T-Mobile rolls out new myRewards program for subscribers

T-Mobile myRewards program
By Michelle Haag on 23 Oct 2012 06:13 am EDT
T-Mobile has just revealed a new program for their customs called myRewards. The program is free to join and you can get exclusive rewards and discounts just for being a customer. Each month you can choose which reward you'd like to receive, and the higher your level in the program (silver, gold, platinum) the better your rewards will be. You level up by earning points, and for the most part this is effortless. For example, each month when you pay your bill you earn one point for every dollar spent. Other ways to earn rewards include signing up for paperless billing, completing your profile, and so on. Your initial number of points when signing up for myRewards is determined by the length of time you've been a T-Mobile customer.

Once you're signed up you can choose from rewards like travel discounts, retail gift cards, digital downloads, and more. The types of rewards are determined by the preferences you choose in your myRewards profile. You’ll also have an opportunity to give feedback on the rewards you redeem to help customize the available offers.

All in all T-Mobile's new myRewards program looks like it will be interesting, and since it's free and requires very little effort, I'm sure current customers that sign up for the program will find some value in it. If you're a T-Mobile customer but you didn't get the email announcing the program, you can sign up for it at the link below.

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T-Mobile rolls out new myRewards program for subscribers


Forget the free popcorn and flowers, just give us an update to our BB 9900 software here in the US. We need good service, not cheap thrills.

Just went to the rewards website. I did not like the questions that were asked for sign-up. SSN, date of birth, whether you are a citizen, and if not, an alternative ID number? It seems that a prepaid Visa card is issued as a "reward". I will not be participating, and I've been with TM for ten years now.

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...

Not sure why you were asked those questions. I just signed up with very little effort. Just updated my rewards choices and mailing address.

By the way, I have signed up for online account, paperless billing an auto payment way before signed this up.

I have not looked in details about the rewards, but it is nice to start as Gold with only few points to move to Platinum.