PSA - T-Mobile seems to think the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is dual-core, it's not!

By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2011 04:21 pm EDT

Being a consumer these days is already hard enough with all this HSPA+ / 4G nonsense we have to deal with. Having to deal with inaccurate packaging and inaccurate information does nothing to help this situation. We're sure this is just a slip up, but realistically these days these things shouldn't happen. How this ever got approved for store shelves we're not sure -- but one thing is for certain, and as much as it hurts to say it, T-Mobile will need to pull these devices or at minimum the boxes off the shelves.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 does in fact have a 1.2GHz processor, but it's not dual-core as indicated on their material nor does it have an on-screen keyboard. Likely the worst part of this scenario is that in-store reps are passing along this information as fact, when it's entirely inaccurate. Needless to say, hopefully T-Mobile will fix up their packaging before you know, someone decides to sue them for false advertising or something like that.

Maybe they really believed it was dual-core, that's why they figured they could get away with charging such an excessive amount for the device over other carriers? Just a thought.

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PSA - T-Mobile seems to think the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is dual-core, it's not!


Dual core or not, they'll be losing a lot of customers without it being a UMA equipped device.

Please tell me YOU are wrong... I use UMA to be able to use my phone without limits... That is a total deal breaker for me. SERIOUSLY. I was looking forward to just buying a 9900 outright (got 9780 new and still WAY in contract..) but now it doesnt make sense to pay RETAIL for the phone, and have to up my minutes because i cannot talk at home for free...

**THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. For the first time I can say the typical, "Why RIM, oh WHY?!?!?"**


Bummed out and appreciating my 9780

thats pretty weird lol

does not make sense for a carrier to not have the
real specs or be out of the loop on such an item.

They even have the battery listed as 8.1 hours talk time (on which is almost 2 hours more than every other carrier that has released it. T-Mo is going about this device all wrong. lol

Off contract $550 with a contract $300 after a $50 mail in rebate.......$100 more than what every other carrier is selling it for

Pretty funny
i mean who needs an on screen keybord is anyone that stupid to want has a physical keyboard...u would jus look stupid typin on the screen....only tmobile only tmobile

Great now rather than put a sticker on the boxes saying that they are idiots they will pull the phone for 6 months and have focus groups to try to fix the issue

I can't believe that the 9780 is no longer for sale on their site (non-camera version is) I had totally planned on buying it at EOL discounted price. Boo!

At least they have the Bold 9900! Seems like we'll have a manned lunar base before AT&T gets the device. As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part..."

For some reason, I think the AT&T devices might be the "better" one because they're not being RUSHED out to the public, just yet. They can save face, while all the bugs and issues are found with the Sprint, Verizon and T-"Dumbasses" devices... and make the corrections... cause we all know how BB devices, when RUSHED, are better when they come out LATER (i.e AT&T's 9900, and *cough* the Torch 9810).

You could try to make deals. That's what I ended up doing once. I had overage charge on my bill. So what I did was upgrade my plan, they waived the overage charges. You could tell them, I am upgrading my plan, or adding a 2nd line, give me a discounted price or else I am leaving T-mobile.

Trust me it works. Charging you more monthly is better for them in the long run.

I agree. With you on that. Once you use your bargaining chips as the customer, you gain the leverage to have Tmo play into your hands.

makes me glad I sold my BB Bold 9000 and Bold 9700 and bought an iPhone 4. Now, I can use an onscreen keyboard thats smarter than a BB physical keyboard....and I can watch Netflix or my Dish Network channels and control my DVR remotely! My iPhone 4 takes HD video, awesome pics w/ or w/o led flash

Choosing another device, one that continues to work better, over RIM's BB's doesn't make someone 12 or immature for that matter.

But your response does.

It truly intrigues me the way non-BB users are posting in BB blogs. Kinda gives me the idea that they are jealous. No one will think bad of you for coming too BB world and joining the rest of us "smart" phone users.

Are you sure this isn't for one of the torches? It says that it has predictive text input..

Unless the 9900 actually has that which in that case, predictive text input would only slow me down with the bold's keyboard..

Come on tmobile damn its making us that actually have tmobile look really bad and side question anyone that placed on the cb goosechase did u get ur email yet I didnt

Tmo again messes up. I think they should just go with the little green monster of doom full time. Their lineup is 90% android. Just stick with it and stop promising features that the Bold 9900 can't have. T-Mobile TV was made as a android app not for BB. I'm sick of this and I BET this is not going to be 4G, 3G the most...

What if you guys end up being the idiots and they actually managed to have rim make it with a dual core lolz...

I went to the tmobile to get my prepaid card refilled and i happened to ask the (idiots) when is the 9900 coming out ... he replied by saying 'oh the torch 9900 might be out in the end of this month' din know it was called torch .. i corrected him by saying u mean the bold 9900 LOL if they could make such a minor mistake let alone the dual-core* mess up ... They had a dummy piece as well hopefully the handsets should come at the end of this month .. waiting to get my hand on it badly !!!

I will wait for the price correction and the OS update that contains UMA and hotspot before I consider upgrading from my 9780. I use my camera often and the lack of auto-focus is concerning so I will wait for the early reports on how the pictures are looking. The HD video recording is incredibly good from what I've seen thus far.

What are the chances this is right and T-Mo's version has 4G and dual core? I'd pay the extra price they're charging for that...