T-Mobile rolling out BlackBerry 10.1 to BlackBerry Z10 owners

By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2013 10:36 am EDT

For the past few weeks now, we've been hearing that the T-Mobile 10.1 update was approved for the BlackBerry Z10 and could start rolling out at any minute. We waited and we waited and now finally, after a few false alarms, it's looking as though it has begun its roll out. Appearing as software version, the update is coming in at around 347MB over the air. Keep in mind, if you're running a leaked OS that is higher than this version, the update will not show as available for you.

If you want the official OS, you will need to revert back to 10.0 and update from there. Oddly enough, the update doesn't appear to be showing in BlackBerry Link as of yet so OTA is the only way to go for now. Have you pulled down the update yet? If so, let us know in the comments or head on into the CrackBerry Forums and share with everyone how well it's running. If you're looking for the full change log, it can be found on the T-Mobile site.

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T-Mobile rolling out BlackBerry 10.1 to BlackBerry Z10 owners


So this is the notification that keeps sounding but never showed up on the hub for some reason. Downloading! Woot! :D

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I've made the leap to leaks and I've been happy w it. No reason to wait on the carriers...

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I just did as well. Loving the update. I have never loaded a leaked os but The Crackberry community had a bunch of threads that waked me through. In a short 2 hours (had to update bblink as well). Everything was up and running. The restore on link also put all my icons right back where I had them. Backup. Backup backup.

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I have downloaded the update, and it fine with a little buts, in terms of the BBM update views, it does not show it immediately when I want to check it, also I activated my Skype and up till now my 3month Skype subscription is yet to reflect in my Skype account despite redeeming the voucher as requested. Other than those it is awesome.

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You lucky mf's me being on Verizon we'll probably not only be last to get it and it will take forever. Big Red WHERE'S THE LOVE

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Man it would be nice to see if Telus could give us the latest. Still on

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You're looking at software version, friend. That software package has OS10.1.0.1720 in it. We're not that far behind.

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Was doing my daily exercise of checking the Software Updates just minutes ago when I saw this marvelous, golden light... Official 10.1 on my Z10! Thank you T-Mobile!!

Darn you AT&T, we want our 10.1 and release it, congrats to tmobile peeps lucky you

Posted from my lovely BlackBerry Z10

Newstand was already there, at least it was on the build on my Z10 I've had for a little over two weeks. The only new icon that appeared for me after the update was a search icon.

Yeah what's up with that. It's a standard on bottom of all app drawer screens. Kinda useless to add a frame for it. I just hid it on last page in my core file. Check.!

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This is great & all but I want my AT&T update! I'm going to end up loading up the leak and calling it a day here soon

Via CB10 on AT&T Z10

Wtf! I got impatient and installed 10.1.2009 on Saturday, and now this. Looks like I'm going to be busy again for a couple hours.

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If T-Mobile delivered today, my calculations predict that AT&T should be out with it by...December.

Just kidding. I have no clue.

Yeah I downloaded the update earlier. Needless to say I've been burning through battery.

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Damn it! The weekend I decided to go with a leak this happens... sounds like I got work to do tonight. hopefully this works better with Instagram than the leak...

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Could somebody explain me why updates are carrier dependent and not managed through BlackBerry only?

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Apple is really the only company that pushes their own updates. The other work through the carries becasue they want to load their specific bloatware onto the device.

This is one thing I wish Blackberry would do. Can you imagine waiting for a windows service pack for your laptop to be released by comcast?

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FYI T-Mobile's change log site says the OS version is, not I'm not sure why there is a discrepancy, but users are seeing the 2006 Bla1ze posted about. Maybe the left hand isn't talking to the right hand?

2025 might be the software build version, whereas 2006 is the OS. I saw this too, and realized it mustn't be a typo since they list 2025 twice.

.2006 is the Software version(software release). While .2025 is the OS version, .2026 is the radio version.

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I think my confusion came in because T-Mobile's website has a column titled "Current Software Version" and lists, when the column should probably be changed to "Current OS version" or the number changed to .2006.

I haven't seen a screen where both versions are listed, but I think you might be right. It seems odd though that the 2006 and 2025 are so close since my AT&T BETA OS of has the software release of I.E. They are miles apart whereas 2006 and 2025 are very close in numbers.
Meh... I'm trying to make logic out of the BB OS and Software Release versioning and I should probably stop before I hurt myself. :)

Seriously ya'll? We're worried about what it's called? LoL After all this waiting, I don't care WHAT you call it! Just give it to me! LoL

I finally have it download and installed and updated all my apps to 10.1. Hopefully this will solve most of the issues I have been having for the last couple of months.

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This is taking for ever.1 hour to download and install 394mb no restart. Now it is downloading a 2gb update.
It must be game updates.

What I will really like to know is when at&t will roll out this 10.1 update...

Common at&t team make it happen!!

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Way to go US carriers, only took you.......like FOREVER! lol!

What really sucks, is that everyone else in most parts of the world (Canada) is looking forward to10.2!

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Awesome, bbry do move very quick with software updates in the UK... never got that many updates when I was using an Android phone...

Sent by Bbry Z10

It started downloading a "2GB" download after the first 300 MB. But if says at top the download size is only 1 GB. However at the progress bar it says 20 percent out of 2GB. Does anyone know which is it?

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I am currently running after receiving my friend's sim card up in Canada after I got tired of waiting for TMO.

Those who have updated to .2006. Are there a sh*t ton of bloatware I should be concerned about?

Kind of dumb it doesn't even alert you in the notifications about an update... how many people that don't use CB aren't even aware


BlackBerry Link is showing up for me. Good deal. Oh snap the keyboard got better too!
Cool surprise !

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They said u have the latest update and it never updated for me yall are lieng too much and I have t mobile and it still didn't update anything wtf I am about to sell my phone even if it was for a dollar

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I started hating my BlackBerry z10 I know I never gonna get the update I have t mobile and I know that yall r lieng

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I couldn't see an update notice either even after using Software update refresh. It only gave me 10MB update option, and they were those TMO bloatwares. Anyhow, I chose to update anyhow and voila, it grabbed the 10.1 update of 358MB for my case.

I DL via TMO network as from TMO site, it says to avoid update over WiFi. It took less than 20minutes over 4G LTE.

Last but not least, TMO site says 2005, but the update shows


Done and done. It does feel a bit smoother and slightly faster. I also checked on BB World and found that a few apps needed updating. I've also noticed that the keyboard now has green suggestions on the space bar instead of the previous blue colors. The keyboard does feel better, too. And it's easier to select text and edit it.

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Now that we (Tmo customers) got the update. When do we actually get Skype (full version not the free)? All I see is the free version. Anyone can shed a light on this? BE BOLD!!!

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Downloaded it. Finally. First got the Skype. Then started to check out what has changed. Didn't yet see to much of a difference other than a few colors, etc. Have to remember what else was that special about this update that I waited this long for. It's been a while since I read all those articles about what's new in 10.1. Fish memory here.

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From a Google search person indicated to go to settings a search for updates there its there for me in Las Vegas (on vacation) but WHY is there not a text, email, or better yet a notification in hub?! Glad to have it but seriously - Pathetic.

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Scott we get it you're in Vegas on vaca' you've mentioned it twice already. I'm at work and appear to be having a better time than you ;)
Get off CB go have some fun and check out Voodoo Lounge!

Updated at 98mb OTA to don't see much difference so far accept being much more responsive and quicker than the last update... so far so good...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Got mine today seems to work well, looking forward to getting wifi calling next with tmobile

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Update was alerted to me when I had a push notification, and updated over the air while on my commute to work this morning. I like the update, hopefully this will correct the reboot issues that I have been having for some time now. The only weird thing I noticed was that the T-Mobile my account app won't open, which doesn't bother me because its garbage.

Is there anyway to do the update without wi-fi? I have no wi-fi at home (hotspot is sufficient). But it's giving me a notice saying I have to update via wi-fi.

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Something weird here. I managed to run this update as posted previously. Unfortunately, I found that I can no longer use my SMS. I can still receive, but I cannot respond or write any SMS!

I did multiple restart plus one battery pull and no good news still. I then ran another software update and I am now downloading about 551MB of the same update again. Well, I hope that this will fix my issue.


And it is reports like this that help me have more patience with Verizon's slow-boat approach to firmware releases. ;)

Did anyone see a new Search Icon or did it just Move.
I called my wife and got an HD Icon on the call and it was really clear (Z10 to Z10).
Correcting typing is a lot better....

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Here is the crazy thing, after I started the download there was a notification in the hub, downloading right now, will see what it brings

i was on .1888 . it notified me to install the new update which promptly did. Phone works as smooth as ever so far ;)

First off I see that the start up is different, goes from zero to 100% in seconds but still takes a minute to start, then the hub start up is different, show several icons that is included and it slides between them as it prepares then it added emergency call alerts as well as PIN messages in the hub. In app world, my world the apps are separated by apps and games. There were updates to several apps, twitter, Facebook, BB maps to name a few and downloaded Skype.
There was a little on screen tutorial letting me know that I was on current apps and more apps were to the right and messages and calls were to the left.
All in all it does feel sleeker and snappier, let's see how the battery does by end of day.

It's about time! I talked to a good friend who is also a sales rep with T-Mobile (which is how I found out they finally pushed it out), and he said there is still no UMA (Wifi calling) support, but he said the upper-level guys said it would probably be pushed out around August.

I am doing the update through the BlackBerry website, and it showed up there. Weird that it isn't showing in Link yet...

Has anyone noticed jumpiness or sensitive elasticity when swiping up or down in hub or even BB World? Lets say your checking out an app in BB World and scroll though the images, I noticed it would easily register a swipe as if I was swiping up or down. Same in the hub. A friend told me his was doing this, so I checked and mine does too. Other than this everything is looking good so far!

All of these glorious updates are nothing if UMA calling is not included. The Z10 is useless to lots of followers until this is corrected. I still hold on to my 9900 for this reason.

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A little jerky here and there, but I'm sure it will settle in! My only annoyance is what I said above " jumpiness or sensitive elasticity when swiping up or down in hub or even BB World? Lets say your checking out an app in BB World and scroll though the images, I noticed it would easily register a swipe as if I was swiping up or down. Same in the hub." That might settle a bit as well, not so sure though...

Yeh it does seem faster and hoping for no reboots, which mine didn't suffer much from, but many will be very happy!

Yippee!!! I wish I saw this article earlier because it's taking forever! But it's coming!

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I am downloading the update for my Z10 at this moment on T-Mobile! Finally TM is leading the charge! Btw, today is the first time I noticed (pre-update) on my network status bar 4GLTE for my area, NE Ohio.

I just updated mine and it's not reading the memory card, everytime I try to open the picture app it crashes. I've done several battery pulls and it still keeps crashing. (I checked the memory card and it works fine I've also used other memory cards and it does the same thing)

:( my hub disappeared. There is a black screen where my hub use to be :'( the red light is blinking but no sound R.I.P hub I loved you so even if I only had you for a few months

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They changed the HSPA+, LTE, UMTS and GSM settings to commercial stuff (4G, 4G LTE, 3G and 2G)which is inaccurate and thus confusing.

4G only exist in Moscow lol and there's no phone in the world that can run 4G just yet....

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Ricky, all is working now after the second update run.

I do like the new OS better than before. Cannot comment about battery or rebooting issue just yet. Too early.

I wish wifi calling is available but so far I am happy.

Again sms issue is fixed after my second updraft run.


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Go Figure Verizon! We pay the MOST compared to other carriers and we are always last to get what other have had for what seems an eternity. They are so slow to release updates, that by the time your phone is finally up and running the way it should, and the way others have been for sometime, your two year contract is up and it is time to purchase a new phone. So all in all we don't get all the benefits of the phone that we should. Especially when you figure that they need time to fix everything they broke with the previous update

A couple of observations:
. Things seem to be snappier.
. No more annoying incorrect voicemail notification.
. When share a youtube video, the email subject carries the video title, not the generic subject of "you have a youtube video..".
. Wow wow, just noticed the highlighted green word. The font of the word on the space bar is more refined. Suggested words seem to be more accurate.
. The text editing circle actually shows up on the first tap. Great.
. Remember app - note section now supports rich text. New task also has new GUI. Still does not support due time like in BlackBerry OS 7 yet.

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I had a later version installed so had to first revert to 10.0xx to get the prompt from T-Mobile to install the update.

The update went fine, but I noticed my Z10 was VERY sluggish to respond to the touchscreen - it might take 2-3 seconds to acknowledge a setup option change! Fortunately, pulling the battery and a cold restart seems to have fixed it and it's pretty snappy now.

Very interested to hear from others if battery life seems improved as I've seen speculated here and there.

I just downloaded it. Typing seems easier for some reason. My hub keeps saying preparing BlackBerry Hub for some reason but then nothing...

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Sorry US. Here in Nigeria, we're already awaiting the arrival of the OS10.2. We've gone past 10.1 which has been great. But the battery life is so disappointing and annoying.

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10.1 weak on z10 Ima hold off for 10.2. For now Im on d baddest real keypad smartphone on the planet Q10

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I got an update to

I am on Vodafone UK. it was there when i did a software update check in settings. 800+mb

Update : spoke with both TM and BlackBerry tech support reps and neither one can re ally answer the question about the lack of mnemonic phone dialing. Both reps "seem" to think that the feature is within the phone app by using contacts. Honestly, that is kind of ridiculous because I could start typing a name in the search bar and get a contact pop up before I even did the update. I told the rep that all he needed to do is pick up an Android phone, go to the dialer and start typing someone's name and he would see what I was taking about. I'm convinced they are not really sure what mnemonic phone dialing is, which I find hard to believe. The BlackBerry rep considers the issue closed but the Tmobile rep is still escalating the issue. Hope they figure it out. It is not by any means a priority but Tmobile said on their website that it was a feature.

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Wow. Just updated yesterday and it is awesome!!!!!! Everything is much more fluid and consistent now. I see little UI modifications that they did too. Very settled but functional. Very happy with it.

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Hi guys, battery life sucks, started with 100% at 7 am is now 10:35 am and I'm down to 60% ! :( have not install any new apps, when swiping front the top and clicking on About menu it goes into a blank black screen and is very slow to respond!!!! Come ON 10.2....

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It is now 12:00 pm and my battery is down to 28%!!!!! this really SUCKS WTF #$@&% worse then the original OS by a long shot!!! TMobile you Must Fix ASAP.... >:0

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One of the new things in the update were custom ringtones in address book. Only phone ringtones work. Text messages are using the default one. Am I missing something? THE REST IS WORKING BETTER THAN BEFORE.

Much better battery life for me, typical work day. Started Full battery since this morning 0600 and haven't yet needed a recharge. 1800 now. Currently 36%. Usually would be swapping batteries by now. Finally Can get rid of those annoying boxes on the remember app by selecting no date. Still can't email remember notes which was possible in os7. Hdr on camera much better than normal mode. Noticed quicker shutter clicking.

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Is anyone else's download taking freakin EONS? And why only over wifi? What the heck am I paying for 4G LTE for then? I WANT MY 10.1!

Just had my first reboot while watching a video?????? Was still running at 41%, it had never happen before?! Anybody else experiencing this with the new OS???? :/

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My Z10 is so acting up ever since I upgraded to 10.1: when minimizing a page it closes it, sometime can't open dial key pad unless I reboot, sometimes I can't even make calls....wtf @BlackBerry

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Fuck this, I can't even tweet pictures with this @BlackBerry 10.1 unless I reboot every other houre

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Overall feels snappier. Have noted many (not all) others' comments. Haven't had a chance to experience battery life changes, yet. Finally! A real forward and backward feature with the browser. Hmmm, a new Emergency Alerts feature in the Hub. I still find the lack of the ability to create text or email groups unbelievable, inexcusable. What is the hold up with that!?

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Well, now that I've had a chance to toy around with my Z10 after the 10.1 update, in brief, I'm NOT happy. (1) Though seemingly snappier, the OS slows and almost hangs after certain activities, e.g. sometimes when trying to open "settings" the screen might turn black or simply take several seconds after initially turning black to load the settings screen; after sending a text... Sometimes when starting the browser I have to try more than once to open it. (2) Though I looked forward to improved battery life mine is now abysmal. After a full charge it can be 50% discharged in about 2 hours without any use!!! And charging is slow. These frustrations along with a few other items I've detailed in prior posts on CB have me, sadly, on the verge of selling my phone and leaving this platform. This is my 4th BB over the years. I expected better execution of BB10 and a smoother experience, particularly after all of this time waiting for a BB10 device. Is it possible to downgrade the OS version? It might be temporizing to revert to the last 10.0 version and wait for 10.2 or a "fix" or improvement in 10.1.

FYI - Realizing I hadn't done a battery pull since the OTA update I decided to try that 1st before trying wiping or restoring followed by updating carefully via LINK. For now the battery pull in my case seems to have worked. Battery life is now better than before and the device is running much more smoothly. Whew! Still awaiting group email, WiFi calling, and other improvements. (Initially after the pull the battery would only charge to 99% overnight. That soon disappeared, and device charges to 100%.)

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I just did mine and everything has been great until I received a text message and I am unable to open it... Or any others for that matter. Hopefully I can find someone else that had the same problem and figured out a resolution.