight to purchase my z10. Glad I did best phone I have used. The sad thing is most people give in to the sales people and end up android or iPhone.

Vtecberry Z10

They try to sell you the iPhone so you can buy more extra stuff for it.

I tweeted John like 5 times.

Team BlackBerry.

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I tweeted TMOBILE the article and how embarrassing that statement is for their company. Show support and reach out! BlackBerry/Crackberry is defined by us users - not a carrier!

(also feel free to re-tweet me ;) @jfortunato)

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Carriers have these huge buying commitments with Apple, and don't want to be stuck with outdated phones every new iPhone release. This was kind of stupid locking into Apple (most carriers lose money) but Apple could care less. Not good for small handset manufacturers like BlackBerry, but that's business.

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It shows how desperate T-Mobile is in its effort to win the mobile war with the other dominant players in the game, just by squeezing every bit it think it can. #TMobileDesperation

I see this as an Apple initiative. They are paying all of the US carriers to this s**t. I have been asked by AT&T reps as well in the stores. Even today you Ho yo a store (any carrier) and pick up a BlackBerry 10 device and Ho for buying. 99% chances are they will ask and try to convince you to but an iPhone. Not even a Samsung. Try this and you will find the truth.

Lack of carrier support and Apple's strong marketing/ bullying tactics are the real cause BlackBerry not doing well in the USA.

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I told you so.. go look at my other posts I write. Mike. Seriously. Tell them what is really going on.. the carriers are stuck in a contract with apple and have to unload the iphones.

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Oh and people who are t-Mobile customers want this carrier to have the Blackberry brand in there stores. A hahaha. Not gonna happening. Blackberry has to sell them direct and eventually have Blackberry stores.

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I walked into Tmobile the other day I a mall in ATL, GA they don't carry a single BlackBerry nor the BlackBerry accessories

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You can't use bit pay or blockchain on any ios platform, why would you use a product that doesn't embraced productivity unless it's it's own. BlackBerry secure, blackberry productive


Uploading a leak is my last option(We appreciate it) with BlackBerry. I am waiting on carriers for one Clear answer! When will Official OS, Link updates be released for all? If the clear answer is never. Then I'm going to use the leak OS with Blackberry till I can't no more.

As far as I know even without a update BlackBerry is the best phone out there. I will not buy the S!!:;/#* Called Apple or Android long as Blackberry thrives. Just look at all the privacy you are giving away just to use Ex: Facebook on Android or Apple. Access to Cloud??!! ETC WTF Access = Corporate Power. They found a way!!! I will not be surprised if they have agents infiltrate all media, post and in inside to sabotage BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Lead
Do not Follow

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i've gotten a few guys that I work with to switch from Icrap to BB10 and they regret not switching sooner.

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"Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for." - is probably B.S...

But, "with no annual service contract for $0 down" is something that BlackBerry should be worried of...

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Not really, read the fine print...$25 for 24 months... still paying $600...can buy any BlackBerry off contract for less and have a much better phone.

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Jesus Kevin. Do your homework. This was knocked off as a fake 2 days ago. The grammar is TERRIBLE. Show us where this exists on the web and we'll take it with a grain of salt.

You really think, in a huge push to get BlackBerry users to switch over to iOS, they'd use a shitty "flyer" that no one else can seem to link back to actually coming from TMO?

Gimme 10 minutes, I'll make you one for AT&T and we'll start more masses of bullshit.

5 pages of comments....come on people...go outside or do something on your Saturday!

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iPhone users upgrade their devices more than any other group of individuals. That is why you see carriers pushing iOS devices.

Just recently my wife and her daughter went into a AT&T store. The salesperson that was helping them really bad mouth BlackBerry products and told them that BlackBerry was no longer making phones. I had to hear all this negative BS when they got back home. I'm so frustrated with so much untruthful talk about BlackBerry. The company really needs to have a conference with each carrier, individually, and try to get them to realize that BlackBerry is here to stay and will be introducing many more products. All this untrue negativity is frustrating!

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I have been thinking of dropping T-Mobile for their lack of BlackBerry support...this just may be the tipping point

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T-Mobile is on contract to buy so many Iphones. I think this is a desperate move to sell them before the fresh fruit goes stale.

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Another reason why I am no longer a T-Mobile customer. They must not have many Enterprise customers. It doesn't surprise me since their own traveling reps use Verizon since their own network does not provide adequate coverage even for their own staff. and never going back.

ios is childish os as I found out when I played with sister's iPhone cannot compete to BlackBerry 10 maybe that's is a reason. Apple pushing money to t-mobile because want to destroy better software

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My husband and I both got a Z30 last December from Bell in Ontario. The sales rep was great he had a Z10 himself and his work gave him a Z30. So he showed me the two and said he absolutely loved the Z30!

I fail to see the reason for all the hate towards Tmobile. They are in business to make money just like most of us. They clearly find selling iphones more profitable than selling BlackBerry. Why wouldn't they promote such a deal. If the roles were reversed and blackberry was dominant and more profitable for tmobile and tmobile put an add out encouraging iphone users to switch would everyone here be upset.

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Because they are lying to customers. Claiming iPhone is a powerful communications and productivity device over a BB10 is absolute nonsense and a flat out lie.

Who wants to be with a Carrier that lies to its customers? Not me.


Rather a ridiculously laughable claim that holds no water when comparing to any BB10 phone.

Only thing I am missing is an good invoicing app like invoice2go.com with cloud sync, barcode reading using the phone camera, basic CRM and inventory / stocktaking built in.

Haven't loaded the apk yet, but will try. Any native solution? Anyone else any suggestions?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I think if I was in charge of BlackBerry carrier relations, I'd spend a large some of money on producing an effective step by step demo video for all sales reps. It would be distributed to every store in cd form and through emails to every outlet employee. The number one complaint by BlackBerry users who actually know the truth about BB10, is that uneducated reps tell customers whatever they make up in their heads. Anything from " don't buy BlackBerry" and "BlackBerry is dead". This alone was the main reason BB10 did not take off. It's beyond me why BlackBerry did not address this back in Jan of 2013. It's impossible for them not to know this was happening. I really like Mr. Chen so far, but BlackBerry perception will never change if sales reps are not a least informed about the product and state of the company.

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That kind of marketing clearly shows that apple is not taking BlackBerry for granted and maybe already acknowledging BlackBerry as a threat.

Via my Z30&Q10

Well, what did BlackBerry expect?
The Z10, operating on 10.0 was a huge bust.
OS 10.1 wasn't much better.
If it wasn't for 10.2.1, I would have given up on BlackBerry, returned my Q10 and bought an iPhone.
And I almost did that last night when a BlackBerry Tier 1 support tech and his supervisor told me that as a Mac user I can now only sync my Q10 using the iCloud and that Tier 2 tech support is no longer available over the phone. Both statements, completely false.
What company wants to promote a phone that lacks all the features of other phones and that a majority of its customers are returning?
People want a phone that is "plug and play". Not a phone that they have to side load apps on or learn how to install a leak (which is how I have 10.2.1 on my phone) to get the latest OS update.
Retailers don't want to deal with a phone that generates a lot of calls for support.
Ex: iPhones don't have issues with their phones creating duplication in their calendar and contact apps.
Look at all of the threads in CB on that problem.
If BlackBerry had launched the BB10 phones running with the efficiency of 10.2.1 they wouldn't be in this position and T-Mobile wouldn't have that ad.

Basically he is pointing out that iPhone users are not smart enough or tech savvy enough to work their phones beyond pushing buttons and tapping screens. He is right. You have to have some level of intelligence to join our club.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

John Chen said it, BlackBerry phones are not for everybody.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Obviously you also have difficulty with comprehension, so please allow me to translate for you:
No. BASICALLY, I'm pointing out that BB OS10.0 sucked and should have been at the level of OS 10.2.1 when it was released, instead of the inefficient, buggy, non intuitive level that it was on release.
The massive returns of the Z10, which are well documented as well as BB taking a 4 billion dollar write down (which is really about BB OS10) obviously doesn't tell you anything.
The Z10 went from a $500.00 phone to a $79.00 phone within months of release.
And that had nothing to do with the phone.. But everything to do with the OS.
Not only did T-Mobile remove the phone from it's stores, but so did Best Buy.
I'd ask you where you think the profit margin is greater, in a $79.00, widely panned phone, or in a $700.00 highly regarded phone.... but based upon your previous comment, I'm afraid that you ( and a couple of other BB groupies) would have trouble figuring that out.
I stuck with my Q10 and spent hours here and elsewhere learning how to "side load" business apps and OS update leaks in order to have a phone that operated at some level of semblance to my 9900.
I've also posted comments and threads to help others get the 10.2.1 update here in the U.S. using Sachesi.
None of this would I have to do with any other phone platform..
And the last thing I'm going to do, is allow a couple of small minded pinheaded, obviously more emotional than bright BB groupies try to insult me.
If I pissed in your cornflakes, too bad.

either you English isn't your first language or you have difficulty with comprehension..
none the less, I'm impressed that you know how to type.

This kind of proves what I've been thinking for the last year - American (and even some canadian carriers) have either not taken the time to understand the clear advantages of BlackBerry 10 or have other incentives to keep from giving customers full and unbiased info on the bb10 phones. With 10.2.1 BlackBerry moved even further ahead. T mobile is a good example of the ignorance that is wide spread among carriers and the media.

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Guess I will have to take three lines over to AT&T at the end of the year provided it supports BlackBerry too. I had a rep tell me to switch over to IOS or Android when I asked about the Z30 and OS update. I chewed her out.

Zed 10 with 1925 leak

Everyone at work laughed at me when I ditched my Samsung for my Z10.....then aren't laughing anymore now that they have seen it in action.

The iPhone can drop dead.

Companies are generally doing what's in their best interest to the bottom line...no news flash there. But what they probably don't realize too much is that not everyone has jumped onto to iPhone wagon..and continue to choose not to. BB10 is a pretty stable and reliable OS, especially with the updates throughout the year. Absolutely zero reasons for me to move...

Man you have to put up a fight to purchase a new BlackBerry. All networks in the us try to steer you away from blackberry it's not right.

Vtecberry Z10

If you are running t-mobile as myself and waiting for t-mobile to push the update for the O.S. I suggest you go leak. T-Mobile doesn't have plans on releasing that update anytime soon. They want you to give up on BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

This is false seeing how I am on T-Mobile and I received the update about a week and a half ago.

Posted via CB10

Here hoping people start realizing that the iPhone is not the best mobile device, not to mention, they are not a luxury brand at all, never has been and never will be. The only luxury brand I am aware of today is the BB10 Porsche design.

Apple Having Trouble Signing New Carriers Because of iPhone Subsidy and Minimum Purchase Requirements
Verizon Could Face Up to $14 Billion in Unsold iPhone Purchase Commitments for 2013
iPhone 5 discontinued: where did they all go?
Leap Could be Left With $100 Million in Unsold iPhones

I can't resist this....I have to quote Super Troopers:

"Desperation is a stinky cologne ".

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I suspect blackberry shrugged the carriers off at some point. Now when BlackBerry needs them and their customers the most, the carriers a simply thumbing their noses back. I could be wrong on this but if true, BlackBerry will need to do more than offer fantastic phones and beef up their enterprise division to try to force the carriers back to their side. Time to kiss and make up with all the customers and partners they've pissed off.

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BlackBerry never shrugged the carriers off. Quite the opposite actually. Carriers loved BlackBerry for its low data usage when they did not have a business model that allowed them to reap huge profits from data consumption. The arrival of the iPhone in 2007 changed all that. It showed carriers that bug data pays which went square in the face of what BlackBerry was trying to do, minimize the data consumption. That was the true decline of BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

unfortunately, there is more than a little truth to that. the consumption via compression didn't require enhanced data packages at high rates, or generate exorbitant data roaming charges for the carrier (It also didn't require the construction of mass power consumption data farms, but that's another topic).

Dirty marketing tactics. What more can be said. Also, iPhone and productivity? I don't think those two can go into the same sentence. Just because an iPhone has every app known to man on it, it does not mean that their device is efficient, productive, or really useful in any way. In fact, it's more of a toy for the masses than anything. Windows phone is probably more "productive" than an iPhone.

Posted via CB10


Windows Phone has MS Office on it. Can't underestimate that.

Have you tried that on the new 6inch slabs? Totally amazing, if you ask me. And a 1320 sells for like $400 outright here (Australia) .

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Call T-Mobile out on this, do a comparison and let all your media contacts know the "uncarrier" got it wrong.

Put up or shut up time......

Can or will CB take on "The Uncarrier" or instead go silently into the night??

CB10 via Verizon Z10.

With Steve Jobs out of the picture Apple has been on the decline. I wonder what extra incentive Apple is giving them to push their units.

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

My BlackBerry Z10 is now an 80 GB phone. I got a 64 GB micro SD card for $55. I can put my entire iTunes, over 4000 songs, onto my Z10, with room to spare. There's no expandable memory for the iPhone. Enough said.

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I use to like tmo but after this blunder I will no longer support them. Going to att thank you.

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@scottdpreece: @JohnLegere @TMobile #IchooseBlackBerry10. If you think ur more productive on an #iPhone then a #BlackBerry ur ignorant. My loyalty: BB>TMO

 BBZ10

PS where's my 10.2.1 OS update TMO USA? Been with T-Mobile for 12 years+ when they purchased Voicestream. I will go to Verizon when I upgrade from my Z10.

 BBZ10

Good point Michael, however. How about promoting the BlackBerry, maybe then they will sell?. That is the flip side. iSheep. Baaaahhh .

Team BlackBerry

Well that was disrespectful, but apple just mad because blackberry is better then iphone and is getting better day by day

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I said some choice words as I read that article. Talk about disrespecting your customers. I don't care if they are not a majority.

Here I was considering Tmobiles offer to switch for the 650 per line, now I'm not.

Posted via CB using my Q10

Tmobile worries BlackBerry users will jump ship to other carriers. This is a way of them saying hey we have iPhone too in case you need to switch.

$25/month for 24 months is better than sharp stick in the eye. I don't worry about them not carry BlackBerry either because I buy them elsewhere.

 CB10 

I love my T-Mobile service. I've had it up and down the east coast, currently in the Carolinas and still love it. LTE is fast and reliable. This ad is a crappie nut shot though. :-(

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I would actually be embarrassed being seen with an iPhone. Been using my Q10 for the past 8 months and loving it. The physical keyboard is irreplaceable, especially by an iPhone whatever number.

What a crookish way to do business. T-Mobile users start packing, Sooner of later T-Mobile won't be upgrading, supporting and selling BlackBerry phones. Action speak louder than words. Let's start switching from T-Mobile to Verizon Z30, Q10 with Sprint unlimited data plan. Downgrade T-Mobile.

This whole ipoop plug sucks, but let's not get crazy, haha. Verizon has no unlimited, isn't a GSM carrier, and waaaaaay too expensive. I had Sprint, they just flat out sucks in a lot of markets.

You couldn't pay me to leave T-Mobile, plus, all US carriers have pretty much turned their back on BlackBerry. They're all evil, haha!

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I think you better take this opportunity. Get the 5s that price $800 for 24x$25 ($600). Then sell it again to isheep. The gain you can upgrade your z10 into z30 :)

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Iphone is loosing it..! Just a question of some more time.. they would have to run to save their 'undies'..

Typed with Thumbs on my Z30.

IPhone is ultra uncool and unmanly and unwomanly. When every 16 year old girl and girly type in the US has one of these silly phones, It's time to be original and get something original.

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Wow, I was waiting for that statement to pop up. Absolutely my opinion.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I hate to say this, but I'm starting to give up on Blackberry...everyone I know hates Blackberry, I'm probably the only one that still hasn't gotten the 10.2 update...why the hell do I even bother to have a Q10...grrrrr

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If you are a lemming I understand your concern about "everyone you know" hating BlackBerry. I imagine you got a Q10 because you have actual work to do using your smartphone or really need to communicate with "everyone you know" efficiently. You can upgrade you phone to os 10.2.1.xxxx any time. It takes a little research and some thought, but for most people it is not hard at all. If you do not really have much to do on your smartphone then I can understand your gripe. In all honesty, if you want to play games on your phone, the Q10 is not want you want. I type about 30 emails a day along with and endless stream of text messages. Communication is very important to me and my work so the lovely Q10 hardware is necessary for me. (Sometimes I have to compose messages without looking at the keys.)

If a simple OS update is all you want it can easily be done. If you don't really do much with your smartphone beyond Facebook and games you may want an iPhone. I hear T-Mobile has an offer for you.

All of you BlackBerry users stuck on T-Mobile should drop them as your carrier. Show how much you disapprove of this crap. A cheap company gets you "cheap" service and unwanted, asinine emails telling you to downgrade your phone for their benefit. If you really want BlackBerry to survive let the world know that BlackBerry users exist and our BlackBerry phones are still the best. Verizon may be expensive, but I don't get emails about dropping my BlackBerry and I can use any OS release and still use my Wi-fi calling.

Drop T-Mobile and show how much you disapprove of that "offer". That is a slap to the face of all BlackBerry users.

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I rock t-mobile because Rogers charges $8/day to roam in the US for 50mb of data where t-mobile offers unlimited for $3/day. However I disagree in every way with this ad. And it makes me very mad. The iOS is sub-par vs bb10 in every way!!!!!! Wow. How can we change things???? BlackBerry rocks

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Verizon has WiFi calling? That is news to me. Either I'm missing something or you don't understand T-Mobile WiFi calling.

It should say down grade. This is another example of politics with brands and carriers. Apple for sure gave T Mobile an impressive incentive.

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Do the math that's 600$. For the iPhone when you work it out !!!! No thanks! Plus there security sucks...

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With things like this happening i wonder if 10.2.1 will even be released from T-Mobile US soon...*sigh*

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Just to go further working within the Councils in the UK it's Iphones and Windows Phones, now, some are still on legacy BB for email, if I was running Blackberry UK I would be getting my sales team in these places, this is the biggest problem with Blackberry promotion. it frustrates me to no end, this is a good product, that is not marketed properly, I would offer the new BES with phones , just to get the ball running, let the product speak for itself, it can be done but it is up to Blackberry to wake up !

I agree. We all know these phones are far superior to the iPhone but nobody else does. Still no marketing from Blackberry. Every day I see adverts for iPhone, samsung, wp but never in the UK have I seen an ad for BlackBerry!

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Your killing me Kevin I already tweeted a comment to #CHOOSEBLACKBERRY10 lmao although Im sure he will get the message. I would have liked to have one page to keep us organized in a group, Oh well our intentions are clear



Fist with finger of choice erected in an upward direction?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Commissions, overstocked, sales contract, established support infrastructure etc...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

T-Mobile is for kids anyway. Let them have the iPhone crowd; iOS7 matches T-Mobiles childish colors anyway.


I'll never change from my BlackBerry! Can't wait for the Octa-core 64 but to follow-up this Z30 beast.

This sucks and to make matters worse I just switch to T mobile, smh. This is when you know privacy is not important.

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You guys know what POS means? I first heard the abbreviation from Wall St. folk during the dot com boom, when they were referring to a stock which was considered to have poor price prospects. If you take the plural of what it means, that's what I think of tmo.

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As long as BlackBerry is not seen as cool, easy, secure and around for a long time nothing will change. My laugh when I tell them to try BBM. And they don't really care what phone it is, as long as they can play games, Facebook and WhatsApp. It's the carriers that control what is sold...

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Fuck T-Mobile and fuck US carriers for not releasing 10.2.1 or even 10.2 that's not even installed.

Too much? "@BigManRonnie: @JohnLegere Hey douchebag, nice anti BlackBerry email. Now go fuck urself. #IChooseBlackBerry10 #Z10 #TMobilesucks"

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Blackberry should send emails to the BB7 costumers trying to bring them to BB10 platform, maybe with an overvaluation on old bb5,6,7 they have. actually in italy samsung is doing this to sell the S4 in mediaworld store

I think that BlackBerry needs to start spanking carriers who discourage people from their products. Staff tend to pass on their preferences to customers, this cannot and must not happen. Staff MUST allow customers to make their own choice without influence from the salesperson.

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I love how Apple dogged T-Mobile for years, excluding them from the iPhone. All that time, they had no problem pushing BlackBerry. Now that the Prom queen showed some tit, the loyal geek isn't good enough for them anymore.

"Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" BBM Channel: C001214D9

The truth is that actually, even of BBOS10 is quite good, the apps are too poor and don't say me that andtoid apps running on a bb10 device works propertly.
Due to my job I use the three systems, android, ios and bb10 and the unique thing why I still use the BlackBerry is the new hub.
So for a non enterprice user is better ios or android than a poor app echosistem bb.

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Bad T-Mobile! You ask the impossible. Trying to choose between a blackberry and an iPhone is like choosing between a punch in the face or a kick to the balls.

Oh and like it's been mentioned a thousand times before, your coverage sucks. Until you increase your network coverage, you will lack new subscribers. I can't believe there's even a T-Mobile store in my town. How do you sell a phone that can't even muster up a 3g signal while you're in the store?

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Maybe a silly question, but is it legal for carriers to 'demote' one specific platform while promoting another?

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From wikipedia: "T-Mobile International AG is a holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG's various mobile communications subsidiaries outside Germany."

ok..."they" just want to "help" you.trololol :P

deutschland uber alles.................................................................

@JohnLegere STOP insulting @TMobile @BlackBerry customers with iPhone offers! How about a 10.2.1 update and BB phones back on the website!

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T-Mobile sucks anyway. Service is horrible so they can keep their stupid ibandwagon phones and crappy service!

I'll stick with my Z and Q on AT&T. No 10.2.1 yet but I never experienced any BlackBerry bashing. Sales person was actually curious about my Z and said they were just never given the opportunity to try them out and he thought it was cool.

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So, is having a T-mobile z10 just like owning a phone with Flappy bird installed? It's rare and i can sell it for big bucks huh?

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Just noticed Canada's FIDO removed Q10 and Z10 off their online display. they never had Z30 from the beginning. They just have the Q5.

If we had unity, we could showcase a large-enough group switch from one carrier to a carrier who offers in-store and on-line the entire line up of BlackBerry devices. This could deliver the message.

At a smaller scale, remember, we did a social media outrage to Rogers over the Z30 skip, and guess what. It worked.

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A carrier that dictates what the consumer wants sounds to me like iCarrier Syndrome...unfortunately there is currently no medication for this debilitating disease. Though I have heard a small company called BlackBerry is working on the cure. Be very careful because the Blackberrian population is very susceptible to this highly contagious disease.

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Man...just like with Verizon. When they finally decided to release the Z30 I had went in the store and for about a month they were telling me that they should be expecting it and when I went to another store they told me that they don't carry BlackBerry in stores! I'm not sure if anyone else had that problem but it made even more upset with Verizon. For some reason they seem to treat BlackBerry customers a little...different.

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That is a behavior we know from a whoremanger who tries to support his older bi+ch with VD... But in this ménage à trois (Apple, T-Mobile- iPhone) it´s unclear who´s who.... (Hmmm- is THAT the reason why iPhone-Users often use saver rubber protections at their toys?!)

I tweeted John Legere and told him not to mock the BlackBerry people with an iPhone offer.

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I'm so tired of people or ads trying to "pressure" me to switch from my BlackBerry. If you don't like my phone choice, that is your problem, not mine.

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