T-Mobile Sunset Curve Now Available

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2008 03:37 am EDT

T-Mobile Sunset Curve

August 4th is here, and as previously reported, that means a new color of BlackBerry 8320 is now available from T-Mobile. Here's the official word on the new Sunset Curve:

The BlackBerry Curve 8320 in Sunset is enabled for Unlimited HotSpot Calling from T-Mobile (previously called T-Mobile HotSpot @Home) offering great mobile coverage and unlimited calling over any accessible Wi-Fi network and at all T-Mobile HotSpot locations across the country. When leaving home or a T-Mobile HotSpot, calls are seamlessly transferred onto T-Mobile's wireless network, and the same is true for transferring calls from T-Mobile's network onto Wi-Fi.

The BlackBerry Curve 8320 in Sunset includes a 2 megapixel camera, music and video multimedia player, a microSD expandable memory slot that supports up to 4GB of memory and stereo Bluetooth® as well as HTML Web browsing at Wi-Fi speeds, personal and corporate email and built-in spell check.

It will be available at select T-Mobile retail stores and online at www.t-mobile.com for $149.99 with a two-year service agreement.

Anybody reading going to pick one of these bad boys up? Or are you holding out for a new model BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments!

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T-Mobile Sunset Curve Now Available


I will wait for the Bold.. but, I wouldn't mind this color.. anyone seen this housing available anywhere??

Hey, I want that contacts wheel today screen -anyone knows where to get it?

Cheers, Lutz

Thats the regular today Zen screen with MyFaves Contacts shown as available on all the Curve 8320 from T-mobile.

I'd settle for my Titanium 8320 to work properly with UMA without dropping calls. I'm on my SECOND handset, FOURTH router (Belkin does NOT work with UMA, this AFTER the purchase)and still all I get is a chirpy T-Mobile customer service rep. apologizing and the techs unwilling to admit or disclose what the actual issue could be...

I tried ordering this phone this morning but T-Mobile doesn't have it online yet. So I can't even order it over the phone. I mean it was like 8:00 am this morning but when you say Aug. 4th that means I should be able to order it 12:00 am if I wanted to!

Well I ordered mine around 10am EST, I should expect to get it in a couple of days. I'm so excited because my current curve is already damaged and when I saw this one was coming out I decided to wait to order today. If you are trying to order call T-Mobile right now before they sell out. The rep told me he's gotten a lot calls for it.

the color is ok. its great that the new model has the t-mobile@home feature. but other than that, it doesn't have any modifications or upgrades. i currently have the blackberry pearl and am satisfied with it. i think im going to wait for a new model blackberry to come out on the tmobile network.

Was on mytmobile looking over statement and decided to flirt with the idea of upgrading from the 8100. So I proceeded to look at my options and to my surprise, TMOBILE dropped the price of the curve to $149 after the rebate. Makes sense being that all of their competitors offer it at that price and lower. The sunset caught my attention and I ordered. Will post again once I get it in my hands. Im sure it doesnt do anything different than the current Tmobile Curves, but there is always surprises in BB world!.

Amidst all the excitement regarding the REAL new phones that are coming, this was sort of a tease. Nice color, but nothing new.

I'll stick to my 8120 . . . for now.

Its My-Faves for whoever keeps asking. You need T-mo to use it or just load the my faves app when reloading you O.S and try that way.

Bold, no. Javelin, probably. Kickstart, definately. Thunder, no.

And even if TMO did manage to get the Bold, it would have to be a different Bold, since TMO uses different radio frequencies for 3G than ATT uses. So you won't be able to pop a TMO SIM into a Bold and have it work on TMO's upcoming 3G data network, though voice and 2G data should be fine.

I am really really close to getting the new sunset curve. I have been wanting a curve for a while, and T-mobile has not had any Titanium Curves available on their website in quite some time. Give me a week or two and i might be the next new owner.

I might consider getting one and unlocking it to use it on AT&T. It all depends on what the Bold goes for non-contract. IN either case, I can't buy a new phone until September anyway!

For one I don't have TMobile as a carrier so that counts me out, number two I'm waiting for the new bold att should have it before too long but by no means am I holding my breath.

I can't upgrade until November, but would like one... so I guess I'll see if any new model's come out and bring down the price of the Curve... if I could get an upgrade today without paying a fortune I would buy the Sunset Curve.

It is such a waste... With several new Blackberries being released in the coming months, why would anyone even bother. Ok, so not "evvveryone" owns a Curve or any model for that matter. However, the average phone consumer,new or updating, will want the latest. They are becoming quite savvy and expect a little more than just another pretty color. The features are the same as they have been for years.(I know, I am exaggerating and being dramatic, althoough it seems that long.)Anyway, can they just stop being so tired and get it together!!!!

I just ordered mine today. My gold blackberry curve web browser stopped working after only 2 weeks of having it. T-Mobile didn't have anymore curves in stock and since I had my phone less than 30 days, I was able to purchase the sunset curve with the credit from my last phone. I should have it within the next 2 days. I've been lost without my curve for a week in half now :(

I went to a T-Mobile store yesterday and I swear, it looked red. Nothing like the pictures posted so far. Anyone else here seen one in person? I wouldn't mind waiting for the Bold, if we KNEW when it will come out.

I see some people saying that they can wait for the newer models, besides the bold, are you people talking about any other newer models?

Well I purchased mine online yesterday I know its just a different color, but call me crazy, I have titanium, gold, and the red att 8310 unlocked using it on tmo, i just like to change from time to time, and since the bold is taking forever, i decided maybe the new color would hold me over till the bold comes out. I cant wait to get it in the mail, it looks nice online, havent got a chance to check it out in the store but i hope its not that ruby red like on the 8100! It's nice but too bright for the curve.

Tee hee! Thanks, Ms.Coutureone - I don't feel so bad now! I caved and got one last night...it was VERY difficult for me...I held out practically all day before ordering it! I got my Titanium 8320 the first day they were available so I'm coming up on almost a year of ownership now...it also seemed fitting that I should get a Sunset Curve the first day it was available, too!

Well, I have been waiting months to get my bb... so many financial things were getting in the way. I experienced the letdown 2 weeks ago when I went online to upgrade and the Curves were missing from T-Mo's website. Chatted with a rep to find out the titanium would be back, and then the sunset soon after.
I ended up going to the T-Mo store and getting the Gold Curve for $99 after mail in and instant rebates, and couldn't be happier. (It's so cheap cuz it's discontinued, so you won't find it on the website at all, but you can call around cuz some stores will still have it)
The rep showed me his dummy sunset... and I ALMOST decided to hold out another week and pay the extra $50 for it, but I'm glad I didn't... It's more red than orange, you guys are right, but it's so pretty...
I thought I'd hate the gold, but it's not so bad! (plus, cheap cheap cheap... hahaha)

Yes, Dont feel bad at all I've been stalking tmobile website waiting for them to post it for the upgrades, and soon as they did i purchased it!!

But phishgirl,I haven't seen it in person and thats what I'm afraid of that it will be more red (like the ruby red pearl) thats too red! I hope it's not that red! but knowing me I'll keep it anyway I guess I'm just collecting curves.

But, has anyone seen it in person is it nice? what kind of red is it really? please tell me its not bright bright red like the pearl? please say no.

i just ordered it yesterday afternoon, can't wait to get it!,
it would be my first BB EVER! so im pretty excited.

i know it doesn't have GPS like the 8310, i've done research, but is BB maps still as good?
does it even have BB maps?

I just bought my blackberry curve gold from tmobile in may for FULL PRICE, and now i want this one as well...i think i may purchase it from ebay b/c i am also waiting on the blackberry bold to be released here in the USA

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sxbreezy!! you will soon be a true blackberry addict!! To answer your question the 8320 doesnt have GPS like the 8310 BUT, it does have blackberry maps that works just fine, or what I've done is downloaded google maps it works a lot better it even has the sattelite to locate where u are!! it's awesome and works just as great as the gps on the 8310 curve.

THANKS Ms.Coutureone, that really helps a lot. Looks like Ill be dloading Google Maps, for FREE? right?

but, i still havent received my Curve yet, hopefully it comes in this Monday, im stoked!

Yes, google maps are free, just go to google.com from your blackberry and you can download it..hopefully by now you have your curve and it probably has been glued to your fingers from the first day you received it. lol :-)

I love this phone. It works great, and I love the color it is bright but not obnoxious, yes it browses the internet and makes uma calls I live in a concrete building and its amazing.