T-Mobile stays subtle with BlackBerry Z10 branding

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2013 12:30 pm EDT

T-Mobile is following along the lines of AT&T and keeping their BlackBerry Z10 branding low-key. While we don't have an official release date for the BlackBerry Z10 on T-mo just yet (though business customers can already get the device) here we get a decent look at the retail packaging as well as their carrier branding.

Unlike the obnoxious logos on the front and back of the Verizon model, T-Mobile has a small branding on the bottom of the battery door that shouldn't annoy most people. Again - if it's not your thing you'll be able to buy a new battery door at some point so it won't really matter in the end. From the looks of the box there is no branding on the front of the device to worry about either. 

Check out the images in the gallery above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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T-Mobile stays subtle with BlackBerry Z10 branding


GOOD!.... T-Mobile one of the worse when it comes to their branding. But my concern isn't with the Z10... ITs with the Q10. I hope they think the same steps with it.

It's being released on Big Red on March 28, so you'll get one sooner than me. Sprint customers won't get it at all!

I preordered my White Z10 from Big Red yesterday @ 8am. I hate to leave Sprint's unlimited plan, but they don't care for my 12 years of loyal to not carry my phone of choice. On the 28th, I'm a Verizon customer now.

I was up at 8, but I couldn't decide which color I wanted for a while. I eventually settled on black (because it reminded me of my Palm Pres with the soft-touch back). I can still swap it out if I really like white when I see it in person.

I'm just excited to be finally getting rid of my GSIII! This will be my first BlackBerry.

T-Mobile is the first to release for business customers (on 11 March). On 27th March, it will be still 1 day earlier than Verizon :)

When I went in to my local AT&T store to discuss plans, she pulled her Z10 out of her pocket and basically said, "Here, play with it!" She had all her personal contacts, texts, etc, but she didn't care. She just told me how much she loved the phone!

UNACCEPTABLE!!! WE NEED RESULTS NOT EXCUSES!!! I move to exile AlwaysSmile from the Crackberry Community for 2 hours!!!

2 Hours is too long to not get your Crackberry fix, I think a solid 5 minutes will get the point across :P

Why can't we see the image schedule on the CB10 app? I had to open the browser, maybe 'I'm holding it wrong'.....

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wow that battery door logo looks like it's barely on there - may come off easily - saving people from needing to spend more $$ on door replacements.

I hope Sprint doesn't put obnoxious logos on both the front and back of the Q10 like Verizon did with the Z10. I hope it's a small Sprint logo on the bottom of the keyboard like they did with the 9930 or a small logo on the back of the battery door at the bottom.

Sprint normally doesn't put big or/and lots of logos, Verizon is the only one covering the entire phone with their huge logos.

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I think there shouldn´t be any carrier logo on those phones. I hope in amsterdam that want be the case.it takes away the beauty of the beautiful bb 10.

You can get a better look at the phone by going to the TMO site. If you know where to poke around, you can actually view what looks like the Z10 pre-order page, but instead of 'pre-order' it says 'coming soon' and 'price not yet available'. It gives all the specs and pics of the phone.

t-mobile (dotcom) /shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=BlackBerry-Z10

Probably gonna be the 27th. I was hoping for a pre-order by today though. Maybe they will throw it up this weekend. I figured they'd give us at least 10 days to get a move on the orders. Its clear they already have the product (see boxes above).

ALSO, sprint, in my history with them (7 years) they are hit and miss with branding. My last BB from them only had a sprint logo on front/bottom.

I ordered my on the 11th and finally got the email that is shipped today so hopefully it will be here monday or tuesday

Just got back from my T-mo store. Clerk there said she had training yesterday and "it's a sweet phone". They also had the dummy model in store and offered to show it to me. I said, no thanks, I want to see the real thing! Clerks agreed and said they think Wednesday March 27 for in store.

Can't wait! Goodbye Sprint, Hello T-mo.

Don't do it because the Canadian phones don't have the 1700mhz AWS frequency that Tmo uses for HSPA+(3G/4G). They only have 1700mhz for LTE and Tmo hasn't launched everywhere yet.

Hi Evil,

You are correct for STL100-3 variant 91LW. You'd only get HSPA(+) in areas T-Mobile US refarmed to use 1900MHz which in my opinion is cash in the trash.

However if you are careful and get the model Wind CA is selling, STL100-3 variant 21LW, that's what Tmo US will sell.

I looked on ebay for the Wind version but I couldn't find it so I'm just going to wait for the Tmo version or see what version ATT releases.

I've seen two on eBay. One unlocked and the guy is taking advantage of the situation and selling it for $850, and the other is $650 but locked to Wind. That can be problematic as unlock rates are expensive right now rediculously and Wind will likely refuse to provide a code sice there ,ay be a tab left on thay device.

Likely no tab if you read the description of the listing properly and ask the seller a question regarding it. Locked doesn't mean tabbed.


More like lack of item description.

Half+ of these ebay sellers don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. It is bloomin' rediculous. Many have just copied and pasted specs without even knowing what STL their z10 is.

I messaged the Wind guy to see if he can tell me if there was a tab on the device. He probably will respond cluelessly based on his two sentence listing.

Anyone know how muh Wind will charge for an unlock code?

It could possibly be a stolen one if he mentions urgent or need to sell quickly.

Wind allows for it to be unlocked after 6 months.

Canadian carriers compatible with TMO bands are mobilicity and windmobile(available now...windmobile dot com)

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I've had 3 BlackBerrys from Virgin Canada and none of them had any branding at all. one of the many things i like about them.

The buisness prices was $249, but I assume for personal it will probably roll out at 199 like they do all their flagships.

Not that it matters, if you get the T-Mobile Value plan, I found that it will be $10 cheaper a month. (obviously do your own math here, I could explain how it works, but it can be confusing. Call your tmo rep and ask them about it.) Basically you buy the phone outright with a down payment & monthly installments. But the plan is cheaper. So you save money in the long run, plus the price drops even more after your done paying off the phone.

Still no official date!! If the 27th is the date it becomes available they should have said early april as a time frame so that march would seem early

T-mobile branding I like. WINDmobile in canada doesn't have branding on any external blackberry's they've had. :)

I use SimpleMobile which shares the tmobile devices and uses a sim card... I don't want to switch to tmobile but don't want to pay $600 for a z10 nor do I know if they have a sim slot, (most likely).

Any info out there?

If I were to switch I'd probably go to verizon.