T-Mobile Shows 8320 Some 4.5 Love

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2008 12:34 am EDT
This post is for all you T-Mobile 8320 users out there that have been hesitant in updating your device using another carriers OS. T-Mobile has posted their official 4.5 OS for the 8320 Curve, after the upgrade you will be rocking the official And of course, if you are unsure of how to upgrade your OS, we got you covered check out our BlackBerry 101: How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS).

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T-Mobile Shows 8320 Some 4.5 Love


I got to use the G1 for 24 hours...loved it. But I found my self wishing I had my curve. So I give the G1 to the next on the list and pop my sim back into my blackberry. I upload the 4.5 software it makes my curve everything I could ask for in a phone!

what's the difference between 4.5. 0.52 (beta) and this .81 official-release. I just asked because the .52 beta version works FLAWLESSLY with my 8320, so I just wanted to know, instead of wasting time to upgrade.

and most phone companies can send you the update over the air. directly to your phone.
MACS RULE! by the way. dont let your mac love hinder your blackberry love. haha.
luck to ya!

Sorry... but this is not the case for upgrading your BlackBerry OS :(

You need to you a Windows PC... so all the Mac Users should go stop by a buddies' house and upgrade! haha

Just check that there is no difference between this t-mobile OS .81 and the Vodafone Australia and Fiji .81 thats has been up for the past month right.

but what about the 8800 and 8820 which were promised the OS 4.5 upgrade as well.... any word on when that will hit?

its crazy cause the africa vodafone has the 4.5 official. its on my 8100. but it still hasnt upgraded my bluetooth to accept stereo bluetooth headphones.. which gets me tight. i had it way back when i did the first 4.5 update .3?.. i forgot what version it was. now it doesnt work with my wireless headphones. am i doing something wrong. anyone who has the solution to this pin me at 204B18C5...

I can't begin to tell you all how excited I was to see the official upgrade from T-Mobile last night. All plans for my evening were quickly changed to upgrading my curve.

After reading all the instructions carefully, I began the upgrade. Of course I didn't realize how long it would take, but it didn't matter. I would say from start to finish it took about 1 hour. As you can all imagine during this time my heart was racing and I was so excited to see the finished product.

It was worth the wait, my new and improved phone is even more awesome than when I first bought it. Of course the rest of the night, until around 2am I spent checking out the new features. I am at work now and I am looking forward to 5:00 so I can go home and continue my new adventure with my better than ever Curve 8320.


haha same thing happened to me! went to bed at 2:30 in the morning! emailed the link to myself, because when i get to work i will be the talk of work cause a lot of my friends have the curve but they dont keep up with the gadget news at all so i will email them the link to upgrade tonight!!! I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY!!! its everything i wanted on a phone!!

I am impressed with this upgrade, they upgraded everything it seems, even the layout of the address book is nice and even bbm, I've been playing with my Curve all day. I wonder if the bold address book has the same layout, can anyone let me know. It will be a deal breaker, lol. Im serious!


Is it just me or is anyone else having problems with this new operating system???? While I do like the feature of the video recorder, whenever I try to play back what I have recorded, the device gives me the hourglass and freezes and I have to do a battery pull on the device. It completely erased my memory card so now all of my data and media are gone, and The light on the keypad goes off and on for no reason. Is anyone else out there having these problems???

I have tried for the better part of the day to get this os installed, but no luck. I've been on the phone with tmo tech support twice, but still no luck. I am on hold now with RIM to try and get this resolved. I am hoping to get this done today so I can check out all the new options.

Yeah!!! Finally!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to Crucial Xtreme, Bmcclure937, and Pete6
for wonderful instructions.

It took me a while, but I successfully upgraded my OS.


About bloody time.

Of course, this comes less than three weeks after I decided not to wait anymore and installed the Vodaphone Australia OS... the exact same one at TMo now has put up on their site.

FINALLY Just got the4.5 on my Curve!! Install wasn't smooth. Had to delete vendor.xml file as was on some previous posts before it was available to T Mobile. Empower PRO HTML program seems better, as no pics populate when email loads, like Empower, only shows links. I removed Empower initially, but am reloading it to get the pics in my emails. Still playing with other features.

Yay!!! finaly it's here! this is awsome news, i love this site. Sounds like its going to be an awsome upgrade..no more hourglass!!! (hopefully).

A few concerns..
Since i have the RIM version, will i have to downgrade back to 4.2 in order for the Desktop Manager to recognize it?
If so, how do i safely downgrade my device? point me in the right direction please!


ive had the OS 4.5 for about 3 hours now, and everything is fine except for the browser...there's no "go to" option in the menu screen as well the G button doesnt work...it pretty much seems like my phone doesnt want me to use the browser...can somebody please please please help me with this...i am heavily reliant on my browser and i gotta get it working ASAP...id prefer if somebody emailed me help at krzykarees@tmo.blackberry.net

So I downloaded this and still after 3 hours of trying can not get my MyFaves to load correctly. No matter what theme I have on (including the basic T-Mobile theme) I can't get them to work. At one point I got 2 of my faves to load but not all 5. Now when I try and update them through the new

I just upgraded my 8320 OS. Everything is ok except when I try to access my media card it completely freezes. 3 battery & 1 media card pulls later, same result, Help!

As I told you lastnight about my 8320 freezing after I access my media card. Apparently patience is a virtue. After about 2 minutes the device unfroze and is now working properly.

this is unacceptable,..between the G1, better pricing plans, and now this, ii'm seriously thinking of dropping at&t, they need to get with it

As a novice, the rest of you may have figured this out but after spending all evening trying to upgrade my Curve to 4.5 and all morning on the phone with T-Mobile then RIM tech support, I was at wits end. The RIM rep finally on a whim had me remove the "vendor.xml" file. This done, the upgrade proceeded perfectly. According to the RIM tech rep, the "vendor.xml" file is designed to prevent one from loading software from other vendors (Rogers, ATT, etc). Somehome it was also not allowing the desktop manager to see and load the T-mobile 4.5 software (go figure). Hope this helps someone avoid the problems I had!

okay, so i downloaded the new 4.5 os from my carrier, tmobile. It took a long long time, however everything went okay. i am starting to notice some things that i don't like: my web browser is set to tzones, can i change it? and i was noticing that my preloaded pictures that came with the previous unofficial 4.5 have dissapeared. so far, those are the only things that bother me. is there anything i can do, or am i stuck with it?

And i'm loving it this is great now I've fallen in love with my curve once again...lol thanks to crackberry for keeping us informed about all these updates love u guys.

Well, my Curve finally seems to be up and running *fingers crossed* :) I've been waiting for this for monthns, and I finally upgraded to 4.5 Tuesday night. Everything was fine and I was really enjoying the extra features...until last night. My Curve started to reboot itself literally every couple minutes. It would come back on, then reboot again. I called Tmo PDA support and was advsied to backup my phone, wipe it, then restore it. I did this, but then during the restore it started to reboot again so I couldn't restore it completely. So finally I went to the upgrade applications in Desktop Manager and reloaded the 4.5 apps. Finally I was able to restore it, and it hasn't rebooted yet. I almost had a panic attack, so hopefully everything is fine now:)

Oh, and I also noticed the preloaded pictures were gone after the upgrade...I'd also like to know if there's any way to get them back?

When the 4.5 came out last Monday I was so excited I could not wait to get home to install it. I installed it that night without a hitch. It ran pretty much flawlessly except for being a little slow up until Friday. On Friday it must have reset itself a dozen or mor times before I got home. Afet calling T Mobile and having them tell me I was not the first they sent me over to RIM and eventually reverted back to 4.2. Thanks T Mobile for getting my hopes up and wasting my time.

Decided to go ahead and try the upgrade from T Mobile and have had a seemingly faster phone and enjoy having the new features.
However, do not leave your mini SD card inside your Curve while upgrading. My micro sd 4gb "fried" and was rendered
completely useless. Pull it out and insert after you are done installing and also make sure you get the new Desktop Manager.
Follow precisely to the letter the installation instructions.
Grab a cold one and place the remaining 23 in the fridge prepare to spend around 180 minutes in front of your PC ... my system crashed twice but the helpful TMobile tech support works 24/7...............