T-Mobile slowly rolling out Wi-Fi calling update on BlackBerry 10?

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2013 08:05 pm EDT

Although we can't seem to find anything official on the matter, there has been several reports coming in that T-Mobile has been rolling out a 2MB update to enable Wi-Fi calling. Right now, it seems only BlackBerry Q10's are getting the update. There was a small batch of folks who got it shortly after the MR update but it seemed to stop after that. If you've been waiting for the services to be available it might be worth a shot at checking for updates. Sound off in the comments if you're seeing it and we'll update the post if we hear anything official on the matter.

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T-Mobile slowly rolling out Wi-Fi calling update on BlackBerry 10?


But as they are now part of EE. Wouldn't T-Mobile UK be able to implement this in some way? That would be sweet

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Good question. I'm not sure how much backend work on the network it requires, and more importantly, how much it costs. These two things could be a big deterrent. I don't think any new carriers have jumped on WFC recently. It's just a handful that support it, and they keep supporting it.

Besides, with EE arguably having the best network in the UK, they wouldn't have much of an incentive to spend on getting TMO UK compatible also. I don't know why Rogers did it, but TMO US had the worst network coverage for a while, so this feature supplemented their network a bit.

Allows you to use wifi for calling when around wifi so call quality is a ton better. Still uses minutes though

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Haha, I thought it was the ability to make calls through wi-fi to not waste minutes. I guess I was off...

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I pay $34 for unlimited everything per month on my line (Not the 2GB high speed data cap either). Wifi calling using minutes doesn't affect me. Its good when you have 5 people on a family plan and a corporate discount.

it is the ability to make calls over wifi. it allows you to make calls without having cell service. your comment is off.

Are you sure while on wifi calling with tmobile, you are using your minutes?
i think the wifi calling is totally free for regular calls ( not international)

It uses your mobile minutes. But, if you are international you can call back to the US on wifi calling (it will only use up your minutes) without incurring international charges.

Is this documented? It doesn't seem to make sense. For instance, if you turn off your carrier's antenna or are not getting a signal, and you use Wi-Fi calling, how are your minutes being used?

Depends on which plan you have. I've heard of some EM+ customers having an unlimited minutes bucket when using WFC.

Is this documented? It doesn't seem to make sense. For instance, if you turn off your carrier's antenna or are not getting a signal, and you use Wi-Fi calling, how are your minutes being used?

Your minutes are being used because the calls are still going through your operator's (carriers's) network infrastructure. The only difference is that the call is travelling from your handset to your operator's switch via the internet instead of the cellular network.

It does not use minutes anymore and if you are on a current plan they are unlimited anyway. Before my wife had a 500 minute plan and free wifi calling.

It had gone both ways. For a while you paid a small fee for unlimited wifi calling.

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I got it! Tmobile usa stock os Q10SQN100-5/ . Although the toggle button is grayed out for me so i can't try it.

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Same here. Downloaded it last night via a device update check but the toggle is blacked out and it reads "Disabled" to the left of it.

I was in the United States using an unlocked Z10 on T MOBILE network. I got the Wifi calling option while there and received a call over wifi while I was by the pool. Worked great!

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This was the feature that originally brought me to T-Mo back in '08. At the time, they were competitive in every way, so this feature put them over the top.

Sadly, due to the fact that they never even rolled out 3G in my area, much less, 4G, when I heard that BB10 wouldn't have wifi calling at launch, I decided to switch to Verizon.

Sure it costs a bit more, but I get a whole lot more for it...

True, but having more than EDGE in my area, and not losing my signal at the city limits is a pretty big mark in Verizon's favor... ;)

What's EDGE? T-mo here in Pasadena CA, and always getting 4G full bar/LTE 3-4 bar everywhere. :p

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Edge is 2G. TMO is great in metro areas, but spotty (or non-existent) in more rural areas. If you live in a rural area, Verizon or ATT are usually the way to go.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Yep, that's what I did. I switched from Sprint(which is the network T Mobile uses) to AT&T. Unlimited data is great, unless you don't live near a big city, then EDGE makes you miss dial up.

What do you mean by "Sprint(which is the network T Mobile uses)" ? Sprint has a CDMA2000, WiMAX & FD-LTE network. T-Mobile has a GSM, W-CDMA & FD-LTE network. So does T-Mobile use Sprint's FD-LTE network ? I've never heard that one.

I just got the update....then a wifi calling app appeared on my home screen, but when tapped, the wifi calling option appears but disabled and greyed out....i called TMO for advise, and the feature was turned on on their end, but still greyed out....turns out, when I was turned over to tech support, it needs around 2 hours after having been activated by TMO for it to be available on the phone....

No he means the 2006 version as Tmo's MR...

...not meaning MR as in BlackBerry's 10.1 MR 4xxx versions. :)

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

I got the update here in Atlanta on official 10.1 OS from T-Mobile. Now Wifi Calling app is available but somehow option to enable it is greyed out. I wonder if we have to get some particular feature added to account? I will call the care and check with them.

I called T-mo. Wi-fi calling has to be added to the Q10. I rebooted my phone, it is now up and running.

I wonder how this will affect those with the leak on their phones, like me.

Spoke with a rep today and he said that it is slowly coming out but as when it is officially being released he had no idea, along with when the Z30 or whatever they are going to call it is released as well

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I'm wondering the same thing because I'm on and would really need Wifi calling. That's the one thing that I truly miss from 10.1.

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Wondering the same thing. I have the tmo WIFI calling app sideloaded with the 811 radio on my Z10-3 and would love to have the WIFI calling without the 811 radio. Maybe there is a way to extract it and side-load it?

Yes, Wi-Fi calling is what T-mobile promised us if we switch our phones to them. Apparently it is there big selling point.

That must be their only selling point because their coverage is terrible. Then again, why upgrade your network when you can push calls to wifi and still charge for minutes?

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it uses your minutes even if you're on wifi...if you have an unlimited calling plan, this will not be an issue...

Is this documented? It doesn't seem to make sense. For instance, if you turn off your carrier's antenna or are not getting a signal, and you use Wi-Fi calling, how are your minutes being used?

The reason they still count the minutes is the call is routed through Tmobile servers just through the internet instead of their towers. It still uses their bandwidth and service. As for their service. I get 4G LTE where I live and in the surrounding area so...

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Wifi calling is a great feature. Sometimes you get stuck in a building or area, or are traveling internationally. I don't mind using minutes if it means I can get service when I wouldn't otherwise regardless of the service provider.

Hopefully this is just a module update and will go out to all OS's like my leaked 10.2.

You must have the Hotspot at Home, or whatever it's called, that gives free wifi minutes.

Without that feature enabled, all wifi call minutes come out of your bucket.

Of course, you have to pay for unlimited minutes, than you will not be charged for Wifi calling. I pay 60.00 a month on T mobile

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T-Mobile rolling out Wifi calling? Really? What, is that soft update gonna crash like BlackBerry Maps? Really. Really T-MOBILE.

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I got the update yesterday evening but I can't enable the app, Tmo 611 told me I need another sim to get it working.

I am looking forward to getting it. All of the new T Mobile plans in the US have unlimited minutes so the reason we want wifi calling is for weak signals. For example, the signal in my home is fine, but the signal in my basement is weak. Having wifi calling will mean that I won't have dropped calls/poor call quality in my basement

Lost WIFI calling after giving up torch for a Z10.

But now the Z10 gets left out in the cold? After they promised it on the way, sounds similar to PlayBook saga.
After 'dropping' my PlayBook for Android I guess I'll do the same with this Z10.
Don't learn BlackBerry, you guys just don't get it...Well guess it don't matter anymore anyway BlackBerry hardly has a pulse.

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I was running a leak of 10.1, one of the newer ones, and Wi-Fi Calling was available (I'm on T-Mobile). All my previous BlackBerrys had Wi-Fi Calling before, so I was disappointed when my Z10 didn't.

I have no inside information, but I'd be willing to bet that it will be out for the Z10 soon. It absolutely works well, so there's no reason to keep this great feature from customers.

Z10 came out first...

...yet Q10 gets the long-anticipated feature first?

Fail logic.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

This is UMA=Unregulated Mobile Access. My understanding is that you have to have this set up as a feature on your account. If you have it (ie paid for it) this feature will not be greyed out. Like T-Mobile, Rogers here in Canada had that as a feature which differentiated them from the competition. Don't know if they still do?

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I had a 9810, which also has WFC, and I wasn't required to add WFC as a service on my account. IIRC, TMO has never charged for WFC beyond the minute deduction.

Are you sure it's full UMA, and not just Wifi Calling? I haven't seen full UMA on a device since my 8900.

The way to tell is if it does seamless handovers between wifi and mobile network. If you lose the call when you leave wifi range, its just Wifi Calling, not full UMA.

UMA is not supported on BB10 devices because UMA uses dedicated hardware which was not available on the Bold 9900 and is not available on the new BB10 devices. WiFi calling is a software feature that relies on the processing power of the new CPUs (eg: snapdragon).

This, sadly, is NOT UMA. I really wish it was, but it isn't. Without getting into the technical details, most users will notice these differences:

When T-Mo first implemented calling over a WiFi network back in 2009, it was UMA which meant that your call could be handed off between a WiFi network and the cellular network. That technology, as noted above, depended on specific hardware.

The current implementation, WiFi Calling, is not UMA. So if you are on a call over the cellular network and you transition into a weak cell coverage area and a strong WiFi area, the call will NOT hand-off between networks and could drop. Likewise, if you place a call on a WiFi network and then move out of that WiFi coverage, the call will simply drop and will not hand-off to the cellular network, even if it is available.

Shame that handset manufacturers chose to drop UMA/GAN chips in order to (I'm guessing) cut costs. But with a very few carriers supporting this technology anyway, I'm not surprised. I remember when ALL carriers' BBs used to come UMA capable, and all you had to do to make it work sometimes was an e-screen modification.

Frankly, I'm surprised that RIM still chooses to provide WFC, given the effort it must take to support a feature out on only a handful of carriers worldwide. I wonder if they work on it out because these carriers ask them to, or out of goodwill/other self driven reasons...

I had this on my z10. Once I update to 10.2, I don't have it anymore :( I thought it was a 10.1 feature. Yes I'm with t-mobile

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Is this for GSM phones only? For example could Verizon ever get this feature?

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I've never heard of this being for CDMA phones. I know T-Mobile has it and Wind in Canada, I'm pretty sure.

I'm running a leak of, so checking for software updates on my phone doesn't do me any good....

This is the only feature that is keeping me with T-Mobile. If it is not coming to Z10, I have to consider switching my provider to the big red.

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Not too hard to get TMO wifi calling and text on a Z with 10.2 OS. Need to use the right radio and a TMO app with the OS. I'm on 1047 OS (with 1323 bars) and 811 radio and it works fine. A 611 call to set up emergency location was required when I first tried it or e911 can be done from their website. The 10 OS Leaked/Beta Forum has tons of great advice, spelled out, to help. Read, search, then ask. Links to various OS, hybrids, and the app are all there.

This is good for when you are in an area with very poor cell service or you're in another country with wifi you can make call like nation wide calling.

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Since we are using a leaked OS if we're on 10.2, we have to flash our phones with the. 811 radio file in order for it to work.

I'm going to try to do it tomorrow.

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I downloaded the update (T-mobile w/ Q10) and it remained disabled even after a reboot. I called T-mobile and they said the update had been released prematurely. It should become enabled some time soon.

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I'd like to know that myself. The tech did mention something about a queue and then asked for my IMEI #.

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Yeah, advanced tech support. I asked 611 about activating the wi-fi calling on the Q10 and after confirming the account settings were in order they sent me over. Hope this helps.

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i was told to wait 2 hours after it has been added to my account for it to be activated on my phone. It is almost two hours now and my wifi calling feature is still greyed out...

Interesting. I'm actually a new TMO customer, and it was on my account when I opened it a few weeks ago, so there was nothing to actually add to my account (E 911 was already on there).

Still greyed out!

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I love TMO wifi calling. Ya it does come out of your bucket of minutes. I was in Serbia a while back and used wifi caling to call my girlfriend back in the USA. I just came out of my bucket of minutes. In fact, anyone from the USA could (and did) just call my regular USA number (as If I were still in the USA), and the call would come thru to me via wifi and again it would just come out of my bucket of minutes. Both my brother and girlfriend could not believe the call quality from USA to Serbia-they said it was as if I were right there next to them! I used about 600 minutes while in Serbia and NO roaming charges-it ,again, just came out of my regular bucket of minutes from TMO! This is why I stay also with TMO AND blackberry phones.

This was one of the major benefits of UMA, and remains a boon to anyone traveling internationally. So long as you're near a WiFi connection, you can make a call back to your home country without international roaming charges.

I got the update on my Q10 on T-mobile....the "on/off" switch is stuck to "off" and grayed out so you can't toggle it. i just called T-Mobile, and they said that this is not an official release from T-Mobile, just a leaked beta that somehow accidentally got pushed through the phone software update section. They told me they don't have any way of turning on the wi-fi calling, because it is not official, and they don't know when the official release will come through....they said could up to 5 weeks.

Weird that some people on here are saying that T-Mobile told them they'd turn it on and that in 2 hours it was on, because that wasn't the case when i called Customer Care.

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I called TMO after downloading the update last night and after seeing that the option to toggle it on was grayed out. First it was the usual customer rep who took the call who added the wifi calling feature to my account. When it was still grayed out after a reboot, she transferred me to tech support, who suggested that i also reboot my router, connect again to my wifi and go to the internet to make sure i am connected to wifi...but still the option was grayed out. When she found out that the feature has just been added, she advised me to wait 2 hours for it to activate on my phone.

So it seems, different TMO reps, different responses....somebody is confused here...

Grayed out too. Called T-Mobile and she said she provisioned my account for it and that it could take 2 hours to become active. Nothing yet after 15 mins and a restart...

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For those of us who are running a newer leaked version of the OS, my understanding is that we won't receive the new app from T-Mobile. Can someone who has received the update from tmobile please extract the bar file from your phone and post it somewhere for us to download and then side load onto our phones in case the app that they are now downloading is newer than the leaked version.

T Mobile customer here running the & No MR update as of yet (I've been checking manually for the updates thru phone).. & Now no wifi calling for the Z? Hoping this will come to the Z as well. And I'm hoping that T Mobile is not neglecting the Z 10 devices because that would just suck. Why are they not rolling all of this out together if this is the same OS?

On the Underrated Z10

I am running the same software as you on my z10. I don't have it either. Not sure why some are getting it and some are not. I will try to be patient.

The OS's aren't exactly the same between the Q and the Z. I imagine they'll be adding the Z soon. It's not like it's fully functional on the Q yet, at least for me.

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I am assuming that if I am running 10.2 I will probably not be seeing the update?..

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For those of us who are running a leaked version of the OS, we probably won't get the wifi calling app OTA from T-Mobile. Can someone who has received the app from T-Mobile please extract it from your phone and post the bar file somewhere so we can download it? I'm guessing that what they are downloading is a newer version of the app than has been previously leaked.

thanks in advance...

That's one of the reason's I returned my Z10 (part of the reason anyways), I really needed my wifi calling!

Still grayed out an hour after it was "provisioned" on my account and two restarts. Q10 without MR here. Maybe it does need the MR. Has anyone got it to work without the MR?

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Wu-Wei - sorry but I don't see any bar file at that page for the T-Mobile wifi calling app. Can you clarify where you have that bar file?

It's attached to that post as a zip file. The links here in comments are atrocious and can't be formatted very well. If it still doesn't bring you there, just hit the Leaked/Beta OS subforum and look for my thread in the stickies.

I just spoke with T-Mobile. They claim this is just for beta testers. He added a free WIFI calling feature to my plan that will not take away minutes when making calls over WIFI. He said it should be working within two weeks.

The only way to have it "loaded" with the wifi update is if T-mobile literally packaged the phone today and handed it to the store. The stock that they have has most likely been sitting there for at least more than a day, so I would say, No. But, since the phones initial setup involves checking for updates and etc it will automatically update if an update is available.

This is a long wait.

Last week my daughter, having TM (US) with a BB9900 (OS7), initiated WIFI calling from Paris > to NY. The voice quality was very good.
I was able to initiate a call using my Z10 (OS10.1): TM (US) Network BBM (from NY) > Paris WIFI (to Paris). Once again, voice quality was very good.

Our cost: free.

Having all WIFI calling for OS10, will be a good move!

Who needs Skype? International calls, where you have Skype paid minutes.

Just spoke to a T-Mobile customer service rep (I have a Q10). It sounds like officially, they released the app prematurely, and there is no timeline as to when they will release the official version for both the Q10 and the Z10. Simultaneously, someone on the Q10 support board pinpointed Sept. 3rd as a rollout date.

The TM (US) website describes WIFI calling

How Wi-Fi calling works
Using Wi-Fi calling is easy! Simply connect to an available Wi-Fi network of your choice, confirm Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your device, and continue to use all of your favorite device features!

There is no additional monthly charge to use the Wi-Fi calling feature on your handset. Wi-Fi calling uses monthly plan minutes for the following:

Calls made from the US to US numbers use plan minutes.
Calls made from the US to international numbers (subject to international rates)
Calls made from outside the US to US numbers (not charged roaming)
Calls made from outside the US to international numbers (subject to international rates, but not charged roaming)

Note: You must disable Data Roaming when traveling internationally to avoid incurring data roaming charges.

I relied on wifi calling when I had my 9900 as my reception with Rogers in my area is horrible. I've been told from Blackberry that Rogers carrier opted out of wifi calling on the BB10 OS. Why would any carrier REMOVE a feature that will allow their customer to make phone calls because THEIR network coverage is insufficient in certain areas of Toronto? I do not get this whatsoever. They actually get a monthly fee to allow wifi calling so why not get some more revenue and keep your customers happy?

Wifi calling is included in my TMO plan. I downgraded to and it is included in the os. Sideloaded their wifi calling app to be able to customize the settings

Via CB10 with my Z10

I really liked having UMA on my 9700. That is probably the one thing i miss about not having that phone anymore.

These days, I'm probably using only 5-10 minutes for phone calls a month, so it's not as big a deal as it used to be. Everyone seems to either text or use BBM. Even so, it would be nice to have the ability to use wifi calling. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for the Z10 to get it.

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wifi calling is EXTREMELY useful when traveling internationally - it saves huge amounts of money as long as you have access to a decent wifi hotspot in your hotel or where ever you're at.

I received the update from T-Mobile. The Wifi calling is there. Unfortunately it does not allow me to enable Wifi calling. The option is grayed out and does not let me switch it from off to on.
They need to hurry up. I have no coverage in my house.
WE WANT UMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've used Wi-Fi calling on my T-Mobile Z10 with no problems. This is the first I've heard of needing an update do it when I've been using it all along.

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I am with T-Mobile in California and I bought my z10 in March and am running When did you buy your z10 and what software version are you using?

You need to be running a version more recent than the official 2006 version that T-Mobile has previously distributed. It has been expected that wifi calling will be supported when the 10.1 MR release is distributed by T-Mobile (no date has been published by T-Mobile as of yet).

you might just be on wifi when calling...but being on wifi while calling without the wifi calling feature is not really wifi calling...that wifi was for data, not for calling....

Wi-fi calling for Q10...what about Wifi calling for Z10? Any status on that?

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So will we get wifi calling on Orange in the UK like we did on legacy devices? I tweeted them but they didn't know

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I did the update and no icon for Wi-Fi Calling came up. I did the update today. Spoke to t-mobile they said there is no official update. Could this be because they are pulling the update back? Anyone else experience this?