T-Mobile Soon To Offer Free BlackBerry Trackball Replacements

By Bla1ze on 29 Jan 2010 07:29 am EST
T-Mobile Soon To Offer Free BlackBerry Trackball Replacements

Good on T-Mobile USA for this one. T-MoNews is reporting come February 15th, T-Mobile USA will be launching free BlackBerry trackball replacement program for those out there who are still making use of either Pearl or Curve series devices. Specifically, the BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120 and BlackBerry Curve 8320. Anyone having issues can head on down to their local T-Mobile retail store and collect. Keep in mind, it must be a T-Mobile branded device. Now if only we could get all carriers to adopt this. In the meantime, if you can't wait or are on a non-T-Mobile BlackBerry and need a replacement trackball, you can pick them up from our own ShopCrackBerry.com store... Buy replacement BlackBerry trackballs here.  Have fun with the dirty and sticky ball jokes folks! 

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T-Mobile Soon To Offer Free BlackBerry Trackball Replacements


That's an awesome gesture. It's such a cheap part that they really won't lose any money over it because it's easy to recoup in the original sale of the device. Plus, it's just good customer relations....oooh, that sounds Tiger Woods gross.

My wife just took her 8330 in, and they replaced the trackball for free without having to even tell them her name or sign-in or anything. The rep told her people come in all the time and its not a problem.

Its a good thing too, becuase hers was less than a year old and she has to go until December before she can get a new one...

Verizon has been replacing trackballs on 8330, 8830 and 8130's... for over six months... in corporate stores... for free.

Does anyone see this as a significant date for us 8900 owners? This is exactly one year after the 8900 released for T-Mobile USA. This shows that T-Mobile is actually looking out for the best interest of us consumers. I've had my 8900 since launch date last February and the trackball has definitely seen better days. I've been waiting for the minute to be uncleanable and then upgrade to a 9700. Now usually companies will make it so you are left with no option other than upgrading to a new device and agree to a 2-year extension. However, in this case T-Mobile will be solving my only issue I've really had with my 8900, so I have no need to upgrade since I see little substantially improvement in the 9700 for my daily usage.

Have they changed the design to make the trackball less problematic?

Reason I am asking is that I just got a replacement Pearl from TM because my old one broke. If there is a newer design, is there a way to tell whether this Pearl has it?

Unfortunately, it isn't a question of a carrier just deciding to provide free track balls. It is something that has to go through RIM directly. Once the agreement has been made, RIM supplies the trackballs to the carrier.

Come on guys can't you tell what's going on? Obviously t mobile wants you to come in and try to get you to upgrade to a new phone, and then if you can't they'll give you a new trackball it's pretty smart if u ask me..

Verizon has been doing that for a long time. I have had my Tour since its release date, but before that I had a 8330 and they replaced it's trackball a couple of times and that was at least a year ago that the first one was replaced. I only shop Corp. Stores so I am not sure about Auth. Agents. Goes back to having the BEST customer service out there.

I'm fairly new to blackberries, what types of problems do people have with their trackballs? Is it just jamming? Because that seems like it would be easy to fix with a lite rubbing alcohol.

That actually does work quite well. Just make sure you take it out of the berry first, and hit it with some canned air after to make sure it's dry.

I concur what everyone else is saying. I've been to Verizon twice with my 8330 and I have an unbranded black housing. They didn't even bother putting my name in the queue, just took my phone popped on a new one and sent me on my way. No questions, no lines.

Just take your blackberry into verizon and they will swap it out with any blackberry that is being sent in on warranty. So as long as they have some to be shipped out they will replace it for you.

Maybe they are giving away trackballs so that they can deplete their stock and stop selling any Blackberry without a trackpad?

I work for an AT&T warranty depot (device support centers) and we've been doing this for at least 14 months now. Each trackball has a different sku and housing ring (ie 88xx, 83xx, 81xx). This isn't anything new for us.

Sprint replaces trackball no questions asked I took in my BLACK(custom casing) and they replaced the ball no problem

This really sucks because now i have to change my excuse to customer care about changing my phone because of the trackball. I guess the warranty wont cover the trackball anymore :(

I can confirm that this is not true. I called a T-mobile store today, Feb 15th at 7:30 pm and they said they don't replace trackballs... I am disappointed :(

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