T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Feb 2014 05:56 pm EST

A longtime CrackBerry reader forwarded me the mailer he just received from T-Mobile, trying to persuade him to upgrade to the iPhone 5s. T-Mobile positions the upgrade for BlackBerry users by saying "Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for." Of course, powerful communications and productivity are words synonymous to BlackBerry, but that doesn't prevent T-Mo from making its pitch. :/

Christopher, the T-Mobile customer who forwarded me the email, "felt this was a real kick in the pants to BlackBerry users." It definitely illustrates the challenge BlackBerry currently faces in the USA with carrier support. T-Mobile already phased out carrying BlackBerry phones in-store (you can still buy them and receive via mail), so it's not a total surprise that they'd look to upgrade existing T-Mobile customers to another device they are more actively supporting.

The good news is, just because you receive an email from your carrier doesn't mean you need to do what it says! BlackBerry supporters like Christopher will simply hit delete and head on over to twitter to let T-Mobile CEO @johnlegere know they still #CHOOSEBLACKBERRY10.

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T-Mobile tries to coax BlackBerry users to upgrade to the iPhone 5s in its latest mailer



So much for carriers being committed to BlackBerry 10. If I was on John Chen's team I'd complain mightily to T-Mobile about this. All of us should raise hell ourselves. This is not cool.

To add to this: I cannot find the Z10 for sale on T-Mobile's website. They are apparently not selling new Q10s either, just refurbished ones. What the #$%&?

AT&T and Verizon both still sell the Z10 and Q10. Verizon also sells the Z30.

T-MOBILE = farging bastages. May they die a slow painful withering death as a company.....unless of course they change their minds and fully support BlackBerry again.

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Switched to tmobile and got a bbq10 and my q10 says verizon on the bottom of the phone lol I was a Lil upset but I'm just happy I have a blackberry

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BlackBerry let down their carrier partners in dramatic fashion last year. It's not surprising they're taking that stance.

By producing phones that didn't sell, compounded by crappy marketing.

The carriers made a significant investment in BBRY products last year and got burned. That's just the way it is.

Still waiting for T-Mobile to release a version beyond 10.1

Significant investment? I saw no investment on their part. BlackBerry took all the inventory risk and the financial have demonstrated that as they have written it down. Carriers took 0 stake in a successful BB10 launch and in fact in the US seemed to go out of their way to torpedo it. That's the way it was.

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It costs retailers to carry inventory. The majority of carriers made a significant investment at launch of BB10 by carrying plenty of inventory. Said inventory moved slowly because Blackberry failed to advertise effectively. Their consumer marketing still shows little promise.

That's the way it is.

The carriers' delayed time lines and staggered, trickle out months later launch hardly allowed BlackBerry to make an effective marketing campaign, (not that they were willing to spend big dollars in the US either, I agree that part was a bit puzzling) so from where I stand, the carriers pretty much ensured a failed launch.

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Why would they? Do they have an obligation to?

BlackBerry is a manufacturer like any other. They seal their own fate.

It was actually #ichooseBlackBerry10. My keyboard knows it so I don't even have to type it. Sometimes if I'm running short on space, I'll use #ichooseBB10. Some of us has kept this up and stuff y'know?

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Hahaha... point taken;

Ask them to do that on a flipping iPhone, in store!!!


God bless your Sunday and your choice of phone. Whatever it may be! (I'll trust you made the right choice! )

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

You're right that true... it wouldn't fit. but I'm sure you could have re worded it... you're a writer ... you can do it! I have faith...

I spent over 1 hour ranting to T-Mobile "Customer Care" about their lack of support for BlackBerry. The only BlackBerry phone they have available now are the Q10 & a Curve. They told me that after they sell their stock of those that they will no longer offer BlackBerry phones at all. As a loyal T-Mobile customer for 12 years straight now I'm totally outraged by this!! No wonder I haven't gotten the 10.2 update. Please reach out to John L at T-Mobile & tell him how the BlackBerry community feels about his ignorant decision to nix BlackBerry indefinitely. I'm seriously considering going to AT&T now.

Posted with my T-Mobile USA BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

Apparently ATT will have the Z30 soonn at least that is what the customer rep told me. Believe it as far as you can throw them.

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I think all this yelling at carriers is bullshit. There are two solutions. BlackBerry sells phones unlocked online like Google or they build phones people want to have.

They should contract to build a phone that blows the doors off with technical specs and point out that it runs all android apps. Then why wouldn't people want it.

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Agreed. BlackBerry needs to be creative in how they sell their phones. I mean the whole carrier lock in thing needs to be changed. Buying a phone is not like buying a computer. We have non issues busying a computer or tablet at full price. If we want to give it LGE or 3g connectivity we but a plan from any carrier.
BlackBerry needs to just sell handsets as an enterprise bundle or direct. They need to make the brand exclusive and it should be removed from all carrier sales channels. But as you say, the brand must also become desirable for this to work.

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Totally agree!!! Don't waste your time whining about it. I still don't see why they can't figure out a way to simply add Google Play Store as a direct access link instead of the multi step process that only the "advanced" users seem to know. If it's that complicated to load then just pre load it for the masses to enjoy. Really??!! Is it that difficult a concept to grasp? I love my BlackBerry but man they can be frustrating to watch as a company.

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Also this is like over 24hrs late to be posted.. it's been up on utbblogs.com since they were the ones that started the twitter war with tmo and legere

Don't worry about it. It's just good to have a write-up on it. Ultimately, BlackBerry did a lot right in 2013, but relying on "carrier support" rather than building a direct sales funnel to upgrade existing BlackBerry users to BB10 was fatal. Pretty disappointing given that enterprise concentration created an opportunity for direct sales success that other platforms should envy. T-Mobile held a special event to announce that they'd be selling the iPhone 5 on the day the Z10 was set to go in sale in their stores. This post is just further evidence that BlackBerry needs to "sell like hell" themselves rather than count on carriers. Carrier support will never be what it was under Jim B. / Mike L. and strategy needs to account for this. The failure wasn't Thor's fault, either. He should have fired his VP of US sales sooner, but who could have predicted that the guy would just take a total flop...

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I agree.

Really, its just another marketing ploy by a carrier to get more customers to buy into a phone that will reap benefits for the carrier.

I would expect this from AT&T, not TMo. And I really like TMo and everything they're doing with their "un-carrier" movement, but damn, this sort of thing makes TMo seem like the other guys that TMo is working so hard to be "un-like". And I don't even own a BB phone whether it be legacy or BB10!

Exactly, JR. TMO's product is its network. Why bother with what phone sells or not? Which makes me think there are other reasons at play here (like the 5s not selling too well on TMO. Or as others have suggested, minimum purchase requirement fulfillment, which I personally doubt TMO signed.)

There are a number of factors at play. It is not exactly news that T-Mobile has in the past bought iPhones in large quantities to force a lower price. Apple has been generally resistant to this ploy but the iPhone 5s is well past its prime. Just look at the pricing, T-Mobile is selling it for $500 dollars.

The truth is that this is not a special price or deal. Like it or not, $500 dollars is the new price of the iPhone 5s and it will likely drop another 50 dollars in the next 6 months. It is at best a mid range phone. Apple's product line is currently uncompetitive and they are running mainly on past reputation. Everyone is unloading these dogs as the larger screen phones will be out in the next 6 months.

It's $600, actually. And that's with this "offer." If you're a new customer or whatever, it's $648.

Yeh, your right, my math is off tonight. Actually, I'm reassured as the pricing is simply uncompetitive. Somewhere between $450-$500 would make these units move now. Definitely not worth it at $650. Bit of a joke actually.

Turn it on their head. Take the free iphone offer, sell the iphone (after you unlock it) and then buy a BlackBerry.... You will actually make a profit, and enjoy the phone of your choice. In fact, looking at the going rates for unlocked iphone 5s in some markets you could probably score 2 Z10's or even a Z30 and still come out ahead!

25x24 = $600

i see unlocked 16gb 5s' on ebay for around $750 (cuz i'm sure they're not giving a special offer on anything bigger than 16gb without paying more)...

so for all that work of purchasing, unlocking, reselling, you profit a little over a hundred bucks, can you explain how that can get you a z30 and come out ahead again? i don't see it... unless you're talking about contract price, but then you'd have to be eligible for upgrade... on top of already having to be on T-Mobile for this little trick to be worth it...

I'm sorry, T-Mobile is playing you guys for fools. This whole "un-carrier" thing is just a ploy to make you think they are "on your side." They are out for their own benefit just as much as anyone else, but they are doing it by trying to trick you into thinking they aren't so you will give them your loyalty. Don't be a sucker...

Think of the politicians that try to make themselves seem like they are "for the people" yet all of their tactics are only for good PR while they have admitted they know their actions don't actually help the people...

My Tmobile bill is 40 dollars less than my att bill was, for the same or better service. I kind of like the uncarrier thing.

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My T-Mobile service is far better than what the competition can offer me.

Tell me which carrier can give me :

1. LTE w/ no data caps, unthrottled, no slowdowns ever, no matter how much you download. (Max I've download is 25GB, zero slowdowns)
2. 2.5 GB of Hotspot
3. Unlimited Calls and text
4. No contract whatsoever
5. $70 a month....

It's a no brainer if you ask me

GTR Lifestyle is @ C001247FA

Yah, that's great as long as they decide they are making enough profit, that's how they try to win their customers. It's merely a tactic, it's not because they "like you" or want to "help you" and for the most part they have to do things like that since their coverage is not quite as good as some others, better than Sprint at least though, lol. So if it works out for you, then great, definitely take advantage of it. But just don't mistaken it as them being "better" than anyone else ethically. If they feel they can get away with charging more to get more profit, they will, but winning the price war is the tactic they have chosen.

+10 Exactly ! T-Mobile has been great and their service just about on par with Verizon if not there, and far surpass att and sprint...both garbage!

You need to look over that again...Tmobile comes out on top as the carrier with the beast deal / price for the services. The only thing the other carriers have going for them is their size.

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No carrier is ever "on your side" unless they have a great sim-only deal.
I'm glad that I live in England, bought my Q10 factory unlocked and am with GiffGaff as my primary network.

3 letters NSA! It's that simple! Governments don't want a secure and private OS such as QNX in the hands of ordinary citizens. Big Brother is trying to force ordinary citizens into Android and iOS. I made the reverse path coming form Android and I can tell you all that after understanding the QNX platform better I get exactly what NSA and Big Government are trying to do!

Exactly. That is why BlackBerry will service the US government, the DOD, but as far as the US consumer market goes, they are in a losing battle. The US carriers will all be abandoning BlackBerry devices so they are not readily available to the public. BlackBerry growth is outside the US. That us why you see zero advertising.

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Humm, so TM wants you to buy an old fashion smart phone for $25x24= $600,
when you can get a new style BB for less.

Hay, TM, iFruit is desperate to get business and is supporting your ad program for naught.
Their products went from 18.5% to 14.0% of the smart phone sales in the last quarter.

They won't get me....and I work for T-Mo! Been with my Q10 since June of 2013 when I got it for free from BlackBerry for the Champion program.

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Agreed! As if anyone with a clue would actually want to lower themselves to use an iphone.

Yeah, right... a downgrade. You do know what does that mean, right? Becuase when ypu have a better product, like an iPhone, it's considered an upgrade. If it wasn't a downgrade, BB would sell more than Apple and it doesn't even surpasses Lumia's sales- which are great smartphones by the way, on par with the other OS like in the case of the 1520. You can argue that Android, iOS or Windows Phone is better, but not BB. Sales prove my point.

Don't be sad. Be happy.
Iphones are going down.

These carriers are worrying about the number of iPhone they couldn't sell.

Why not any other kind of phone? Because BlackBerry is the most dangerous phones for their iPhone sell right now.

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+ 1

What I thought, oh man,

Powerful communications? If your battery is flat? Powerful communications? If your antenna shows no bars?
Powerful productivity? With apps? How about native, pre-installed?
Powerful productivity? With THAT kind of keyboard?
Powerful productivity? With grafted on, awkward "multitasking"?
Powerful productivity? With tiny screen? And 640pixel wide? (smiling at you, Z30)

T-Mo, get outta here. And use a real productivity phone for a few days.

Things are getting desperate. BlackBerry must have a long breath and fight this through.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Here in greece the iPhones 5s price has gone very down..
I think it's the first time I have seen after a few months the new iPhones price so low ...

From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...

I'd guess that prices are going down in Greece is not because of sinking market share or sales :D

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Greece: in your country how much is the iP with taxes?
The TM price is 24 month x $25= USD$600 (plus local tax, about 8%)

BlackBerry need to hit back hard in this one, maybe doing the exact same thing but promoting the Z30 & Q10

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How does a mobile manufacturer hit back against a carrier, especially when BlackBerry has no direct offering?

How blackberry should act on this is to team up with an Amazon retailer to sell direct.

Alternatively, with many other types of retailers, who now sell mobile, BlackBerry should team up with these guys.

Wow, this does make sense why T-Mobile reduced their BlackBerry range. Well there's other carriers where Blackberry can also do a deal.

Watch out for further drop in BlackBerry shares next week.

Catapulted from my Z10.

"How does a mobile manufacturer hit back against a carrier?" Why, by producing a kick-ass ads for its flagship device, and then telling the people where to get it--Verizon. That would be a big 'fuck you too' to T-Mobile. Oh, did I say it's available on Verizon?

Is BlackBerry currently in financial position to spend the kind of money to produce kick ass advertising?

Not only that, it would take continual advertising, which means more money.

I would rather have BlackBerry spend the money on R&D instead.

Maybe it's a good thing to focus on corporate and government contracts instead, which I think don't think requires the sale level of spending.

Catapulted from my Z10.

Sure, if they're ok with scaling down to that limited a market (corporate and government contracts only,) then yes, spend on R&D. But if you want to stay in the consumer market, all the world's R&D won't help you unless you can get that product out to customers via advertising.

Fully agree, I still show people my Z30 and they are shocked, not only it even exists but also how good it is. If people don't know about it, people won't buy it. Fact.

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Raino - I would give a like and a thanks, but can't in the comments to an article. Nonetheless, I agree 100%

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How does that help with new sales?
BlackBerry I guess needs a new strategy, to bypass these carriers when selling new mobiles.

Strategy should include where people can try out these products before purchasing. BlackBerry users already know how good the mobiles are, however new users don't necessarily have that sale experience.

It's going to be interesting to see how they do this.

Catapulted from my Z10.

The problem selling direct in a market like USA is that carrier subsidies on phones (or I should say lack of cheaper pricing on plans where you bring your own phone) means you have to pay way more to use the phone you want.

For example, Rogers in Canada offers no cheaper rate for me to sign up for a contract if I bring my own phone. They will offer me a free phone, which I then have to sell to recoup my money. But will they just lower the plan cost over the life of the contract by the cost of the free device they give me? No. The only other option is to simply be off contract but I will pay the same as everyone else, but have the freedom to leave any time.

So for folks on T-Mobile, I suggest taking the FREE iphone offer, then SELL your iphone (after you unlock it) and buy a BlackBerry. You'll actually make a PROFIT!

@OJ,,If they take a hit it won't be the first time ,anyway I would demand a refund for my BB if an update was not offered to me,when you sell something and everyone gets something down the line and you don't that is plain robbery.

Does anyone know why the carriers, (specifically the ones in the U.S.), did very little advertising, or none at all when BB10 was released? I personally never even saw an ad poster in my carrier's store. It is because RIM did not give them money to advertise their product. Retailers advertise products they sell based on money they receive from manufacturers, and it is unfortunate that RIM relied on themselves, (and websites like crackberry), to get the word out about the new BB10 devices. If you owned an iPhone or android, and were as committed to that phone as a lot of BlackBerry users are, were you really going to be on a website devoted to BlackBerry phones to learn about it? Most of the android users I know have very low opinions of BlackBerry phones, so they would not be very interested in checking out anything related to BlackBerry, and iPhone users are no more open minded. But if there had been advertising for the BB10 phones on TV, radio, print, and websites, they would have at least SEEN or HEARD the ads, and if those ads touted the OS and the things the phone is capable of doing, not the gesture swipes that Thors kept harping on whenever I saw him speaking about the phone, then some eyes might have been opened up a little. I didn't even know it was NFC capable until I read the specs on my carrier's website. Maybe I wasn't in the right place at the right time, but I have owned BlackBerry phones since 2008, (I was a late bloomer), so I WANTED to know about the new BB10 phones, and I WAS looking for information about them. I'm guessing that android and iPhone users were not. Unfortunately I had to upgrade before the Z10 was available through my carrier, so I went with another Torch.

Sorry, I did originally type Thorsten, but I deleted too much and didn't realize I had deleted part of his name.

Yes, BB needs to get back into the TM sales stream with a hefty consumer ad program.
Currently the Apple iP program has heavy subsidized ad support that will be hard for BB to duplicate.
It is a matter of $$, that Apple has a lot, supported by products (like downloads) that are not hardware driven.

Unfortunately it doesn't matter how good a product is, if you don't market it, it won't sell! Along with all the negative press BlackBerry has had they really need to throw loads of money into advertising or they will fail.

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I think they'll eventually stop carrying BlackBerry phones altogether. They want to convert all the BlackBerry users to iPhones so that when they DO stop carrying them, they won't lose customers who switch to a carrier that does have BlackBerry.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I thought Blackberry already has less than one percent market share in the states and I am assuming the ones left with Blackberry are hardcore Blackberry fans. I think, it's a stupid move by TMobile. This move might just make Blackberry users move to other carriers sooner than later.

I don't think TM really cares.
When they sell a BB product they also get a BB pref plan monthly.
The name of the game is to get BYOD users, no matter what phone the customer has.

Totally a downgrade! How much bullsh** is that!!! Hoping BlackBerry nation let's T-Mobile know it's load of crap!! My Z30 has switched over 20 IPhone users to the dark side!!

Come see the light!!

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Wow....seriously?!? Something like that would make me seriously consider dropping my carrier. I'm thinking BlackBerry should keep this in mind when it comes to future devices releases and exclusivity, ect...

Yeah, totally drop the carrier totally, especially where they also provide other products, such as broadband etc, hit them where it hurts.

Yeah, hit twitter as I will be.

Catapulted from my Z10.

It makes me sick hearing this crap. It's just a thought , however, I believe T-mobile has a stockpile of iphones that their simply trying to unload by any means necessary.

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Yep, just like Verizon, they signed a terrible deal with Apple which basically forces them to sell a set quantity of iPhones for pay a hefty penalty.

BlackBerry should sell there phone factory unlock and give rebate to there old customers!

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Hey Kevin,

What does this mean for the new BlackBerry phones in the future? T-Mobile will no longer carry/support them anymore?

Not really. TMO USA requires special OS builds for WiFi calling. Unless TMO approves these, BlackBerry doesn't release them. So factory direct, Canadian Z30, or whatever--unless TMO greenlights WiFi calling it won't come.

They've never provided it though. BB has, so it shouldn't be too hard to do it for the Z30 as well. So while for the inferior iPhone not having WiFi calling is normal, for the Z30 it not coming would be a downgrade.

You can't BBM voice with landlines or those using Windows Phones, and that's assuming you get each and every iPhone and Android user to install BBM.

Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for.

Really? Productivity apps lol, please, this is so ridiculous that I'm laughing. Powerful communications hahaha, yeah right .....

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

My wife is super productive on her iphone 5s with all the facebook...and...and...she doesn't do shit on that thing

Posted via CB10

"Switch to iPhone 5s and get powerful communications and productivity apps — with the ease of use that Apple is known for." 

"Powerful communication and productivity" in the same sentence with "iPhone" must definitely be a crime in some country...

My Z30... #LoveHateLoveRelationship

This doesn't look good. They should just release WiFi calling for it, and I will get the damn phone from Canada.

This was in the forums and people commented that the email was a fake but now that Kevin posted nobody has said anything like that and probably won't.

People are a bunch of posers sometimes!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I also saw it in the forums a few days ago but now thought that if Kevin puts out an editorial on it some checks were made to ensure it's not a photoshop job.

 Q1o

I know, I thought (and still kind of think) it was a fake too. All the typos? It doesn't seem legit... Who knows though, I guess...

I asked Kevin a couple of times if he confirmed that it's really from Tmobile, no answer. Started a thread with his name as the topic to get his attention, so hopefully I'll get an answer. I've only seen maybe 2 people receiving it.

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I was in a rogers store today and a customer came in to upgrade her phone. The rep began showing her phones. When she came to BlackBerry she said "I don't recommend blackberry at all" So what is the thought process of this recommendation? Honestly I was really passed off. The ignorance out there is just so unbelievable!

Posted via CB10

I've experienced that too. I'm loving my z10 now with the new OS and an iPhone would be a downgrade for me but where is the marketing - everyone out there still thinks Blackberry are finished and reading T-Mobiles crap will just reinforce that to most of the ignorant public!

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I think blackberry has to drop out of the picture for a while and I can't believe how brainwashed people are. They have such a superior product and OS.

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So true. With the 10.2.1 update my Q10 is awesome. I can't think of using any other phone except BB. Much easier to get things done.

In my company many people have phones - not BlackBerry. Ratio will be 1:100.
When they see my white BlackBerry z10. First response "new iPhone". Then I explain no its BlackBerry.

"Isn't BlackBerry gone bankrupt" typical comments. One person says it will stop selling phones in March 2014.

I try to convince them this is safest phone. But naaa naaa they don't care.

I will upgrade to Z30 soon. I love BlackBerry no matter if ratio is 1:100 or 1:1000. Thanks BlackBerry.

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I know it's pathetic. I have a friend who is really tech savvy and I tried to let him use my z10. He didn't even want to try it out. This is a guy who's work requires him do a lot of messaging. Instead he uses his Sony that lags like no tomorrow. I just don't get it.

Posted via CB10

That's where I jump right in and interrupt the sales person and say " Oh man I love that phone it works totally awesome. You should check it out. I can show you mine and how well it works if you like?" I did that in a VZW store and got daggers from the sales person. I loved it.

Switch to 5s and get a design that is like 6 years old...and keep pressing a home button until the iSheep come home.

 Q1o


Or the fail of a **button** bites the dust. Tap tap tap, flap flap flap, birdie is not **home**.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That's what I've been saying. Old worn out OS and a tiny display. I just don't understand why someone would want one.

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Lol. Just proves that the iPhone is dying out. They are grasping at whatever idea they may have to sell the current quota.

Hence the reason I love loading leaks. The carriers are all idiots.

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The Company sold 51 million iPhones, an all-time quarterly record, compared to 47.8 million in the year-ago quarter. Apple also sold 26 million iPads during the quarter, also an all-time quarterly record, compared to 22.9 million in the year-ago quarter. The Company sold 4.8 million Macs, compared to 4.1 million in the year-ago quarter.

Meanwhile how many blackbeery phones were sold? 2-3?

Crazy! I'm with T-MOBILE, however I haven't received this message. I love my Z10. I upgraded to the leak and love it even more. I'm not waiting anymore. Bring on the leaks. Thank you Kevin and Crackberry for existing. You guys are the greatest.

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I am with T-Mobile and I did get a similar email and posted it already in one of the threads that appeared long before Kevin's post. I suspect it is real.

Posted via CB10

I got a call from them last week or so telling me that my line was eligible for the $0 down upgrade despite my current Z10 not being paid off yet.

Posted via CB10

This is ridiculous. Blackberry should exclude t-mobile and work out some deals with the other carriers.

Absolutely, and give the carrier an incentive to sell BlackBerry.

I bet T-Mobile uses BlackBerry secure server system, just jack up the price.

Catapulted from my Z10.

This really has nothing to do with ignorance, but more like T-Mobile along with a few other USA Carriers have fallen victim to the "Already Proven" Apple/Carrier Rip-Off Contracts where Carriers are forced to sell a certain % of iPhones or be punished by paying Apple liquidated damages in the $ Multi-Billions $.

We are talking about "Multi-Year" contracts. This IMO should be illegal, because it contributes to Anti-Competition practices, not to mention, T-Mobile is now forced to flat out lie, claiming iPhones are powerful communications and productivity apps. Absolute nonsense and I fear the less tech savvy people that do not understand mobile technology will upgrade to an iPhone, ultimately making them buy age old technology, which greatly lacks New Innovation.

At this point, people need to call out on T-Mobile's Blasphemy, and tell them to cut out this ridiculous nonsense.

This fact simply explains why SPRINT did not carry the Z10 at launch, because they had truck loads of iPhones which they could not sell.

I was wondering if someone was going to pick up on this. That was the first thing I thought of too. They must be struggling to meet their quota.

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I would think carriers would get tired of having to do this kind of business with Apple. I'm thinking if some of the other players can step up, and BlackBerry produces quality products with continued improvement, Apple may find themselves on the wrong end of a backlash.

Posted via CB10

I don't think TMO did the contracts thing with Sprint (that's sinking them big time, if you ask me.) Leap Wireless, a prepaid carrier could end up having $100 million of unsold iPhone inventory, and Apple's approach is certainly backfiring now, as their sales aren't as strong, carriers are refusing to acquiesce to their minimum purchase requirements. Anyways...I don't think TMO did these contracts, John Legere pretty much said so.

Why downgrade to a 5s?

Best Comment so far lol, and very true. Why downgrade to a 5s from a Superior BlackBerry 10 device.

So your respective carrier that you've had no problems with sends over an email telling you to upgrade your phone to a phone they deem better and you guys are threatening to leave??? Someone tell me what I'm missing that would justify such a rash decision. Its not like they're forcing you to get it.

Because that's a real good sign that they won't be carrying any new BlackBerry's that come out. I doubt they will if they send out emails like that. At least the AT&T stores in my area still have Z10 & Q10 displays out and stock them.

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I just went on the t-mobile website here in UK and the only blackberry they have is q5. Had a chat online with sales person and asked them if they had Z10, Q10 or Z30 he replied no they don't but they could give me a really good deal for an iPhone! Told him to forget it, I'll go elsewhere. Maybe we should all keep phoning them up asking for BlackBerry phones!

Posted via CB10

The reason is simple. It is not a carrier's place to lean towards one manufacturer over another. It is their job to sell service and offer a deal on a device, but not tell a particular group to trade in their devices and join the clique. If I told rap music lovers to turn into some really good quality country music and listen to something that matters, would that not piss people off?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I was watching a guy use an iPhone on the bus; he had to press the home button repeatedly each time he wants to switch to another app...compared to a simple swipe, the process looked painful. After using the Z10 and Z30, the iPhone looks terribly narrow and small to use, in my opinion.

BlackBerry needs to sale their hardware directly through their website (better if they can sell it at a price lower than carrier) . I'd love to buy an unlocked BlackBerry phone directly and not bother with carrier contracts and the likes. I bought the Z30 outright.

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My thoughts exactly and also dish out the updates to EVERYONE at the same time through BlackBerry link, then no one waits!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

Exactly!! And also globally.

Maybe in the near future, open some BlackBerry stores and some BlackBerry Business Centers as well.

One can dream, right?

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First they complain about the Android/iOS duopoly, and then they promote iPhone... Carriers are the worst!

Too deep in it already. Now they started to realise what it means to have only two products, and quota obligations like ball, chains, and handcuffs. BerryBashing doesn’t pay in the long run.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I barely use my work iPhone 5 because every time I use it for emails/communications I want to throw it in the trash.

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Precisely how I feel about my work-issued iPhone 5! To add insult to injury, they use MobileIron, which is crap compared to BES10! Thank goodness I've got my Z30 for everything else!

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What i find weird is BlackBerry has like a million (more if I'm not mistaken) of Z10 's that didn't sell, why don't they start giving some away or sell them dirt cheap in mass quantities..... seed the market get bb10 out...let people really see what it is compared to legacy and the rest (iphone etc). Than later concentrate on the new flagship, by then people will already be familiar with bb10...making the transition easier......just my 2c

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At kogan.com a large online phone retailer here in Australia, the Z10's been sold out since Christmas.

$309 AUD. Great price, no go though.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That's what happens with T mobile they don't offer you any blackberry of any kind no more go to any store and ask for it. They won't show it to you they told me that blackberry was dead, that made so mad I told them to do a. BlackBerry vs iPhone, browser, download, maps, open apps, taking pictures, and we did, you know who won right. BlackBerry of course they ask me why I love my Z10 so much after I won, and I said blackberry all the way. My next BlackBerry will be?

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F, T-mobile and all carriers who try to shut BlackBerry out because they are over stocked with Iphones they can't get rid of.

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Honestly.. I have tried iphone and android... but finally always use my Z series. it is hurt when I have to push home button or back button to have another application in front. It is sucks.
Faster And STable (FAST), this is what I call for BlackBerry 10.
I think T-mobile will be ashamed one day.... BlackBerry will come back...

BlackBerry 10 will be perfect when I am able to clear bbm message for certain contact.. not all.

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I'm not on Tmobile but I do have an iPhone for work and I can honestly say that I hate it. I never did like iOS...even after waiting years for Apple to finally make a smartphone. This is coming from someone who worked at Apple after making the switch back in the OS 9 days.

I'd go back to Android before blinking at the thought of have an iPhone for personal use.

Nice try Tmobile, not all smartphone users are drones.

When I see things like this there can only ( two options...
1) They are corrupt and paid to do this.
(On a similar note Barclays and is trying to sell overpriced apple junk in the UK...)
2) The people in charge have either taken some very strong drugs or are in a state of mental degeneration.
(Good example, Windows 8 - besides the atrocity that is Metro - Classic Shell to the rescue - who on earth though it was a good idea to reduce wife network management to command line only?)

Though the worst bit is that IT literacy is getting worse and people don't buy items for quality but because they consider them fashionable...

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Cannot figure out why so many people are annoyed by this... It is simple business..,, had T-Mobile had the same commitment to Blackberry like they have for Apple I could understand it... but support for BB has been practically nil by T-Mobile... more so than the other US carriers and theirs were pitiful to begin with.... The simple reason they want to lure BB users over is "MONEY"... they make a boatload from Apple compare to BB so who would you promote... A company that is a powerhouse currently or a company that is fighting for is very survival... has nothing to do with feature, productivity etc.... simple economics... T-Mobile will make way more money hawking Apple products than BB.....

It's not about commitment as you can read from previous posts. It's about the sh!tload of iPhones they need to sell according to the agreement they have with Apple.

Some posters say there is no such thing as an agreement, but trying to persuade a specific type of phone user to 'upgrade' to the iPhone sounds desperately to me. Especially as BlackBerry is already presumed dead by the masses influenced by the one sided media. Nobody uses it and it's ancient and slow and more of this kind of nonsense.

So why go through all this T-mo?? Hmm :)

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Hmm no edit mode...

I meant to conclude that, if BlackBerry is already presumed dead, T-Mo wouldn't have to come out with this specific offer and spend money on advertising. It would be a done deal right?

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Not sure if this is sarcastic or not, hopefully so....but when did Apple start paying AMERICANS to produce iPhones?

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So we should use phones made in China? That doesn't sound very patriotic to me. At least my Z10 was manufactured in North America.....

Start throwing out all your electronic appliances and the components found in your iPhone are probably foreign as well. Lmao

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Can't say i'm surprised. The other American carriers will eventually follow, and I hope not, but then the Canadian ones too.

Outside of our little click here the majority of the population is still ignorant to BB10.

It's a sad state of affairs.

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I should like to add that BlackBerry has made little to no effort to showcase BlackBerry 10 at the retailers. I can touch and play with a real Samsung and iPhone...a dummy BlackBerry can't compete.

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Can't argue with you there. Advertising for BlackBerry is wank and that's why they are in the gutter.

Only BlackBerry 10 display I ever saw was at my local airport. Not the type of place to have a new product where everyone is on the go.

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Dropped T-Mobile today just because of this ad. Now on the ATT Network, I don't care for ATT but when you show blind ignorance like T-Mobile has, ba-bye.

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I agree it's more expensive but the service is noticeably better. You get what you pay for in life.

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This annoys me - why is everyone so against BlackBerry! Everyone is so far up Apple's a***'s it's ridiculous!

BlackBerry 10 is a million times better than Apple!

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Saw this on another BlackBerry blog site days ago.

It's pretty disgusting if you ask me.
If I was in the good old USA I would look at moving to another more neutral carrier and let this carrier know about it.

Seems they don't want to give their customers much choice and tell them what they can and can't have...

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org

Bombard them with emails such as

BlackBerry we'll never ditch
We'll never make the switch
We've put it to the test,
And claim that it's the best
So if you do not have our phone
We'll just leave you alone.

My Z30 is hired, my iPhone retired. BlackBerry rules the lot. Cause it's the best phone I've ever got.

Feel free to add to this.

BlackBerry we'll never ditch
We'll never make the switch
We've put it to the test,
And claim that it's the best
So if you do not have our phone
We'll just leave you alone.

I t won't be a surprise
When one day we'll rise
And your not there to reap the prize.

My Z30 is hired, my iPhone retired. BlackBerry rules the lot. Cause it's the best phone I've ever got.

I bet they sent this to android users too.

They also might consider the word "BlackBerry" old legacy blackberry phones and not the bb10 ones or maybe both lol :p

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The email from T-mobile is not a fake. I know someone with a Z10 who got the same email yesterday. He forwarded it to me.

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This news is over a week old CB. What's happening to you? I guess there was 50 "deal of the day" articles in that time period.

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Wow. I read this two days ago on N4BB why the long delay?

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

Because unlike that National Enquirer of all news BlackBerry, CrackBerry likes to fact check? IDK. This has been in the forum for days now.

Agreed! I don't even go on N4BB because I don't trust a thing they post. Like you said it's like reading the National Inquirer instead of the Daily News.

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I read this a while ago, and it really made me mad. I still haven't heard anything from them about the T-Mobile petition ,which has made me angrier.

I'm seriously considering taking my Z30 to att

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Later I'm going to make a "put BlackBerry back on shelves or I'll switch over to another carrier"

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HA! I've had iPhones, i've had Androids and I've had Windows Phone....i've had my Z10 since September and I *LOVE* it still...the only time i'd upgrade phones is if its the Z30 or another upcoming Blackberry 10 device......Blackberry is the best mobile OS out there

" if you are a person with below average mental dexterity, get now the brand new iPhone 5s. Siri will bring you in par with a..... monkey. Get it now while is HOT.
With every new one well throw free a banana"

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THIS is the reason BlackBerry is suffering in the States. Not poor phone design, not lack of apps but rather lack of support from the carriers.

It makes me sick to see this. :(

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Really, no lack of Apps? How do Customers get these apps if they don't get Updates and I mean without jumping hurdles of having to load unload sachesi or autoloaders an going through all that hassle or having to purchase sim from Carriers abroad on line? I say this neglect on behalf of BlackBerry in combination of U.S carriers is the reason BlackBerry has tanked and continues to tank in the U.S.

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Scott is right. I've educated dozens of people on how to officially upgrade their OS the minute it hits Rogers in Canada because : A. It's a Canadian device, and B. There is ZERO difference between a Canadian BlackBerry carrier update and an American one EXCEPT for bloatware and having to wait for an update that may never come at all. Unlock your phones, grab some Rogers LTE SIM cards, and be done with the American carrier nonsense. There is no kinder way to put it.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

This is sick who ever thought of this I'm not happy -.-

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

This is absolute crap. People need to realize that an iPhone is just an ipod that can make calls. Blackberry is for the people who now what's good.
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Too bad as T-MOBILE US used to be very BlackBerry-friendly. Everyone is gunning for BlackBerry these days. It's more important than ever to support BlackBerry and recommend them to your friends and family. The recent OS updates along with the already excellent hardware and design need be lauded at every opportunity. And you can play Android apps. Accomplished new professional leadership at BlackBerry only adds to the positive future going-forward. If carriers ought to be doing anything right now it is adding and promoting BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry is obviously giving-people-what-they-want with the new and frequent updates. I expect OS developments to continue to astonish and satisfy users from all walks of life. Furthermore I expect BlackBerry to remain the premiere communications and productivity device provider for professionals and smartphone users worldwide.

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Bring on the prosumer goodness!

Just fix up native contacts management, duplicates, Link, fine-grained selective backup, editing Contacts in Link directly and a few more things. Prosumers need this kind of stuff, and no time-wasting messing around.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

IOS...upgrade?????? wah hahaha hahaha...not even close...piss off Johnny boy...haha

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

What I don't get is the fact that they only offer an iPhone and no one else. What they only sell iPhones now? What about windows and android? Don't get me wrong I love my BlackBerry. But if a cellular company is going to send me an ad to upgrade I want to choose the phone I want. Not from just one manufacturer.

Great news for BlackBerry customers!? Lol! THAT WOULD BE A DOWNGRADE! BlackBerry 10 is an upgrade believe me. I carry both!

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Well I'm never switching to T-Mobile. They absolutely hate BlackBerry.

Verizon has the Z30, and even has white Z10s. T-Mobile is wannabe crap who lies as shown in that email.

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If AT&T emailed me that I would respond to why would I down grade to a more time consuming device compared to my Z10?

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Fucking assholes. Ban me if necessary, but that is a dirty company and I'll spend the rest of my life convincing people to leave them. Honesty, they have horrible reception compared to AT&T and Verizon: people will wise up and leave of their own volition.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

As much as I like BlackBerry and I support them the truth of the matter is BlackBerry the company does not make it easier for their customers in the U.S. There is definitely no reason for customers in the U.S. to still be on OS 10.1 in February of 2014 nor should the customers have to scramble to go or contact other carrier abroad or online in order to purchase a sim card in order to have up to date software or worst have to side load new software. BlackBerry has known this for years and the customers speak out but BlackBerry chooses to read and focus on what they think is important and what they care about. BlackBerry has managed to get BBM 4 ALL great accomplishment I agree. Yet, they still have not worked on a way to push out new software thru for BlackBerry customers phones. Whether equipment was purchased directly thru BlackBerry or Carriers or here in the states. Even if BlackBerry cannot force Carriers which I do understand but why can't they make it so that all of this can happen through PC or BlackBerry link? I have tried numerous time with without sim card on wifi off wifi on BlackBerry link with and without. Nothing! So with that said BlackBerry will continue to loose customers gain new ones or have some older ones return it's a revolving door. Instead of focusing on OS Updates 4 ALL BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry focuses on BBM 4 ALL platform. I am not saying I was not a supporter of BBM4ALL as I as well have clients friends co-workers on other platforms but just feel that BlackBerry needs to take care of their mess at home before trying to fix outside of it. With that said BlackBerry continue to beat us like the spouses that never say no or enough. I will still continue to hold on.

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I've heard the same complaints about OS update delays by carriers for Android as well. Apple was able to use their immense popularity to negotiate things like pushing out their own updates, carrier concerns be damned. If they don't keep up and lose popularity, I can't imagine the carriers would allow them this privilege in future negotiations.

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