T-Mobile roadmap shows BlackBerry Torch 9810 arriving November 9th

T-Mobile November Roadmap
By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2011 10:23 am EDT

Good news T-Mobilers -- the BlackBerry Torch 9810 may be headed your way very soon. According to a leaked roadmap for October and November, the Torch 9810 (listed here as the Dumoine) could be arriving as early as November 9th. The Torch 9810 is making the rounds to various carriers and it appears as if T-Mobile may be the next on the list. Although plenty of Android love is to come, no other BlackBerry devices listed here sadly, but unlike AT&T, T-Mobile is already offering the Bold 9900 which has had a great reception thus far. 

So if you're a T-Mobile customer, will you be picking up a Torch 9810? Leave a comment and let us know!

Source: TmoNews

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T-Mobile roadmap shows BlackBerry Torch 9810 arriving November 9th


My upgrade time is near, and I want the 9790... I hope it shows up soon! I'm not paying that much for the 9900, and the 9810 is not much of my liking.

My contract has been up for a while now (I'm still rockin' a 8900) and I'm actually pretty excited about this. I want the 9900 so bad but being the most expensive phone has kind of been a deterrent. This actually acts as a fantastic substitute. Might even pick one up for the wife too!!

I was hoping to see the 9860... I want that or the bold. The 9810 is okay I guess but not what I really care for.

OMGGGGG.......i've been a T-Mobile customer for 10yrs now, and the 9800 was the only device that actually made me look at AT&T....it has been hell resisting not to switch carrier. When the 9810 came out a friend of mine told me to be patient...and yes he was right....
Here's a question i have: How come the 9810 does have the NFC cover? will it come in the future?

"Doesn't have"? Is that what you meant? My guess is that the Torch 9810 was almost near completion when they decided to upgrade the processor and NFC was never intended for that model. And seeing as how they were already going to miss launch dates, adding NFC would have been too much of a delay.

bro!1!!! I feel the same way. I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years. Almost made the switch to AT&T for the 9800. The only thing that stopped me was . . . well . . . it's AT&T. Then they got the 9810, and again, made it hard to resist. But holy sh!t balls!!! i have been waiting for the 9860, thinking we weren't getting the 9810, but screw the 9860, I am getting the 9810 foe show!!! w00t!!!! GO T-MOBILE for this!

Let's just hope that the release of the 9810 for Tmob will push AT&T to get off their a$$es and official announce/release the Bold 9900... Cmon people.. your killin me here..

From what I understood since the release of the 9810 in early August is that at&t has exclusivity for the 9810, but only for 3 months so they can boost its sales. I think that is why they are releasing the Bold 9900 in November. At&t knows the Bold 9900 will sell. Congrats to those who want this phone for T-Mobile. I am patiently waiting impatiently for the Bold 9900 for at&t :).

I'm still a tmobile customers... But its time to go. My wife wants the new iphone and our tmobile coverage sucks in our city. AT&T has the coverage, phone price, and plans we want. Now I thought I wanted the 9810 but it seems that phone has more problems than a little bit. Hopefullu AT&T announces the 9900 before I make the switch. Because I'm blackberry for life!

when is it coming officially to australia??? there are lots of people who are expecting this new Torch to come out.. come RIM bring it ON!!! bewitch those people who are disappointed with the Iphone4S!

wasn't a big fan of touchscreen phones. got a playbook now and love the touchscreen capabilities. the more i use the playbook the more i'm ready to make that transition to a touchscreen and the torch still has the physical keyboard just in case... score for t-mo, i'm with it!

Yes! that's what I've been waiting to hear. I knew I was holding out for something. Just in time for my birthday on November 10.

i would really love tht phone, i have an unlocked Torch but its def not the same and if it comes out on tmo, omg, m so getting it!!!!!!!!!
i want it!!!!!!

About. F*cking. Time.
Now I can ditch my unlocked 9800...but kind of getting tired of the 'slider' capability. Hmm, what to do...
Can anyone confirm the Tmobile 9810 will be 3G?

I am so happy! I am not due for an upgrade but I do not care...I will purchase the phone full price! I went from a BB 9700 to HTC Sensation over the summer and more than totally regret it. I miss my blackberry! The day it comes out I will be in my local TMobile buying it and I can't wait!!!!